Season 5 Episode 14

The Devil in the Details

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2010 on FOX

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  • It's all in the subtext...

    An interesting essay on using what works for you to get through each day; sane or otherwise. All wrapped up in the necessary murder case. And pretty well done at that; no preaching necessary...

    It was interesting to see Bones fooled by the "doctor". I could see her settling in for a date! This character makes me laugh; on one hand she's an absolute genius and on the other hand she hasn't got a clue about some of the simplest things! Typical genius and Emily Deschanel plays that beautifully.

    Sweets was in is element and this episode showcased his maturity as a therapist even if his age is still perceived as lacking. Can psychology have prodigies??!! This is a great character and a welcome addition to the "full time" cast. For me he's as irreplaceable now as Booth or Bones.

    Weird case, makes for a great episode, and (almost) everyone manages to keep their "faith"...
  • Nice talk about faith

    Interesting episode. First, Brennan finally understand that a psychologist's job is as important as whatever she does and should be acknowledged. Good for Brennan for admiting it.

    Vaziri shares a little bit about his life. I love how Cam has evolved nicely and she definitely fits the job by taking full responsibility and getting to know her subordinates as well as leading them and advising them. Besides, she made a mistake and she faced it.

    The last scene was very nice. Even when sometimes Brennan is hard to understand, I like when she asks Booth questions because I believe he's the only one who has the patience to answer them. Booth was clearly upset and this time he had to find his own answers. Good to see Amanda Schull, she was last seen in Lie to Me. She has a light resemblance of a young Nicole Kidman.
  • Matters of faith

    Ok.. I loved the visual side. Quite much playing with flames and the way the episode started.. that I did not expected.. flames and all (remind me Angels and Demons) and the whole faith thing continues troughout the episode. Not only the case but back on the lab and I really liked the lesson on that storyline: not to judge before knowing all the facts.

    And the whole thing with mental institution. Loved Joshua Malina. Loved that patient who thought he is doctor and how Bones thought she met with someone who she can talk. I mean.. that was funny but there was little bit deeper storyline maybe even in that too.

    Anyway, nice episode.
  • A mystery falls into the laps of B&B as the remains of what appears to be "Rosemary's baby" are found in a church. The episode gets even more interesting with Arastoo's take on the subject.

    It gave us chills, tears and the permission to question our faith every once in a while, it was well worth the time spent watching it and while leaving us hanging for two months this part will stay in our heads for a while.

    I can't ignore the fact that Vaziri's statement left Cam wondering who she was working with shoulder to shoulder and his justification reminded me of the ugliness of war and the hatred it spreads through the world(although I must mention that as a Persian, our language is not Arabic and him working as a translator in Iraq meant that he knew the language not as his mother tongue). The case was exiting and the mental institution added to the thrill of the investigation with all the colorful characters, especially the fake doctor's ability to fool Brennan like that; I also sympathized with the mother and I hope no one in the real world ever has to deal with so much in their lives.

    Before I wrap up, I have to say this, every time the girl claimed she was an "angel", I kept saying : no, David was Angel! I just couldn't get over it. ;) Enjoy the episode, can't wait for the next one.
  • Horn's and a tail.....

    This episode had it all. From the religious thing with Booth to Bones stopping to take a second look at physiology when they investigate at the mental hospital. Will she ever look at Sweets as a real doctor? Perhaps not but now she may at least have a tiny bit more respect for the man. The whole horn implants was creepy and very realistic way. Special effects in this show are getting better and better. kudos to the fx crew. But lets not forget Angelia and a squint.....where is that going to go next? When are Sweets and Daisy going to get married?
  • Another good one

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When remains are found burning inside of a church, Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. The case takes a strange turn, when we learn that the victim had horns and also a tail, proving to some people that he was in fact the devil. We soon learn that the victim was a patient at a sanatorium and that they believed he had simply gone missing again. Soon through following the evidence we learn that the victim's brothers killed him by accident. Overall another good episode, with an interesting story line.
  • This episode starts out to be possibly one of the best of all time. A burning body is found on the altar at a church. The rub? It has horns and a tail that are attached to the body for real. Bones and the team must decipher who or what this was.

    An episode with one of the strongest starts of any we may have ever seen. When the Priest comes around the corner and you see the body in flames and then the horns. Wow...

    Later we find out that the horns were attached, but were bone and synthetic and not original equipment. But there is a vestigial tail attached that was very real. Angela confirms the victims identity and he turns out to be a patient at a mental hospital that was delusional.

    Bones is a little like finger nails on a chalk board with this subject and that was not very appealing. Luckily she seemed to behave herself for the most part. The patient convincing her he was a doctor was pretty funny and she really didn't seem to bothered by that.

    Unfortunately there was not much tension involved in finding the killer. It actually turned out to be rather tame. The girl who thought she was an Angel was very cool. The nurse who was dealing drugs was a great character as well. Most of the tension in the episode really occurred between Camille, Hodgins, and Arastoo when Camille misunderstood Arastoo comments and then mentioned it to Hodgins. That was a great character building story for Arastoo and really gave you a great feeling of empathy for the man. Very nice! Overall an entertaining and fun episode that really featured Sweets expertise. It was nice to see him take a front and center role in this one. Thanks for reading...