Season 2 Episode 13

The Girl in the Gator

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on FOX

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  • Welcome to Dr Wyatt


    So Booth is in trouble for endangering passers by due to shooting a clown head on top of an ice cream van. But no one was in danger because he is a good shot. However he has to be assesed by a psychologist - Dr Gordon Gordon Wyatt, an Englishman who drinks tea!! This means that he and Bones are not working together and she goes off to the Everglades with agent Sullivan.

    The episode is patchy, like the curate's egg - some bits good, some bad. The suspects are predictable so are the murderers., and agent Sully doesn't seem half as good at his job as Special Agent Booth. Sully is too occupied with thinking of other ways to make a living and is hard to take seriously. No wonder Bones keeps ringing Booth though she does find Sully attractive and funny.

    The therapy sessions between Wyatt and Booth are interesting. Booth at first really frustrated and in the end being made to admit that he doesn' know whether he let Epps slip or it was inevitiable. When questioned about the number of men he has killed as a sniper, he shows his discomfort. His past is obviously something which preys on his mind.

  • I love the growth of Booth!!!

    Okay, I am so glad that they are delving into Booth's psyche. He has way more depth than he is credited for. I also really liked that Bones kept calling him to make sure Sullivan knew what he was doing. They really are partners, and they illustrated that in this show. She is always talking about how independent she is, but she always seems to go to Booth for advice, and support. I really like the way that their relationship is growing into a true partnership. In regard to the previews for next week, I also am so glad that someone notices how Booth feels for Bones, or how protective he is of her. The mistake that Angela made just broke my heart. She totally didn't mean to lead th father on, but the way she said it, I could tell that he was going to go after Monte. I am sure she is going to be feeling pretty guilty, and I wonder if the writers are going to do anything with that. All in all, this episode was another great installment, and I could go on for pages, but I will save my rambling. I just really appreciate where the writers are taking the characters. There are so many shows where people just do, there are no consequences or afterthought. I am glad that the human three dimensionality is the forefront of a show about murder, it is refreshing, and it keeps the attention, because if it was a "murder of the week" type show, the viewers would get bored, there is so much more going on, and that is what I love about my favorite show on television.
  • It was boring....

    So Booth has to go see a therapist and Bones is with a new partner temporarily until his issues are dealt with.

    Sorry, but the chemistry and friction between Bones and Booth while they are solving crimes is what makes this show so great. I was totally yawning while watching the team solve the case. Which was disappointing considering how great last week's episode was.

    Although the case with a little interesting. The victim was a college freshman who had been in a "Hotty Student Body" video. "Hotty Student Body" is the fictional version of the "Girls Gone Wild" series. Those videos have gotten a lot of attention lately and I figured that sooner or later, murder case was going to be made on Bones or another crime show (CSI, Law & Order, etc.).

    Booth did reveal a lot of himself to the therapist but I think the couseling sessions would have been better if they were over several episodes. It seemed to be too dry when they made him to do over an entire episode.

    I am looking forward to a much better episode next week.
  • A really annoying icecream truck clown is shot in the head. 3x. By Booth which = mandatory leave, visits to a shrink, & a new temporary FBI partner for Bones. Oh yeah, and a gator ate a girl who was behaving badly.

    I really liked this episode; I was really looking forward to seeing how Brennan would work with her new partner, and I'm pleased to see that the writers continue to deliver more than I expected in terms of characters. This episode has plenty of funny spots, including Booth's interludes with his psychiartrist, Dr. Wyatt (skillfully played by Stephen Fry, whom I love), with whom Booth now has mandatory visits because of what I now call the 'Clown Incident'. Booth learns a new word or two: 'cogitate'; and delivers a couple of the episodes funniest lines (which of couse, must be heard in context) as he tries to get back to work:

    Booth: "I told the ice cream guy I was sorry, all right?" I even bought him a new clown head!'

    Booth: "Listen, I really gotta get back to my job, so why don't you sign one of those clown-restraining orders and just sign my paper?"

    Booth and Dr. Wyatt also share one of the episodes more serious moments, as when Dr. Wyatt finally presses Booth to examine the root of his responsibility for and guilt over the death of serial killer, Epps: Dr. Wyatt: "Did you let go of his hand, or did he slip out of your grasp?" Booth has to admit that he really doesn't know, and that marks the step forward in self-awareness that Dr. Wyatt was looking for in order to recommend Booth's return to active duty.

