Season 4 Episode 18

The Doctor in the Den

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 2009 on FOX

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  • Episode Sexoplosion

    Sorry folks, but Angela is so annoying with her nymphomania that it's become almost cringe-worthy. WTH is wrong with her? Seriously! Frankly, I don't care about the melodrama of the character's personal lives. I care about the cases themselves. This is not Days of Our Lives, for God's sake. An did I mention Angela's lechery? Stick to the cases, as in seasons 1 and 2, and leave the soap operas to daytime programming. Booth and Bones have an interesting psychological dynamic going on. Together, they fight crime. That's what the show should be about, not who screwing who.
  • this was an eccelant episode i thought!! really cute and true!! for most woman

    I loved this episode because we explored Cam's past. i also think the women on bones really want children. they really want children a lot. it is amazing how much they want it. i think bones and booth will get together by the end of the season. i sure hope so!! my finger are really crossed. they are so cute together. that being said i think they have waited long enough and they will get together by the end of season four. they will break up also then get together again. i also think that Angela is a little wired. thank you for the bones support!! i love you all!!
  • We learn about Cam's past.....

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Bones and Booth investigate when human remains are found at a safari park. Soon the victim is IDed and we learn that he was in fact, Cam former fiancé. We also see that Angela has taken on Sweets advice and is trying to remain celebate. We soon learn that the victim had a daughter, Michelle who is 16 years old. Since Cam raised her for 2 years, but hasn't seen her in 10 years, she asks if she can tell her about her father's death. Cam tells Michele, and is also hurt that she doesn't remember Cam at all. Michelle is of course devastated by the news of her father's death. Soon Cam goes back to see Michelle and she admits that she remembers Cam and her leaving. We soon learn that the reason Cam and the victim split up, was because he was still seeing other women and Cam found out. Soon they find the murder weapon, and also learn of a suspect, who was having an affair with the victim. But hr alibi rules her out. When looking through photos from the night of the murder, we learn that one of the nurses from the hospital, he worked at, killed him. As they got o question her, she confesses and is arrested. We then see Cam going to see Michelle, to tell her that they caught the person who killed her father. Cam offers her to go and live with her, and pulls out an old salt shaker. Michelle then runs off and Cam prepares to leave. Michelle then returns with the other half of the shaker, in her hand. She kept it for all of these years. Michelle goes to her and they hug.
  • A fantastic Camille episode.

    It's really the first time an episode has been dedicated to Cam and it's a great one.

    One thing about Weldon stands out – he rejected Richard from the residency program. It would have been a smart political move to admit the boy, his mother's a big contributor. The mother's attitude makes it clear she expects Richard to be admitted because of her influence rather than his being deserving of it. Means Weldon went on merit.

    I feel for Michelle. Cam really hurt her when she left. Michelle must be feeling really alone – first her mother dies, Cam leaves and now her father dies. A child doesn't forget her mother, especially at the very impressionable age of 4-6 years old. Made me cry.

    The hypnosis session was very cool and funny, Angela to the giraffe, "Dude, you're blocking my light."

    Angela's behaviour is disgraceful, her comments to Clark are blatant sexual harassment. He could sue her and he's win! Liked Clark's girlfriend, I did know about the Victorian cure for 'anxiety'.

    A wonderful episode, very touching.
  • I was not expecting episode like this

    I was really positively surprised by this episode. First it was concentrating on Cam - you will not see that very often and they really had heartbreaking, emotional and tearjerking episode - for long I haven't seen that kind of combination from Bones.

    So, I think it was different than usual episode and not all liked it, but I did - I am not big Cam fan.. I think on the other far end rather, but this episode really worked.. the developments on her char, those conversations, pain, her ideas.. it was well portrayed and beautifully worked out. Some part of the episode were little too easily guessable but not the ending - I mean who killed that doctor.. the thing with girl running away was..
  • We learn about Cam's past, which is intricately linked with the case, and the lasting power of true love.

    First of all, any show that makes me cry is an automatic 10/10. :) When the murder victim turns out to be Cam's former fiancé, she takes a personal interest in the case and Booth asks Brennan to take a Back seat and stay in the lab for this one because Cam "needs this one." Cam insists on telling the dead man's daughter Michelle of his death because of the deep love they had for each other during the two years Cam and her dad lived together. Although Michelle was only six at the time, Cam is sure that she will remember her.

