Season 1 Episode 8

The Girl in the Fridge

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2005 on FOX

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  • Bones's ex comes into town

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Bones ex, Michael comes into town and at the same time as she agrees to go out with him, Booth comes by and drops off an old fridge, which has a dead rotting body inside of it. Soon she is identified as a girl named Maggie, who was only 19 years old. We soon learn that her ex was also her professor. They soon find out who they believed killed her, but the evidence isn't strong enough to arrest them. Both tells Bones to stop talking to Michael about the case, as he has learnt that he is working for the defence on the case of Maggie, and it is his job to tear apart the case she has just built. When Michael gets up on the stand, the things that he says about Bones, really gets to her.
    We also learn that Michael applied for the job that Bones now has, as they both went for it only she didn't know about it. And so Bones is put back up on the stand. Her testimony helps to make the case more concrete. And soon they are both found guilty on both counts. As we end, we see Bones and Booth working on a new case together, on top of scaffolding on top of, what can only be described, as a huge building.
  • Super episode.

    In this episode, we get to see that Brennan does care and has an emotional side to her. Though when you look closely at each episode, you can see that as well. Well at least I can. The plot of this episode certainly got my attraction. We get too meet one of Brennans' ex-boyfriends, who also turns out to be her old professor. She shares her bed with him again, only to discover that he is hired to testify against her in court, which is like a slap in her face.
    We also got to see Booth jealous, which I always like to watch. Cause it shows that he cares about her.
    When Brennan eventually testifies it is a real emotional episode, and I like to see that side of her.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones her ex boyfriend comes into town she does not want to admit there was something between them but her friend knows there was and is happey for her that she is seening him again . but a muder comes in with a girl found in a refrigderater and they start to look over the history about her and then bones goes to take the night off by spending time with her ex and then comes into work late and they know she never does . and then word comes out that her ex is going to be the defence for agins the people that were being accused of murdering her and drugged her and kidnapped. and how they used her to do sexual stuff. and then things start to heat up the person thati s going to be helpoing bones start to critize and saying the jury is not goig to listen to her and then there just going to eat him all up .and in this one bones comes out and tells why she took this job from the quesitons by one of the people and they win and the people are found guilty on all accounts.
  • Bones in a courtroom! Note: Contains spoilers.

    In my journey through season 1 Bones I arrive at episode 8: and it's a good one! This episode mainly takes place in the courtroom, which I personally prefered as I like legal dramas.

    The plot line was intriguing, especially the twist that Brennan's ex professor and now lover is actually working against her.

    This score of this episode got pulled down in my book, as the main plot was very regular: it didn't have any twists or plot changes. Throughout the entire episode, the team knew what was going on and who the killers were. This is unlike the previous episode which was full of twists!

    Obviously there's a great piece of character development here as Brennan starts "dating" her ex professor (who then pretty much kills her original testonmony in court). This is a first for Temperance (or should I say "Tempy"? Seriously, that must be the most unoriginal nickname I've ever heard!) as far as I am aware, and it no doubt pleased Angie!

    So, this episode is very good in parts, the regularity of the plot brings it down a touch in my book. Then again, I have been known to be overly critical!
  • Some good Brennan development in this episode.

    At the very beginning of this episode, Brennan's ex-forensic anthropolgy college professor and ex-boyfriend Michael Stires appears. They become romantically involved in the early goings of this episode. Brennan is currently working on a case while seeing Michael and bounces a lot of information regarding the case off of him. Later in the episode Brennan discovers that Michael is working for the defense in this case and she decides not to see him for the rest on the case. Even though it is clear that the defendant is guilty, Michael is a much more charming expert witness and is doing a good job convincing the jury that the defendant is innocent. Brennan has a hard time connecting with the jury because of all the technical terms she uses. However, the next day Booth tells the prosecutor to bring up the disappearance of Brennan's parents so the jury will understand why she is so distant. When this happens everything turns around in this case and in the end the defendant is deemed guilty.
  • Bones and the nutty professor

