Season 4 Episode 4

The Finger in the Nest

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2008 on FOX

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  • Parker finds a human finger in a nest; Booth is worried Parker will experience negative affects from the find. The finger leads Booth and Bones to a body which leads to a dog fighting ring.

    This is one of my MANY favorite Bones episodes. The case was solid and well written as well as a great change from the regular cases we see. I enjoyed the focus on Parker's well being, the change in Hodgin's life, and of course the development of Booth and Bones relationship.

    One of my favorite moments of this episode was Bones' comment about the dog being like Booth - from this statement I may have read way more into the last scene of the episode. In my opinion I thought Bones was speaking more about Booth than the dog "Ripley". Killing a human because his master said too and that the master was selfish. I thought Booth confirmed that she was talking more to him than the dog when he said her speech was better than any dog could ask for, even with a limited vocabulary.

    Really liked the episode and through my perspective how Bones viewed Booths role as a sniper (a dog fight)
  • A nasty 'sport'

    I really love this episode - not for the crime and its background which is abominable - but for the relationship between Booth and Parker. He really is a great dad and the interacion betwen the actors is very natural.Perhaps this is because Boreanaz is also a father.
    The revelation that Parker was having girl trouble really amused me. There was an older girl who thought he was cute and carried him round at recess. The reason I found this so funny is that my four year-old grandson has much the same problem with an older girl who finds him cute - though luckily she doesn't carry him round.
    Dog fighting is an abominable practice. I once had care of a rescue Staffie who had been used in dog fighting - he had a slit ear and no teeth on one side of his jaw. He was a heck of a character but attacked any dog bigger than himself. He had obviously been starved as he constantly stole and hid food.
    The end scene where Brennan with Booth's help buries the luckless Ripley was moving. Booth really can be very tender and caring. Love her remark to him that he was like the dog 'You have reassuring brown eyes and are capable of great violence'. 'Thanks a million'!
  • Very interesting

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode with Booth and Parker, in the park together playing ball. Parker gets lifted up to see a birds nest, during which he finds a human finger. Parker seems ok with it, but Booth seems freaked out by the situation. Both talks to Sweets about the situation, but Parker himself seems fine, just his father who is freaking out. Soon the team find what remains of the body and it is taken back to the lab. Soon the victim is IDed and we learn that he was killed/attacked by a dog. We soon learn that the victim was involved in dog fighting. When Parker starts acting up, Booth takes him to see Sweets. When they get an idea of where the fights maybe held, they head there with a warrant. During which, they find a mass grave of dogs. They also find the fighting area, and loads of dogs all tied up. We soon learn that Parker is having trouble at school, with a girl. Soon the owner of the dog is IDed and is arrested. We then se Hodgins talking o Sweets about his feelings and how he currently hates everyone. As the episode ends, booth has to tell Bones that the dog she wanted to adopt has been put down, because he killed the victim. And so they take the dogs remains, and bury them, together.
  • Bottom Line, People SUCK!!

    I am obsessed with everything canine, and this episode had me balling. I was crying so hard at the end when she was burying Ripley. What made it even worse is that you know these things really happen, so you can't even detach yourself. it just shows how simple and idiotic some humans can be. I fully believe that dog is man's (or woman's) best friend and i don't take kindly to people messing with my friends. I also liked the side of Bones that was revealed in this episode. She always finds a way to surprise me. I was a little weirded out by her childhood fake death story, but that's Bones for you.
  • The best episode so far this season.

    Finally it seems that season 4 is picking up. This is the first episode so far this season that I've actually liked!! The relationship between Booth and Bones just keeps on evolving, and I loved the fact that he was holding her at the end... It was nice to see Bones care about the dogs, and not just trying to analyze the feelings to bits...
    I loved the focus on Hodgins. It was about time that there was some kind of reaction to the break-up and Zack. It almost seems like he's forgotten already by the team. Sweets was really nice, having observed that Hodgins has changed and wanting to find out if it was for the worse.
    All in all, a very good epi!
  • Dog-fighting - don't put down the dogs, put down the people.

    A particularly nasty case, what kind of people make innocent animals fight to the death for entertainment? Disgusting.

    I like Starett, a very gentle man who unfortunately is the butt of Hodgins' frustration. Guess we're going to move onto the next intern.

