Season 2 Episode 13

The Girl in the Gator

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on FOX

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  • I love the growth of Booth!!!

    Okay, I am so glad that they are delving into Booth's psyche. He has way more depth than he is credited for. I also really liked that Bones kept calling him to make sure Sullivan knew what he was doing. They really are partners, and they illustrated that in this show. She is always talking about how independent she is, but she always seems to go to Booth for advice, and support. I really like the way that their relationship is growing into a true partnership. In regard to the previews for next week, I also am so glad that someone notices how Booth feels for Bones, or how protective he is of her. The mistake that Angela made just broke my heart. She totally didn't mean to lead th father on, but the way she said it, I could tell that he was going to go after Monte. I am sure she is going to be feeling pretty guilty, and I wonder if the writers are going to do anything with that. All in all, this episode was another great installment, and I could go on for pages, but I will save my rambling. I just really appreciate where the writers are taking the characters. There are so many shows where people just do, there are no consequences or afterthought. I am glad that the human three dimensionality is the forefront of a show about murder, it is refreshing, and it keeps the attention, because if it was a "murder of the week" type show, the viewers would get bored, there is so much more going on, and that is what I love about my favorite show on television.