Season 2 Episode 13

The Girl in the Gator

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on FOX

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  • A really annoying icecream truck clown is shot in the head. 3x. By Booth which = mandatory leave, visits to a shrink, & a new temporary FBI partner for Bones. Oh yeah, and a gator ate a girl who was behaving badly.

    I really liked this episode; I was really looking forward to seeing how Brennan would work with her new partner, and I'm pleased to see that the writers continue to deliver more than I expected in terms of characters. This episode has plenty of funny spots, including Booth's interludes with his psychiartrist, Dr. Wyatt (skillfully played by Stephen Fry, whom I love), with whom Booth now has mandatory visits because of what I now call the 'Clown Incident'. Booth learns a new word or two: 'cogitate'; and delivers a couple of the episodes funniest lines (which of couse, must be heard in context) as he tries to get back to work:

    Booth: "I told the ice cream guy I was sorry, all right?" I even bought him a new clown head!'

    Booth: "Listen, I really gotta get back to my job, so why don't you sign one of those clown-restraining orders and just sign my paper?"

    Booth and Dr. Wyatt also share one of the episodes more serious moments, as when Dr. Wyatt finally presses Booth to examine the root of his responsibility for and guilt over the death of serial killer, Epps: Dr. Wyatt: "Did you let go of his hand, or did he slip out of your grasp?" Booth has to admit that he really doesn't know, and that marks the step forward in self-awareness that Dr. Wyatt was looking for in order to recommend Booth's return to active duty.

    The episode's mystery: the death of a young woman who's been caught up in the madness of Spring Break and the world of girls behaving very badly is a sad cautionary tale. But it also creates an opening for the the very funny line from Hodgins as he tries to explain to Angela and the gang just why he knows so much 'Hottie Bodies' website:

    Hodgins: "I clicked on a pop-up and got caught up in a 'pornedo'!"

    The ususal suspects in the persons of the soft porn media mogul (Monte Gold) and his creepy entourage, the preachy moralist, and the devastated father of the victim; the latter stalks and then terrorizes Angela, pressing her to confirm his suspicions about Monte's (the porn king) role in his daughter's death. When Monte is later found very very dead, I know who went right to the top of my suspect list…

    Bones and Sully (name is too freakin' close to Seely, causing my little brain to revolt) bond over diverse intellectual pursuits, and I see a sex-thing coming on for Bones in the near future.
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