Season 5 Episode 8

The Foot in the Foreclosure

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2009 on FOX

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  • Meet Booth's Grandfather!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When human remains are found in an empty house, Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. But the true story in this episode was Booth's Grandfather, Paps, who comes into town. He can see the chemistry between them, and keeps telling them that they should be together. Paps was a character, I fell in love with. He was just like Booth, but an older version. And the scenes between him, Bones and Booth were just so precious. Although when the episode ended he went back to his nursing home, all I can say is this; Hart please bring Paps back and soon.
  • Booth's Grandfather comes to live with Booth for a while and he and Brennan make a kind of connection. The team must investigate the murder of 2 people found disintegrated on a bed in a house on the market, Booth's grandfather tags along to investigate.

    This episode was okay.... I was really ready for something huge at the end of this one. Or at least a more touching moment than "I like your necklace" (paraphrasing, yes)

    I very much liked most of the episode. The whole Booth's grandfather visiting and making a connection with Brennan and even the case itself.
    I loved how Booth's grandfather could immediately sense the love and tension between his grandson and Brennan. And also all the advise he gave the both of them.
    Booth's grandfather was a great character, I loved the moment when he told Brennan it was his fault Booth's father left him. And how he wanted Brennan to tell him. that's what made me hopeful for a touching moment in the end between Brennan and Booth. The writers are trying to trick us it seems.
    I believe if the writers are going to get the characters together (B and B) then it should be very spontaneous or at least in a very touching moment, but still with a little spontaneity. I don't count on the writers to get them together in a season finale, premier, or series finale. It just doesn't seem like something the writers would do since it seems like they're all about originality. with all this talk about Booth being so in love with Brennan and Brennan being in love with Booth (although not really admitting it to herself yet) the writers obviously have something planned. But if they keep dragging on this back and forth and endless amount of "moments" it's just gonna get old, it already has. and when it finally happens it won't be as special. and if it never happens at all... I think its pretty safe to say, there will be many angry fans.
    That's why this episode disappointed me in the end, we could have gotten a little more than this, maybe it was a good idea but I'm just tired of the endless talk and no action.
  • ashed up corpse on a bed and we get to meet pops for the first time. decent episode, could have used a bit more time on the case.

    The case itself was interesting but kinda went alittle flat about halfway in. Was good to see clark kinda open up alittle. I guess his grandfather had alot to do with his life aswell and nice to see him talk about it. I kinda thought the lady selling the home might have done it at first, she was way out in left field. I guess if i was the husband and found people in my old bed, that might set me off too. Pops gave alot of background on booth. It kinda shows where booth gets his attitude from. Plus we find out that his father didnt just leave booth but pops told him to leave and not come back. Poor sweets gets enough from booth and now pops firing cracks at him was too funny. In all i think bones learns alot more about booth from pops and maybe she will know why booth does the things he does for people, especially her. With pops telling them each to just do what feels right at the end, maybe we will see them saying and doing more together, maybe not. till next episode.
  • Insight to chars.

    I most say I loved Booth in that kind of situation. I mean, he was having is grandfather around and that little bit opened up a whole new side of him: that very proud little boy attitude and trying to work out things what used to be in the past and was not anymore (I mean.. they still were like child and grandfather but now Booth were grown up etc).

    Also the connection Bones got with his grandfather. It was little unexpected but totally understandable, specially meaning the connection she has had with her family.. bonding with grandparent sounded like great storyline for her. So.. I really liked the story of the chars, but the case.. I do not know. It did not caught me.
  • Another fine episode..

    Hey, I bet you guys are annoyed at me for giving thumbs up for every episode of Bones, right? haha

    But what can I say? Bones is on a roll. While we get poor written shows and boring stories out there (Gossip Girl, Smallville anyone??), Bones just keeps getting better and better.

    Booth's gramps' visit was interesting. I hoped he'd stay longer. His interactions with Bones were fine and that part where he told her about his son (Booth's dad) was touching. Booth knew his dad left him but not why.. he'll be very sad when he learns about this.

    Bones is not avoiding the love matter anymore. Gramps asked her to hold Booth when the time comes and she didn't flinch. She said yes without hesitation.

    The end was a confirmation (not that we needed one, right?) that she feels the same way. "Everyone needs someone. Don't be scared. It all goes by so fast.. you don't want any regrets."
    Fine piece of advice. We should all think like that. Life is too short. Do what you gotta do.. don't regret what you've done.. but what you haven't done..

  • Loved Booth Grandfather, but have an objetion to how the writers are handeling the show.

    I mean... Where is the action? Where are the love affair problems? Where the mean guys? you know, really mean guys... we only have this soft one time killers, not even dangerous. Remember first season? we had mafia guys treating to kill bones and the serial killer that played with them. Second season? She got kidnaped by a vicious FBI agent and the grave-digger. Third season? Gormagon, crazy fat lady. And tons of other examples, and forth season or now? can't remember not even one memorable killer...

    On the other side, i loved Hank Booth, loved him dancing with the ladies. The case? yeah, another one to the pile, though the tecnology they use is really great... or unbelivable.

    The shouldn´t over talk the Booth/Brennan relation, like they are doing, they are going to ruin it, if it is going forward it should be more impulsive, otherwise they remove the surprise of it. I don`t know, somenthing like bringing Sully back or similar...
  • I love Bones, but I had some mixed feelings about this episode.

