Season 8 Episode 9

The Ghost in the Machine

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2012 on FOX

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  • Sigh....

    Not much I can say - I guess you either loved it or hated it... .I am in the later group.

    This is only the second episode where I have switched over and found something else. The other time was when they tried The Finder pilot on us- ironically I actually enjoyed that show when it got its own time slot and was sad to see it go.

    Otherwise, it does feel as if the creators are stretching to keep it fresh on the show- I wish they would just make good old fashioned crime episodes and get on with it rather creating diversions just for the sake of it.

    This kind of first person viewpoint is not actually new- other shows have tried it and the main issue is the camera work makes you sea sick and it is hard to feel connected to the plot in my view. I also feel that Bones is acting out of character- crying and so on... .what has happened to her?? Being a mother doesn't totally change your whole personality- at least not in my case...
  • What is this?

    Wasn't last episode that Bones didn't want to discuss work and murder at home? Now she takes a skull home?

    BTW Hated the episode.

  • Sick / Cool Episode on so many levels

    I realize some people aren't going to enjoy the camera work, but when doing a POV episode and to keep it real, you need the camera work to reflect the movement of the object. Image how much work went into trying to give us - the viewers - a realistic experience of you being a head carried around, by the camera people. We need to admire their work and if you still don't appreciate it, well, remember to judge the execution separately from the end goal. Maybe a carried object POV just isn't for the 1080p world, but . . . I hope it is; as I appreciated their attempt to bring into the 21st century this camera technique, which gave us an uniquely different Bones episode on many levels.

    This episode / technique reminds me of the M*A*S*H episode where the doctors are rushing against the clock to save a young Army soldier's life by getting him a coronary arterial graft. In that episode the camera was on a cot, operating table, on a stretcher, in a tub of ice, etc. Only when they moved him (on a stretcher) did the camera bounce around, but given today's advancement in both technology / techniques and the expectation of people, well, one needs to make it real. Given we're talking about bones, ah, what do you expect? Carried bones would see a lot of jumping around movement.

    Would you, would I want to give up having had this experience because of some visual discomfort? Well, only you can answer that for yourself. For myself, I appreciate the opportunity to experience this aspect of cinematography.

    I would like to thank the producers, writers, and camera personnel for taking a risk and giving us an unique and - obviously - difficult to pull off point of view.

    As for the rest of the episode, it was great, no outstanding, to see so much additional character development in just one episode of Bones! I loved the ending and how it gives hope for both us and the characters.

    Thank you, so very much for a wonderful hour, which will last a lifetime for some and quite awhile for others.
  • my eyes are sea-sick

    I agree with Doctor10, the idea was interesting but the camera style was really discomforting and made the episode hard to watch and hard to follow. I didn't like it. And it was weird that everybody started talking to the skull or looking to the skull. I like supernatural themes in shows, but this was not an audience friendly way to do it. It's a pity that the producers and writers of Bones don't simply stick to the good old style, as if they needed to change a winning system. At least the last B&B scene was nice to watch.
  • Interesting Episode!

    I know there are many people who didn't care for the POV camera style of "The Ghost in the Machine", but I thought it was a great new way to show the process that the Bones crew goes through. No, it certainly wasn't the best episode ever, but it was an interesting change-up to the usual routine.
  • Awesome, BUT....

    Loved the plot but the camera movements made it hard to watch. Too much... made me sick. Would get a ten if not for camera movement.
  • Absolutely Awesome

    I love this show, I love the team, I love the writers, I love what you do for those who are watching!!!

    This show is so filled with a wonderful blend of "seen & unseen", science given it's props as well as the spirit!

    I applaud not only the writing but the acting as well!!

    You brought such humanity to life for our dear babies with this episode. You should also have helped parents who are so caught up in other than their children as they are growing, now after their grown, that's when such freedoms should be participated in. There truly is a "childs' world and an adult world"

    I am a lover of the "children of all ages, but this organization focus is on the 14-19 group

    This young character was of that group

    Thank you for bringing the point home of an actual scenario of such risk which is definitely not worth it, not worth your life. Nobody's that special, I say to those of that mentality, I'd rather be alone.

    Their are so many risk our babies are participating in and all in the name of "proving" Look at all the pain one leaves behind should the worst occur.

    And as for the drug users and just deviant behavior ones. Well anyway I tend to get on my soap box

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for bringing Humanity/realism to Hollywood

    I watch you as religiously as "Bill Mahr" (gotta love him)

    It's time we see the actuality of our behaviors

    I would love to have a copy of this for my babies to view and study

    The children are our futures!! Thank you for saying that with us!

    Thank you again, actually "Thank you" does not began to display my true sentiment

    Guess you'll have to try to understand "Lailaha illala" for only that is the best way for me to measure somewhat of the depth of my gratitude!!!

    Looking forward to more!!

    Kids In Discovery Of Self, Inc
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  • Some People are never happy!

    It has been 8 years and Bones still finds an intriguing and interesting way to tell the story. The story was beautiful and the narrative was flawless. The show has always stayed strong on the point that one in this line of work should keep a personal distance away from the victim. In this episode the writers have finally given viewers an insight on how to personally attach to yourself to one of Bone's latest victims. This episode also showed the growth as Brennan as a character. It finally showed on how Christine has affected her in her place of work The low ratings given by some reviewers are a joke. 1.0 ratings are a bit over dramatic and the episode shouldn't be looked as a thing in the overall series but it should be looked at in detail as a standalone episode. It was brilliant. It maybe not the normal narrative that viewers are used to seeing but we all need a bit of change to keep up interest in the show!
  • I actually rather liked the episode

    While I would not want to see another episode shot in this 'victim's POV' style, I thought it was a fun experiment, and the story was kind of sweet. It's no one that will stand out as a favorite, but it was far from unwatchable.
  • Magnificent

    I loved the fact that Bones, even at 150 episodes tries new things. I loved this it. I enjoyed the camera work, and the fact that we saw everything from the eyes of the victim. Loved Brennan trying to talk to Colin because she was intrigued by the concept. Loved Avalon, loved the small dose of Sweets. Just loved this episode
  • I'm not DEAD!

    I just walked away from this episode. Point of View (POV) is irritating. I want to watch a clever mystery unraveled, not have the cast staring at me through the screen pretending they are looking at someone's remains. On a scale of production values, this one gets a minus 100. First they shifted to trying the make the show somewhat comical, and not this. Too bad and good bye!
  • Agree worst episode I've seen

    I'd love to know what the writers were thinking or the director, whoever was responsible for this mess. It was like handing a camera to a 14 year old and expecting people to sit through an hour of home movies. Terrible decision, I walked away after 15 minutes, too irritating.
  • I turned it off

    I find it in total bad taste and very unappealing to try and watch this episode from the viewpoint of the dead skull. I hope they get back on track before this season's new style completely destroys the show.
  • By far the worst episode of the series!

    Bones has jumped the shark. How was the skull moving on its own? In 150 episodes they have never brought a CAR into the Jeffersonian, they have never brought the scull home! They never have conversations with the victim and they never bring the scull into the interrogation room and the camera work gave me a headache... Point made! So sad this was the 150 episode.
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