Season 8 Episode 1

The Future in the Past

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2012 on FOX

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  • tyrone

    the show was awsome
  • Outstanding episode, outstanding villian

    Pelant is by far my favorite villian this show has ever done. He is the great threat of the digital age. We put all this information out on the net without any real consideration into its security. It never occurs to us that that data, that information is vulnerable. Pelant is the 21st century super villain, and I love that we still don't know what he's trying to accomplish.

    As for the episode, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. And the ending threw me for a loop...twice. I love the fact that things aren't resolved between B&B and look forward to that story throughout the season. This is Bones at its best
  • much better than expected, outstanding episode

    I was worried how the season opener could satisfy all the expectations after the cliffhanger season 7 ending and the hype throughout summer. This episode was fabulous, exciting, brilliant! I really liked the wrap up. Great acting, big emotions, brilliant brains, and a super villain. I like Pelant as villain :-) He seems so naive, but he is a hell of a genius and evil. And I reeeeaaallly liked that the B&B chemistry I missed in season 7 is back! The looks, the tenderness, yeah! Apparently the producers and writers listened to the fans. Thank you for this episode!
  • One hell of a comeback!

    The creators of this show really do know how to please the fans. This is one of the most thrilling, exciting and interesting episodes so far. We all knew that Brennan will come back and everything else along with her. We just didin't know how or when. And I've to admit - this time I couldn't guess what/when/how is about to happen. They managed to surprise me in a good way. Keep up the brilliant work, people. Eight season or not ...this show continues to be the best to watch on TV these days.
  • Better than best

    I don't even know what to say. This episode was just... Oh my god. Seriously. It was insanely exciting and thrilling. I could not tear my eyes off the screen for a second. I absolutely LOVE Palant and everything about him (I have a softspot for geniuses...). I'm so excited about next week's episode.

    I do have one thing I just have to complain about. Michaela Conlin's acting was horrible. Just... No. Bad, BAD acting.
  • Good show!

    I'm glad this show is back! It's a relief to have something mentally simulation on the air. Let's hope the written holds up.
  • Good to have Bones back!

    It feels good to have Bones finally back after last season's cliffhanger. It was nice to see everyone working to get Brennan cleared, especially Bones taking steps at investigating Pelant. I like that this show has a great ensemble cast, where you care much more about the characters than the murder of the week.

    The only thing I didn't like about the episode (next to that awful blonde hair) is that the conclusion was unsatisfying, it felt rushed and Pelant's motives still remain unclear. Pretty good episode though all in all, I look forward to seeing the fallout from Brennan being on the run and leaving Booth behind.
  • Bones is Back!

    After a short season and a long summer, it was great to dive back into my favorite crime show. The reunion between Bones and Booth/ Booth and Christine was adorable. One complaint: whose idea was it to give Brennan blonde hair, if even for 3/4 of an episode??
  • It's Wonderful to Have the New Season Upon Us!!

    I watched the Season 7 finale before watching this episode and the two together were awesome! This is one of those episodes that a person could watch a few times and notice something new each time. I thought the story itself was terrific and it's nice to see how much the 'squnits' care for each other and to what extent they go to look out for one of their own.

    For me, what keeps it from being a 10 is that the conclusion felt rushed. It felt like the story was going along at a certain pace and the conclusion was at a much quicker pace that didn't fit the overall flow.

    I hope we get a full 22-23 episode Season 8. :)
  • Okay Episode

    While I like the intelligence of the bad guy, I can't help but feel that Bones' action were completely and utterly stupid. Okay, sure she ended up getting cleared of suspicious. But she still ran away, became a fugitive and then messed with a crime scene when she wasn't legally allowed.

    I wanted to facepalm throughout the episode.

    I do hope that Hodgin's homicidal streak shows up again. That was actually interesting.
  • A good and promising start...

    A good though not perfect start of the season which alas could not deliver. They had to end the Pelant story in this episode.
  • Good to have bones back

    The return of Bones was a major event. Brennan dying her hair a dirty blonde to disguise herself was a little off and more should have been done there. We should see Mr Pelant sticking his head up now and then. You have to wonder about Agent Kean in the ending picking up the flower. Foreshadowing? I wonder if Angela or Hodges will be next. What about the other intern's will they be back or did will there be a new group. Daisy and Dr Sweets relationship. questions questions. I wonder how soon we get answers
  • Where "Bones" we knew had gone?

    I must admit that I feel a bit lost by the direction the show is taking. Any episode hasn't had such a naive, weak, predictable and so "not Bones" climax. Since the seventh season this show is going down really fast and becomes a soap opera...