Season 2 Episode 13

The Girl in the Gator

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Dr. Wyatt: According to the FBI report, there was no way you could save Epps' life. Your partner's report says the same thing. An FBI sniper on the upside roof saw everything through his scope. According to all witnesses you have nothing to feel guilty about.
      Booth: (depressed) Yeah, so?
      Dr. Wyatt: So why in a fit of pique did you endanger innocent people in a public thoroughfare by discharging your firearm?
      Booth: I'm a good shot. I didn't put anybody in danger.
      Dr. Wyatt: How many people have you killed?
      Booth: I lost count.
      Dr. Wyatt: Oh, you could remember 180 bricks but not how many lives you've taken?
      Booth: Epps makes fifty.
      Dr. Wyatt: Fifty what?
      Booth: (weighed down) Fifty kills.
      Dr. Wyatt: But Agent Booth, you didn't kill Epps! You tried to save him, remember? Perhaps I better put it as a question: did Howard Epps slip from your grasp or did you release him? (Booth ponders the moment Epps fell in a flashback, he can't answer) Oh, come now man, this is a simple enough question. Was he indeed your fiftieth kill or did you just happen to be there when he died?
      Booth: (very vulnerable) I - I don't know.
      Dr. Wyatt: A man like you? In control of every situation and you don't know?
      Booth: I don't know...I had him and then I lost him and something happened in between. (almost in a whisper) I don't know.
      Dr. Wyatt: I believe you. Because for a man like you to admit you don't know, to relinquish control, that could indeed argue a disruption in yourself - that was large enough to motivate you to shoot a clown.

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