    The episode's mystery: the death of a young woman who's been caught up in the madness of Spring Break and the world of girls behaving very badly is a sad cautionary tale. But it also creates an opening for the the very funny line from Hodgins as he tries to explain to Angela and the gang just why he knows so much 'Hottie Bodies' website:

    Hodgins: "I clicked on a pop-up and got caught up in a 'pornedo'!"

    The ususal suspects in the persons of the soft porn media mogul (Monte Gold) and his creepy entourage, the preachy moralist, and the devastated father of the victim; the latter stalks and then terrorizes Angela, pressing her to confirm his suspicions about Monte's (the porn king) role in his daughter's death. When Monte is later found very very dead, I know who went right to the top of my suspect list…

    Bones and Sully (name is too freakin' close to Seely, causing my little brain to revolt) bond over diverse intellectual pursuits, and I see a sex-thing coming on for Bones in the near future.
  • Booth shoots a clown and is sent to see a shrink.

    This episode is the first of the show that separates Booth and Brennan from investigating a case - and it is not recommended.

    It starts with Booth being bothered by a music-blaring ice-cream truck, shooting at it and has now to see a psychiatrist before being allowed back into the field.
    So Bones is on her way to Florida and paired up with Special Agent Tim "Sully" Sullivan (played by Eddie McClintock), to investigate the murder of a college girl who was eaten by an alligator.
    After a bumpy start Brennan and the new Agent solve the case and he asks her out, which starts the storyline which I like the least of the entire show.

    While Bones is busy investigating and flirting without him, Booth is trying desperately to get his shrink Dr.Wyatt (played by the brilliant Stephen Fry) to sign a paper that allows him back to work. He even has to built a barbecue for the doctor.

    "Girl in the Gator" is not an outstanding episode. It is still good but lives mostly on the interaction between Booth/Wyatt. I sorely missed the Booth/Bones interaction. It doesn't help that there is no chemistry between Bones and Sully, which becomes even more prominent in the following episodes.
  • Stephen Fry is a joy to watch and the Booth/Dr. Wyatt interaction carries the show!

    I am a fairly recent convert to the show and this was only my tenth episode and the first without the traditional Brennan/Booth team, which I missed a lot. The story about the murdered girl was good, as they always are, but what carried the episode for me was the interaction between Dr. Wyatt and Agent Booth. Form the first meeting when Booth offers his release form instead of his hand to Dr. Wyatt, to the last where he cooks the steaks, the bond that forms between the men was the best part of the episode. I loved the doctor's continued refusal to rubber stamp the form and force Booth to look inside himself, which your stereotypical male does not like to do.

    I really enjoy shows where the characters grow through inner awareness and through the experiences they have. I think many of us can see a part of ourselves in our favorite characters, which is why we identify with them.

    I can't say I like this Agent Sully fellow, and the way Bones conducted herself through the investigation was out of character from what I know of her. She came across as flirty and giggly and I found myself wondering "where is this coming from?"

    I haven't seen a 'bad' episode of Bones yet and for me 9/10 is actually a lower rating!
  • A very interesting episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode with Booth on the phone trying to take down some details but he can't because an ice cream van is there playing music. So what does he do? He shots the clown (on top of the van) to stop the music, which shocks everyone especially Bones. We then see Bones in Florida working on a case, but Booth isn't with her, as he has to see the shrink over what has happened to him recently, before he can get his gun back. And so she has to work with another Agent, who isn't as nice as Booth and isn't helpful at all. When the alligator is taken back to the lab, Cam and the team open up the stomach and find a human foot inside. Soon after finding more body parts, we learn that the victim is a female and her she was reported missing 3 weeks ago. We soon learn that the victim was both raped and murdered, before she was feed to the alligator. Soon the victim's father, follow Angela and asks her about the case and their main suspect, who he believes killed his daughter. Angela doesn't tell him anything, as she can't, and so he leaves. But soon their prime suspect is found murdered. They have a suspect for the murdered, but Angela calls Bones and tells her about the conversation she had with the victim's father. He soon admits to the murder, and then he says he has no one to cry and he starts to cry. But soon through following the evidence, we learn who the killer is, and so Bones and her new sidekick go and arrest him. As the episode ends, we see Bones and the new agent together, and he asks her out, which she accepts. Also in this episode Booth has to work with a psychologist during which Booth builds a BBQ (strange I know but very true).
  • A bit unsatisfactory, predictable.

