Season 4 Episode 26

The End in the Beginning

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 14, 2009 on FOX

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  • Just terrible

    Easily the worst episode in the entire first 5 years of the show. Seems like this one was written before they knew whether or not there was going to be another season, so they wanted to show that the actors could play other characters. Really, just skip this one, or watch the last 5 minutes if you must. You'll be much better off going from ep 24: Beaver in the Otter to the start of season 5.
  • More of a fan fiction

    I enjoyed it and there was still murder mystery that was enjoyable to watch because you get to see another side to a lot of the characters that we see in Bones and it was nice to see Brennan be so open for once.

    and now we have concrete evidence that Brennan loves Booth because of what she wrote and then deleted on her laptop. Sure we knew based on her reactions and whatnot but its nice to see it for certain because that means that SHE is aware of her own feelings and that SHE KNOWS that she suppresses those feelings out of fear.

    one last is it everyone in this tv show is musically talented?xD *jealous*
  • Fun to watch and well executed...but I feel cheated.

    As expected, this episode occurs entirely in Booth's mind (except for the final 30 seconds approximately). Most of the fans in the forum were correct in their predictions about this episode, but even so, I still feel a bit cheated.

    All the rotating squints are here, Zach was here, even Berimbau. Also Caroline, Max and Jared. Vasiri was also here without the awful fake accent.
    They are all themselves and maintain their same names, but are living completely different lives. It's like an alternate reality.

    So the episode plays out like any other murder investigation except for the fact that it involves the recurring characters exclusively.
    There is a murder at club "The Lab" owned by Mr. Booth and Bren, and when their employees (the squint squad) learn why the murder victim was killed, they believe that Mr. B may have done it and do everything they can to hide the evidence that may incriminate him and his wife, Bren.
    As all this unfolds, we get to see Booth and Bren all lovey dovey with each other on several occasions. This is a treat regardless of the fact that they are not "really" Booth and Brennan because, in a way, they kind of are.
    By the way, all of this is a very lucid dream in Booth's post-op unconscious mind.

    I believe that the intention was to give us fans the satisfaction of seeing Booth and Brennan sharing a physical and emotional relationship without really doing it with the real characters because that could compromise the entire show.
    The good thing, though, is that even though none of it really happened, it could (and should) still have real consequences because Booth has to deal with the emotional consequences of the experiences he had in his dream, and Brennan has to deal with her realizations during her vigil at Booth's bedside, in addition to the "baby project".
    So, even though I feel a bit cheated, I understand the reasons behind it and hope that next season the consequences of all this are dealt with intelligently and creatively and in a manner that is respectful to us fans.
  • What were they thinking?

    I've been an avid Bones watcher since it first began airing on television. After throughly enjoying Seasons 1 and 2 I found Season 3 and its finale to be dreadful in comparison to the first two seasons.

    I was pleased to find Season 4 improved, only slightly, although it hadn't quite got that same quality as seen in Season 1 and 2.

    The penultimate episode of Season 4 was extremely odd bar the final few minutes revolving around Booth.

    So, I found I was looking forward to the finale in spite of myself, just to see how Booth would do.

    Well, the opening shocked me. That's not how I wanted to see Booth and Brennan together for the first time, but then we learn it must be a dream. I expected this dream not to last too long, but instead it lasts almost the entire episode. If you take the whole dream out of context and try not to think about things too much it is quite enjoyable but in the context of the show I found it to be absolutely stupid and dumb. Although I can see why Booth's mind would conjure up a dream of that sorts. Then the dream is over and Booth wakes up. He reacted poorly to the anesthesia and has been in a coma. He also doesn't recognise who Brennan is. I found that to be such a big cop out. Used just to add in some soap opera style drama. I must admit I didn't find it to be as bad as the Season 3 finale in which we find out Zach is Gormagon's Apprentice, but it is still one of the worst Season Finales for a show I have ever watched.

    That being said I'll still watch the show in hopes it may return to the glory of its earlier seasons and because after watching it for so long I can't find it in me to give up on it just yet. There are still good characters and it is still watchable - for now.
  • One for the fans

    I've always been a huge fan of "alternative reality" episodes. You get to see your favorite characters act radically different. And since episodes like these have no impact on the existing timeline the writers can go all out and the result are often hilarious.

