Season 6 Episode 19

The Finder

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2011 on FOX

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  • Bad ... so bad

    Worst thing I have ever seen, bleugh! Didn't make me want to watch The Finder and Bones is tainted by association
  • Definitely not the Best Episode

    Everyone else pretty much summed it up. I have seen better episodes of Bones.
  • Worst. Episode. Ever

    Absolutely Terrible. This was a hamfisted promo for a series which holds only the most passing resemblance to the atmosphere and structure of Bones. The Characters were horrible (Especially Ike, dear lord, who wrote this character?) and the format of the episode was nothing like anything ever before seen in Bones, which in itself wouldn't be bad, but it was boring and contrived to a level that's hardly thinkable. The Episode made barely any attempt to merge the two worlds well, and we were left with an episode of an at best mediocre show with about five minutes of a bones episode pasted in. Worst Episode ever.
  • Disgusting!

    I'm apparently the only person who was totally disgusted by being asked to watch a guy sitting on the throne with his red jockeys around his ankles for about 10 minutes of this ridiculous episode. I should have been prepared for this. After all, you can't watch a movie or a TV show without seeing two guys discussing something at the urinals, or a man peeing on a tree. But for me, "prime time TV" has reached a new low!

    Please forget the garbage and get back to the BONES I've loved from the very beginning!
  • Cheap Spin off promotion

    Very disappointing to have them waste a whole episode on trying to promote some wannabe spin off and certainly no way to endear the new show to me.

    They didn't even really try to mesh the two casts properly just sort of let them slide along beside each other. No real connections just some pretend flirtation from the "Finder" toward Bones that didn't ring true at all and some cheap digs at Hodgins lack of hotness in comparison to Angela. We already had that with the detective who found her old husband, let it go. Could have at least given it more of an effort than I wouldn't be so ... unhappy now.
    Hope next week will be back on top.
  • This pilot just doesn't work for me


    Some spin-offs can work very well eg NCIS from Jag. But on the strength of this episode I don't think I would ever want to watch Finder.
    It was very clumsily done, making the Jeffersonian team look a poor second to the Finder. I found all the three characters irritating especially the girl with the appalling accent - interesting to note that when the series was reworked she was replaced!
    I don't count this as an episode of Bones, but did enjoy the opening shot of Booth and Brennan whizzing through the Everglades!
    Sorry but it's a big thumbs down from me.

  • Awful


    I dont know why they bothered, i dont see "Finder" as a series getting very far at all, the while episode was incredibly dull. I think the worst part was that womans tragic english accent, listening to it physically pained me :S
    it seemed like it was trying to be like "House", the idea of a guy having an incredible ability that no-one else can do (at least not as well), ive notived many shows trying to adopt this premise such as "The Mentalist" or "Lie to Me", its not that these shows are particularly terrible, but they are getting a little boring.

  • This isn't a Review, this is Just a Complian in 100 words or More!

    I have never seen this episode of Bones, and I have no intension of doing so. I have avoided this episode at every cost. I've gone through 007 type legnths to get as far away from this as possible, because this is so stupid.

    Spin off episodes are just so freakin' lazy. The Finder is probly a show that could have done fine without wasting 43 minutes of valuable Bones time! I feel this way about all spin offs. All the CSI's would have been the same and NCIS.

    For all the Finder's show length (here's hoping for 13 episodes) It will be nothing to me, but the show that wasted a whole episode of Bones!
  • Amazing show, seriously can't wait for episodes to come. Review of 'Finder' the spin-off of 'Bones'.

