Season 6 Episode 9

The Doctor in the Photo

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2010 on FOX

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  • I liked how this was filmed

    This episode allowed you to see more of how Dr. Brennan is underneath her more rational outershell and I liked that because I find that occasionally I do not like her that much unless she is with Booth. This episode made her more likeable and relateable because we as an audience was made to follow her specifically along the way in solving this case. I hope they make more episodes in this fashion because this was a great episode.

    I also enjoyed seeing actors from Veronica Mars featured here :0
  • My favorite episode of all time

    For 8 episodes, I was furious with HH. I couldn't believe he had given Booth a GF (I understood why Booth did it, Brennan went 7 months without a word to him) and left Brennan alone. It hurt to watch. The Doctor in the Photo made the Hannah arc worth it. Every second. Because TDitP is just that good. Emily deserved an Emmy for her work. After seeing this, I knew why things were the way they were, why Hannah had happened. This was Brennan's waking up to reality. Bones is the only show I know who would have the balls to go this route and I applaud them for it. Because this had to happen. And here we are in S8 and I wouldn't have the love story of B&B any other way
  • high quality

    I really enjoyed the Enrico Colantoni character, and of course the plot was away from the beaten path.
  • Breathtakingly well made episode.

    For once, the direction takes the laud, though i must admit, Emily nearly matched the effort... but in my eyes, the direction wins hands down.

    In all the previous seasons and episodes, we get to see different styles of narration. We have seen flashbacks, dysfunctional, even a disjunctive one... however this is the first time an entire episode is shown through the eyes of one character - Brennan. We are not shown the photo of the victim till after the case has been solved. The entire episode is shown the way bones perceives it... so much that even Booth, who has been portrayed as nothing but perfect so far, seems to be coldhearted.

    One must accept though, that even when we have a good director, the actors need to back it up, and Emily has done a wonderful job of it. The awkward jokes, the self contemplation, the talk with the victim, and the revelations with Micha, all reveal a lot of her true self, behind the rationale, and she has done a very comprehensive act in this episode.
  • Introspective

    I have been dissapointed lately by my favourite tv shows, but this episode made me reconsider giving up on them, because it has really touched something inside, made me stop for a moment and think about regrets. If I look logically into "Bones" then I should see a victim at the beginning of an episode and the finding of its killer at the end, but here comes the part that makes "Bones" one of my favourite shows: good acting skills, good story and special episodes like this one that remain with you after the episode has ended.
    Take some time to watch it.
  • Completely Heartbreaking

    This has got to be one of the most upsetting episodes of Bones. For six years we'd seen how rational Brennan is, how when something emotional gets to her she goes straight into hyper-rationalism, but this was different. For once you got to see the episode through one character's eyes. Brennan's. You got to see her actually get attached to the case, to the person that had died. Finally, you could see what she was really feeling underneath her logical exterior. The Writers did brilliantly writing this episode, they jumped out of their comfort zone by removing a lot of the science in the case. Instead, they stuck with someone's feelings throughout the whole episode. And if I'm honest, after watching it I believe Brennan, not the scientific "facts". The unusual episode and the brilliant acting on Emily's behalf made it so breahtakingly perfect. I hate giving ten out of ten, but for this I had to. Micah and his lectures brought some much needed laughs to the upsetting episode. And you got to see a vulnerable side to Brennan. And the fact the episode left you answering questions at the end, like was Micah real or a figment of her imagination? Well, who knows? A brilliant little mystery. And finally, towards the ending Brennan concluded that she had regrets and that her main one was Booth. Turning him down all those months ago. When she turned him down she cried then, however, the tears were controlled. This time the moment Booth told her he loved Hannah, that Hannah wasn't a consolation prize all that control just went out of her system. And she cried, she sobbed incoherently and in that instant every viewer watching this episode felt the emotion from Brennan. Some people criticised Booth for being cold towards her. He wasn't being cold. What could he do? He had a girlfriend, whom he loved. He followed Brennan, gave her a lift home, offered for someone to be there for her. He did everything he could without compromising his relationship with Hannah. There wasn't much more he could do unless otherwise he'd have done something wrong. So I agree with what he said, if he went home and looked after her, if he kissed her, if he agreed to break up with Hannah, then that episode wouldn't have been the same. it wouldn't have been as powerful. To affect the viewers Booth had to simply let Brennan down and break her heart. It was a perfect performance by Emily and since that episode is so good and just makes me cry every time I've only watched it twice so I don't ruin it for myself by over watching it. And so I can feel emotion when I finally watch it again. The writers really excelled themselves here, as well as the actors involved. Especially the moment when Booth saved Brennan from the car accident, just another great moment between them two, as well as the heartbreak that was to follow. Well done Bones, couldn't have asked for a more heartbreaking, upsetting episode than this one. Keep up the good work!!!
  • Heartbreaking but so beautiful

