Season 4 Episode 22

The Double Death of the Dearly Departed

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on FOX

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  • A hilarious episode

    One of the more fun episodes. It was very enjoyable watching everyone panic and scramble around trying to find the fact that they stole a body.

    If you didn't laugh while watching this episode, then you must be the saddest person on earth.

    This episode was MORE than hilarious!!! I have never laughed and enjoyed an episode of any show as much as I did with this one.

    My favorite part was Hodgins giving the speech while he was watching what was going on outside! He truly is a brilliant actor! It seemed like he was literally choking up and turning red due to the bizarre things that were going on outside.

    How could you NOT like this episode??
  • Were the actors as embarrassed as i was for them?

    I thought this episode was simply embarrassing to watch. This season has been much worse as a whole than the previous three. If it doesn't improve in season five, I guess the shark has jumped for good.
  • I hate to put a damper on things but I absolutely hated this episode.

    Again, I hate to put a damper on things but I thought this episode was horrid, yet another sign of how bad the show has become since the writers strike. The episode features Booth and Bones STEALING A BODY! That would never happen!! From the very beginning of the show, Bones has boasted an empirical nature and verbally attacked anyone who tried to tamper with evidence. And Booth has always had a high sense of morality and is an officer of the law. Neither of them would ever even consider stealing a body simply because they couldn't get a warrant on their first try. The jokes were rude and not that funny, and quite frankly disrespectful. This episode was definitely one of the worst they have ever made.
  • Funny episode? Nicely done!

    What an unusual episode. I think the writers did a goob job with this plot (that could've been a little insensitive) and I believe it turned out fine.

    Although there were moments that were a little, let's say, too much for me like a comment from Camille and Booth's taking the 20-dollar bill (what's the matter, Booth?) I just burst out during Hodgins' speech. It was just hilarious. I liked how all the team contributed in what they do best to try to solve this case.

    The last scene was very touching. We've seen Booth and Brennan several times at graveyards, but I think Brennan finally admits that is ok to talk to a dead person and everything she told Booth was just very sweet. Seeing both of them walking away together makes me want to see them together more and more.
  • Hilarious

    Oh I did love this episode. I laughed such a lot.
    The cast are all great at taking the micky out of themselves. Hats off to 'Hank' too who was hauled around all over the place.
    What made me laugh most? Brennan trying with her hands to describe to Booth the two people she saw having sex? She's never had trouble with the words before! Hodgins speech whilst seeing what was going on outside?
    Booth chatting up the Cleopatra-like lawyer?
    No, the best was Booth getting them all to sing 'Swing low sweet chariot'. We know that David Boreanaz is not a great singer - at least fans of Angel do. Like I said - not afraid to take the micky out of himself.
    Finally at the cemetery Brennan says the nicest things to him. A different tender B & B moment.
  • Very fun episode.

    The most exciting wake and funeral the Jeffersonian has ever seen. Sneaking around stealing bodies, catfights between the wife and girlfriend, illegal autopsy, Sweets giving counseling to a murderer, an old woman poisoning her stepson ensuring her own son's inheritance and then dies because she runs out of heart medication – ah, the dull life of academics!

    The poor guy from the funeral home, the body he's embalming wakes up and thinking 'zombie' (and given the tetrodotoxin, not unreasonable), starts stabbing the victim in the chest!

    Hodgins is a genius! His performance at the wake was great. Love him to pieces. He's always been my favourite character and it's because of moments like this.

    Really hilarious episode though obviously not to be taken at all seriously, common sense really has to be suspended.
  • Having seen this show a total of three times, I think this is one of their best episodes. The way they characters interact made for some laugh out loud moments.

    Having seen this show a total of three times, I think this is one of their best episodes. The was the characters interact makes for some laugh out loud moments. The way they work together to borrow the dead body and transport it back and forth while the wake is taking place inside the house.
    The writers have nailed the best dialogues that show
    the best and worst in each character. Booth leading
    the sing along at the wake or teaching Bones how to act at a funeral such as showing her how to put on a sad face or telling her that touching the dead body is going a bit too far.
  • Lot's of Laugh Out Loud' moments.

    Whilst at a wake for a departed Jeffersonian co-worker Brennan inadvertently discovers the co-worker didn't die from heart failure as first issued but was murdered, what follows is forty odd minutes of pure hilarity, which for an episode of Bones is no bad thing, the taking of the body by Booth and Brennan with Hodgins spotting them as he's making his eulogy speech was so funny, then the return by Cam, Sweets and Hodgins was just as hilarious, naturally what happened in-between was brilliant especially when at first only Booth and Bones knew what was going on then Cam had to be let in on the 'secret' then Angela and Hodgins and lastly Sweets.

