Season 2 Episode 13

The Girl in the Gator

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Dr. Wyatt: Earlier you said you weren't used to drinking tea with men which suggests to me that you're usually pretty rigid in your assignment of gender roles.
      Booth: What? No, no. My partner is a woman, okay? A woman who needs my help.
      Dr. Wyatt: But are you currently involved with anyone?
      Booth: Just broke up with someone, okay? Me. And I ended it.
      Dr. Wyatt: How long had you been involved with her? Or him.
      Booth: Her! Let's get that straight, okay? Her. Couple of months this time.
      Dr. Wyatt: This time?
      Booth: We'd gone o- we'd gone out, b-before a a f-few years ago, and I, I, ya know, we ah, I broke it up when ah, ya know, my ex wanted to give it another go. Ah! That's it. I shot the clown because I can't let go of the women in my life. Thanks, Doc. Alright. Now I can go back to work and you can sign the (faking a British accent) papa.
      Dr. Wyatt: Excellent theory, but quite wrong! And, we're out of time. Tomorrow I'll wait for you?

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