    Bones executed this perfectly. Lighthearted throughout, while throwing subtle and less subtle references at the viewers. The plot was decent but merely acted as the glue to keep all the jokes and characters together. And really all of the regulars made an appearance (exept for Gordon-Gordon :( ) Picking a favorite is impossible, from the always "professional" C-sync to the "basically psychologist" bartender.

    In a very inconsistent season that was crippled by weak subplots (Angela/Roxy), it ended on a high note. This episode will easily be one of my favorite Bones.
  • Strange-- in a spectacular way. It was Bones-- and yet, not. I LOVED this episode! And finally seeing Booth and Brennan together, even in a coma dreamworld, was so very wonderful!

    It probably helped knowing ahead of time that this episode was all a vivid dream of Booth's while in his coma, so it made settling into this new world all the more enjoyable. I loved seeing everyone in unusual but very fitting roles, and smiled at all the parallels to the real world. Gormogon, Sweets' band? LOL. Plus, Zack was back! Yay! The case was exciting, the alternate universe well-thought-out and imaginative, and of course: "Mr. B" and "Bren" killed (not literally ;P Though it was very cool seeing our Booth and Brennan on the opposite end of an investigation!) as husband and wife nightclub owners. I mean, seriously, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel knocked this episode out of the park. You want proof Booth and Brennan would make an interesting couple? Here it is. They do "resolved" sexual tension just as well as they do unresolved sexual tension. The last part of the dream, where Bren tells Booth she's pregnant, literally sent me onto a puddle on the floor. Icing on the cake...

    That beginning? So much yummy BB eye candy. But man, when Booth and Brennan really do get together I hope we get a little more ;D

    That ending? Total cliffhanger. I feel bad for all who suffered through a summer of wait with that "Who are you?" hanging over their heads!

    Overall a clever, fun, fanservice-y sort of episode. I can see why some people might have been frustrated given this was a season finale and the previous episode was so intense, but getting into Bones years after this eppy aired and knowing ahead of time what I'd be jumping into really enhanced the experience. AUs can be fun, and this one didn't fail to please! 5/5!
  • A total disaster. Why the hell, did they have to mess such a good season up?!

    First of all, I believe it was a very good season. You could see that it was getting more and more intense towards the end of it with the episode 25 crowning it perfectly. I was so hungry to see e26 right away but now I don't know if it was such a good idea. You cannot do it! You can't offer the best possible smell to starving people and then serve them with moldy cookies... it's inhumane.

    When faced with a situation of you fav hero possibly dying you want to see what's gonna happen to him. We, viewers, learn fast. We watch House, M.D. so we get the whole idea of a dream-scenario but seriously, if you want to offer us a red herring at least do it in an interesting way! I was literally waiting for the whole night club plot to end and it seemed just ridiculous. It was obvious that everything took place in Booth's head because there were names and people that he knew of and everything was twisted in a way that only suited his point of view but IT WAS BORING.
    Also, I am a fervent B&B shipper but this episode instead of giving me mental stimulation only made me sick. Very sick.
    The last 2 minutes weren't very original, either. At least he didn't die...
    I hope S5 will be back to normal. And that the TPTB won't try anything like this ever again.
  • Can't believe it....

    Okay, first of all, even my kitty thought this a silly episode! I actually watched it again as a re-run to make sure I didn't hallucinate the first time around. Unfortunately, I didn't...ridiculous episode, great cliffhanger! The only thing I have to say about though, is if Booth remembers anything about his dream, there could be a chance in the future that Zach could come back, since it was mentioned that he was admitting to a crime he didn't commit...hmmm, we'll see. It will also be interesting to see who Dr. Brennan chooses as her assistant, since they have had the three rotating back and forth all season long...again, great cliffhanger!
  • While in the hospital, FBI Special Agent Booth has a strange dream. The Lab is a hot dance nightclub as well as the sight of a murder-mystery. Everyone has different roles to play in the dream, with Bones being Booth's pregnant love interest.

    This was a great episode and a wonderful way to end the season. While I am not always a fan of 'dream sequence' episodes, this one is great. It makes sense that this is what Booth would dream about, and the mystery involved is well written and kept me guessing right until the end.