    I have to admit this was not the best episode we've had this season BUT is was the funniest or had the most 'Laugh Out Loud' moments from an entire episode.
  • A very and interesting episode.

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a Jeffersonian co-worker dies of heart failure, Booth, Bones and co all go to his wake. We soon learn that Cam is now Michelle legal guardian and has now been so for one month. Whilst at the wake, Bones sees the body and is convinced the death was no accident. And so she asks Booth for his help to steal the body to try and work out what actually caused his death. The evidence soon points to the victim being declared dead, whilst he was actually still alive. And as Hodgins gives his speech about the victim, he sees Booth and Bones outside taking the body. And so Bones and Cam, using Angela's car, take the body back to the lab. But how did Cam get the keys to Angela's car without her knowing?
    We soon learn that the guy from the funeral parlour and his eyes opened during embalming and so the guy stabbed him multiply times. We soon learn that the victim was poisoned, and was in a coma when he was declared dead. He had a spasm and woke up during the embalming, during which the funeral parlour guy killed him by stabbing him. Soon Cam finishes up with the body, and has to wait for someone to come back to the lab to help her get the body back to the funeral. And so Bones and Booth send Sweets and Hodgins to help Cam. Soon the body is brought back to the funeral, and fight breaks out between the widow and the mistress. But soon Booth manages to smooth out the situation, with a song. Soon we learn that the victim was poisoned via his tea and so Bones and Hodgins test all of the tea in the house. Soon they discover which tea killed him, but have no suspects. And so we jump to the day of the victims ashes being scattered. So Bones and co take samples of tea there to get everyone to drink it, to try and lure out the murderer, who knows that drinking the tea from the victims collection will kill them. As they all go to drink it, his MOTHER stops her other son from drinking it. She was the one who poisoned him, she poisoned her own son. And so she is arrested and 5 days later we see that she has died and has been buried next to her son. She used her heart medicine to kill the victim and ran out of it, which then lead to her death.
    As the episode ends, Booth asks Bones that when he dies, if she will go and visit him and talk to him. And so she promises. He also asks her to make sure that he is actually dead before he is buried.
  • ha ha, nice one

    Oh my God. I like when they solve mysteries but it gets even better when there's some heavy humor situations for us to laugh out loud.

    This episode was dinamic and fast paced. They had to find out what killed the guy without letting anyone know his body wasn't inside the coffin.

    Again, Booth and Bones chemistry makes every situation a laughable also Hodgins speech was priceless..
    Did you remember his face?? lol
    He gagged, tried to kept it cool, started to sweat..

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm a fan of this show and have been for 4 years. It's been keeping it's high level of quality that we all know and love!

  • Somewhat cruel jokes.. but mm.. good episode

    Mm.. I cannot say I did not laught quite many times turning this episode.. but.. I really think it was cruel.. and the way they joked with serious thing.. it is ok when you just watch it but when you start to think.. I do not know - maybe I am from different kind of society but dead people should have respect not joke made of their funeral.

    As an episode, it was good - quite clever story, the whole "translation" thing and Bones in situation she acts out of the way you expect. I also loved Sweets and his awkward conversations.. and the ending, Booth getting promise from Bones.. good dialoge.
  • Some fans will love this episode and some will hate it. It has to do with whether you can take the comedy genius side of the episode or you stick with the old style of Bones.

    One had to tell by the commercial that this episode was going to be a funny filler. So it's not like it was made to be serious or full of scientific facts. I actually enjoyed this episode I laughed so much throughout the entire episode. It's funny to see how Brennan can spiral things out of control so fast! Also using "translation" as a codeword for murdered was funny. Should have made it into a drinking game. Some people think this episode made certain characters OOC not to mention reused cliche concepts from movies and previous episode. Even though it is slightly true, it didn't bother me with how much I enjoyed watching this episode. (spoilers ahead)-However, the best scene had to be Hodgens giving a speech while suddenly seeing B&B drag the body away and coming up with things on-the-spot to keep the people distracted. I did not get a good feeling out of that last conversation between B&B in the end about Booth dying. Kind of haunts me when characters start talking like that. Anyway, it was a great, funny episode and I look forward to the next episode.
  • Translation for Murder

    I found the actual wake scene with Brennan in her typical brash approach to things actually really funny. Especially when Bones tries to convince Boothe that Hank Riley was murdered and didn't die of natural causes. I was laughing hysterically as Jack attempting to make an eloquent speech then has to cover for Cam, Booth & Bones as they "borrow" the body in order to investigate the true cause of death. I loved the puzzle laid out as to Riley's true cause of death and who was behind it. But I think I the thing I really enjoyed the most about this episode was how the investigation played out. It was believable but extremely amusing at the same time.
  • Kind of a filler episode but a good one. Whacky hijinks going on all over the funeral. Dead body being stolen, dramatic mourning family, wife and mistress sort of cat fight until Booth breaks out in song and I know why I love this show.

