Season 6 Episode 17

The Feet on the Beach

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 2011 on FOX

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  • The Feet on the Beach...

    The cliche of Canadian niceness was visited in this week's Bones as a foot filled crime scene forced the Jeffersonian team to work with a somewhat counterpart from the Great White North. There's more than the usual amount disgusting forensics as Booth and Brennan head up to a local body farm to find the origin of the various pairs of feet that are found at their border crime scene, however the mystery of "The Feet on the Beach" was cut sadly short by anyone who has had the displeasure of watching a film in the Twilight franchise.

    When the killer is an actor you've never seen it's not difficult to sit and say "I can't believe it was him!" but when you see an actor who has been in a film or two appear on television, you are just waiting to be told that they did it. Following suit we learn of the lesser known nerd vs. stoner cliche as a motive for murder.

    Whilst the significant lack of mystery in the murder didn't make for much entertainment, there was a jolt of humor that has been missing from Bones of late that brought it back into the worth watching category. The various interactions of the Jeffersonian team and the Canadian foot doctor brought about some cringe filled laughs whilst Cam trying to find a way to tell her daughter that she had cheated her into Columbia University without her permission, brought an acceptable tone of silliness to the show. All in all Bones hasn't been one of my favorite things to be watching of late, but the writers attempts and finding a balance between character development, mystery and humor have kept me coming back to it. Although it is destined for at least another season, it is very much beginning to feel like this show needs to find itself an end.
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