Season 2 Episode 13

The Girl in the Gator

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Booth: Dr. Wyatt.
      Dr. Wyatt: Ah, Agent Booth is it? Yes, Gordon. Gordon Wyatt. (extends his hand to Booth but instead of his hand Booth pulls out a piece of paper from his back pocket)
      Booth: Great. You the shrink?
      Dr. Wyatt: Shrink, yes, meaning psychiatrist.
      Booth: That's great, Doc. How's about you just sign my piece of paper here and I'll get back to work, right?
      Dr. Wyatt: Certainly. (Booth hands him a pen) No, no, I have a pen. Do you mind if I ask what exactly it was that you did?
      Booth: Yeah, I shot a truck.
      Dr. Wyatt: Ah, full of terrorists no doubt or plutonium or fleeing felons, was it?
      Booth: Nah, it was an ice cream truck.
      Dr. Wyatt: You have a good reason for firing on it?
      Booth: Yeah, the music, it was bothering me.
      Dr. Wyatt: Ah.
      Booth: Yeah, there was a speaker in the clown's mouth? Yeah, I just pulled out my gun, you know, bum-bum-bum. It was gone.
      Dr. Wyatt: (folding the paper without signing it) So, the FBI sent you to me because you shot a clown?
      Booth: Not a real clown.
      Dr. Wyatt: (handing Booth the paper back) I suggest you cogitate on the underlying reasons why you shot that clown while I make us some tea. (goes into the house)
      Booth: Cogitate? Tea?

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