Season 8 Episode 9

The Ghost in the Machine

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2012 on FOX

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  • Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him well.

    At first I thought this was going to be a brilliantly unique episode, with the whole episode shown through the eyes of the dead person. Then they started carrying the skull around with them everywhere like something out of a Shakespeare play and I lost interest.
  • Amazing and sad.

    At first I was skeptical because of the perspective of the video. I didn't mind that it was in the perspective of Collin too much, but I wish it was angled differently. However, after getting into the episode I found that I really enjoyed it. The ending was amazing and really sad, I couldn't help shedding a few tears, but I loved it as I always do.
  • Let me UNSEE it!

    What a mess! Somebody mixed up the scripts and Bones characters had a chance to perform in a "Ghost whisperer" - episode - and a VERY cheesy one. Why??? Why cannot it be about brilliant people in the lab solving crimes with a little (!) bit of romance and fun and some disgusting staff one get used to after a couple of episodes. Why, what for are all these ridiculous attempts to turn the show into soap opera, comic or supernatural story?
  • Brilliant and refreshing

    The Bones crew really push the envelope from time to time, which shows great confidence in everyone concerned with the production. This was really an outstanding episode and it is so sad to see so many adverse reviews. One reviewer thinks that Bones is light, frothy television - it was never that. entertaining yes, and brilliantly produced.

    OK at times the quick panning was a little unsettling but the plot and the involvement of the squints against their usual natures showed that their characters are open to development. was tearing up at the end. Booth making a mix tape for Brennan was a bit cheesy but who cares? He is a romantic after all even if he is mostly soldier as he said !
  • Headache

    I got such a headache watching this. I liked the hated the execution. The camera moved a it was just terrible.

    Please do not do this again!
  • Hated this episode

    Really, I couldn't watch it past the first 15 minutes, the dead boy POV is awful. please don't do this ever again. The show had been decaying slowly, but I don't know if I'll keep watching Bones after this,
  • Because screw science, that's why.

    I wanna know who's responsible for this piece of crap! This WAS a show about scientists doing science. Every once in a while they'd cleverly toy with the idea of the supernatural by making it ambiguous; was Boothe talking to the ghost of Parker or was he hallucinating because of his brain tumor? Was Avalon psychic or just incredibly intuitive? This episode threw that all out the window. Yes, Avalon is psychic; psychics are real, as are ghosts and the afterlife, and yes, magic, of course. This is completely against t whole nature of the show, as well as the characters except for Boothe and Angela, whose spiritual beliefs, while ***ed, are real enough to them to make it a nice contrast to the stark realism and skepticism of the SCIENTISTS on the show. Good job on making Bones magical, fucktards, as if it wasn't suffering from stupendously lazy writing to begin with. I think I'm done with this show.
  • Unique

    Fresh episode that goes away from the usual plot.
  • Don't Watch It (if you haven't yet)

    If you have a chance don't watch this episodes. The dialogue was horrible and out of character. The POV / shaky cam made it hard to watch. And the premise of a soul inhabiting the skull is completely out of character for the show. Unlike "The Patriot in Purgatory" there is no reward for waiting it out till the end. How anyone can rate this episode higher than a 7 is a complete mystery. This is the episode where Bones has OFFICIALLY jumped the shark. Up until now I thought the show was still worth watching. Maybe some good episodes are left, but don't watch this one if you have a choice.
  • Worst Bones episode!!

    Bones used to be one of my favourite TV shows, but it is quickly making me want to move on. And this episode did not help. It was literally the worst episode of Bones yet!

    The whole carrying of the boys skull around was creepy - I guess how else could they keep up the strange twist of viewing the episode literally through the victims eyes. But to me, it fell flat. The camera effects, which were supposed to add to the realism, made it too "Blair Witch-ish" and hard to watch. And even the story line was blah.

    Truly disappointed and hope Bones starts turning around for the better.
  • Worst ever!!

    I LOVE Bones but this episode was awful! The whole episode through the skulls eyes left me nothing but motion sickness!! We thought we'd at least get a break during FBI interrogation or going home at oh no they took the damn skull with them! Never again please!!!
  • Just really awesome

    I just watched this episode and my eyes are still wet because of the last scene with the boy singing. How they moved the camera was a bit weird in the beginning, but I started to like it as it played along. At some point I just felt like I was really standing there. I think that was pretty awesome. I like how they played out this story and how you didn't see everything like the fathers questioning but still got to understand what was happening. I think it is really clever camera work and I like that they never broke the watchers point of view until the end of it, what I don't find necessary was that the ghost went up en then you suddenly saw him again.

    But overal I really enjoyed this episode of awesome clever Bones storytelling.
  • Love the title...

    Yes, like the one in the X Files... :D

    I really loved this episode because of the story. Almost feel bad about it too...

    but i was with one doubt... the boy seemed so familiar but don't know from where... :(
  • Original, with an old Bones feeling.

    Somehow they managed to bring the old Bones vibe back with this one. Leaving Cindy Lauper on a side; I liked the originality of the case and the way everyone got involved.

    At this point of the show, what I enjoyed the most of these last episodes, is the way Brennan's character has developed; she is still struggling with the old rational Bones and the new emotions she has to deal with now that she has a baby with Booth. She's changing, but struggling in the process. I like the way the writers are potraying this.
  • Dizzy

    A POV on the Skull is a nice thought, but bad idea on this series.

