Season 6 Episode 17

The Feet on the Beach

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 2011 on FOX

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  • Everyone missed the "Angel" nugget in the episode?

    The scary gardener on the riding lawnmower was named Larry WOLFRAM (the scary law firm in Angel was Wolfram and Hart)
  • Could you not say that as though I'd killed three people?

    I am surprised by the low ratings you guys are giving this episode. I Loved this episode. Bone's was as awkward as always, which is my favorite personality trait of hers. I loved Bone's vs. the foot guy, I think they should give him his own show instead of The Finder! I thought the story with Cam and her daughter or adoptive person. I thought the murder story was not at it's full potential, because there was much other things going on with the personal, but that the story is faded is my only complaint. My favorite part when Sweeds(don't know if I spelt that right) throw the bowl and the foot doctor guy, and hit him in the head.

    All In All I thought this was a good episode!
  • Enjoyable episode

    I just saw that episode and there is one thing that came to my mind right away and it is that bringing guest stars on a show is not always a good thing. Because if they're not on the good guys side, they are more than likely to have comitted the crime of the episode. And that's how I felt as soon as I saw Michael Welsh. Don't get me wrong I love that actor but because in his first scene he had like 3 lines of dialogue I knew right away that we would see him again and that he was to be the killer.

    Now that said, it was still an enjoyable episode, especially the scene where Bones arrives at the body farm with Booth and she is like a four year old at Disneyland. And the exploding corpse and B&B reactions were priceless.
    The intrigue was quite interesting and I like that B&B are back in the field more often, I thought there were too much interrogation scenes in the latest episodes.

    For the canadian scientist part, personally I found it a bit boring and I didn't quite understand why Bones was like that with him. I mean, I know it's part of her character but wasn't the goal of the previous seasons and episodes to show us how her relationship wth Booth has led her to be a more human and compassionate person, able to a certain extent to understand how she can affect people with what she says? I have to admit I'm a bit puzzled by the way the writer handled that in this episode.

    Finally, the part about Camille and Michele, I had no interest at all. But I liked the Sweets parts as usual.
  • The Feet on the Beach...

    The cliche of Canadian niceness was visited in this week's Bones as a foot filled crime scene forced the Jeffersonian team to work with a somewhat counterpart from the Great White North. There's more than the usual amount disgusting forensics as Booth and Brennan head up to a local body farm to find the origin of the various pairs of feet that are found at their border crime scene, however the mystery of "The Feet on the Beach" was cut sadly short by anyone who has had the displeasure of watching a film in the Twilight franchise.

    When the killer is an actor you've never seen it's not difficult to sit and say "I can't believe it was him!" but when you see an actor who has been in a film or two appear on television, you are just waiting to be told that they did it. Following suit we learn of the lesser known nerd vs. stoner cliche as a motive for murder.

    Whilst the significant lack of mystery in the murder didn't make for much entertainment, there was a jolt of humor that has been missing from Bones of late that brought it back into the worth watching category. The various interactions of the Jeffersonian team and the Canadian foot doctor brought about some cringe filled laughs whilst Cam trying to find a way to tell her daughter that she had cheated her into Columbia University without her permission, brought an acceptable tone of silliness to the show. All in all Bones hasn't been one of my favorite things to be watching of late, but the writers attempts and finding a balance between character development, mystery and humor have kept me coming back to it. Although it is destined for at least another season, it is very much beginning to feel like this show needs to find itself an end.
  • This was the worst episode of Bones in my opinion, even though Bones was adorable and Booth was ever so charming.

    The cast of character's treated the new doctor as if he was ever more brilliant than them. They credited him with brilliance he didn't posses acting as if they had no idea how to do their jobs and as if they would have figured out what happened even if he wasn't there. Hello writer's we've seen them figure out worse. The new doctor was a moron and I completely agree with Bones, that his profession isn't valid; podiatrist anthropologist... seriously? I could barely get through the episode it annoyed me so much.
    The murder was a but predictable as well as the who done it. However, the fact that he was covered in bug food to obscure time of death was great! The only reason to watch this episode is to see Brennan acting like a child in an amusement park when in fact she's surrounded by decomposing bodies(fantastic)and Booth explaining to her why she should apologize to the moron(endearing), I mean respected doctor.
  • Good comeback.

    Nice return for Bones after a 3-week hiatus. The case is pretty interesting, with the discovered remains coming from a university body farm. It's nice to see Booth & Brennan asking questions in the field again, instead of the usual interrogation room (which has been overused lately, and has become boring imo). The podiatrist, Dr. Filmore is likable and fun to watch. Kudos to the actor! However, the writers seem to go back & forth with the Brennan's lack of emotion or sympathy or whatever. How can she not learn anything from the previous cases, or from Booth? Just puzzled. I couldn't care less about the side stories. Michelle's storyline is useless. The episode could have done well without it. I liked the way the killer manipulated the whole time of death thing, which is something fresh! Overall, a good episode with parts that honestly gave me a feel of the earlier seasons.
  • The secret of Bones.

    Although some of you might not like this episode, in my opinion, it was a good one. And I don't think that because of the big hiatus the show was on before this episode was aired - it simply showed some of those great 'Bones' moments that I love so much. In particular the scene with Temperance and Seeley in the car - if you really pay attention at it , it gets you thinking how many people you got acquainted with throughout your life, but how very few of 'em actually know the type of person you are. And the truth is only some of them really deserve to be "enlightened" upon the truth. As for the case itself - inspite of the gooey, gross stuff, the exploding corpses and the fact that Temperance was delighted to see all these gruesome sights - it was an interesting one with no doubt. The canadian podiatrist was a nice addition to the team and moreover - he solved the case.
    In conclusion - this wasn't the most brilliant episode of Bones, but it definitely was a good one and I appeal to all other viewers - stop being so hard on the writers, people.