    "The Girl in the Fridge" is an excellent episode. The case is quite gruesome, with a girl being found bound and liquified in a refrigerator. The murderers are even more perverse. For the first time a guy for Bones is introduced into the show, in this case her former college professor. And unlike other people who say it makes Bones slutty or easy because she is pretty soon in bed with him it just supports the characters opinion of sex, which is a recreational activity and a testament to human primal urges. While I personally not agree on this viewpoint, it is however in character for Brennan as shown before and after this episode. Also addressed is her inability to connect with other people on a simple level, what is primarily shown when she is in front of the jury. The disapearance of her parents is used to show that Bones is in fact vulnerable and deeply hurt, but chose a way to hide that from the world. It is the first crack in her armour, one from many that will come, courtesy to Booth. Without a doubt one of the best episodes.
  • courtroom drama gets personal

    i generally like Bones, and the dynamic between the cold scientist and everyone else. but this episode rubbed me the wrong way. the issues raised, though important to the character development of Brennan and, to a lesser extent, Booth, did not belong in a courtroom space. there is no way that a judge would have allowed testimony to degenerate into a therapy session for one of the witnesses. at one point, Brennan says "they want to turn this into a melodrama, they don't understand what a scientist is". this sounds like metacriticism of the episode itself. Brennan has proved capable in past episodes of translating science into lay terms for the benefit of Booth while working an investigation, and she clearly can write books accessible to a wide audience, so why all this melodramatic courtroom drama emphasizing her scientific jargon and inability to connect? it's true that juries often respond better to testimony when they like the testifier, but this could have been explored in more depth. furthermore, if the prosecutor and jury consultant were aware of Brennan's coldness and general unlikability, and aware that it might damage their case, working with her to prepare her testimony in lay terms would have been more successful than chatising her for her personality traits. instead, the show wanted to prove that Brennan has untapped emotional depth -- despite her coldness, if the jury knew "the real Brennan" then they would like her better than the other guy, and believe her testimony. such courtroom posturing is unlikely to play out in any real courtroom, and takes the show away from its strengths.

    i think the show should stay away from such heavy-handed emotional manipulation. i don't need to like Brennan to be interested in how she works or her relationships with other people. she is a more interesting character when she is coldly scientific than when the emotional stakes are raised, and i'm not sure emily deschanel is a good enough actress to support the layered representation the show tried to create here (nor, for that matter, was the script sufficiently strong to carry through on the attempt).

    the subplot with Brennan's former professor also left me cold. he was two-dimensionally unlikable and manipulative. it might have been more interesting if he had actually believed that he was right rather than merely wanting to publicly one-up Brennan. again, the attempt to raise the emotional stakes failed because Brennan's trust and respect for him were so clearly unwarranted. he may prove her inability to read people, but he didn't work as a foil.
  • Review

    I like how the writers of this show can proove to us that they can think outside the box when it comes to these cases. Instead of giving us the standard 35 minute mystery of who did it and then the last couple minutes of the show showing us who did it, this one took a much different and very well written approach. We knew who the killers were after only 20 minutes, which allowed the scientific part of the show to finish which would let us wrap up Bones's personal life which we got to know a little more about. Seeing her with her old professor was something that the show needed. It brought a guy into the picture and Booth, while he might not have ever approached Bones about it, was clearly upset that he was around. The fact that he turned out to be the defense and will no longer be in any episodes was perfect writing to set up Bones and Booth maybe later on on season 1 or so. Bones's speech during the end of the episode to win of the jury was a wonderful speech by the actress that plays her. You could really feel the emotion in her voice and that scene was one of the best in the histroy of the series. Overall, this episode had everything that you expect from an episode of Bones - Little bit of romance, little bit of comedy, little bit of mystery, lots of drama, lots of Bones, lots of Booth.
  • A love from the past shows up, and stabs Bones in the back. A body is found in a fridge and the only way for them to win the case is for Bones to act more human.

    An old Professor of Bones comes to town, who had had a previous relationship with her. Several jokes are pointed around this, where Zach thinks that he has a chance with Bones, as she is his Professor. At about the same time Booth brings in a fridge that contains the body of a young lady.

    Bones and her Professor start off where things left off, but things get tricky when she discovers he will be the expert witness on the defense side.

