Season 4 Episode 4

The Finger in the Nest

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2008 on FOX

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  • Very interesting

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode with Booth and Parker, in the park together playing ball. Parker gets lifted up to see a birds nest, during which he finds a human finger. Parker seems ok with it, but Booth seems freaked out by the situation. Both talks to Sweets about the situation, but Parker himself seems fine, just his father who is freaking out. Soon the team find what remains of the body and it is taken back to the lab. Soon the victim is IDed and we learn that he was killed/attacked by a dog. We soon learn that the victim was involved in dog fighting. When Parker starts acting up, Booth takes him to see Sweets. When they get an idea of where the fights maybe held, they head there with a warrant. During which, they find a mass grave of dogs. They also find the fighting area, and loads of dogs all tied up. We soon learn that Parker is having trouble at school, with a girl. Soon the owner of the dog is IDed and is arrested. We then se Hodgins talking o Sweets about his feelings and how he currently hates everyone. As the episode ends, booth has to tell Bones that the dog she wanted to adopt has been put down, because he killed the victim. And so they take the dogs remains, and bury them, together.
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