    This episode introduces some interesting original characters. 1/ Sullivan who is initially quite annoying with how dismissive he is about being FBI, always talking about what else he could do but turns out to be a good investigator. 2/ Booth's shrink, he's great and good with Booth.

    The victim's father is worrying, looking for someone to blame, he even seeks out Angela trying to find out who the suspects are. Thankfully she stonewalled, but it didn't help, the father still killed Gold.

    The psychology about Booth was great, I really enjoyed it. Stephen Fry is an adorable addition, hope we'll see him again. I personally hate clowns so took great satisfaction in Booth shooting it's evil face.

    Ultimately I found the episode unsatisfactory, it was too spread out with no real focus on the crime, instead spending a lot of time on Booth and Brennan's connection with Sullivan.
  • this was a good ep

    this was a good ep. in this ep of bones its spring break when a girl dispperd and they found it in the alligator. and they did more investgating and they lead it o a man that has girls exposed them themselves in front of the camera. and they did more investgating with a new agent becasue booth had to be with a shrink because he used his firarm in public on a ice cream truchk. they did more work and realized it was the precher that was the killer and he fed her to the alingator after she was inplaed. and the father thought it was the video guy and he shot the guy dead. this was a interesting ep i thought.
  • Stephen Fry AND French Stewart! And an eppy where we're glad to see someone dead. . .SPOILERS


    I am a major Stephen Fry fan and he was so marvelous in this role. He annoys Booth to no end but proves he is a talented "shrink" as he does help Booth get to the root of the matter.

    French Stewart is a very talented actor (loved him on 3rd Rock) and it was fun to see him on a guest role, especially considering he was the murderer.

    And, let's be real. I think, at least for women, it was gratifying in one sense to see the sleezoid of the Hottie Student Body franchaise to biff it. For once, it was almost as if we were glad to see someone dead. Although, it was extremely sad that the dad did that and was going to jail.
  • The bad side of spring break (Does it have a good side?)

    It was a good episode. So finally someone tells a story about the dark side of spring break.

    So the Sully guy... Showing off a little bit, trying to impress Brennan. A little vain for my taste.

    Booth, poor man. I felt sorry for him because all he was doing when he just went to the shrink was thinking of Brennan. He sure was worried. His conversations w/Gordon were great. What a way of making Booth talk about his feelings.

    I didnt like the way Sullivan told Brennan about her career. It was like telling her it´s not worth it. You dont say that to someone who has sacrificed so much to get where she is. It was insulting. He was a little bit gross when he was speaking with a full mouth. Even Brennan looked disgusted.

    Cam, I just like the way she coaches Zack. The same way I like coaching my people. Favorite moment: The phone conversations between B&B. They just need each other so much.

  • Stephen Fry!!! Mint!!!

    I loved this episode. Stephen Fry was in. I'm a huge fan of his! I thought the way his character got Booth to open up was pretty good too.

    Just one thing. When he was talking about barbeques (that spelling doesn't look right, never mind), my brother and I said at the exact same time "Is this QI or something?" because he sounded exactly like he does on QI.

    The rest of the episoide was also good. Except the corpse. I really don't like looking at the corpses. So it was the religious nut who killed the girl. Didn't see that coming! Not.

    Anyway, despite that, another top notch episode.
  • Sully is gonna take some time to get used to and wow Booth in therapy and Zack was so OOC he's not all superior I didn't like that

    Okay I loved Brennan's reaction to Booth shooting the truck it was just like so blunt it was beautiful.

    I do not really know how I feel about Sully right now he might take some more time to adjust to. I was with Brennan with her thoughts of him in the beginning and he started to grow on me as the episode went on but I'm still not so sure how I feel about him.