    Great pilot, can't wait for the real thing. I loved this pilot. With all the great shows that are being sacrificed as of late (for the good of the networks), it's good to know that at least one good show is coming; It has an original plot, and a funny and charismatic cast. I am seriously look forward to this show. I hope that everyone will watch it and have just as much fun watching the seasons as they have had in watching 'Bones' throughout the years. Yes, 'Bones' is amazing and can't be replaced, but I think that 'Finder' will give 'Bones' a run for its money.
  • Not an episode of Bones, so should really be listed under Finder Pilot episode

    Sadly the review score does not have a zero. This was the was ever episode of Bones, I feel bad even mentioning the word Bones because it was not even a Bones episode, purely a way of trying to promote another programmes pilot. The English ladies accent was shocking, and the most bizarre thing was that the actress is actually English. I can only hope that when the DVD boxset for season 6 is released this episode is removed. I feel sorry for the cast of Bones as this was simply a way of trying to promote a new tv series through an already established and successful one. Shame on the people who chose to do this, they have taken away the possiblity of a great Bones episode, if viewers really wanted to watch Finder im sure like the man himself they would find it 8-)
  • Sneaky Pilot

    This was such an obvious pilot for a different show. Talk about abusing your audience to feather your own nest! They should have taken a leaf out of CSI's book with the way they originally introduced the Miami & NY teams. Instead, the Finder character materialises suddenly from thin air and the Bones team practically exited stage left to let him and his quirky sidekicks take the limelight. I actually liked the Finder in parts, but that fake sounding English accent does grate! Saffron Burrows is actually English, but she definitely turned up the DickvanDykeometer up to 11 for that part! There wasn't much chemistry between the main characters from both shows (Bones/Finder), despite hinting that a storyline involving possible romance between them will continue in to the future.
  • Interesting introduction

    It is beyond me why everyone is completely critiscising this episode, saying it wasn't a Bone episode bla bla bla. Umm... If it wasn't a Bones episode then how come the characters from Bones were in it? How come you got some emotion from Brennan when the Finder found her science medal. It gave an insight into Booth's past, with him knowing the Finder and not only that, it's really witty! This is more than just a spin off, in fact you all seem to hate the idea of a spin off when surely when you watcha programme like Bones you should want another programme that's nearly as good as it, why complain?! And it's not exactly a spin off, after all this is based on a book that has been written, so is a completely different idea from Bones. The couple of things that link Bones and the Finder together, is that the characters know them and the fact it's witty. However, the Finder is witty in a different way. And if every episode of the first series is as good and as funny as this episode, then I want it picked up for a second season with 22 episodes. if I'm honest, I felt that some fans of Bones (not all) were waiting for this episode to come on just so they could criticise it in one way another. Ok, so the girl's English accent was slightly annoying. Big woop! I watch programmes where certain things annoy me, but I move on and get over it! Overall, it's not the best episode of Bones, but it's not the worse either and I thoroughly enjoyed the episode and heck, It's an episode I'm able to watch over and over again. I'm looking forward to when the Finder hits our TV series in England and I know for sure I'll be tuning in every week and why? Because it's from the creator of Bones who has a knack for writing some fabulous scripts.
  • Wth?

    This sucked!
    Honestly, this is perhaps the worst episode of "Bones" I have ever seen! This was NOT Bones, this was stupid and the characters were stupid and the interactions were stupid and Cam, Hodgins, Angela BOOTH and BRENNAN were pratically GONE the entire BONES episode!
    Really, I reckon this was just for the benefit of the spin-off, not for the benefit of Bones.
    I hated this, and based off other reviews they did as well.
    Considering I still have 20 something words left, the title?
    The Finder, what?
    Whatever happened to the cute-sy tongue and cheek Bones titles like The Boy in the Bush or The Pinocchio in the Planter.
    I like the alliterations.
    It could have been "The Finder in Florida"
    That would have made it MORE like Bones, less like this stupid new spin-off.
  • Grim - and as for the mockney accent aaaarrrggghhh

    What all this abaht then, going up and dahn the apples and pears guvnor? For heaven's sake if you want to do a pilot do a pilot called Finder - if you want to take the mick out of London accents I recommend Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, rather than the strange piot bar tender woman - its so bad it is painful. Alternatively you could try for an actress with some acting and dialogue skills. This has long been a favourite show - please don't take us for granted, even if we are in the UK...... can't stand anymore - let me know when we have a Bones episode on.
  • Great episode. not really a bones episode, but was a good showcase for "finder" hope it becomes a spin off.