    Sweets is really annoying here. How does a psychiatrist think it helps to hang around assessing people all the time? That's probably causing more problems than it's fixing.

    There are a surprising amount of gorgeous dogs in this episode. I liked the dog whisperer, some people just have an amazing gift with animals. If I'd been Brennan, I'd have adopted Ripley too and she actually made me cry when she spoke over his grave.

    Not a very pleasant episode but that's due to the subject matter, not the quality.
  • Parker finds a human finger that leads the team to illegal dog-fighting

    "The finger in the nest" is just one of those episodes that I just love and could rewatch a hundred times. Why? Because every character had their special scenes. Brennan's obvious love for dogs, her wanting to adopt Ripley and being incredibly upset in the end when he was put down, Booth & Parker...c'mon, what's not to love when we see the soft and caring Booth, who only wants the best for his son. The hateful Hodgins, who's just mean in the beginning and pitiful in the end. Cam had a few really great one-liners, which made me laugh, and Angela, who was just plainly disgusted with the dog-fighting ("Ugh, Ick, Ew").
    Plus the sweet ending make for a really enjoyable Bones episode!
  • Proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks. And that not all dogs like Bones ;)

    A lot of people think that Bones is going down hill but the finger in the nest is actually one of my favourite Bones episodes to date! The way Brennan has developed from a cold, workaholic squint into a caring woman, although she still needs some slang lessons from Booth. Hodgins and Angela's break up has finally got a reaction this week. When they were in Angela's Office and Hodgins called her a genius, there was this awful silence that seemed to just break your heart. Cam was extremely helpful here by just leaving their hearts to break by themselves (!)

    I have definitely given into Sweets cute charm. The way he followed Hodgins around, trying to help him out showed that he was wanting to help. The grad student was very sweet and I loved Hodgins reactions to him, and you could tell he would be a good squint, because he seems to have the best relationship with the team so far this season.

    The scene at the end had several of my friends in tears and Caesar Milan's performance was funny to watch. Ripley was extremely cute and I could see why Ripley's eyes reminded Brennan of Booth's. All in all, a very good, touching episode with some good laugh out loud moments.

    I think the last time i cried to a Bones episode was last season finale because of Zack!
  • No other episode had brought tears to my eyes

    This was a very sad episode. But as sad as it was, I loved it for several reasons.
    First, what a great father Booth is. He's always worried about Parker and when he finds the finger, his first thought is he has to go to therapy and even when Sweets says he's fine, he doesn't stop until his son speaks, and fortunately for Booth, Parker's real situation becomes a problem mostly because he listens to his father and because he's proud of him. And for his reaction when he found the finger, we know what Parker will be when he grows up... a squint!
    Second, Hodgins. Finally we see the remains of his relationship with Angela and his behavior is totally justified. He's bitter, neglected and he hates everybody. And he discharges all his anger with the newest grad student. I'm glad he finally opened his heart and told the reason of his behavior. He couldn't have gotten better advice from the old man. I felt sorry for Hodgins here because his love for Angela was so strong and I don't think he is the one to blame. His conversation with Sweets is great and it could only end with a comic touch. Third, Brennan. She can act like the ice queen but when she relates science with feelings, she understands and acts on it. You could see the look of happiness in her face when she sees each dog for the first time. Her comparison of Booth with the dog could only come from her logic. I love it when she talks about Booth's parental skills. Her telling Booth he's a very good father melted my heart. And Booth's reaction tells me that he still doesn't believe he is a good father and he works too hard on to not fail.
    Fourth, and many people will not agree with me but I liked the case. There are so many murders out there which only reason is greed or anger or obtain something from someone and are committed by people who are sane, but who acted in a desperate way just to cover their tracks.
    My favorite moment has to be the last scene. There they are, the inseparable friends, in a very sad moment. Booth knew that this case was going to touch Brennan's feelings and he's there supporting and encouraging her to speak, to let it out. And she does and she cries. It's easier now for Booth to comfort her and she lets him. She needs it.
  • You cannot teach old dog's new tricks.

    When Booths son Parker finds a rotting human finger in a birds nest the team set out to find the rest of the body, naturally it's not too long before they do and the investigation starts.

    It's found the corpse is a vet and his death was caused by a dog, Booth and Brennan then discover the dog is part of a illegal dog fighting ring.

    Again as with all episodes the team discover more clues that points to one suspect then to the next until we have our prime suspect and eventual killer.