    This is perhaps one of the hardest episodes to watch in Bones. I had never seen Dr Brennan broke down like this. This whole episode plays on how Temperance Brennan sees herself and she imprinted herself as the "doctor in the photo" and she spends a lot of time trying to decipher how the murder happened but funny enough, they never really solved the murder instead she got into her deepest psyche about her feelings for Booth via the doctor. When Booth rejected her in the car, you can sincerely felt her heart broke as she broke down crying. I believe the lethargy, sadness, confusion and broken down of rationality finally got to her. I felt that Booth's rejection was cruel, almost too cold, very unlike his character. I am almost afraid to see what happened next, surely there will be some kind of discomfort between them now and she could either let her wall down and be more affectionate towards Booth or she will fall more deeply into her rationality and become even colder, either way, it's not going to be a pleasant journey. I think the writers did a brilliant job this episode, it's one of those episodes that is so out of their usual 'comfort zone' that is brilliant.
  • Please fix the problem

    I loved this episode. I am so glad that finally Bones admitted her feelings. I don't believe it is to late. Doesn't she deserve the chance...Booth needs to ditch the twit that followed him home. I have been watching since the beginning and I am starting to get angry...Get rid of the girlfriend and you will fix the problem with Booth and Bones. I think that during the show Bones shows that she has started to change and realize that she needs Bones. He of course can't say he doesn't have feelings for her, he sent Sweets to check on her and then he followed her to be sure she was safe. I am sorry but if you don't love someone you are not going to do that. So again get rid of the girlfriend, doesn't she need to go back over seas and write stories.
  • Weirddd...

    OK, first things first- who thinks Brennan has gone crazy? At least for three days that is. Speaking of that saying and the one who says it, did anyone else think that Micah was a figment of her imagination? Actually there was really no other characters to dive into, as this was really just centered around Brennan. And Booth at the end.

    Aw. Rejection is harsh, Bren. Maybe you should have thought about it the first time? Which leads us to their awkward relationship next episode long after the hiatus. Booth had it lucky, he got to go away and quickly get over her, but Brennan doesn't really have that.

    Well with any luck Brennan will withdraw from the world like a frightened clam or Hannah will leave/die/be gone forever.

    Eather way it has to happen like that, so
    Pick Your Poisen
  • Emily's performance is the highlight

    I'm sad.

    And I'm not repeating what Brennan said. I said that because I can relate to Brennan in so many aspects. But this isn't about me.

    I liked how Brennan loses composure when she discovers something new from the victim and how she defends her. The lack of sleep shows in her face and her look. My heart went out to her when she's in Booth's office and her eyes fill with tears and suddenly she apologizes. Booth's worriness is sincere. Too bad Hannah was, and by the way, does she have to be everywhere now?

    I think that if those Brennan moments in the lab at night would've happened before Hannah and Booth's proposal, I could've seen Booth meeting Brennan there trying to get her home or even taking her something to eat. But my heart broke when Brennan opens her heart to Booth and tells him what she should've told him months ago. I liked how Booth caught it and is speechless for a moment... and then sadly says he's with someone now. And loves her. That was a stab. I couldn't help but cry at Brennan's voice breaking... And admiting that she missed her chance. And the worst: She'll be fine. Alone.

    And then the best: she faces her new situation with a smile, instead of being bitter and cold. And that's a lot for Brennan.

    Every compliment has said to Emily's performance. I can't be original to that now. Unless I find a new word for outstanding.
  • Emily Deschanel deserves at least a best actress nomination for this!!

    DAMN. That was an amazing episode!! Emily Deschanel deserves a best actress nomination for this!! Her performance throughout the entire episode was just phenomenal-- in every scene she did a great job. The entire episode depended on her performance and she delivered very well! She made me cry!!

    They were right, this was a pivotal episode! Now, people just can't wait what will happen next. Surely, things could not be exactly like before. This was a perfect episode. Every scene present is just relevant to the entire storyline. Every detail, every line delivered, every emotion were all done perfectly and at the perfect moment. Even how each character was utilized no matter how short they may be.

    Although this was a heartbreaking episode, it still had a few amusing moments that only Bones could deliver. ie. Micah's latin!

    And I loved the lines too--full of wisdom! I remembered a lot of lines and I can't think of any other Bones episode that has more number of memorable lines!

    To top it off, I love seeing Veronica Mars' Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars) & Francis Capra (Weevil) in this episode!
  • 12/9

    Temperance struggles to cope with a voice and individual that sounds and resembles her, or at least in her mind it does.

    What did I take away from this episode? Seeing Enrico Colantoni as a random security guard was offputting, but at least they gave him some quality lines. He deserves more respect from the industry than he currently gets.

    The episode was pretty good though. This was an interesting storyline and it led to a good performance from Emily Deschanel, but at the end of the day, this is just Bones, through and through. Solid almost always, but never overly great.
  • Amazing, fantastic, breathtaking.. take your pick.