    Great episode. not really a bones episode, but was a good showcase for "finder" hope it becomes a spin off.

    really enjoyed the episode, even though I was expecting an episode of bones, and this really was an episode of "finder". I hope to see finder becoming it's own series. The characters were great! I look forward to this becoming its own series. I liked the mix of characters. The lead being a sherlocky type, with the Large poetic legal advisor, and rounded out with the attractive tough female support should make for some really good stories. some spin offs turn out to be great, NCIS was a spin off from JAG, that turned out pretty good!!
  • Worst episode ever. I knew something was up when I saw the title -- one word instead of BLANK in the BLANK. Seriously Fox, if you want people to watch your crappy pilot, do it on its own time, not during Bones. Cheap.

    Worst episode ever. I knew something was up when I saw the title -- one word instead of BLANK in the BLANK. Seriously Fox, if you want people to watch your crappy pilot, do it on its own time, not during Bones. Cheap.

    If this HAD been its own show, maybe I would be more forgiving with my review. However, the characters were trite and commonplace and frankly, boring. Congrats, FOX, on ruining plot development for Bones and making fans angry by trying to bamboozle us into thinking this was a true Bones episode. Dialogue sounded like it was written by a teenager searching the Internet for cliches. Horrid.
  • Bones spin-off

    Personaly I think they should have name it. So people now that this is a spin-off pilot. Also I can't really see the connection with Bones. Unlike shows like NCIS,which is a natural spin-off of JAG. I liked this one. It quite funny. The cast is good. The story it's self is ok,but I hope they get better. In many sense this show look and fell like "Burn Notice". The 3 main cast(also they role in the show) seem to be quite same as in Burn Notice. Which is not bad thing,but still I would hope they find their own story soon.

    I will give the show a chance,and follow it for some time.
  • Why wasn't this a pilot on its own merit?

    So apparently the creator of Bones warned viewers that this episode was going to be a "back-door pilot" for a potential spin-off episode. Still, it caught me by surprise. I felt tricked into watching this pilot when I was really expecting the traditional fare - Bones characters did not get a lot of airplay. Even when they did, it felt more like THEY were intruding in the world of "The Locator" (personally, I prefer "the Finder") instead of the other way around. I just don't see these two worlds merging - there is no real need or improvement upon either by doing so. I REALLY don't see chemistry in a potential Booth-Brennan-Sherman love triangle. I would really rather have watched a pilot of this potential new series on its own merits. Considered separately from Bones, I think there is great potential for the concept of this series - I agree with another reviewer that it was a cross between Psych and Burn Notice. It has a very USA-type vibe. I liked these new characters and wouldn't mind seeing more of them. Just please, not on another episode of Bones!

    I found this article pretty interesting:
  • The Finder...

    Since the announcement last year that Bones was going to get a spin-off show there will have been some people out there eagerly awaiting the inevitable tie-in pilot episode and this week, we got it. "The Finder" introduced us to Walter Sherman, a man known as the The Finder, for his remarkable ability to find anything and everything that you ask him to. After suffering from a brain injury during his days in the military, Walter lives in a constant state of paranoia which helps to hone his "finder power", as it forces him to over analyze everything he sees. Along with Walter we are introduced to his sidekicks of sorts Ike and Leo. Ike being Walter's barmaid/finding cohort and Leo being his giant but friendly legal advisor.
    The Jeffersonian team come across the finding unit whilst investigating the murder of a museum employee in Miami, who had stolen a centuries old chart that may contain the location of a sunken treasure ship. When unable to locate the missing chart, Booth and Brennan put Walter on the case. There is some back and forth between the Jeffersonian team and Walter's crew, but the majority of the episode follows their efforts to locate the chart. We get to see what you'd expect of a series pilot episode, with Walter's impressive skill set being displayed and the value of his friends being made more clear during the investigation.
    There are some genuinely humorous moments and even a fairly touching one, when Walter, to prove himself to Dr. Brennan, finds a medal that she won in a seventh grade science fair and subsequently lost. As for the actual content of the episode, Walter comes across a woman that he believes to be in possession of the chart and when she dismisses him, his suspicions are only furthered. She is ultimately murdered in the hunt for the treasure and her killer, the museum director is brought to justice by Walter's continued efforts.
    I know I usually give slightly more insight into the actual content of the episode, but chances are if you're reading this then you've probably seen it anyway. So taking this opportunity to give my thoughts on the show within the show is what I'll do. The Finder seems like it is a show that might work. It isn't really anything greatly different from the investigative type shows that are on TV right now, it is however not tied down with being about the police. As long as the writing can maintain a good mixture of witty dialogue and enough lines that make Walter really come across as being exceptional, when he goes off trying to find an antique teapot it won't seem so ridiculous. If the show manages to consistently have the team track down interesting items or people then it really might have some legs. It can at worst be a slightly worse version of Bones without the bones. (and look how far that has gone!)
  • this was not bones!!