    I for one enjoyed the episode and particularly liked the interaction between Hodges and Sweets. And liked the warm ending with Bennan and Booth.
  • Hodings hating everyone

    Mm... the case was not too bad - they have had weaker cases but I just do not like the topic. CSI did not long ago episode of dog fights and I really just do not like it. I liked much more the whole thing in lab. Hodgins in his not usual behavior what lead to therapy with Sweets and there we learn what he feels about it all. I think it was a right storyline to deal with as the Zack thing should really have impact on the people. But noone seemed to have no problem. But Hodgins does. And what he said to Sweets, it was beautiful.

    I really think this was a decent episode.
  • It looks like Bones is coming back. After a disappointing two-hour premiere and a so-so second episode, this one actually caught my interest.

    It looks like Bones is coming back. After a disappointing two-hour premiere and a so-so second episode, this one actually caught my interest. I was worried that Parker might just be another attempt at character drama, but it came off just right. Sweets and Booth's hilarious by-play is a perfect example of why I watch Bones. The case was only mildly interesting, but it was at least mostly realistic, and the characterisation of Brennan was nice to see. Hodgins and Angela's awkward moment and his talk with Sweets at the end were necessary and lacking in The Man in the Outhouse. The elderly grad student was not the worst character for that position, and he even added a bit to the dynamics. The dog's death was sudden, but not unexpected, and Brennan's speech was nice as well. All in all, this was a great, if not excellent, episode, and I hope they'll stay this good.
  • I'm a dog lover so, I liked the plot and this story got me very emotional. Good to see Booth and Parker together again and Brennan showing her emotional side and caring for animals. Liked that very much.

    Making Booth afraid of the dogs (and opossums also) didn't really make sense to me.(Is he afraid of all animals??) Dog whisperer was impressive, very good choice for guest star. Brennan and Ripley scene on the sofa was nice but what she said about Booth didn't really felt right. I thought that she was going to say something sweeter to him. Sweets was ok in that scene with Hodgins on therapy, but him stalking Hodgins a couple of times was... unnecessary. Especially cuz they did not made it very clear why exactly was he stalking him. Hodgins and Angela first dialogue after break up was awkward. Also, Hodgins telling Sweets how he feels about stuff was heartbreaking, felt so bad about that, again. The scene in the end, burying Ripley was also touching, Brennan's quote:"Dogs r like that, they only see good in people." Really good.
  • Bones and Booth uncovers a dog fighting operations that led to the murder of a veterinarian.

    In the last three seasons, we have gotten to know Bones (Temperess) as a scientist that can detach herself from human emotions and analyze the remains of a young child in order to find her killer. This is why I thought her emotional outburst over the bones remains of dogs was out of place with her character. As if this was not enough, we get a some feminist rhetoric with Angela about why men are bad for getting dogs to fight and the final scene over the tomb of the dog, in which she displays more emotions than when she was standing over the burial plot of her own mother...

    The week before, she saw nothing wrong with having two lovers, one for sex and the other for intellectual stimulation, but this week, she was a little girl crying because the meanies got dogs to fight and were killing a dog she had known for a couple of days. Don't get me wrong. Dog fighting is disgusting, cruel and immoral, but to stand against it, the writers could have done better a much better job and keep their main character, well, in character!

    The rest of the show was up to the usual standards and as usual, I cannot wait for the next episode.
  • When Parker finds a finger in a nest, Booth and Bones go on a search to find the rest of the body.