    Anyway Booth and therapy well that was amusing. the doctor was so British and he was kind of freaky if I'm honest about it. And he was really weird about the tea I think. And he wa so great at asking Booth all those questions. It was amusing to watch Booth get all frustrated with him when he couldn't answer the questions and howq Booth just wanted to get back to work. The shrink was right though Booth is like a super control freak.

    I honestly thought Zack was a little OOC (Out of Character) Zack isn't all superior and they shouldn't have written him like that it made me want to hit Zack but also the writers.

    Angela was perfect as usual and I loved her and Hodgins and Cam when they were watching the porn. I loved Hodgins word pornado that is like the best word ever.

    The case was sort of lame. I didn't really like it and the fact that Brennan wasn't working with Booth and Sully's attitude at the beginning.

    It was a good episode but Sully is gonna take some time to adjust to and Zack was way OOC.
  • Is it possible for Bones to find romance with her FBI guy?

    This episode had everything that fans have come to expect of this series and more. We had some crazy forensics involving a giant alligator that swallowed our victim. We had Booth go psycho and shoot up an ice cream truck clown head figure. We had reprehensible characters from both ends of the moral spectrum. And most importantly, we get a new character that gives hope to all those fans who have been pining for Brennan to find romance. The always-inventive writers were able to come up with a way to block Booth out of the story and make way for Sully; and yet create a side-story that was also revealing and entertaining. It was so out of character for Booth to lose control and fire his weapon at the clown head, that I honestly expected it to turn out to be a fantasy sequence. We knew as soon as Booth unfolded his release form for Dr. Wyatt's signature that this was not going to be some routine dismissal of a momentary lapse. I enjoyed the entire course of interplay between these two, from the mandatory discussion of American-British differences in pronunciation and beverage preferences to the ingenious way that Wyatt got Booth to create a deluxe outdoor gas grille -- not a lowly barbecue -- as a means of therapeutically gaining psychological insights into Booth's behavior. And even though Booth did in the end get Wyatt to sign off on his return to duty, there is a sense that this is unfinished business. Sully seems to be exactly the kind of man Brennan needs in her life. His ability to trade banter with her is every bit as good as Booth's. When she cracked Monte's finger backwards after he made a thrust in her direction and then made the knowing glance toward Sully with the aside "He assaulted me, right?", it was clear that these two were really clicking. The fact that his education is actually more well-rounded than hers -- art history, kinesiology, EMT, and carpenter -- is made all the more intriguing by his revelation that he is already looking to chuck his FBI career to possibly become a charter boat captain or a restaurant owner. His comments on agent burnout resulting from the constant exposure to human remains and sociopathic scoundrels visibly got Bones to thinking about her own life course. It's clear from her comment about not needing a waiting period that she is already taking this to the next level.
  • Kind of gross but still good

    Not a big fan of the Sully guy but Booth was classic. How on Earth did they get that guy to play the shrink? I figured he was too big of a movie star to come on a tv show. Booth admitting he didn't know if he dropped the guy or his hand slipped was interesting.
  • Mais um dia fora do normal para os nossos especialistas. Vejam e apreciem

    tal como todos os episodios de Bones, este não se fica atrás e é simplesmente magnifico!Aconselho a quem conhece e a quem nao conhece a ver. todos os episodios se v~em com grande entusiasmo, principalmente para quem gosta deste tipo de series. apesar de nao ter nenhum episodio preferido, este foge realmente ao normal, se bem que também gostei bastante do episodio em que os corpos eram escondidos dentro da chamine por vingança. vejam, apreciem e comentem os episodios das series todas, ninguem fica a perder, ficamos todos a ganhar com os comentarios de cada um. cumprimeitos rainbow girl
  • Hmmmm... I don't know what to think...

    Not my favorite episode, not at all. The only thing that I loved about this one is the fact that it proved that without Booth/Brennan the show will sink.

    The only scenes that I really enjoyed were the first with the whole Clown incident and Booth's scenes with Dr. Wyatt. David Boreanaz once again showed us how his acting has improved. He did a fantastic job and his scenes were the only thing of worth on this episode for me. And if anyone had the smallest doubt about David & Emily chemistry they have to be convinced after this episode: How much chemistry you can get over the phone? Wow! They delivered!

    The case was silly and predictable and I usually don't care too much about the cases on Bones, but this time I didn't have Booth & Brennan together to make me forget about the case.