    FBI Special Agent Booth is given the chance to live a different life, where he and Bones are romantically involved. All of the regular cast members are given the chance to play different characters. Heck, even the normally sober and scientific lab itself is remade in Booth's dream as a popular nightclub.

    Some people may be, initially, confused because the episode jumps right into the dream sequence as if it were real life. Yet, I understood that this was a dream sequence and enjoyed the chance to see an alternative reality, alongside a good murder-mystery.
  • Amazing, funny, totally unexpected.

    Ok so, this episode is literally like no other. first off, it was an alternate universe. Brennan and Booth were married and the owners of a night club; Angela was the hostess who 'doesn't have good visual imagery" and wants to be an interior decorater; Hodgins is the best selling mystery crime novalist; Sweets is the barman who is "basically a shrink"; Cam is a forensic doctor, partner to Jared Booth, who is FBI; Zack is BACK and Brennan's assistant :); Daisy is some waitress who ends up with Sweets the barman/band member; Aristoo, a potential buyer of the nightclub who may or may not have an affair with Brennan, Fisher the cook, Wendell the bouncer, Victor the DJ and Clark the rapper. Oh and Max is some crime boss and caroline is, guess what a defence lawyer. A body is found at the popular nightclub, "The Lab" and everyone who works there is a suspect. Cam and Jared are investigating the murder. All in all, the episode was funny and there was a twist at the end. Fantastic.
  • I loved it!! When if it was all AU!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode with Hodgin's doing a voice over and we see Bones retuning home and getting into bed. We then see that she is not alone, and that Booth is also in bed......they are in bed together. We then see them making love and being awoken the following morning by a knock at the door. Booth opens the door, and we see Cam and Jared standing there. We quickly learn that Cam is Jared's boss and that she is a detective. We soon learn that a body has been found at their night club. When Booth and Bones get to their night club, we see that it is actually the lab, where they normally work. We also see that Zach is back.
    Booth and Bones are then shown the dead body and both of them look shocked to see it. Cam then lets us know that Jared wants a crack at Bones and so it would be good for him it Bones and Booth broke up. We soon learn that everyone who works at the lab, now actually works in the club. And that they are all suspects in the murder. Soon a gun is found at the club, which they believed killed the victim. Soon Vincent and Zach are arrested for the murder, and we are introduced to Hodgins, who is a successful crime writer. Since Vincent the DJ of the club, is in jail, and so Sweets asks if he and his band can audition and Booth says yes. Soon Max, tells Bones that both he and Jared work for the Grave Digger. We soon see that Sweets band is called Gormogon. As they play we see that Bones and Angela love their music, but Booth doesn't seem to be too fussed on them. Soon Booth gets into a fight, with a gang member, but luckily he doesn't get too injured. Cam and Jared turn up and arrest both of them. Soon Booth is let go, and goes back to the lab.
    We soon learn that everyone who works at the club believes that Booth killed the victim and so they all lie in order to try and protect him. When Bones goes back to her office, we see that Zach is there, but he has no shoes as someone stole them. When Booth goes to see Jared and Jared tells him that Bones is having an affair, and so Booth punches him. Soon Booth goes to see Max and tells him that if anything happened to Bones that it is Max he will go after. We then see Bones and Booth talking about everything and we learn that the police lied to Booth about the affair to try and get him to confess to the murder. Then Booth tells her that he knows who did it and she tells him, so do I. At that point we see Cam turning up at the club, and as we walks through the door, Max whispers something to her and it clicks. They go to Bones's office and we learn that Jared is the one who committed the murder. They then get told to go outside, where we see Cam trying to arrest Jared, but she has her gun pointed at him, until he hands over his weapon. So Bones goes towards Jared and as she thanks him, Cam lowers her gun. Bones gets him to hand his gun to her, and then he is arrested. We then see Bones and Booth as the club closes for the evening celebrating everything. During which we learn that Bones is pregnant. At which point, we see Booth is a hospital bed after his operation and we see Bones is sitting there, writing on her laptop. So it appears that everything we just saw was a dream, of Booth's. We then see him waking up, and we learn that he has been in a coma for 4 days, and that he doesn't know who Bones is. Overall a great episode with a good storyline and ending. An Alternative Universe (AU) story which many of us fans have been hoping for.
  • Worst ever

    The makers of this show have made some bad decisions. The Zak-and-the-serial killer farrago was their record achievement in that line, and even though they've obviously been trying hard-the English embarrassment, the Circus fiasco spring to mind-they haven't managed to equal it until this, the Dream-sequence disaster. It was self-indulgent, muddled, contemptuous of the audience and essentially pointless. It seems as if they didn't know what to do for a season finale, so they decided not to make one at all and cobbled together this drivel instead.