    First of all, even though I loved it, the subject matter made it really hard for me to watch. I love dogs, have one of my own and the whole idea of dog fighting disgusts me. I thought that the show did an excellent job of addressing it without being overly preachy or too graphic.
    Back to the review; this episode is further proof that the show is back on track. The cases are getting more and more quirky therefore interesting, and the characters are back to the way they're supposed to be.
    In the previous episode (Man in the outhouse) the flow of Brennan and Booth's banter was back and didn't seem stilted or forced. Same as in this episode. I also like how Brennan's character seems to be evolving. It was heartbreaking how she became so attached to a dog when in the first season she thought that a dog would be too high maintenance and messy for her life and she wanted a pet pig. But it seemed that from the moment that she had met the sweet and gentle Riley she lost her heart to him. It's funny how she said that Riley reminded her of Booth, but the way that she talked about how it wasn't Riley's fault that he was used to kill someone, how he probably didn't want to hurt anyone and how he only did it to please his master sounded more like she was talking about Zack. Booth looked like his heart was breaking for her when he had to give her the bad news, especially given how excited she was about Riley. They also finally showed the aftermath of the Angela/Hodgins breakup. I saw some subtle hints in the last episode, but that could have been wishful thinking. This episode made no mistake that there were hearts broken. One of my favorite scenes was the one where they were in Angela's office with Cam and together they figured something out. They started to compliment each other and it got to the point where they usually start making out, instead they were hit with the realization that they weren't going to because they were over. It was also interesting when Hodgins finally went to see Sweets and admitted that he was still affected by what happened to Zack and with Angela and how it affected the way that he saw the others that he worked with and was once close to.
    I also thought Sweets was funny in this one. Loved the way that Booth just burst into his office with Parker, not even considering the idea that he may have been busy with other work-and just said "fix him". The explanation for what was going on with Parker made me nearly bust a gut. All in all, I thought that this episode was well done and it's nice to see the Bones that I knew and loved back to where it's supposed to be. Keep up the good work.
  • Now that's what I'm talking about! This was the episode that we had all been waiting for, that was Bones. In fact that should have the season premiere or at the very that's what the season premiere should have been like.

    I'll admit that when I heard the dog fighting ring premise I wasn't sure about this episode, especially after the first two episodes of this season being pretty sketch-y. But that's usually how it goes, the weirder the episode sounds the better it tends to be. The case, for once, didn't feel like a total drag fest. It's no secret that sometimes the cases get a little boring for me when the forensics drag and the get over complicated, or the cases get convoluted. I kind of space out a little bit but this time it all remained relevant and interesting but more important emotionally interesting, which not every case is (at least to me). I felt so sad and awful for the dogs, especially poor sweet Ripley. He got so jipped. I also liked that they had their guest star, the dog whisperer, but didn't let it overcome the episode. Often times that's when the guest stars fail, when the show goes out of their way to make it all about them. But they used him relevantly, kept it interesting and it seemed very natural that he would be there not some strange unwarranted cameo. And finally, finally they dealt with the Hodgins/Angela break up. Thank god, now they only had a tiny short moment regarding Ang but they really dealy with it from Hodgins side. It was so sad but utterly mad the episode for me. So as we all know not only has Hodgins lost his best friend in really upsetting guilt inducing kind of way but not he has also lost his love, after they had feeling gotten so close to everything they had wanted for so long. Who wouldn't feel awful, angry and be filled with hate towards everything and everyone. They really delt with it will, took it in the right direction and I think they're doing it right by doing solely from Hodgins perspective first and now maybe they'll tackle Ang. We can only hope. I'm just glad they are finally addressing it all, particularly from Hodgins pov because of everything he is dealing with all at once but he is one character on the show who is being hit hardest by Zach's betrayal and departure (though obviously they all are in pain) and add a very painful, sudden breakup to that mix how could they need address. I get that both Ang and Hodgins would maybe want to ignore it but that doesn't mean the show can, they can't just not deal with things. They actually had me worried for a couple episodes there but thank goodness they came to their senses. Speaking of finally addressing things they finally seemed to have gotten into the repercussions and personal feelings everyone is dealing with because of what Zach did, which they've kind of coasted over since the season 3 finale. I think it was very telling that in wanting to adopt Ripley she was trying to save someone else from their "master", at first I didn't pick up on that but then was Brennan was burying Ripley it was becoming quite obviously. She was talking about Zach, in trying to save Ripley from something that wasn't his fault she was still trying to save Zach. That part was so sad but again also really a great moment that helped shape and make the episode what it was. They needed to show it because of course everyone is going to have reactions to everything that happened with Zach, he was their friend, but it's not just about Hodgins. Everyone is going to have different ways of dealing with it, it's going to come up for them through different things. So good for Bones for finally giving us the season 4 episode we all wanted and needed. But I so don't get why they waited till episode three to do all this, though maybe it hasn't something to do with a certain someone returning in the next episode (YAAAAAAAY!!!), it feels out of sequence. This is so felt like it should have been the season premiere and I think it's kind of what we all expected or were guessing the season premiere would be like, the first two episodes felt more like they should have been episode 2 and 3 (if that makes any sense). Sidebar, how cute was Parker's thing (I love that they work him in now and again). The girl picked him up and carried him around like a money! That cracked me up!
  • Parker finds a finger in a bird's nest which makes the team starts an investigation to try to find the rest of the body. The team discovers an illegal ring for dog fighting.