    Filler episodes are rarely good but you can count on Bones to make an excellent and hilarious one. I thought some of the drama queen widow could've been left out. I would have liked to see some more Booth and Bones doing their thing. Also, the whole smoking teenager storyline, kudos for throwing a story in that references the issues Cam must be struggling through becoming a mom out of the blue. The story would have been even better if we could've seen said teenager if only briefly. The whole episode was enjoyable, different from what we usually get, reminded me of the earlier episode this season, "The Passenger in the Oven," in that it was a more random occurence and the team had to rely materials the wouldn't normally use and make decisions based on assumptions rather than facts. To wrap it up, it was one of the funniest episodes of Bones just wish there was a little more of that heart to heart we all love so much from this show.
  • Very humorous, and the funniest one this season! Maybe even the funniest ever.

    I loved this episode of Bones, and the title is so catchy. Brennan "felt up" the body, and discovered that he was murdered. Booth's comment about her being up there way to long, and her feeling the body was enough to be the hi-light of the eppy for me. They took the funny even farther when they had to kidnapp the body to prove the man was "translated." I think Hodgins reaction when he saw them stealing the body was the funniest thing ever. I loved how he just went drama queen and slammed his glass on the ground. If all wakes were like this, I'd be going to wakes more often. Everyone was drunk and singing and then when Cam put her sunglasses on the deceased because they forgot his glasses! Oh, so funny! I liked when Sweets was trying to correct Cam about the dead guy smiling too much, and she asked if he wanted to do it. Then we found out his mother poisioned him with her heart medication, and told them to go ahead and arrest her, what was the worse that could happen. LOL, a few days later, she dies, no heart medication! That's cosmic justice, and a bit ironic. I thought the end between Booth and Brennan was perfect, and totally BB. Great episode, I give it a 9.5!
  • Following the death of a coworker, the team attends the funeral and Brennan suspects murder. She persuades Booth to help her steal the body for further examination.

    In one word, hilarious! the episode was brilliantly written, acted and executed. Bones is a versitile show and it proved to be even more flexible with this part, not to mention David Boreanaz singing AND dancing (not the best way possible but still hats off to his hudspa!)
    The murder itself was quite puzzling to deal with for the team and under the circumstances they did a wonderful job solving it with the cooperation of all the squints and Booth and if this episode doesn't improve ratings I don't no what will. It was simply flawless and I thank all the cast and crew.
  • Funniest episode of the series, a delight to watch!

    I love it when shows break character.

    It's tougher to do as a "procedural" drama, but Bones pulled it off magnificently.

    This episode had me laughing harder than most so-called comedies. The acting was top-notch, the story a bit flimsy but hey how else can you do a humorous episode, the dialogue witty. What's not to love?

    Not every episode has to be so serious.

    A few bits I loved:
    - "translation" and its use throughout the episode.
    - Hodgins' toast
    - Brennan telling the brother (Barney) that his novel's plot is contrived and she would not even consider publishing it
    - Brennan's reaction to walking in on the widow & coroner having sex: "hello!"
    - Brennan's hand motions for intercourse
    - Booth singing
    - Sweets reassuring the coroner that he wasn't guilty of murder

    Just lots of amusing moments. Definitely a winner.
  • Out of character, yes, but fun nonetheless!

    This episode was definitely one of the less serious ones. People have commented that the episode wasn't realistic. I agree. But I don't agree when they say they didn't like the episode, because I really did.

    There were a lot of little humorous moments in this episode, even though it was morbid humour (literally!). I enjoyed the Angela/Hodgins interaction after Hodgins' ... weird... speech and the way they all came to know what had happened little by little.
    Also, I enjoyed how both Booth and Brennan got information out of respectively the Cleopatra woman and Barney (or whatever his name was). They both have excellent voices! The way Booth got them to sing and dance the song really reminded me of funerals the way they are in other parts of the world, and I really enjoyed seeing it.

    The way they got to prove the murderer was really cool and I enjoyed the way Brennan got to it. And her speech was just fun. "One of his greatest passions... well, aside from sex." Only Brennan would say that at a funeral!

    The last scene was simply cute, with Booth asking Brennan to come visit him every once in a while when he's died. I was actually rather surprised Brennan was totally OK with the whole issue and they completely (but then completely) skipped over Booth 'dying' last season. I figured it had a pretty big impact on both of them (Brennan because he died and Booth because of how she reacted when he 'died'). But then again, I suppose this episode wasn't meant to be serious.
  • Amazing!