    when i tune in to bones i expect to watch the booth and bones sexual tension that has all of us wondering when they will quit dancing around and get together already. but what did i find this week? a pilot for a new show with about 5 minutes of total original bones characters...what the heck is up with that fox?! in the future please leave my beloved booth and bones alone and schedule your new pilot episode like other normal stations. overall really disappointed this week, i would say this was the worst episode of bones but i don't believe it can even qualify as an episode of bones.
  • I was tricked into watching a pilot.

    This is crap, I was tricked into watching a pilot for some new show. How is this a "spin off" of Bones?
    We have never seen or heard of these characters before, and they have nothing to do with the series.

    The actual characters from the series that I wanted to watch were downgraded to bit players in this episode.

    Why couldn't Fox just put out a pilot for whatever they are gonna call this series and leave Bones alone?
    To me it was a pretty big stretch on how they worked these people into this episode. Not the best, let's hope they don't try this again.
  • A neat little get a way from the normal retread Bones episode.

    Not your ordinary Bones episode. "The Finder" is the proposed spin-off show from Bones. I love the fact that this story went in a left field type of different direction. While still capturing the essence of a normal Bones episode, a little bit of a dash of a Dexter type feeling. I was disappointed that the normal supporting characters were nearly all dropped. But I get the idea that they wanted to stay on target with the spin off characters.

    With Geoff Stults & Saffron Burrows & Michael Clarke Duncan in the leads, is based on The Locator books written by Richard Greener, It centers on Walter Sherman aka "the Locator", a former military policeman who can find anything.

    You know what...I'd watch it.
  • Embedded pilot showcases great new characters

    I enjoyed this pilot for Finder very much. Of course it wasn't Bones, and many fans would have already known that. No point scoring it poorly just because it wasn't a normal Bones episode, instead take it for what it was - a glimpse at a new show concept which, based on an entertaining and talented core group of actors, I would certainly watch. The byplay between Brennan and the new guy was an added bonus, together with the extra tension it introduced for Booth. Whether the concept is strong enough to see out multiple seasons remains to be seen, but perhaps like Bones it can outlast its standard "crime of the week" plotting and get us involved with some seemingly interesting, flawed and enjoyable characters.
  • Not a true episode of bones. I'm fine with parody episodes (e.g., Mythbusters ep preceding this one), but this was ONLY a burn notice parody, with no Bones spin to it. Worst. Episode. Ever.

    Not a true episode of bones. I'm fine with parody episodes (e.g., Mythbusters ep preceding this one), but this was ONLY a burn notice parody, with no Bones spin to it. It actually made me mad enough to sign up here, rate it, and write this review. If I wanted to watch Burn Notice, I'd switch over to USA and watch the real thing. There can't have been more than 10 minutes of usual Bones characters on screen. And I think I'm being generous with that. There have been episodes in the past that I don't like as much as others (Critic in the Cabernet and the followup, for example), but this just wasn't Bones at all. Blech. Worst episode of all 6 seasons.
  • What Do I Hate the Most About This?

