Season 6 Episode 19

The Finder

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Booth and Brennan are off to Florida to follow up on an anonymous call. The caller had given GPS coordinates to a victim's remains in the Everglades. Bones is able to see that the victim was a male in his twenties. She also finds that the victim has a prosthetic eyeball which has an ID number which allows them to find that he is Sam Nozik. He had been working at the Maritime Museum as a security guard. Booth and Bones head to the museum to review security footage. Lambert Chaisson, the lead curator at the museum shows them the footage which reveals Sam stealing a nautical chart. While it has not yet been authenticated they believe the map may have led to treasure from a Spanish ship that sunk in 1774. The curator did not believe that the map was authentic though, so he does not know why Sam would have bothered to steal it.

Booth approaches Walter Sherman, a former associate of the army for help. Walter remains on call with the FBI when they need him as a finder. They know that if they are able to find the map, they will be able to find the murderer. Booth and Bones head to the bar where they find Walter deep in debate with his legal advisor, Leo, and the bartender, Ike. Booth asks Walter for his help but they end up getting into a friendly fight.

Walter views the security tapes from the museum and notices that Sam was blind in one eye just from the way he was looking at the map. Walter is also able to see that Sam was drunk. He then asks if Booth and Bones are sleeping together and once they assure him that is not the case, Walter asks if Bones will sleep with him. Booth suggests that they focus on finding the map instead. Bones is convinced that Walter's finder powers are simply imaginary. The investigation eventually leads them to Sam's apartment and they are led to believe that Sam was hired for the job.

Using the clues from Sam's apartment, Walter puts the bits and pieces of Sam's life together. During this time they also find out that Sam was clinically depressed. There wasn't much to look at in his apartment since he had recently sold most of his belongings other than a stack of books, one about pyramids. They also find a poster of pyramids in the apartment and Walter believes that Sam is dying. Ike believes that after consuming some alcohol, he asked his employer for more cash for the map. This clearly did not go well and they believe Sam was tortured before he was killed. Just as Walter wonders if Sam was terminally ill, Bones calls with news that they found signs of torture on Sam's body and that he also had heart disease. After finding a pawn shop ticket in one of Sam's books, Walter tells Bones that the map should be at the pawn shop.

Ike makes a key observation outside the pawn shop. Three people exit the shop for every one person that enters but no one is carrying any goods. They think that the pawn shop is serving as a front for stolen goods. Walter goes in to the shop with the ticket to retrieve his item but the owner refuses him because he is not Sam. Ike points out that the cops have surveillance cameras and are sitting across the street and the owner agrees to give Walter the ukulele attached to that ticket. The ukulele is, however, smashed—a woman had taken out a piece of paper from the instrument and then smashed it. The owner believed it to be Sam's angry girlfriend. She is able to tell Walter that the woman had a tattoo on her chest that read "Do Not Resuscitate."

Walter goes to a former client of his and a tattoo artist named Rusty. Rusty asks everyone in the room if they recognize the tattoo and one person does—a large biker with a blue spider web tattoo on his body. Walter knows that the spiders signify drugs and that the blue color of the tattoo signifies meth. He attacks Leo and when he doesn't let go, Leo kicks him in the groin. The biker eventually tips them off to the Key Largo Roadhouse. Walter sees the woman with the tattoo, Brittany Stephenson. Ike warns Walter that she is vicious and goes to break in to her car. Walter follows Brittany out to her boat but he feels like someone is watching them. As she gets ready to leave she tells Walter that he won't ever see her again, though Walter believes that he will be able to find her. He tells her that she is beautiful and she gives him a kiss goodbye. He gets into a small plane with Ike and they are determined to find the map which he believes to be on Brittany's boat. He didn't feel it on her body when they kissed and Ike was unable to find it in her truck. Walter realizes though that there has to be someone that can recreate the map based off the security footage—which Angela has started doing. She pulls up the chart and Hodgins sees that the map says "Follow Your Leader" which is a reference to Jesus. Based on some other information, they realize that the ship wreckage should be in Key West, Florida.

Ike, Leo and Walter head toward Key West. They believe that Brittany's employer was on her getaway boat. As Walter dives into the ocean, he finds Brittany's dead body. Bones examines Brittany's dead body and they find a map and a human finger in her mouth. After rubbing a bloodstain across the map fragment, Walter finds the rendering of a nail—his job is done. They visit Bishop Edward Galano who is an expert on treasure ships from the Vatican. The Bishop says that the symbols on the map are only revealed when the map is exposed to breast milk, semen or blood. The nails indicate that Absalon Fidalgo would measure the Prime Meridian from the Copernican Observatory because he was a Jesuit. Hodgins and Bones show the map to Booth and Hodgins believes he knows how to find the hidden treasure.

Walter is able to find the treasure with this new information and they bring the findings back to the curator at the museum. When they bring him the goods, they see a cast on Chaisson's arm a realize that he is the murder. Booth is mad that Walter had beat him and Bones to the treasure. Ike and Leo bring a crate over to the sidewalk by Booth and Bones, which they thought would be filled with the treasure. Instead, they had put Chaisson in the crate with a note taped to his body saying he had murdered Brittany.