    First I'd just like to say that this episode really reminded me of the movie "Death at a Funeral" which is hilarious.

    Ok, so I loved the interaction between characters in this episode. Brennan's awkwardness mixed with Booth's suave yet tense persona makes the perfect duo.

    I was a little surprised that Booth was going along with stealing a body, but yet from the commercials I knew this was meant to be a lighthearted episode. Even though this was goofy, I think the writers did a great job at throwing us off track with "who done it". I was suspecting other characters the whole way through!

    But here's something that confused me a bit: Was it just me, or did it seem like Booth was drinking quite a lot??? In one scene they even show him pulling out a flask! I might be reading too much into this, but I thought that was a little out of character for him. Yes, I know they have shown him drinking in other episodes, but with his father and brother both being alcoholics, I thought it was a little odd. They have written his character with a gambling addiction, so I suppose another addiction isn't completely ludicrous. Maybe the writers are going to develop this? If anyone knows could you please send me a personal message?
  • At the funeral of a colleague, Bones realizes the deceased was actually murdered and they try getting him to the lab without anyone seeing him leaving (funny). It was different...

    A Jeffersonian colleague dies of heart failure, and at his funeral, Bones has doubts about the natural cause of death. Bones, Booth and Cam try their best getting the corpse out of the funeral home without anyone realizing his departure. Meanwhile, Hodgins makes a drama scene to get everyone's focus on him rather than outside where the body is being brought away and Angela gets jealous when a guest was touched by Hodgins "grief". Cam and Bones discover that the deceased was having a heart attack but then was killed and the death was confirmed by the hospital. The ending takes a turn as the unexpected murderer ends it all...
  • Like watching a Gilligans Island rerun.

    So out of character for Bones, Booth, et al to steal a body a perform an autopsy. Bones was a total b**ch. Her "I am superior to all others and I will tell you about it" attitude, while cute at first, is really annoying and not funny now, just mean and too in your face.

    Booth has lost it as an FBI agent. Hallucinations, stealing bodies...

    And out of what left field did Cam adopt a 16 year old? Did I miss a few episodes? The only redemming part was the undertaker, Mr Tong (sp?).

    Bones, we hardly know you anymore. Cut it to a hlaf hour and make it a comedy sitcom.
  • When Bones, Booth, and the team go to the funeral of a colleague from The Jeffersonian Bones makes a unusual discovery. The dead man who died of a coronary was murdered. She gets Booth and eventually every one else on the team to steal the body.

    This episode is what clearly seperates Bones from other procedurals on TV. Clever, funny, quirky, and sexy all while dealing with death and murder.

    A few of the funny/strange moments in this episode.

    On the way to the funeral Bones, Booth, Cam, and Hodgins are discussing the death among other things and Hodgins realizes he owed the deceased $20 from a fantasy football league they were in. At that moment Booth remembers he was owed $20 from the same person. Then while they are the funeral Hodgins slips a twenty in the coat pocket of the deceased and of course when Booth comes up he takes it. Only on Bones.

    After Bones realizes that the deceased was murdered Booth starts calling it "translation" so as not to upset anyone that might overhear. They continue with this throughout the episode.

    Hodgins toast to the deceased is beautiful and in the middle of it he sees Booth and Bones removing the dead body from the residence. Hodgins sputters his way thru the rest of his speech in an almost incoherent way.

    When the Mother of the victim comes into the parlor to grieve with the body she's told "You can't see him, he looks like Hitler!".

    There are too many other incidents to point out but I found this episode to be very clever and exactly why this show has the charm it does. In the end they get the murderer to confess graveside and then she dies within a few days because she killed her step-son with her own heart medicine. Strange twist.

    The whole cast gets into the fun in this one that will be fun to watch again and again.

    Strange coincidence? Both Bones in this new episode and Castle in the their new episode tonight were called pulp fiction writers by someone. Thanks for reading...
  • A murder (er, translation) at a funeral.

    I will be the first to admit that there have been times where I have been very critical of Bones. I have pointed out how it was wasting its talented cast, how the show was not as droll as it once was and how the drama was simply "overrated". I take all those negative words back as the show has been on a complete roll as of late with three outstanding episodes. The show is funny again, and as entertaining and creative as ever. I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard during an episode of Bones. Even the singing moments, which are usually awkward, whether the show is a comedy or a drama, was nothing short of hilarious tonight.

    I hope that a new group of fans were introduced to this show during House's TV spot because Bones deserves to be one of TV's highest rated shows. The only complaint I have is that we did not get too much of Sweets.