Season 8 Episode 17

The Fact in the Fiction

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2013 on FOX

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  • All in all, a pretty weak episode.

    An annoying smug new intern and everyone discussing the possibility of time travel. All in all, a pretty weak episode.
  • Right to the point Angela

    Wells is very annoying and a real douche. As Angela says he can be traded. Do not come back please. Loved Booth's reaction in the car - these car scenes between them are always great - in the diner as well he was being very Boothy and protective. Also loved the reaction of Booth and Sweets at the interrogation of the girlfriend - their faces were a real picture.
  • Decent Episode

    overall a rather good episode of bones but my only problem was the concept of the supernatural aspect of the episode and a overly obnoxious intern. Drop the supernatural act because one of the reasons i really enjoyed the show was because it was slightly realistic and not full of non sense and hearing talks about time travelling just completely ruined all that the episode could along with a intern that felt as if he had a god complex and didn't have a feel for the team. Drop the supernatural crap and get rid of Wells.
  • Bad trend....

    Why are they trying to change Bones? Started with ghost in the machine, The Shot in the Dark got closer and now this episode with Narrow minded this narrow minded that. whats next? Will it be her conversion? More supernatural episodes? Will they bring Lauper the psychic back ? I liked the show because they at least tried to keep it in reality. I'm guessing reality does not bring in the ratings. I'm done with this show.