    The trial starts to go badly when Bones is unable to "connect" with the jury, she appears distant, and she is just talking over their heads. On the other side he is able to charm his way with the jury. They fear the killers will be set free, but in a last ditch effort Booth tells them to put Bones back on the stand and he knows there is only one way to get her to look "human", go after the info of her parents. Soon she opens up, and shows the jury that she cares more about the victom than they thougt, that she seemed distant because how she cared was not important but what happened to the victom was the important thing.

    This ep was great for showing that there was more than one side to Bones, that she really did care about the person the bones came from.
  • Bones shows signs of being human.

    Dr. Brennan must have parted on good terms with Michael Stires, her old professor, because she didn't waste any time hopping back into bed with him. But it wasn't this activity that served to humanize her as much as did the climactic courtroom scene. Emily Deschanel really showed her range as an actress in this episode, from being the deadpan interviewer at the Schillings' home to hot lover in bed; from automaton reciting technical jargon to impassioned victim's advocate on the witness stand. It took Booth's playing of the "orphan card" to draw Brennan out of her shell -- and it obviously pained him as much as her when he did this -- but the resulting passionate testimony was the factor that turned the case for the prosecution. It was hard for pure scientist Brennan to fathom the idea that there might possibly be a second interpretation of the evidence. Joy was correct in her assessment that impressions are more important in jury trials than facts, but personality clashing prevented it from getting through to Brennan. One failing I saw in the plotline was the lack of an onscreen re-interview with the Schillings when it became known that there had been negotiations for Maggie's release. And why were they not called to testify? It mattered not whether Maggie was an accomplice. The perps were charged with homicide, not kidnapping. I liked how Booth, Zach, and Hodgins all acted protectively toward Brennan, the same way brothers would act toward a sister. And also how "Dad" Dr. Goodman reassured her that she was better than Stires; that's why he hired her. All in all, a great episode.
  • The case was great but I wanted to do bodily harm to Brennan's professor. The beginning of Brennan's love life troubles

    Okay I totally loved the case. I hated watching Brennan get screwed over by her old professor. He was a butt and I wanted to hit him. And when they were in court I wanted to hit him more he had no right to question why Brennan chose her profession.

    The Costello's trying to get away with what they did to Maggie they were horrible and the fact that Michael was trying to help them made me hate him even more.How could you put a girl in a refrigerator I mean realy that is horrible and cruel and evil.

    I guess it was a pretty good episode but I still don't like Stires.
  • I hate her professor.

    I hate her professor. I could've REALLY liked this one, but no, some guy has to come along and have sex with Brennan. Booth looked really jealous though, and thank God the guy turned out to be a donkey! He was pretty ugly too, no offense or nothing, but he was.
    The refrigerator case was very interesting. Brennan didn't give up, which was good. I also liked her speech about being a forensic anthropologist. It was very emotional. The lawyer guy who was askingher stuff, was also in Buffy and Heroes which was pretty dang cool!! I was like, Hey! It's DL!!
  • episode number eight! yay!

    what is this? brennan and an old proffesor? hmm. but those remains were disgusting. eew. to the highest level, eew.

    i cant believ brennan slept with him! actually, i can. but c'mon! thats supposed to be booth laying next to her, not that stooge!

    haHA zach and hidgins are so protective of brennan. did you see the way they were looking at the proffesor, the way they interrgoated him> and zach needs to lay of the idea of him and brennan. gross.

    haha its so odd for eveyone to see her with a man. its is, really. any man but booth.

    haha that box full of kinky stuff. they were having fun, no? brennan even whipped booth haha.

    booth wanted brennan to win so bad. he was like "you're winning, right?" heh heh. and that fist thing? haha brennan still doent understand it lol. even when zach explained it.

    goodman's little comment was wicked funny. "agent booth, you're accessing your inner squint." heh heh. i bet booth wasnt happy to hear that, not at all.

    omfg it was soooo cool seeing all the squints, and booth, on the witness stand. haha and when hodgins got all exited about the red mold.

    OMFG how could that b*stard say all the stuff about brennan should have become a forensic anthropologist? that is total bull crap. omg i wanted to punch the screen!

  • Some more mysteries on both sides...