    I feel dizzy and wanted to stop watching.

    What kept me staying to the end is to uncover the truth behind his death.

  • A clever title goes here!

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  • More of too much crying...

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  • Seriously???

    What happened to Bones, this story was so far below the standard I expect from this show.
  • Bones has just jumped the shark.

    I've never stopped watching an episode of Bones before the end, until the kid starts singing about where the soul resides, as if we didn't get what the episode was trying to say yet. Terrible. Silly gimmick that really had no place on an episode of Bones, where science and faith are supposed to be privileged equally--unlike here, where a writer who loves the illogic of a soul hanging around its dead body for two years; where the soul/ghost POV is deployed to mock rational thought. Whatever -- might as well make Brennan a witch doctor and be done with it. Terrible. And corny. Deserves a minus score.
  • Worst Bones episode ever.

    I have watched all episodes released so far and I think this is the most annoying episode ever, I will stop watching Bones if another episode as bad as this is released.
  • More Blair Witch Crap

    Another one of those arty farty Blair Witch CRAP through the eyes of what ever thingys. Please stop doing this to Flims and TV as it just spoils what could be a very good story.

    If we wanted to watch something through the eyes of someone else we would just play a first person shooter or a MMORPH.

    It has very nearly completly spoiled this season for me.
  • one more episode like this

    one more episode like this and i stop watching
  • A clever title goes here!

    it had it's moments where some of it was good and some of it was boring. and though the camera got annoying as hell it was well done to be fair. i don't think it's the worst episode they ever did. that would prolly go to that one in season 6 where they pretty much make the episode a take on that horrible jersey shore or whatever it's called MTV show that had Snookie or whatever her name is on it.

    so in short it had it's plus's as well as it's minus's. i loved Cyndi Lauper coming back to the show. i would rather her come back and have a seen with her and booth and Bones about them now a couple with a baby. since the last time we saw her on the show it showed her telling him it was going to work out between him and Bones. and the only reason i rated it a 10 was cause i thought the 6.0 was too low of a rating when season 6 well the 1st half is the worst of the entire series.
  • failed

    The only Bones episode to put me to sleep through sheer boredom.
  • A clever title goes here!

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  • so, so wrong

    This is the second "very special episode" of this season, and even worse than the last one (the inexplicably well received 9/11 episode). This one is actually pretty interesting for the first ten minutes. The direction is rather stylish and clever as it establishes that this is the POV of a skull. But then we get psychics, the POV acts like it's conscious and able to scan the room, everyone starts talking to the skull, there is a painfully maudlin scene involving the parents, and there is an ending that should embarrass everyone involved with the show.

    It seems the folks at Bones are tired of creating light, frothy television and want to say something about the human condition. Unfortunately, they have no skills in that area. I had to fast forward through the two worst scenes (the parents and the psychic) but if I had more sense I would simply have stopped watching.

    One more very special episode and I'm giving up on the series altogether.
  • Condolences to the cast

    Let me preface this with a disclaimer. I have never been distrurbed enough to sign up for a site just to voice my opinion. I figure my opinion is just that: mine , and others are welcome to their's , especially when it comes to viewing choices. Having said that, this episode of Bones was so so bad I just had to say something.

    I like Bones, it is usually an enjoyable easy watch, despite the the slide towards unabashed product placement. However this "Ghost" episode was just painful. I would go as far as to say it was bad enough to insult and potentially alienate casual viewers. I would wager that none of the cast would like to watch it more than once.

    The approach is a writing assignement often given to middle school children to to introduce the concept of a different POV. The key is to introdue the concept, not to pretend that it is somehow awesomely artistic.

    I can't help but think of the geniuses who thought the Gieco cavemen would make a good series. Not sure who decided to air this, or to bother to edit it once it was shot, but I sincerely hope they don't have any input on any shows I see in the future.

    What specifically made it so so bad?: Laughable " cloudy transitions", weak plot, painfully awkward acting and a really sophmoric theme.

    Possibly the lamesest episode of any show I have had the misfortune to watch.
  • You know it's okay to scrap ideas that don't work

    Especially when it simply doesn't work. This was a neat idea, but it just wasn't believable. This group knows better than to carry that skull all over DC, bouncing around in a car, on display for a toddler where last week murder talk wasn't even allowed. I honestly stopped paying attention it was so ridiculous. The relationship between Booth and Bones is just awkward to watch for me now. Booth's character is just fading and Bones is out of character. I used to hate this hiatus, but now I really couldn't care less.
  • Well...

    I love bones, my friend and I discuss it all the time! We got annoyed with the newest episode, the angles made us nauseous, this was the worstt episode ever, belive me, I have seen ALL of the episodes, I really hope the do not do that again. The end was good though, we had been waiting for her to do dancing phalanges with Cristine, and it was funny when she asked Booth if it was to early to learn the periotic table, But those were the only good parts to this episode.
  • what's wrong with bones

    To some, this new emotional direction may seem interesting, but it's just seem out of behavior. It cannot get more boring than this, the story, the character, the emotion, they just don't fit. Trying new perspective, that I get, but the combination, it's tattered and coarse. Oh well, it's a disappointment. Usually this type of script change indicates detective or crime solving series getting canned soon. Is that it?