    With 'Seinfeld' Larry David said he was making 'a show about nothing.' This went one better: it was a show that was nothing.
  • In this season finale Bones and Booth are married and own a night club called The Lab. The squints and various other characters play different roles.

    I had to think before posting a review for this episode as I think it would have been hasty to take everything we saw on screen at 'face value', such as it was a dream sequence. And the best I can gather from other reactions around the 'net is that fans either completely loved or completely hated this episode - there is very little in between. After days of deliberation, I'm going to come down on the side of 'Brilliant!'. I believe that this episode was much more layered than many think. We get the whole mystery in the club wherein the club employees (Squint Squad and former Squint Squaders plus Sweets) are covering for club owner Booth, who they think killed a guy who was trying to kill Brennan. We get writer Jack's voice over of the whole club tale, we get a pregnant Mrs. Booth in the end. And then,we fade to white and reimerge to Dr. Brennan sitting at Booth's bedside typing the final words of Jack's voice over. (Which sound like her way of coming to terms with the idea of opening oneself to the pain of loving someone - read: coming to terms with her feelings for Booth), which she ultimately deletes. Then, Booth wakes. Turns out he had a back reaction to something and has been in a coma for several days. He's telling her that he'd had a dream that seemed so real. She says it wasn't, he says "Who are you?" . . . and the gasps of shock were heard around the world. I'm fairly sure the neighbors heard my jaw hit the floor. But, now, I'm thinking he's wondering what reality she's from and what has she done with his wife . . . . we can only wait to see. Either way, excellently executed. Wonderfully layered. Way to shake up the dynamic and the fans, Bones producers! Fabulous job!
  • Booth and Tempe are married in a dream. The events that occur is trying to tell us that they love each other on some level.

    Didn't like it at all. Bones is a great show because it has a concept that works. Why they would mess with that I don't get. Would have been a lot better to continue the "real" story instead of takeing a roundtrip trying to tell us that Booth and Tempe love each other on some level. All we got that was really worth anything was Booth wakeing up from 4 days in a coma, and what do you know? He has no idea who Tempe is. Why not start the episode with that fact and work from there instead. Would have been so much better.
  • Sweets is singing!!:)

    although the finale was kinda disappointing .. i really love the part where sweets was singing.. i don't even know what he was singing.. hahaha.. does anybody know what's the title of the song he was singing? i really like that all the interns are there they are so adorable but why do they have to give booth amnesia? its like the theme of all season finale for all series.. hehehe.. there's grey's izzy's short term memory, there's house mind thingy.. now booth.. seriously! i wish they will make it more fun:) because the thing is i really miss the quirky bones episodes..
  • worst episode of the Bones.

    Oh my god, the is the worst episode of the bones and it was the season finale, it was like a bad dream.
    I think that script writers watched the last episode of fringe secretly, and influence by the "other reality concept".
    The plot was so confusing that I did not understand at all. Story is so boring that I want it to finish as soon as possible taht is something that I never felt before. I always think that episode should be more than 40 minutes but not that one.
    The only good thing about the episode is sweets was singing and that was really nice.
    I hope to see more logical and good episode for the next season. I think the BB (Bones & Brennan) baby would bring in some new blood to the show.
  • Welcome to Dallas!

    Instead of a season finale, the cast of Bones decides to channle their inner Dallas character, making the season finale a dream.

    Right off the bat, you want to laugh. No one could do something that stupid and creativly empty! Well they did, and it was horrible, horrible, horrible. The story involves Booth and Bones being married (we learn that early on during a very dull sex scene), and owning a night club called The Lab (what a clever name!). All of the people who work at the real lab, work at the club as staff or entertainers.

    At their club a hitman is found dead in their bathroom, I think. They don't talk much about him and what he did, they never ended up saying who sent him. Every one at "The Lab" is a suspect, but we don't care because they rewrite every character into unlikable caricatures. The problem is that the story spends to much time setting up the dream world, yet somehow maneges to not develope any of the characters.

