Season 5 Episode 7

The Dwarf in the Dirt

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2009 on FOX

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  • The body of a midget wrestler is found in a hole, brennan and booth investigate. Booth must re certify his marksmanship with the FBI and is worried he has lasting brain damage affecting his shooting abilities, Gordon Wyatt and Sweets beg to differ.

    Great episode, one of the best of the season! The two are so close to getting together, it seems. Booth is finally able to admit that he has in fact fallen in love with Brennan and in time Brennan will be able to admit the same thing vise-versa. I can't wait for the next episode, the promo made me crack up. Also the next episodes to come. Booth and Brennan's relationship is growing closer with each episode and we can now count on at least one moment between them by the end of each episode. The return of Gordon Gordon Wyatt played a significant role in this episode in helping Booth come to terms with his feelings for Brennan. Also for his explanation on Booth's difficulty with being a marksman, telling him it's because of his feelings for Brennan that he's having trouble aiming and shooting his gun. Gordon tells him to be patient and to have hope that Brennan feels the same for him. Brennan comes to the shooting range so Booth can imagine he's protecting her and end up shooting perfectly. After the papers are signed and he's been re certified, Brennan gives him a thumbs up and he offers her a loving stare :) :) :)
  • I really enjoyed this episode

    It had been a while since I laughed so hard with a scene in Bones. The whole 'wrestling' scene between the Leprechaun and Booth has got to be one of the funniest scenes in Bones history.

    It was nice to see Wyatt back, even when he wasn't giving anyone any therapy, I see how good must be for him to not listen to anybody's problems anymore. However, his good relationship with Booth made him give Booth one of the best advice he'll probably ever get on his relationship with Brennan: be patient.

    I don't see why Booth and Brennan make it so complicated. Booth loves her, Brennan loves him too in her own way, with fear, but she does. What stops them I'm not sure, but I think it has to be with working together.

    Anyway, when it comes to their relationship, so far so good and that's what counts.
  • The team investigates the murder of a little man found underground while Booth tries to figure out why his marksmanship has deteriorated after his surgery and pays a visit to an old friend, Gordon Gordon who is now a chef.

    I have been giving 10s the past few weeks to the episodes because I think they deserve them and this time I really enjoyed the part. First of all, the appearance of Stephen Fry is always a delight with his mixture of wisdom and rather quirky attitude (he's a chef, not a cook!) and it doesn't take him or Sweets long to figure out that all that's seemingly wrong with Booth originates from his affection for none other than our favorite anthropologist.

    Although the case itself sounded a bit obvious towards the end, as always the subtle details surrounding the side story made the part worth watching. The fact that Brennan had noticed the intricate changes in Booth after his tumor removal was very sweet and Booth admitting to Gordon Gordon that he is indeed in love with her turns this season into the dramatic crime show that we know and love. Looking forward to the next one guys.
  • Another good one

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a skeleton is found, Booth and Bones are called in. The case takes a different turn, when we learn that the skeleton is that of a dwarf and that the skeleton is green. Soon we learn the dwarf was in love with his sister-in-law and that she was also in love with him. When his twin brother realised this, he killed him. Also in this episode, Booth has trouble shooting and goes to see Gordon Wyatt about it. And so he tells Booth, after spending most of the episode with him, that he will be able to shot better, with Bones at his side. And so when he next has to go for his yearly qualification, Bones is there and Booth does it perfectly.
  • Excellent episode!!

    I know we haven't had any major developments since Booth wake up from his coma but at least we can be a little bit relieved that the truth is out there.. at least from one side..

    Booth is having problems at aiming a gun straight and he fears he won't do well in the FBI maskmanship test so he goes to Gordon to get some help after Sweets behaves too professionally.

    Both Gordon and Sweets agree that Bones and Booth are in love (wow, who would've thought, right? lol) and Gordon even points it out to Booth in the end.
    Which is a big advance than the previous sexual tension scenes without any real plain exchange of truth.

    Good, Booth did good but he's still a bit off of his game in this season. And I guess he'll get back to his former self only after he grows a set and tells Bones what he feels. She feels the same way, I know, you know, we all know that. It's just that due to her life and how she grew up, she isn't able to open up like that and risk getting her heart crushed.

    Oh well, hope this season will be the end of Bones and Booth.. and the beginning of Bones & Booth. hah!

  • Really beautiful episode

    I most say, I really loved this one. In the middle of all those other shows, there is one, what has little humor, good writing, some mysteries, great char developments and within that all remains positive, good to watch, very sweet. I mean.. That was probably one of the best things (in positive note for sure.. I am not thinking all those shows and things what want to left negative feeling) I have watched for weeks.

