Season 5 Episode 9

The Gamer in the Grease

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2009 on FOX

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  • A Disappointing Hour-Long Commercial for Avatar

    Not only was this episode of Bones a blatant commercial for the upcoming James Cameron flick, it also featured a goofy Sweets/Fisher/Hodgins side-plot (that, despite being irritating at times, was the highlight on the episode) and an utterly predictable case that was a rip-off of the awesome documentary King of Kong. Worst of all, there were few interesting interactions between Booth and Bones. This episode was definitely a filler episode, if I've ever seen one.

    On another note, Angela finally sees the "Angela Forever" tattoo of her face on Hodgins' arm, which her dad had done to him as revenge after the couple broke up. Angela insists that he has to have it removed, which makes me wonder . . . since Hodgins is all rich, why didn't he have it removed right away? I don't know, but I hope they don't get back together. I like them much much better apart!
  • The body of a postman/video game champion is found in a huge vat of used grease and Brennan is wondering why she is there.

    Apparently Booth had requested Brennan even though the body wasn't at the bone stage. Booth is showing his feelings for Brennan more and more with each episode. The special effects was great when the workers was lifting the body out of the grease everything just slided off the bone including organs. The remainder of the show gave us some insight to a few geeky members of the crew. I was disappointed in Dr. Sweet's and his demeanor with the tattooed girl. Will he be questioning his love for Daisy next? Speaking of Tattoos, Hodgins looked like he doesn't have any desire to be removing Angela from his arm. Angela looked honored until Hodgins told her that her dad put it there. Will these two reunite or stay friends with benefits? Either way I think Hodgins will have Angela Forever.
  • Booth and Bones enter the world of hi-stakes arcade gaming when a postal employer, who won fame as a competitive gamer, is murdered. Meanwhile, Fisher, Hodgins and Sweets bond over their love of the film, Avatar.

    Overall a great episode that is made specifically for geeks and gamers everywhere. The episode's murder-mystery itself is nicely written, although it would have been nice if the arcade game highlighted in the episode had been an actual classic arcade game instead of a fake game, which is clearly invoking some nostalgic memories of two classic video games; Pong and Donkey Kong.

    The Fisher, Sweets and Hodgins male bonding scenes add some nice moments as well as comic relief. I am not entirely sure how I feel about overt product placement/advertisement in a television series, but in this case it works well and feels believable.
  • Loved it!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a world champion gamer is found dead, Bones and Booth are called in to investigate And what follows is a case full of twists and turns, which leads us to finding out that the gamer cheated, and was not in fact world champion. Hodgins, Fisher and Sweets all head over to the advance screening of the movie "Avatar", which adds even more humour to this episode. Overall this was a good episode, which showed that a father's love is greater than anything else. A good episode, which has put me in the mood for next week's AMAZING Christmas episode (If you haven't seen the promo yet, go and watch it now. Booth and his boxer shorts is all I will say!).
  • Our victim this week is a old style video gamer and the suspects are other gamers. Fisher got tickets for the preview of Avatar and he shares with Hodgins and Sweets. So one of them has to stay in line at all times causing interesting problems.

    OK, can you say shameless promotion? The amazing part to this is the fact that they had to have taped this episode a while ago and so the timing had to be pretty close for air date of the episode to opening date of the movie.

    Bones and Booth spend most of their time trying to solve the case while Dr. Saroyan tries to figure out why she can never find everyone around working at one time and Angela tries to keep the boys away from her huge high def screen.

    In the end the case didn't turn out to be that much of a piece to the story compared with the Avatar promotion. I really don't remember a show doing this much promotion for a film ever?

    Still the whole Tory Payne played by Kaylee Defer part with Sweets, "Want to see my tattoos?" was pretty funny. When Fisher shows up he takes over because Sweets is sweating bullets at this point. Also the fact that the line went in and Fisher and Payne were still in the tent was a riot. Pretty funny stuff.

    A reasonably funny episode with some gross bits at the beginning and very light bits near the end. The killer is found out and Sweets and Hodgins can enjoy the movie. Thanks for reading...
  • I love it when TV shows overdue product placement

    I've worked in the media industry my entire life and yes, I completely understand the need/purpose of advertising. But come on...
    This episode will go right up there with such other shameful moments in product placement such as Eureka's episode about Degree deodorant, Smallville's Stride gum episode or Heroes Slow Burn which is basically a chance to advertise a phone.
    This episode of Bones is basically an advertisement for Avatar with a slapped together episode about Ponky Pong -- I'm guessing they would have had to pay to use "Donkey Kong".
    The overall plot was alright but the shameless promotion of Avatar just ruined it for me. Its bad enough tv shows are now one third advertisements but now they have completely write episodes based on the product. Way, way overkill.

    Here's the worst dialogue exchange in the history of Bones:
    Sweets: I am no longer able to discern special effects from live action.
    Hodgins: This is 2D -- 3D is going to blow your mind.

    I don't know what's becoming more annoying about Bones, the product placement or the frequent episodes about the Hollywood PC topic du jour. The recent chicken farmer episode comes to mind...