    I'm sorry, but the story is bizzare, and it feels like a cheat. I thought the season finale of Bone's last year was the worst cheat they had thrown at us, I was wrong. Do not watch this.
  • I can't believe they did that!

    Ok so I love this show...It's like the only show I watch but this is the first time I'm actually mad at the show. I mean I'm not going to lie I actually liked the episode it was a good episode but I mean really did they need to leave that big of a cliff hanger I mean really. The whole dream thing it was a good idea and all maybey not for the finale but whatever...but I mean honestly I was so confused and then when I found out eeverything was a dream and none of it was real i was sop mad but then when it showed him waking up and Bones was so happy about it and it looked they were going to confess thier love and then booth was all " who are you" I was not impressed I mean that is like the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers. like what the hell and now I have to wait till like what october aseptember ish to find out what happens I think I'm going to die from the suspense. I mean I love the show I love this episode but come on.

    They've got alot of explaining to do next season. :(
  • In a completely alternate universe, the gang is suspected of murder in a night club called "The lab". and oh, Booth and Brennan are married here!

    Personally I liked it but I was a little disappointed to see the union of our two favorite stars was not real. The story was appealing and I specially liked the fact that some actors were playing completely diverse roles such as Vaziri and Angela's Ex husband who did a great job. I was also delighted to see that Vaziri was speaking in a good accent (because Iranians are not dumb) and I disagreed with Max about them being so vindictive.
    And in the end, we went back to our good old Bones reality and followed up Booth's condition. The next season will conveniently be called "Seeley Who?"!
  • Nice one

    I don't agree with those who say it's a complete waist of time. It's not. It's giving us what we always wanted to see! Them together, as a couple who's having a baby. But, the truth hurts, and personally, i was so surprised: Booth lost his memory? But, hey, they had to make a good,tense ending, where we just can't wait till the next season. As for me, they did a good job. And, t was quite fun and nice to see all of the characters together at one place in one episode, with different roles, still being what they are, but represented on a much more funnier way, that keeps us amused for whole 45min. ( as always ;))

    As I said: nice one!
  • Disgraceful. Majorly sucked. Not worth watching. The "Bones" equivalent of "Glitter".

    Now u don't get a bigger "Bones" fan than me. I'm talking a major obsession that people go to shrink's about. That's why it pains me to say this...

    Hated it. Hated it. It's the first time ever watching a "Bones" episode where I checked the time to see if it was finally over. I wasn't expecting much in the sex scene, & we didn't get it. And while the alternate reality had so much potential, it was so rushed that u missed practically everything & had to go back & watch it again to get the subtle shout outs to loyal fans. (And watching it the second time was just as excruciating as the first.) I will admit seeing B&B as a fully fledged couple was intriguing. Oh and as for that promotion for Motley Crue's new album... far too long & totally unnecessary. The best part of the entire thing was the last minute. As cliche as the "amnesia" plot line, I was completely stunned. I'll never watch that episode again. But it won't stop me from watching S5. Even HH can't get it right 100% of the time.
  • this eppisode was the first to fail my expectations of the show

    This show is one of my fave crime solving shows simply because it is a lot more quirky and lighter than a lot of the others like CSI and Law and order or what ever which do not appeal to me... although it appeals to the masses.

    With that being said, I found that this eppisode was lacking in something that should have been there for the show at least and definately for the season finale. I found that the second last eppisode of the season felt a lot more like the season finale than this eppisode did for the following reasons:

    -This eppisode really didn't leave me hanging
    -This eppisode lost the quirkiness that most of the eppisodes had
    -this eppisode felt more like a B-movie or a C-movie
  • Dream shows are risky -- this one clicked!

    I count "Bones" as one of my favorite shows. The characters are artfully portrayed and likeable; the premise of the show holds up over time; and the plots are ever fresh. But one minor gripe is that the show often tends to be a bit formulaic -- Booth and Bones encounter gruesome remains, a red herring leads them astray, several arcane discoveries are made back at the Jeffersonian and one of these ultimately leads to the solution of the murder.
    That is why I liked this episode so much. The writers, director, and cast used familiar-enough characters to create an entirely new show that was wholly entertaining in and of itself. It was readily apparent in the first minute that this was a dream of Booth's, so it was easy to just settle into the unfamiliar plotline and have the same fun that they had in creating it.
    I'm wondering what Sweets the psychologist, or Sweets the bartender-almost-a psychologist for that matter, would have to say about Booth dreaming that he's married to Brennan?
  • What an awesome AU, everyone we know and love in delightful roles.