    The best episode so far, in season four. It was fantastic with a lot of feeling and science, humor and Drama all at the same time which is exactly what Bones of old used to be. It shows the tension between Angela and Hodgins and how they are not fine after the break up. It show how much Hodgins misses Zack and their "King of the Lab competition". In this episode we can clearly see how Booth is a loving and caring father who is worried that his son might be traumatized because of the finger. It also shows how chivalrous and gentlemanly Booth is trying to raise his son. We can also see how Brennan is trying to create a small family by adopting a dog. In general, It was a great episode with high quality. Just what we are used to with Bones.
  • Bones is Back!

    This was a superb episode and has finally brought bones back to its original fast-paced quirky self. I liked the "Dog Whisperer" cameo which was very relevant considering the murder was committed by a dog. I was kind of hoping that we would see Zack this episode but I have been told that he will be in the next one which is great (even though I'm still not happy with the writers for making him a bad guy.) The acting was very witty and there were some very funny moments in this episode mainly from Sweets. Speaking of Sweets I thought that the new connection that has been made between himself and Hodgins was brilliant, because we get to see that Hodgins is not "ok" about the events from last season's final. Overall I am very happy that this show has got back on track and I just hope it doesn't derail again next episode.
  • This time, the writers did a good job!!

    Yea!!! Great episode. Thank haeven, couse I was starting to worry about "Bones"!
    Now, everything got back to normal. Great case, grate convarsations (specialy that about finding a dead nieghbour by the table - I had a lough!!!), oh and great dr Sweets. Really, in this episode, he did his best, good job:D
    The best episode in this season so far. And of course, one other thing: that little "chat" between Hodgins and Angela: it was superb! Quiet, whitout any fireworks, but soo mening. I loved it.
    Fingers crossed, for the next episodes, if they will be at least as good as this one, I'll be a happy woman:D
  • Finally, The Bones I love has returned and not a moment too soon!

    This is why I watch Bones. I meant it- the wonderful and exactness of tying in emotion with science and death and making you laugh and cry and your heart break for these characters all at the same time! What is wonderful about this episode is FINALLY we- the viewers-see this once close and organized team dealing with last season's bitter end to the Gormagon case. SPOILER AHEAD from LAST SEASON: We are privileged to see how Hodgins is not okay with his life's latest turns and most obviously the betrayal of Zach. (The Angela thing is obvious too but rather recent and we all know break-ups are hard.) I loved the development with Hodgins and I hope we see more of it. TJ Thyne delivered tonight and you know- PROPS!

    Next and probably most profound was Brennan. You had to know when she was talking at the end about Ripley and his obeying his Master- she wasn't talking about the dog. She was talking about Zach and I think how she, the team, and the universe failed him. It was just like- wow! Bones doesn't reveal hurt easily and for her to do such is a progression of character I love.

    Last but not least, I loved the new assistant. Hope we see more of him-come back. I loved SWEETS! He usually annoys me but tonight he came off as compentant and caring and I appreciated his growth as a character. Oh, loved the Parker and Booth moments. So very true about little boys...

    Overall- I hope this caliber of this show continues...
  • Funniest episode of Bones so far.

    This episode... was amazing. I mean, the case, was not the greatest, but the stuff while talking about it... That's some funny stuff. Hodgins was amazing in this episode. You could tell that he was pissed at everyone and his dialogues and the things he did were hilarious. Especially him calling Cam for no reason. I had a feeling that was gonna happen. I liked him in the end with Sweets.
    Brennan and Booth were really funny this time. Not that they aren't all the time, but this time really, really. I especially liked their "banana" conversation. Amazing.
    Angela didn't have a lot this episode, but one of my favourite moments this episode would have to be her and Hodgins being all "you're the genius" and then that awkwardness. I miss them and I'm still negatively surprised that she hasn't talked to Brennan about her break-up. That was disappointing.
    The grad student with four sons was hilarious, his dialogues with Hodgins and them competing... Awesome.
    I loved the ending and Brennan opening up, but I'm sad that that is the only part of the episode that would qualify as something at least similar to a BB moment. There haven't been a lot of those in season 4 so far.
    So my opinion is that Bones isn't quite back, but it's starting to go that way. Just a little more and no one will say you've jumped the shark, Hart's team!
    My rating 9.0 because the case was still quite boring.
  • There are dogs and drama, what more could you ask for?