    Please, can't we just have our regular shows back with them preaching to us about some current event or trying to shove some product/movie/Google down our throats?
  • Booth and Brennan investigate the murder of an overly competitive gamer. Meanwhile, Sweets, Hodgins, and Fisher rotate shifts in line to get tickets for a new movie.

    Not a bad episode, I would have enjoyed it more if the station hadn't messed it up so much...
    but anyway, I really like the story line in this episode. With the autistic boy and whatnot. My older brother is autistic and I was able to connect with how the father described that only the game could bring him joy and it wasn't often he got to see him so happy.
    The whole thing with the avatar movie, I've heard talk that people really hated the promotion. But I however found it pretty interesting (seeing as Joel Moore who plays Fisher is actually in the movie)I don't believe Bones is going to become all about promotion of outside movies or TV shows, it was a one time deal that apparently got them a lot of money to help support the upcoming episodes. plus the whole entire story line with them waiting in line and bonding together was hilarious and well needed. I do however think the episode could have had some things changed to make it more interesting, but I won't go into details because it's pretty good as-is. just a nice, chill, episode. it's nice to have those. plus the end with Brennan and Booth was cute, nothing too deep but also touching in a way. I can't wait till next week's episode, though! it looks like it's going to be absolutely hilarious! for every chill episode, we need an exciting one too ;D and I can't wait to see how Emily Deschanel and her sister work together, it's gonna be a good hour :)
  • The remains of a champion "Punky Pong" player is discovered and suspicion raises over his title and many murder suspects are introduced. Also the geek population of the show do some male bonding and try to see a new sci-fi movie.

    I liked the whole idea of welcome to geekville, but too much Avatar promotion ruined it for me. I mean if was very exciting to have many potential murderers and the case was fascinating, but I think the focus was wrongly concentrated a bit too much on Sweets, Fisher and Hodgins despite the fact that Fisher is in the movie(Avatar). However, it was sweet to see how far Sweets would go for his relationship with Daisie and not give in to peer pressure, so to speak, and cheat on her mainly because Fisher was reaching three digits with the number of his sexual partners.

    Personally, one the reasons why I watch Bones (other than the fact that dear David is in it) is the last scene where usually something nice happens between Booth and Brennan and this time they didn't fail me and i confess, the episode was funny. But on the whole, we expect more from the show and this time I blame the writers.
  • Really Funny Episode...even Funnier when I found out that Fisher (Joel David Moore) is actually IN the film Avatar!

    I got a huge kick out of this episode. The three guys waiting in line to see Avatar was so funny...especially Fisher rolling around with tatoo gal in his tent. I read the new Time Magazine the next day and in the article on Avatar saw his (Fisher, aka Joel David Moore) picture with some of the other actors!!! I was so suprised and then realized why the writers wrote this tie-in into the episode. What an absolute hoot. The cast on this show work so well it and them. Out of all the potential replacements for Jake, think Fisher would be the best.
  • Gamers..

    So.. I do not know. It was little less as good as previous episodes, but hey.. it was funny. I mean, the whole thing with Hodge, Sweets and Fisher and Avatar.. and Cam trying to figure out what is going on and what they are hiding. So, that was quite a funny part.

    The case.. I think it was very straight seeing, you could guess the killer at the half of the episode or so.. when the machine comes in play and you get that autistic boy, for sure, was there not without reason.. So, I would have loved some bigger twist but.. it cannot be always like that.. can it?
  • Decent overall episode. The three guys going to avatar was funny with cam trying to figure out what they are up too.

    The begining was pretty gross on the gross factor and it was funny that cam told booth and he dragged bones out with him anyway just to be with her. With a punky pong champ dead and alot of punky pong fanatics for possible suspects was quit funny with all them having motives. Of course the autistic kids dad was the suspect i would least expect but you can see why towards the end and what he tells booth and bones why. i kinds feel for the guy like booth did in a way. Hodgins, sweets,and fisher were funny with the whole swaping out places and all for a movie. Sweets with the girl was too funny with his reactions and hodgins leaving him there to sweat it out was also funny. i know alot of people where turned off with the whole "avatar priemre" like the show was selling itself out, but i thought it was good to see them going to see a real movie and not some stupid lame made up movie. it was good to see the guys bonding and having personalities didnt effect my expierence one bit.
    The end was good too, you can see how far bones has come emotionaly and understanding of how others view things, especially booth (since she is around him the most and cares for what he says). decent episode and cant wait for the christmas one, looks awesome!
  • Well, I for one was glad to see Sweets keep his tent "unpitched" and folded neatly in it's...pouch...

    ...visuals aside, I don't get the whole gamer thing, and I don't stand in line for ANYTHING at anytime. So much of the episode was a total work out to get my mind twisted around the concept, but I was wholly entertained by the characters. As usual.

    Even Hodgins showed some beyond-the-bugs understanding of human nature and was a friend to Sweets. But that tat? Well, we know where he and Angela are going to end up again this season, don't we...?

    Fisher is a fraud! There are parts of life he is apparently, quite content with! Apparently, on a regular basis.

    And Bones. She plays games like I do: Not well! Fortunately, she has lots of quarters in her piggy bank to play games with. I on the other hand, watch TV...

    So, fun with the characters, but not my favourite "case" this outing...
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