    I loved having Dr. Wyatt around again. That char and Sweets.. they together, it was great team play.. And having all those different layers of the case, and of Booth in the focus.. the result was something really enjoyable and good.
  • Booth and Bones investigate the death of a dwarf wrestler. Meanwhile Booth is having trouble shooting and is afraid he will not be able to re-certify. He also admits to Chef Gordon Gordon Wyatt that he loves Bones.

    A very good episode with a lot of sweetness. The relationship between Booth and Bones is obviously growing and now all that's left is a real love scene. (Emphasis on the real.) I really enjoyed the fact that they brought back Gordon Gordon because he was one of my favorite characters and i don't think they ever should have gotten rid of him. I think him and Sweets make a very good team actually and they should work together much more often. And personally I loved it when Booth beat up the dwarf. Overall a very good and funny episode.
  • Booth eventually admits (aloud) he's in love with Bones...yes!!:D

    Hasta ahora,los capítulos de esta nueva temporada me estaban pareciendo insulsos y ya desquiciantes (cuándo piensan resolver la relación Booth/Bones??),pero este me ha parecido un soplo de aire fresco justo en el momento en que Booth admite (a Gordon Gordon,porque a él mismo,interiormentepuede que se lo haya auto-admitido muchas veces) que está enamorado de Brennan y además expresa cómo se siente respecto a eso: sus incertidumbres sobre los sentimientos de ella que,según él cree,ella no le corresponde...en fin,supongo que tendremos que esperar un poco más (quizá hasta nos hagan agonizar hasta el final de la temporada) para ver si Brennan,con la ayuda de Booth (pues él ya lo ha hecho),"descubre" que está enamorada de él...
  • another great episode. season 5 just keeps getting better and better.

    It starts with booth at the firing range and we see he is struggling. which the premise of the episode is he is blaming it on his surgery.(which later we find out that its not the surgery, its his struggling emotions he has with bones). He tries to go to sweets for help but knows he is FBI and will do his job first, then be friend second, so when booth leaves his office, sweets knows why he did. After seeking gordons help, he agrees to go with booth and bones to help with the case. The super strong dwarf that they found was a wrestler, so that leads them to a few suspects. The dwarf that took over his place and the women that runs the events. Sweets later finds out that it was not any of them and a clue to the dead dwarf was talking with a normal size women. When booth questions the women, he and the gang figure out with help of hodgens find, that it was his brother that killed him.

    Alot of character development again in this episode.
    Gordon asking angela what she thought of booths problem and getting more insight on booths problem. Then his talk with sweets about booth and bones. Gordon has know all along what the problems have been with B/B and later on sweets did as well. Again gordon questions bones on booths condition and he finds out that bones as she says herself, she couldnt think of anything that she wouldnt do to help booth. to that shows from back in season 4 episode with gordon and sweets, its always been bones that is struggling daily. From her childhood she has problems getting out her emotions, she has no problems with the physical parts of a relationship( hence all the different guys she has been with).I think in the end gordon was basically telling both its going to have to be him to step up and say how he really feels, she trust him so much that it will open her up. great episode, cant wait till next weeks.
  • Bones and Booth are working the case of a Dwarf skeleton found in a sinkhole below a city street. Murder, wrestling, cooking, and gun play ensue. Booth can't hit the broad side of a barn with his service revolver and his review is days away.

    Special episode with some excellent bits of information brought to the fore about Booth and his psyche.

    The main story is about the Leprechaun Wrestler who is found dead in the sinkhole. The story had some nice twists to it and the murder was solved using the group as a whole together. Chef (Dr.) Gordon Gordon Wyatt played by Stephen Fry makes a guest appearence as the man Booth approaches to discuss his shooting problem. You see Booth the sniper, the marksmen, all of a sudden can't shoot straight and hit a target. Bones keeps telling him he needs more practice, but Chef Wyatt reveals what really is going on. Great work and collaboration between Sweets and Wyatt and the findings are very good for those of us who are fans of Bones and Booth.

    Bones is trying to show more of a humorous side which to be honest could get a little annoying. Despite Booth's problem we discover that he is not brain impaired which is probably important in the long run. Understanding the underlying reasons for his discomfort and problems could go a long way toward helping him and in the end Bones as well.

    A really enjoyable episode with a lot of important information revealed to the viewers. A well written episode to sort of let you relax and feel good about all the characters. Very nice. Thanks for reading...