Season 4 Episode 4

The Finger in the Nest

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2008 on FOX

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  • Parker finds a human finger in a nest; Booth is worried Parker will experience negative affects from the find. The finger leads Booth and Bones to a body which leads to a dog fighting ring.

    This is one of my MANY favorite Bones episodes. The case was solid and well written as well as a great change from the regular cases we see. I enjoyed the focus on Parker's well being, the change in Hodgin's life, and of course the development of Booth and Bones relationship.

    One of my favorite moments of this episode was Bones' comment about the dog being like Booth - from this statement I may have read way more into the last scene of the episode. In my opinion I thought Bones was speaking more about Booth than the dog "Ripley". Killing a human because his master said too and that the master was selfish. I thought Booth confirmed that she was talking more to him than the dog when he said her speech was better than any dog could ask for, even with a limited vocabulary.

    Really liked the episode and through my perspective how Bones viewed Booths role as a sniper (a dog fight)