    In conclusion: bring Booth back!!! (and please don't make this anymore...)
  • Booth & Bones separated once again! Yuck!

    Well this is indeed a character development but still Bones and Booth without one another I really didn't like at
    All and that with them, they really make the chemistry work
    Bones works with a new agent named Sully. He is ok I guess but not a Booth for sure. Booth is forced to see a shrink that is British. Stephen Fry is great as the shrink. Still didn't like my two characters separated.
  • Booth and Brennan apart for once........ not my ideal episode.

    I think that the majority of viewers agree that this episode was not a favourite storyline amongst us, what with Brennan working with another FBI agent called Sully .( now we have Sully and Seeley ) on a girl who took part in a girls gone wild video and Booth having to see a therapist due to him shooting at an ice cream trunk in a public area this episode was not the best and could have been written so much better.

    The doctor and Booth scenario was funny in parts and it was nice seeing Stephen Fry playing the part of an English eccentric doctor so well, I think it was the Bones and Sully scenario investigating a teenage girl getting eaten by a crocodile then having some romantic moments together, the problem is we are having trouble coming to terms we Booth with Cam as an item we don’t want Brennan with anyone else but Booth.
  • It's revealing in a way...

    Booth's shooting of the clown is very well done for me. Totally lets us see the turmoil happening inside the usually clearheaded booth. The case this week is not so interesting but it was saved by bren's admiration with the new g-man, booth's interaction with the therapist (I assume that the brick building is part of the therapist's technique to ease booth's tension) & also the bit with jack's pornado thing is funny. But then, less zach dialogue & ofcourse the BB moments, so ofcourse, this episode is not one of my favorites.
  • Kind of a silly Girls Gone Wild mystery - easily figured out - alongside an equally silly FBI mandated backyard psyche evaluation for Booth....

    I'm starting to sound like a broken record but I'd like to see a return to B & B's clever flirtatious banter and compare/contrast repartee that was the best part of Bones. Seeing both of them take other partners and discuss their relationship with shrinks just isn't fun to watch. And everyone is OOC - Booth isn't level and strong, Bones isn't as cautious and sensible as usual and Zack - where has he gone? Surely those weren't his lines!
  • Well, a new character comes..

    .. along and we see how Bones can hit it off so fast with a guy that isn't Booth. It's truth that he's not with Cam anymore. But clearly, it's going to take a while for him to finally make a move on Bones. He's stubborn as hell, and she's not that far behind him..

    The story is not that interesting. But it's all about the "emotional breakdown" Booth is going through at the moment. And Bones working in a case with a different agent, someone less focused and intense than Booth. Their chemistry is good and they got along well and became good friends.. Let's see how that "friendship" works in the upcoming episodes..
  • It wasn't as great as all the rest of them from season 2.

    I liked this episode, but I've seen better episodes from season 1 and 2. I liked the case and the whole idea of it, but I didn't like the fact that Booth and Bones weren't working the case together. The only time you saw them together the whole episode was the first scene when he shoots the clown head. Which was very funny by the way. I wasn't blown out of the water but once again, they haven't had an episode I didn't like. All in all, it was good, not great but good.

    I hope next weeks episode is better. =]]
  • Booth shoots a clown and is sent to therapy. Veeeery nice. :)

    1. The look on Brennan's face when Booth shot that ice cream truck was absulutely priceless.

    2. Booth in therapy. What a joy to watch. It's so different to see him not in control, and I just love how that psychiatrist played him like a child's toy. And the shrink's English. I just love that accent.

    3. The story line was...okay, I guess. I honestly don't find teenagers lifting their shirts and baring their breasts entertaining, but I don't think anybody deserves what happened to that poor girl. That so-called preacher was pretty freaky, I didn't like him the first time I saw him. That low intonation and the slow way of reading bible passages and whatnot? Ugh. *shivers*

    4. I'm not sure about what I think about Sully. But I do think he's a little cocky, and he's not as good-looking as Booth. But he does provide an effective tension in the B/B relationship.

    5. I particularly like this on scene where Booth answers a call from Bones while he's talking to the shrink. He talks to her and tells her he'll be back, like they're married or something. I couldn't help but smile. :)

    6. Zack trying not to be superior was cute.

    Story, okay. Characters, great as usual. I said it before and I'll say it again - this show is getting better.
  • she's flirting w/ the wrong g-man...