    Wow, this was a great episode, it shows that Temperance actually had a social life. This was a sad and frustrating episode as she battles with finding the truth and the evidence to prove it. As i watched this episode I was yelling at the tv in defence for her. The man that she obviously still has feelings for him and to be insulted and brought down by your supposed mentor and friend was really annoying to me. It was a hurtful episode for her because she has to battle to try and convince a jury that they should listen to the facts and not concentrate on the looks of a hot guy. She then basically breaks down and tells her life story,which nearly made me cry ( i know i'm a softy)and I found her "boyfriend" unproffesional and rude. I can't see how she lliked him in the first place. Lol, I know i forgot to mention this before but it was so cute how all of the gang were making sure that she didn't get hurt and protect "the investigation". It was sweet. All together I liked this episode it was informative of her past and showed a different side to her than her stiff and unemotioness. 9/10
  • I was impressed with the way the production team did the courtroom part...

    Normally I don't really follow Bones tightly... as, I, err... to sound a little bit shallow... I think, the lead actress, Emily Deschanel, Dr. Brennen, is a little bit boring...

    However, yesterday, I somehow sat through the whole episode.. then, I was pretty impressed, with the script writer.. or the casting team...

    I am a fan of crime/crime scene investigation drama, for eg. CSI's, Law & Orders, Medium, The Closer, Close to Home... but then, I didn't pick up this Bones, maybe until yesterday...

    the actress Emily Deschanel, I think, was casted for a reason... I was impressed at the courtroom 'turning point', as initially, I was basically, just like one of the juries up there.. I thought that, she was really really boring, and she thought she's smart, and others are stupid and so on, and kept wanting to talk technical, use big jargons and so on... and I really lost all my interest to see this actress Emily Deschanel, but then... suddenly, the Prosecutor asked her about her parents, who've been missing... and suddenly, the whole ambience, and her expression changed. Ambience, from flat, boring changed to full-emotioned, her expression and her speech, from dull, uninteresting, to something that, me, as well as the juries in the show, suddenly understand what she's been talking about...

    which I think, it's a good work of the script writer... cos, initially, I really also didn't understand what she's been talking... and I was actually happy that, the other lady was direct and kinda rude to her, to point out that, she's been too technical, too inhumane, too disconnected, and too emotionless... and I also wanted to yell at her that, "can you speak with layman-term??"

    And later, she spoke with full emotion (after the prosecutor managed to 'dig' out her true self) about how she see bones, those bones of victims lying in front of her.. and that's the part that you belive her... believing what she said about "what matters is not my feeling, it's HER!" as she claimed that, seeing those bones, it's like seeing the dead person's face, the dead person's suffering...
  • Michael is a clear case of ‘those who can’t do, teach’. Booth and the prosecutor let Bones down badly.

    This is an illuminating episode about Bones. She’s usually so professional but here she is actually losing her cool and rather pathetically trying to top Michael. She’s the best in her field, something she knows and even her boss confirms, yet she feels the need to prove she’s better than her teacher. From the beginning, Michael disguises his lesser talent by making her question her findings and assumptions. He seems superior to Bones until she sees him in court, where she realizes what a mediocre scientist he really is. Instead of attacking her findings or procedures, he attacks her personally, the obvious sign of a lesser qualification. Michael is a shame to his profession, so inadequate in his field that he resorts to personal attacks.

    Bones’ dreadful performance on the stand was completely not her fault. It was blatantly the fault of everyone around her, particularly Booth and the prosecutor. They both are well aware that she talks above everyone’s heads and what to her is clear, is Greek to anyone else. They didn’t even prepare her for her testimony. All they had to do was sit with her and practice questions, stopping her every time she gets too technical and get her to explain it in clear layman’s terms. A bit of preparation and she would be fine on the stand but no-one bothers to take the time to make her realize people can’t follow her. Booth did redeem himself on this point by realizing how to make her come across more human. Angry as she was at him, he was right to do it.

    I did like how Booth stands by Bones. I thought it was so cute when he brings in the refrigerator, unopened, and beams like a dog waiting for a pat on the head for a job well done.

    Great episode, a lot to think about.
  • More about Brennan past and her true self.