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. A few things bugger me, like why is Sweets still around, he could be a guest star and appear every so often, not every episode. And I wanted that new guy to stcik around a while, I really liked him. The ending made me cry, I love animals, thats why Im a vegetarian, and the ending with Brennan talking to Ripley was a tear jerker of an ending. Booth consoling her was good too. Hodgins not being immediately fixed after the whole Angela thing was good to see as well, because people dont go back to life as if nothing has happened after such a shack up in their life. There were a lot of chuckles to be had while watching. In addition I felt the writers have gotten back on track, with a decent plot, with twists and turns, and character development propelling the episode, not one or the other. Nothing seemed to be sacrificied and it was a pretty good episode.
  • The best episode of season four so far.

    This was, in my opinion, the best episode of season four so far. Finally Hodgins gave in to his feelings, particularly about Zach, and showed how much he was hurting. It was obvious right from the start that he was in pain, and by the end he had finally admitted it outloud. The insight that he currently hates everyone, but still comes to work anyway was particularly poignant, especially once he gave his reasons. Some excellent work by TJ Thyne.

    I also liked the undercurrent flowing through this episode with Brennan's character feeling sympathy and pain on behalf of the animals. She showed a vulnerable side to her character, something that was of course picked up on by Booth. His sideways glances, while barely noticable, showed that he was in tune with her, and that he was well aware that she was hurting. The scene between them at the end was lovely and touching.

    This episode gets a high rating from me. The case was interesting, touching, and still easy to follow. The character development for various characters was there, and the show still managed to balance out the humor. Well written, and entertaining.
  • This was the heartfelt kind of episode I love in Bones.

    I'm unmoved by most appearances by Booth's son, but in this case it was an excellent intro to an episode that started to go into the emotional temperature of the group. A few great lines reveals more of the relationship between Booth and Bones, a wonderful scene shows a bit of flack from Hodgins and Angela's breakup, and the ghost of Zack starts to drift around causing trouble.

    Lots of humour and lots of heart. This is why I watch this show.

    Poor Ripley. But Brennan's comparison of Ripley and Booth? Absolutely classic. Not to mention her description of her childhood, faking her death... What a fantastic character.

    I'm impressed and satisfied that this season is promising great things.
  • When Parker finds a human finger in a bird's nest, Bones and Booth investigate to get to the bottom of the murder.

    I tagged this as "nothing happened" because not much happened between Booth and Bones. They worked the case, but there wasn't much of the hidden sexual tension or affection that is normally between them. Usually there are some sparks, but this episode there was really nothing. The story was decent, and seeing Hodgins and Angela at least sort of interact gave SOME hope. Parker and Dr. Sweets (I'm enjoying Sweets more and more) add a nice humorous sideline, but all in all there wasn't much here. I will give kudos to the writers in that they didn't make things any worse, so that's something. And of course, BRING BACK ZACH!
  • Awesome Episode!!!

    One of the best episodes of season 4 so far. This episodes proves that this show is getting better every episode. The relationship shown between booth and parker was awesome, not to mention the interaction between sweets and parker. Loved the new side of brennan, where she actually cared about the dogs. Hodgins problems showed a new side of him as well and showed some character development. The new intern was also good. Overall, it was a very good episode and special appearances by the dog whisperer and parker made it even better. It was awesome. A must watch for everyone!
  • Bones Keeps Bringing it To the Best!

    Another great episode for Bones. This show just keeps on coming with better episodes each time. This was awesome episode although, I feel really bad for Brennan (Bones) could not adopt the dog because of his jerk of an owner. Still great episode but, still waiting for Brennan and Booth to realize how much they truly love each other. But i guess there gonna try and wait before that happens which is good because we want there to be atleast 4 more seasons of Bones so thery are gonna have to wait a little lon ger for Brennan and Booth to have their romance. This episode gets and A++++ 188./.
  • We find that Brennan does have a soft spot for something after all: animals.

    My faith in season four has officially been renewed.