    So yes, I am a Bones and Booth shipper. I think that I have stated this before in my blogs. So I was happy when Booth said that he was in a relationship that is now over I was happy. I know that this was mentioned in the previous episode, but it was nice to hear it again. But then there is Bones who is flirting with the new agent. Goodness. The episode was interesting, I kinda think it was out of character for Booth. For two seasons he has been so in control (to use the shrink’s words). I don’t always think that people like that crack like he did. I don’t know. Can’t wait for the next week when Booth’s feelings come out.
  • Booth was in therapy!!!!

    After dropping Howard Epps, Booth gets very tense and agrivated quickly. This definitly shows when Booth takes all of his anger out of a clown head that's playing music. So, for once Booth is subdued to therapy, while Bones and her temperary partner, Sully, work on the case, The case- the body of a girl in her late teens is found inside an allagator. What originally seemed as just a hungry alligator, turns out to be a tangle of lies, deception, and even later on, murder. This episode is so funny. Booth and Sully subtly end up fighting ove Bones, even while Booth is in therapy. This is a must-see episode of season two.
  • Booth has to go to a "shrink" after shooting an ice cream truck. Bones then gets another FBI partner named Sully, who although rude at first captures the attraction of Bones. The case involves an alligator, a dead college girl and a crazy priest.

    I know I probably shouldn't like Sully, but I feel that the show was more interesting without the nagging "sexual tension" between Booth and Bones. I want them to hook up eventually, but I feel it is too early. Booth was great in this episode! He was angry in the meeting of the shrink, but towards the end he completly changed. I love how we learn more about every character each episode. The writers are having Bones laugh and smile more in episodes which adds more to the interaction. Not the best episode thus far, yet great anyway.
  • Booth goes into therapy after shooting a clown on a ice-cream truck. Bones and team get a name partner. Remanies of a girl are found in an aligator.

    This shows a more reaveling side to Booth. It was amazing. The best part is when, Booth and Bones are talking on the phone, and you can tell Booth is jelous of the new guy. I saw a few quotes from the next episode, and it's a real Valintine! I belive that Booth and Bones should hook up. When Booth and the new guy ( I can't remember his name) are talking, Booth askes if the guy is asking him to try and get Bones into bed with the new guy. The new guy says " Yeah. Why do you care? It's not like you like her." Booth has an innocent looking face." You got the hots for your partner!" Jillian
  • It was interesting - and entertaining - to learn a little more about Booth.

    Even though he was not part of the case, Brennan continually calls Booth about the case and Sully - they really have become partners and it shows.

    Sully - was there really a need for his introduction. He was the worst part of the show, in my opinion. From what I've seen, they have yet to explain away Brennan's loove interest from season 1 - remember the poor guy Booth interogated and she gave a copy of her manuscript to? The writers don't seem to. You realize he's out of the picture when she dates the "witch-made-me-kill-my-brother". Though I can appreciate the need to introduce new characters to enable the exporation of different facits of the Booth-Brennan dynamic, Sully would not have been my choice.

    Zack's doctorate - so far - has killed the quirky nerdy kid. There's really no need for him to be wearing a tie to work - if the writer's want us to see him mature, then put him in front of a jury as an expert witness. We don't need to be seeing him boss Angela around - though I am glad Cam helped put a stop to that quickly. Yes he needs to develop as a character and mature, but no one else is all that formal at the lab. I think the writers have gone a little overboard with the makeover.

    This is one of my favorite shows on television ... but this episode has probably been the worst so far. I know they can do better.
  • it felt good to sort of get back to the normal cases for once.

    this episode was really, really good. i think i liked sully, even though i did think he was a ittle obnoxious at first. he has alot of buttiering up to do for me to like him as an fbi agent any where near as much as booth, but he's rumored to be in three more episodes, wo we never know. the case was pretty realistic. alligators eat poeple all the time. and the preist? how twisted was that guy? very. he raped and murdered girls. not all that rare for preists today, i guess. booth's encounters wiht the therapist were really classic. i love how the herapist kinda figured out booth really easily. although, you can tell that, like bones, he really hates phsycology. :)
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