    When Cam arrives to tell Michelle that her dad has been murdered, she says she doesn't remember her at all, which deeply hurts Cam, who has never stopped loving Michelle as if she were her own child. As the show unfolds, it turns out that Michelle very much remembers Cam and has never forgiven her for betraying them by leaving. What she doesn't know is that Cam left because of his philandering, which he refused to stop.

    After the case is (all too predictably) solved, Cam reaches out to Michelle, tells her the truth about her dad and asks Michelle to come live with her. The conclusion is one of the most moving moments of the show and while it's not a B&B moment, it is very special and shows that when two people have a heart connection and truly love each other, that love never goes away.
  • Brilliant

    When a chewed up corpse is found in the tiger compound at a wildlife zoo Booth and Brennan are called to investigate, Brennan takes the disfigured body back to the Jeffersonian, it's so savaged that Angela can only identify the remains by dental records, we discover the body is that of Cam's ex fiance and so this investigation becomes personal for Cam and with Bones and Booths help they track down the killer and motive.

    This in all honesty was a really enjoyable episode, when I read the episode blurb I wasn't sure if it would appeal but me being a long time fan settled down to watch it, I have to admit Cam was not a fan favourite when she took over from Dr Goodman and I was one of them who wanted him back but in the last season or so she's really grown on me and this episode was a really nice episode for her and we find a little of her past.

    The best part of the episode was Sweets and Angela hypnotizing a suspect and having them ''walk'' the scene with the animals walking around them… really funny plus Sweets cracks me up anyway.
  • The team is handed a body half chewed by a tiger, who later is discovered to be Cam's former fiance'.Sweets and Angela, who has decided to stay celibate, try to hypnotize a witness to help further the investigation. Brennan helps Cam make a bold decision.

    This episode clears a lot of doubt about Cam's past and reveals one of the most important events in her earlier life. It also shows a side of Dr.Brennan which is hard to tap into as she gives some pretty sound advice to Cam with sympathy. In my opinion the last seen was really moving and emotions overflowed beautifully when Cam asked Michelle to move in with her. Angela was also focused upon quite a lot in this part; she was trying not to give into her desires but she was even more flirty than her usual self. In a nutshell, it was a successful episode for Bones inc.
  • The team investigates the murder of Cam's former fiancé, whose body was found in the tiger habitat of a safari park. Sweets and Angela hypnotize one of the murder suspects.

    This episode was amazing, and much needed for this season. We learned about the often background character, closed window Doctor, Cam Saroyan.

    A lot of people say it wasn't shine in the limelight for bones, but I've got to say, They are completely wrong.

    Tamara Taylor is such a great actress, because she was able to showcase the true emotions of Dr. Saroyan. We saw another side to the Doctor, a more emotional, hurt, and lonely Woman.

    We even got to how Agent Booth knows, trusts, and still appreciates his friendship with Cam.

    Plus, Doctor Brennan was able to escape from her Robot, Scientist, Doctor Mode and was able to reach out to Cam. She listened and held the hand of one who she usually butts heads with.

    Plus, you had extra emotions from Angela and Clark which gave anyone a laugh amidst water eyes at the end of the episode.

    That was a brilliant ending to a brilliant episode.
  • Bad writing, poor direction leaves me wanting the BONES episodes of old.

    I am a long time BONES fan and I have to say that "The Doctor in the Den" was not up to their own standards. From Andrea not being able to keep her childish and completely unprofessional comments to herself, to Cam not being professional about handling the greiving daughter. I blame the writing here and give some blame to the direction. If I were caught making lewd passes to someone in a workplace, my butt would be out the door, and so would yours. Andrea's character was supposed to offer comic relief and all it did was make me cringe. Cam would have passed out, or at least become too ill to stand when seeing a past love sprawled out on a table in front of her the way the half eaten man was displayed. ANY of us would. I don't care how much experience you have. It's called human nature. Cam would have also been a lot more intelligent to her approach to the 16 year old girl and if there was questioning to be involved, she would have asked if an adult were present, or had Booth in there with her. It was a murder investigation for crying out loud. The all too easy ending was below par for this show as well. Other directing points like Booth placing himself in a suggestive position while interviewing Linda Purl's character stood out like a sore thumb. How bad was this for me? I have never felt motivated enough to submit a critque before.
  • A tiger is found eating a skeleton.

    I appreciate Bones going outside the norm with the episode here. Not the jungle, animal, zoo thing, as they just did that a few weeks ago, but with a deeper look into Cam's life. Bones is usually a light-hearted drama with very few storylines that hit close to home; this was one of those few.