    An old friend, teacher, lover comes to the lab to visit Bones. It started very well with the two of them fighting for the dominance, who is smarter, who is right. Then there was the twist on the plot: he is working against her!

    The idea for me was very cleaver and interesting. I really didn’t see it coming so I was a little on shock, so it was nice.

    The courtroom was one of my favorite parts of the episode. We see how Brennan acts and that the man she cares for really wasn't "the guy", he didn't have any kind of trouble to diminish her.

    By the end Booth had to make a tuff decision. He knows her so he knows that she is not really as cold as she portrays herself. He hit the right button and got Brennan to show her self as she really is: a kind loving person just afraid of letting people in.
  • Bones gets lucky!

    Call me conservative, call me what you want but what was going on in the writer’s mind in this episode? An old lover pays a visit to Temperance and she automatically has sex with him? About a minute after the guy’s on screen, he’s in bed with Temperance. That’s just wrong. Makes her seem slutty. Easy. Makes me lose respect for the character. People just don’t jump into bed with their ex’s like that!

    Other than that, the episode in plain English, sucked! I don’t watch “Bones” to see courtroom drama. There was hardly any investigation. No mystery.

    One has to wonder what the writer’s were on when they wrote this. Drugs are bad......mmmkay?
  • Bones sleeps with old prof. Disappointing.

    Temperance sleeps with old professor. This characterizes her as weak, not complex. Old business is OK, and is expected from most real people. Hopping immediately back into the sack after years of accomplishment makes her appear weaker than would be hoped. Slutty. More depth is expected. Disappointing development of main character. This would seem to be just another shallow series. Sigh.
  • Good episode but could have done without the courtroom stuff.

    Overall I enjoyed this episode but didn't care for the courtroom drama. I did like Bones explaining that she does see the dead people as living people. I liked how she looked at the jury and addressed her faults up front. I don't ever want Booth and Bones to get together.
  • One of the best so far...excellent character development, especially for Bones, and a good ening. . Lots of humor in this episode, and a good story to keep us all hooked.

    I thought this episode was one of the best they have made so far. We got to see a less guarded side of Bones, which I must say was rather nice. We also saw Booth getting a little tense when her old proffesor/lover came into the it just me, or is he finally figuring it out his feelings for Brennan?
    The case itself was very interesting, even if sad (like most all of the cases...)and I'm glad that Brennan was finally able to convey her feeling to the jury, even if it took a few tries.
    I thought it was great that they were able to show the problems that Brennan had connecting with people. Although they have shown it in other episodes, this one was special because Brennan finally realized that she will need to work on her people skills, not only for social reasons but also because it is part of her job to get people to understand and sympathize with what she is saying.
    I also liked the ending to the episode. I wonder if we will get to see the victim's story, or if it was just a way to end the episode in a realistic manner...?
    So, overall, the episode definitely deserves top ratings. The plot, character development, and writing was all incredible, and I hope we will see more episodes like this one.
  • A forensic anthropologist and a FBI agent work together to solve crimes.

    I have read the books that this show is based on and I love them as I have come to love this show. Last nights show was one of those episodes I couldn't get over. When they brought Bones' old professor we got to see a side of her that some didn't realize exsisted, a soft loving side. I find the team she works with are a good selection of personalities. They are smart witty and alittle sarcastic at times. Booth, in my opinion, would love to go further in his relationship with Bones and I believe they would be good for one another. The girl in the fridge was intriging to say the least. The couple that commited the crime were alittle freaky. The tools used to solve the crimes holds my attention very well. Bones was great last night when she told the professor to go to hell and it's fun to see her stand her ground and do something that she really believes in and losing her parents gives her great incentive to find out what happens to those who can't speak anymore. Can't wait for the next episode to find out if they cover the burn victim at the Washington Monument.
  • Brennan is up against her former professor (and lover) in court, with him as the expert witness for the defense.

    Awesome episode. The plot was new(-ish) and the actors still work well together. The former prof's a bastard. Brennan got to tell him to go to hell. Well done. I'm still drooling over every piece of jewelry that she owns, now I can root for her too. Girl power!
    The ending was interesting: a murder on a construction site around the Washington Monument. It would be nice to see if it continues into the next episode.