    I love anything that brings Booth and Bones closer to declaring their love, BUT I thought some of Pops' dialogue was cheesy or just weird. That he would ask Bones to hold Booth when she tells him about why his dad left, that struck me as odd. If Pops had just said, "Will you be there for him?" I would be okay with it, but it just seemed kind of melodramatic for him to ask her to hold him. That said, I liked what Pops said to Bones at the end. I also liked that we find out that the only nickname Dr. Brennan has had is the one Booth gave her--Bones. I also loved when Pops was dancing with the fat ladies at the fetish club. So adorable!
  • Booth's Grandfather comes to live with him for a while. Sort of out of necessity but also because Booth really loves him. Bones shows a softer side around him and seems to bond with Pops very easily.

    So we get to see a softer side of both Bones and Clark Edison. Clark seems to very much identify with Booth and makes several comments about what a good man he is for taking in his Grandfather. Very out of character for Clark.

    Pops played by Ralph Waite is Booth's Grandfather who brought him up. He tells a very touching story to Bones about why he had to take over the parenting of the two Booth boys. It was interesting and maybe prophetic that he came around because we finally see someone pushing Booth toward Bones. Also he talked to Bones very directly and she seemed to listen to what he said without any prejudice which she usually has for other peoples advice. This weeks intern was Dr. Clark Edison who usually is very stoic and doesn't fraternize with the others. Booths gesture of taking his Grandfather in seemed to bring out something different in Clark. A need to speak his mind about personal things with the other staff.

    The actual murders even though intriguing and different sort of seemed to be an after thought this week. I will say one thing though. Having those heads on the headboard was creepy!

    Bones continues to be one of the best quality shows on television. Years into the series and they aren't losing any steam. They just keep rolling out excellent stories and the acting is tremendous. This continues to be one of the best shows on television. Thanks for reading...
  • Has anyone else noticed that there was barely anything about the case?

    I love Bones and all, but this whole season they've been neglecting the case and doing too much with the characters, but not even getting very far with them.

    As for this episode, I found that though the storyline with Booth and his grandfather was nice, it took up too much of the episode. I also didn't need someone to tell Booth and/or Bones, yet again, for the twentieth time, that they both love each other, and so on. Didn't this happen last week? And also on several other occasions? The case had a lot of potential to be better explored and more interesting, but because of the other storyline, it didn't have enough room in the episode to do that. I hope that soon it'll get better, but from reading the sides for later episodes, I doubt it.

    I only gave it a 7.5 rating. It was decent, but not its best.
  • Booth's grandfather, Hank leaves his retirement home because of some disputes with the staff and lives with Booth for a while. Meanwhile, human remains are found by an estate agent while she's trying to sell a house.

    The episode itself was okay. Firstly the case. On the surface, it was interesting enough, but I really felt they could have paid it a lot more attention, as a lot of the time it felt like an annoying subplot that had to be dealt with before we got back to Booth.

    Hodgins, Angela and Cam have felt quite underused of late, and this episode was no different. On the plus side, it was nice to see the 'Intern of the Week', Clark, open up about his past a bit.

    Booth's relationship with Pops made up the main body of the episode and was quite well done in my opinion. We've always known Booth to be a good guy, and he acted completley in character in this episode. I found myself sympathising with him when he made the decision to send Pops back to the retirement home.

    I would like to see more of Pops in the future, albeit not on a permenant basis. I like how he could see the Bones/Booth potential within a few moments of seeing them together, and I think his return would make for an interesting dynamic near the season finalie.
  • As Booth and Brennan try to investigate a double murder wchich was discovered by a real estateagent, Pops, Booth's grandfather, pays him a visit and chances are, he might stay.

    Although I absolutely fell in love with Pops and the child within his character, there was too much cliche surrounding his advice to both Brennan and Booth not to mention the fact that there was not much case work involved in this episode.

    The identification crisis that kept the team busy made the murders very appealing and left us amazed at what wonders technology can do these days(at least TV technology), however, the low number of suspects and all the issues involving Pops deprived us of enjoying it and in my opinion the writers screwed up in making this mystery one of the most interesting cases ever. Once again someone asked Booth the question, "ARE YOU GAY which concerned his relationship with his "partner" and took us one step closer to what matters so much to fans and makes us watch every week; I say things should be speeded up to avoid too much similarity between Bones and other crime dramas.

    All in all it was a good part and we expect more exciting episodes in the near future.
  • Meet Grandpa Booth

    It was nice to finally meet Booth's grandfather and yet it was sad to see him leave. I like to see how a passionate and strong man like Booth can be very vulnerable when it comes to family. I also liked that Brennan was able to immediately sympathized with him and well, him stating what it's obvious between Booth and Brennan.

    I guess it was actually too much for Booth to take care of his grandfather, but I'm sure he was willing to do it no matter what it took. I disagree with the review that mentions some sort of lack of excitement this season. I think so far, it's been a great season. Characters are being explored, without a rush and cases, as we've seen in other seasons, have had passion, jealousy or some feeling as a motive. And about Booth and Brennan, writers can't just take a step back and pretend like nothing has happened between them. Their relationship has been moving towards something since episode one and it's very nice to see that the characters have a balance between work and personal life, unlike other shows. It makes it more realistic.
  • Cast iron ovaries??!!

    THAT line gave me a jolt of empathetic discomfort! :o{

    Ah, but did Pops help to melt her cast iron heart and will? And will they completely thaw before the end of this season; that's the question. I think Booth is ready to give it a whirl, but he'll have to do better than admire Brennan'!

    Now for the story: It was just twisted enough to be captivating. It provided the requisite murder along with a glimpse into yet another little slice of life off the beaten path. I'm still not sure I believe in all these investigative tools they have on the show but they do make it hard for the bad guy to get away. I must admit to being a little let down by the widower's motivation, and him using the carved busts to do the deed.

    But I guess the DQ (drama quotient) needs to be fulfilled, and fulfilled it was. Between that and Pops going back to the home it had it's "Ahhh" moments, but at least Pops will have plenty of "crocheting" to help keep his memory intact! ;o}