    Although the premise seemed promising, the end result was just another Bones episode. A few moments that get you laughing, a predictable ending, and some scientific jargon that nobody watching understands.

    Bones' prospects for a fifth season are good, but they need to do better than this.
  • A different side of Camille

    I really enjoyed this episode. It didn't matter to me that we didn't have many B&B interaction. Focusing on Camille was good because I keep thinking of her from her days back on the first episodes of season 2 and it's amazing how she's changed. And now, learning this about her life, and all the pain she went through

    Brennan... I'm glad they showed this side of her. In her own world lack of emotion, it was a nice touch to have her comfort Camille and using her own experience to do it. I was very disappointed of her last episode but this was definitely better.

    I started hating Michelle. I mean, I know she was in pain but, what a horrible thing to say to Camille. I understand the girl's pain. But well, she had to hurt her like that. The hypnosis scene was excellent, but I didn't think it was necessary at first. But it was fun.

    And girl power!!! The scene with the 3 women was just flawless. We had Camille's past, Brennan talking about feelings to someone and Angela back to basics.
  • Cam's ex-fiance is found in a safari park after a benefit from his hospital.

    Loved this episode because it focused on a character that usually doesn't get the focus. Some people complain that there was so little B&B in this, but I actually didn't mind. Sure, we can never have enough B&B, but I enjoyed getting to know more about Cam.

    A scene I enjoyed particularly much was the female-bonding meeting between Cam, Angela and Brennan. They all kept true to their character, managed to have a serious conversation and still joke. And Brennan looked so proud of her little joke at the end...

    Cam and Brennan also had a great scene in this episode, where Brennan 'comforts' Cam and gives her the idea of taking Michelle into her own house (not sure if adopting is the right phrase here). We don't get to see a lot of friendliness between these two characters, so I really enjoyed it :)

    The hypnosis scene was cool, with the special effects. Bit unbelievable, but who cares, it looked pretty xD

    All in all, I did like this episode a lot. I'm not sure whether we'll get more background on Cam, but it'd be nice to have her talk about Michelle once or twice (preferably to the women, but that's just me)
  • Major life changes for Dr. Soroyan as her former fiancee is found dead and the team has to find his murderer. Bones, Booth, and the team step up to support her in her time of need. Angela is trying celibacy and its driving everyone else crazy.

    Bones bounces back from last episodes strange one to a major character developer especially for Dr. Soroyan. Soroyan's former fiancee from ten years before is found in the Wildlife Animal Park half eaten and Dr. Soroyan must confront feelings from her past that have never gone away.

    We enter the world of high pressure medicine to Cams early life as an intern at a major teaching hospital in the DC area. Cam had been in a two year relationship with a Heart Surgeon and his daughter. Because of his infidelity Cam had to walk away from the relationship but was carrying a heavy burden of guilt for abandoning the six year old girl she dearly loved. Fast forward to ten years later. She confronts her personal fears by deciding to tell the now teenager her father has been killed. Through a lot of heart ache the two eventually find themselves maybe finding the thing in their life that will help them both heal. The girl the mother she always wanted and Cam the daughter she felt she abandoned Heavy stuff!

    Through all of this we have some light hearted moments with the always fun Clark Edison. Angela is trying celibacy which of course is bringing out some strange predatory behavior in her and she frightens Clark enough that he brings his fiancee DR. Nora Oldhouse into meat Angela. A very funny sequence occurs where Clark is even more unraveled as Angela and Nora have some a very interesting discussion.

    Sweets gets to step in and with Angela they have a strange out of body hypnosis experience with one of the suspects which helps in the investigation. Bones learns a little more about dealing with feelings and she allows Dr. Soroyan to spend time in the field with Booth to help her sort out her feelings. It turns out that even older tigers don't change their stripes as the Heart Surgeon still is a philanderer and in the end it's what gets him killed.

    This is a very touching episode and really deepens our understanding of a character we generally only get to see the surface of.

    Good stuff and very well written.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Cam finally gains that child.

    I loved watching this of Cam. I don't ever remember seeing her so unconfident or vulnerable. It was a nice change especially given the case involved a former fiancé and giving us glimpses into a different side of her personality. I found it interesting to watch Bones' reactions to Cam as she dealt with solving the murder. I think one of the few negatives of Brennan is her matter of fact approach to emotions and listening to her shoot their necessity down. But seeing Brennan reaching out to Cam, she as always finds the words. The final scene between Cam and Michelle was very moving. I loved the hypnosis scene with Sweets, Angela and Brandon Casey was amusing with all of the zoo animals around. Angela's sexual references even made me squirm. I think it's one thing to be confident it's another to be blatantly pushy. Loved having Clark back amongst the team.
  • The team is called upon when a man is found dead in the tiger cage at the zoo. Upon further investigation, they discover that the man is Cam's former fiancé.