    It's fascinating to see the relationships and people, some familiar and some not.

    The biggest notable difference is that this Jared and Seeley are very close, so much so that Jared is willing to kill to protect his brother's wife. I liked that, I've been following their relationship since the beginning and hope next season will see a closer bond.

    The unfamiliar: Wendell as the stoic 'doorman'/bodyguard; Vincent is completely adorable as the DJ; Clark as the rapper; Cam as the intense cop. The Grave Digger being a dirty politician and Gormogon being the name of Sweets' band!

    The familiar: Wonderful to see Zack again and he hasn't changed a bit! Hodgins hasn't changed, very cute as the crime novelist. Caroline as the lawyer, no stretch of the imagination needed there.

    Back to the real world: Booth has amnesia, plenty for the writers to do with that next season.

    A delightful diversion from the usual blood and gore, the cast must have had a blast. As a finale, it was a lot more light hearted than expected, I liked it.
  • Not the best I have seen, but not the worst... There were ups and downs to this episode, however overall it was pretty good.

    I, myself, happen to dislike AU's because they always tend to be the same. What the viewers want or do not want to see. This made me realize how much I do not want them to get together. They are cute, and I am a shipper, however this episode lost something that they have when they aren't a couple.

    I did like the inside jokes entwined into this layout, that only true fans will catch and the use of every character. They brought back Zack as well for this episode, and I loved it. I am not sure how I felt about them being in totally different roles then usual, or the fact that they were at a club, but it was creative, I suppose.

    One thing I did not like, was the murder victim trying to go after Dr. Brennan. She always seems to get into danger, and booth is always the one to rescue her. I wish they could switch it around, like they did a few seasons ago, in the "Killer in the Concrete" (I think that is the episode) It was nice to see Bones rescue Booth for a change.

    For an AU I believe it was well written, especially the ending, when they returned to reality. Between Booths dream, and the book, Dr. Brennan was writing, you can tell that they both wish for it to happen. In my opinion, however it might be different for you.

    If hart can fix this all next season, I might grow to really like the finale or as some call it, the "failnale" of season four.
  • Something deeper

    I noticed that Booth was dreaming the story that Bones was writing. When she hit the delete key to delete the story, Booth woke up. There is some significance to the episode that we do not see yet. So I do not view this episode as a waste. It was also interesting that Zach and all the assistants brought in to replace him were in the episode. As soon as I saw what the episode was, I figured it was a dream that Booth was dreaming while in surgery. But it appears that it was a post-op dream, in which he was dreaming the story that Bones was writing while waiting for him to awaken. I would assume that he would be stuck in the dream until she deleted it or took some other action to end it. Maybe if she had not deleted the story, Booth would have awakened with that story as his memories. I look forward to the first episode of the next season to see how this all plays out.
  • Just two words: totally unnecessary

    Ok, so I've watched episode 25 (The Critic in the Cabernet) and that was a great episode. A lot of new turns and the perfect way to close a season. But it wasn't the final of this season. There was still one episode left: episode 26 ( The end in the beginning - sounded ominous).

    Episode 25 left you hungering for more: will Booth come out of it as Booth? What will this do for the plans of Brennan wanting a child? How will this effect their relationship? my opinion the perfect ending of the season.

    So what will episode 26 be like? As a season final, I really expected firework. Especially if the writers wanted to top episode 25. But what do I get? Some lame side tracked telling about a murder in a nightclub. Was it enjoyable? Yes. It was fun watching a surrealistic episode with the actors being not their selves....but in a strange way they were. After seeing this episode the question came to mind: was this episode really necessary? The whole bar thing was nice....but didn't add something about the whole Booth-Brennan thing or things that are playing at the Jeffersonian. The only thing that was important and worth watching were the last 2 minutes when Brennan give Booth an update on his situation and Booth responded with: who are you?

    Bit strange especially when he just ended a dream (he did remember - he says he just had a bad dream) with Brennan as his wife (using the name Brennan). But he doesn't recognize her after that dream?!?!