    What do I hate most about this? Is it the blatant backdoor pilot quality of all this? Is it the clumsy shoehorning of an old comrade of Booth's we'd never heard of before but who possesses abilities which could have been damned useful in any of dozens of prior episodes of Bones? Is it the quirkiness of the lead doing a combination of The Guy From Psych and the Burn Notice Guy? Is it the fact that the very English Saffron Burrows is putting on a very bad Cockanee accent as if she was from the Dick Van Dyke School of Acting? Is it the always uber-rational Bones seemingly accepting psychic abilities from the Finder guy? Did I like anything about this? Michael Clarke Duncan. That's about it.
  • I wont be watching it when it "spins off"

    So we get a show instead of Bones this week, one thats gonna be a spinoff. Well its rubbish and i wont be watching it. Its terrible. Its over cute, not funny, and totally cliched. It must have been created by some committe. I'd love to find a good show to watch, i'm an audience waiting for a good show. Give me a good show, and i'll watch it. But this is not only a bad show, but it ruined an episode of a show thats sometimes not bad (though this season has been appalling).

    I fast forwarded thru the finder bits, they were really boring. I ended up with a 5 minute episode of Bones that was exteemely slight, If the people who wrote it are reading this- it means something when a show is unwatchable! I mean you wouldnt think i'd need to translate that, but lately the makers of Bones seem to be totally clueless.
  • A great Pilot episode of The Finder, Terrible for a Bones Episode.

    Overall this would have been fabulous as the pilot episode of the finder, the focus was too heavy on The Finder cast for this to really be a Bones episode. We've come to enjoy a certain formula and dosage of our favorie Bones characters, and this episode was lacking in that respect. I really do think the Finder will be a great show, it looks like it has potential for hilarity. Meanwhile, I was disappointed to spend the hour watching the Finder instead of Bones. Thanks Fox for the preview, but your audience could have told you we wouldn't appreciate the lack of Bones/Booth charm.
  • I actually liked it, the characters were a little weird, and held my interest.

    I want to know more about them and see more of them, esp the possible chemistry between Walter and Bones. I know, we all want to see Bones and Booth together but it would be interesting to see a love triangle with Walter, Bones and Booth. :-) Walther, who is completely oblivious about Booths feelings for Bones, while Booth can't stand Walter despite Walters extraordinary detective work. And then there's Bones, Who is attracted to both men but for two entirely different reasons.If there is a spin off, I would totally watch it, provided that the stories were interesting and not just about finding missing people.
  • This didn't work for me....

    Well, this was a very disappointing episode. I kept switching back and forth between other programs waiting for our usual cast to show up but to no avail. It appeared that I was watching a different show that had the same name as "Bones" but had completely different characters whom I didn't know nor cared about!! So I figured Fox's motivation for this was somehow working around Emily's pregnancy - she needed a break that week maybe ... but then having read other reviews I see they were getting us to watch a pilot for another series - so I guess I was right- I was watching a different show! This seems like an odd way to get an audience and I am hoping they have a few good episodes left to finish things off well for this season. I don't really like being a test dummy without my permission.
  • Sad to say this was not a BONES episode at all.Had nothing to do with BONES.The whole 43 minutes were on the finder. It was the most boring episode i have seen.

    Ive been a fanatic on bones from day one and i just wanted to say that why has Dr Brenan been mad a little slower in series 6?? She was soo full of life and sharper and suddenly in series 6 she has no clue about life?? i thought by series 6 she would have fallen in love...and booth?? how can u stop loving brenan just like that...and then you break up with the reporter and u become angry all the time....come on guys....dont spoil our BONES!! we want the team as was before and not what is now! booth and brenan back with the subtle chemistry and come on....give her a little more human feeling on life and love....i think 6 series is enough of dr brenan saying she doesnt know what this or that means!!!
    shes been made petty. we want the strong dr brenan back!
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