    I particularly enjoyed this episode; it had several funny moments, was well written, and brought more of an insight into Cam's past.

    The victim in this episode was killed by an upset woman who he cheated on (we find out that he cheated on many women after his wife died during childbirth) at a benefit for the hospital they both worked at. Right off the bat, the team identifies him as Dr. Andrew Welton, Cam's former fiancé.

    This brings us into more of Cam's past; ten years prior, she was engaged to Welton and helped him raise his daughter, Michelle. In three tearjerking scenes, Cam manages to inform Michelle of her father's murder and convince Michelle to come and live with her, as she is now an orphan (her mother having died during childbirth).

    What I really enjoyed about the episode were two scenes in particular. The first was a scene where Sweets and Angela hypnotized a suspect in Welton's murder. They had to resort to this method because the suspect could not remember anything about a woman he had seen arguing with Welton at the benefit the night he died. Special effects were used to place the suspect, Angela, and Sweets at the benefit, where the man successfully described the woman to them.

    The other scene that I enjoyed had to do with Angela's oath of celibacy that Sweets made her take. Since she could no longer have sex like normal, Angela had taken to flirting with Clark in the lab and this was making him very uncomfortable. This led Clark to bring in his lover to try and tell Angela to back off. She, however, ended up giving Angela advice on other ways to release pent up sexual energy, which made Clark so uncomfortable that he had to flee the room in terror.

    Overall, this was an enjoyable episode and I will enjoy it again once the DVD for season four is released in the fall.

  • Bones and the squint squad work the case of a body found on an animal preserve. The body turns out to be that of Cam's ex-fiance.

    Compared to recent weeks, this one was missing some of the high action and great dialogue that was common in recent episodes. Having said that, it was still well written and well done. Cam steps up a bit more in the spotlight, and there is a lot of drama surrounding the deceased doctor, his relationship with Cam, and the deceased young daughter. With all the focus on Cam, Booth and Bones sort of got pushed to the back burner. There was some interesting distractions as Angela deals with being celibate, which did provide some amusement. A bit over-dramatic at times, it was still entertaining and interesting, and was another really good installment in what is turning out to be an excellent season.
  • Cam's former fiancé is found dead. Meanwhile, Brennen steps away from the case in order for Cam to get closure. Angela is feeling peckish, Clark comes back, and Sweets hypnotizes a patient.

    Very revealing and pretty funny. Angela's libido is out of control! After swearing to a vow of celibacy Angela's puckish side is front and center. Also, she and Sweets hypnotize a witness. The hypnotizing sequence is really cool. Cam's character is really opened up in this episode. It interesting to see what her life was like pre-jeffersonian. Bones usually does a really good job giving background stories to the supporting characters, and Cam's story is no exception. Overall this episode is pretty good. Angela is hilarious and although Bones and Brennen aren't in it a lot, I recommend watching it anyway.
  • Angela's libido has the men running and Brennan temporarily steps aside so Cam and Booth can find out who killed Cam's former fiancee.

    The case involves a body found on an animal park, and it turns out that Cam had some pretty significant ties to the victim. Brennan sits this one out in the lab so that Cam can help find her former fiancee's killer. We also find out more about Cam's past, and a little girl that she once knew and loved. The episode was more interesting for what was going on with the characters. Clark was back, apparently at Brennan's prompting. With his character, it felt like more of the same thing - he didn't really want to be there and didn't want to be part of the team. He just wanted to do his job without all of the interpersonal connections and complications. It was kinda funny that he had his girlfriend come in just to show Angela that he had a girlfriend, and that he couldn't bear to hear the conversation that they were having. It was also hilarious to watch Hodgins reaction to a horny Angela, and Angela's struggle to keep celibate. She even hit on Sweets. Funny that she didn't hit on Booth...
    One of the things that I liked best about this episode was seeing a different side to Cam's character. She's said that she didn't want children and watching her with Michelle was sweet and heartbreaking. I wonder if they're going to continue on this path of character development for Cam. Maybe Michelle will end up being one of the interns (ha ha ha - who knows.)
    Decent episode but I'd really like some more B/B moments.