    I had my hopes high for this week, after watching the promo and crying while at it, I found myself as anxious as I was when we heard about the 100th episode, and the writers did not let us down!
    The case file was one of the most interesting ones that I've seen on this show so far. It kept us all in the edge of our seats, without the predictability that we've been seeing up until now on the season. I know probably one billion people have already said this, but Emily is more than ready for her Emmy as best actress. She's been doing such an amazing job and this week she exceld herself. She made the episode what it was and I totally thank her for that.
    Didn't get a perfect score from me because of the car scene, where Brennan is pouring her heart out for Booth, finally and he simply shrugs her off. I think that he could have been a little more sensitive, knowing Brennan the way he does and knowing that it wasn't the easiest thing for her to just come out and declare herself to him. I think he was cold and distant, not at all like the Booth we all know and love so much.
    And so we are left with this big elephant in the room to be poked and proded by the writers when the hiatus ends. Sure they'll know their stuff by then. LOL
  • Absolutely heartbreaking...and exactly what this season needed.

    I was getting really worried about this season, it seemed to be going in the wrong direction, essentially turning Brennan into an emotionless empty character, but this episode, although it was only over a 3 day period, we finally got to see some weakness, some personality, some form of emotion from Brennan. It was clear that she was distressed since she found the ring and from the beginning I knew it was all part of her delusion, but the mental trauma was all too real and we saw Brennan let her walls down. I think Booth did do the right thing at the end of this episode, he calmly explained that there is a time for everything and Bones just missed it, and we saw her break down, even momentarily, however she came out stronger. I also want to add, I'm not sure if Mika was real or just another figment of Bone's imagination but he was just about the wisest character, I loved his contribution to the show. Great episode.
  • Breathtaking!

    After what has largely been a very tiresome season, BONES hits this one out of the park -- nay, solar system -- with a head-trippy and emotionally tumultuous episode that simultaneously impresses, delights and breaks one's heart.

    Hours after watching it, I am still processing its many twists and turns, admiring its many facets and sighing wistfully over what might have been. Brennan finally confronts her own unhappiness here, examines her life and Booth's place in it, all the while participating in an intricate and truly absorbing case the like of which we haven't seen from this show in far too long.

    Much of this episode felt dreamlike, and its haunting and evocative score only emphasised that disconnect, as though what was happening in front of our eyes was not to be trusted -- much as Brennan's own perceptions could also be called into question. Meanwhile, on the angst-o-meter, this one pretty much breaks the dial. It just hurts so good.

    Guest star Enrico Colantoni (JUST SHOOT ME!, VERONICA MARS, GALAXY QUEST), always a pleasure to watch in action, was in fine form here as the sage night watchman who is apparently an old friend of Brennan's; we've never seen him before, but I certainly hope we'll see him again.

    The rest of the cast were excellent here too, John Francis Daley giving a particularly measured and touching performance; Sweets's psychology skills were much needed in this episode, and the script utilised them well (for a change). David Boreanaz, always master of the pained and soulful glance, was in overdrive in this one, and Katheryn Winnick as Booth's new love, Hannah, simply sparkled.

    In short, a fantastic episode from a show that I had forgotten could deliver such. Well done, BONES! More like this, please!
  • Bones? Out of touch with reality?

    Nah. Just human like the rest of us and that is oddly comforting.

    I must admit, I was beginning to think that maybe even Micha (Enrico Colantoni) was a figment of her imagination. And while I can appreciate that she got to the bottom of the case and in touch with her own feelings, I can appreciate more that she has actually admitted she was...wait for it...WRONG! OMG!

    Booth is dedicated to Hannah though (I still don't see the chemistry) and it just makes me all the more certain her eventual departure is not going to be pretty...

    The case was almost incidental beyond that. The entire episode was all about Brennan getting a grip, in more ways than one. It was well done. Being so character-centric could have been a disaster, but it was well done. I enjoyed Enrico Colantoni as Micha...maybe he can spend every break from Flashpoint doing Bones detail!

    Good episode.
  • It took 3 days for the universe to turn right side up again. A strange episode... *spoilers*

    This episode was good, but I didn't think it was as great as it was pumped up to be. I thought that the whole episode felt lonely and dark. It was because a lot of the lab scenes took place in the middle of the night and nobody except for Brennan and Mica were there. The case was good, but not very complicated. Brennan seeing herself in the photo and talking to the CDs was interesting, but how her questions were directly answered like a conversation between herself was creepy. The case was okay. It wasn't overly complicated and the doctor turned out to be crazy over trying to feel an emotion. The scene when Brennan is in the road and the car comes was scary. When the first car passed her, it looked like it was moving right through her almost, which may have been intended or not. They rarely haven't been able to figure out exactly who committed the crime, but it kept a mysterious feel. The scene in the car at the end was a little awkward, but meaningful, and you wonder what will happen now.