    So in my opinion this episode was unnecessarily and the writers could have shared this 2 minute happening in episode 25 without the whole dream thing.

    Still...I love the show and will faithfully wait for the next season.
  • What if life was different for Bones, Booth and the rest of the gang. Well here is one of the millions of different ways things could have worked out, without the normal amount of sexual tention.

    What life could have been if they all took different paths to get to where they are right now. After finding out Booth had a brain tumor and having it removed, they wait for him to wake up. This is funny in a way to see the same actors we have seen all season, play different rolls, but at the same time still the same. Perfect example of this is Booth and Bones are club owners and the bosses. Sweets is a bar tender, still doing the same job for far less pay. I really like how the writer took what each person does and twisted it to fit the setting. The only thing that wanted to make me scream was the last few minutes of the show, only because I have to wait to see what happens. I so hate when the season ends.
  • Wait...Am i watching "The Young and the Restless"?

    Weeeeeeeell. They've officially lost their touch I think. From the first sex scene I knew it wasn't real. NO WAY would Booth and Bones jump straight to bed with only one emotional crisis preceding it (Booth's brain surgery)!

    Recently I finished my final year of high school, and part of the english syllabus was to right an "imaginative journey". We were told time and time again DO NOT write at the end "it was all a dream". Of course im no expert, but it's a total cop out. When seeing the promo pictures for this episode, with the neon "The Lab" emblazoned behind most shots, I thought this ep was going to be an episode like "Buffy" when everyone starts singing and dancing (mainly due to Sweets behind a piano). I've been reading other reviews, and I have to agree with one that said, "I wasn't interested in who the killer was" and neither was I! The main message I got was "the lab" crew would do anything for each other. As Booth's dream, maybe it was his way of saying how grateful he was for his friends...

    so what? can we find a body and a killer please? if this were a movie I would have taken my popcorn home by now and flicked over to some older Bones episodes.

    Recently I finished my final year of high school, and part of the English syllabus was to right an "imaginative journey". We were told time and time again DO NOT write at the end "it was all a dream". Of course I'm no expert, but it's a total cop out. When seeing the promo pictures for this episode, with the neon "The Lab" emblazoned behind most shots, I thought this ep was going to be an episode like "Buffy" when everyone starts singing and dancing (mainly due to Sweets behind a piano). "Who are you?": Booth just said he had a dream, and that is was "so real". Brennan was in this dream and yet he didn't recognise her in the hospital. I'll bet this'll turn out like last season, when Booth was "killed" and didn't tell Bones he was still alive in order to catch an old foe... Booth will crack a smile, and it'll all be ok...

    OR the surgeons left some sort of surgical tool in his brain which makes him have temporary amnesia!

    One good thing I will say about the episode was the insight into the suspects rather than the law enforcement. To keep the interest though, the writers maintained the characters we love.

    basically this was a "Young and the Restless" ending...

    however I will give in and watch the next season (which i think will be the last) to see how they resolve this.
  • What were they thinking?

    I'm a huge Bones fan and have always liked how they mixed the cases with the natural progression of Booth and Brennan's relationship, but this episode was atrocious. First off, despite the fact that Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan, and Emily insisted that the sex scene was not a dream or a hallucination, and was real, it most definitely wasn't real. I don't care if TV writers are going to give us a cheat, just as long as they don't emphatically say that it won't be a cheat for months and months and take out a front page ads about it in TV Guide. Plus that was the shortest sex scene I've ever scene in my life.

    I have to admit that after the short dream sex scene I just didn't care about the dream sequence case. I appreciate references to past episodes as much as the next guy when they're done in a smart manner, but this was just throwing in references for the sake of having them there like Angela saying "I'm not good visually." Give me a break. The thing about Bones is it's not really a procedural show, it's a relationship show, and when the real characters are not on screen progressing their storyline, I just don't care. I couldn't wait until the Alternative Universe ended to get back to the real characters.

    And that brings me to the third part, the hospital scene. This was the only scene that I found myself remotely interested in, and it was only 1 minute. And Booth having amnesia! WTF? That's the worst, most cliche plot device out there. This season has seemed to go way off track at times, and the finale is a huge reflection of that. I just hope that the Bones writers take the summer break to rewatch the first 3 seasons and go back to what made the show so great.
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