    The first happy moment of the show is a new appearance by Parker - PARKER!!! You know, the scene with Parker and Booth walking around and Parker finding the nest was pretty much exactly how I pictured it happening. Only I imagined that Parker would be totally freaked out. Good old Parker, so much his daddy's son!

    So after Parker discovers a decaying human finger in a bird's nest and is disappointed that Booth won't let him keep it... we return to the lab, where yet another new grad student has come to join the team.

    And then there's Hodgins - in full angst mode, nonetheless. He's snapping at the new grad student, snapping at the FBI technicians, snapping at Booth... and this is pretty much what I've been waiting to see. This is proof that this episode was not screwed up by the writer's strike. It flows, and it flows well.

    Hodgins makes a discovery and then says that he'd call King of the Lab... but that it would just make things worse. Uh-oh...

    Then there was Booth and Brennan, who had found the rest of the body in the woods somewhere. The body was being eaten by a couple of possums. When one of them scampered off, Brennan told Booth to go get it for evidence. He trods off, grumbling about "opossums" while she corrects him: "possums." But there's just something about the way she says it. More to herself than to him... "Possums" like a little kid. And here's the emotional Brennan, coming on...

    There was also a great amount of guy bonding in this episode. Booth and Parker, of course - the hottest guy on TV also happens to be a great father with an adorable-beyond-words kid... what more do we want?? Sweets and Parker, after Booth panics about Parker being traumatized about the finger and leaves Parker with Sweets for a few minutes. (Parker: "Are you my babysitter?" Sweets: "That's... exactly what I am.") Even a little tentative Hodgins and Sweets at the end, as Hodgins visits Sweets' office and they have a chat about everything that's going wrong.

    But the most interesting guy bonding was between Booth and Sweets. I love every time they're on screen together, because you can just tell that they know they *should* be friends, but they still just can't stand each other too much. It's so awesome!

    The Hodgela tension continued, of course. (Hodgins: "You are a GENIUS!" Angela: "No, you're the genius..." and then a terrible glance between them... so sad)

    The ending of the episode was one of the most poignant ones I can remember, somewhere up near "Judas." The fighting dog that was found to have delivered the fatal bites to the dead man - the dog's name is Ripley - turned out to be a sweet dog, attacking by his master's command. Of course... it's not that simple in real life, but my judgment was suspended for the fact that I could barely see the TV through my tears. At the very end, Brennan comes into Booth's office, bubbly and excited. She tells him that she's going to adopt Ripley, and tells him about all of her plans - she's already talked to a dog walker, a trainer, and her father will take care of him when she's away. She even shows Booth a heart-shaped tag for Ripley's collar: "Ripley Brennan." That was where the tears started.

    And Booth gives her the news: "Ripley was put down."

    The look on Brennan's face was just... you just wanted to cry for her. It's back to that sense of no one loving her, no one being there for her... and it was just so sad.

    Brennan regains some of her composure and inquires about Ripley's remains. The episode ends with B&B in a wooded place somewhere, beginning to shovel the dirt back onto Ripley's grave. Brennan asks Booth if she can take over on the shoveling - "Well, you dug the hole." - and he agrees. After she finishes, it's time for her to practice talking to the dead again. Booth helps her out, but you can see that she's starting to get the hang of this.

    I can't remember her speech so I won't try to quote it, but it was something about how Ripley didn't want to hurt the man... he was just doing it because his master told him to. Dogs are like that. And I lost it.

    The last bit has Brennan's short speech ending, and she looks at Booth with *that* look again. Kind of, I don't know where I'm going or why, but I know that you're gonna be here for me. We've seen that look in "Judas"... in "Verdict"... and here it is again. The episode fades out with Booth putting his arm around her, and she falls into his shoulder, letting go at last.

    This episode was just... perfect. It flowed, and the case was as interesting as the character development. Humor could be turned to tears in the blink of an eye, and that's the Bones I know and love. I'll be waiting for next week, for sure...
  • Booth's son finds a finger in a bird's nest.

    Bones continues to deliver on a consistent basis with another great episode on Wednesday. This time the crew tackled the subject of dog fighting and featured a good guest appearance by The Practice's Michael Badalucco. Not as much comedy this time around, but with a strong well-written story it was not needed that much.

    Booth and Brennan continue to have some of the best chemistry on television and we're seeing that even in the show's fourth season things are still as fresh as ever. There were some down points in this episode such as the whole Jack deal was kind of annoying. Overall a very good episode though.