Season 4 Episode 23

The Girl in the Mask

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on FOX

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  • emotional

    Watching this again I appreciated how emotional it was. Booth's friendship with Nak and his empathy with him were touching but also he had to come down firmly in his role as the cop.

    Brennan for once understood the pain someone was going through, and revealed in the end why she is afraid of loving someone so deeply.
  • Booths's cop freind from japan calls him about his missing sister whose remains are later found and he seeks Booth's help to capture the killer.

    As a devoted fan, I must say there was a lot of room for improvement but as one of this season's most serious episodes I suppose this part had more of an honor perspective than detective work; the way Nakamura described Booth to Brennan in my opinion influenced her and his love towards his sister made her wonder if it was truly worth to unconditionally love someone like that.
    The other interesting side of the show was the question on Dr.Tanaka's gender! The role was played impecablly well and it kept audiences guessing till the last minute.
    The episode could have added a little more action or drama to the plot and other than that it was acceptable.
  • A very moving episode.....

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with Booth and Bones in the diner, with Bones trying to work out what new intern to hire full time. Booth gets a phone call from a detective called Ken who is in Japan, whose sister is visiting the US and who he believes has gone missing. We learn that Booth was in Japan a couple of years ago on an exchange and when he was there Ken and Sachi took him in and looked after him. We also learn that their parents died when they were young and Ken raised his sister. Soon the sister's car is found abandoned and blood is found inside. Bones sees something and so foes off into the water, where she finds a mask with a human skull inside. Soon the skull is IDed to be that of Sachi and so Ken joins Brennan and Booth to help solve her murder. Ken also brings along his own intern to help out on the case. Soon the team try to work out if the intern if male or female. We soon learn that Sachi and her missing roommate were working for an escort agency. On hearing this Ken flips out and so is taken out of the field. Ken tells Bones that she is a lucky woman to work with Booth. Booth and Bones go to see the man who runs the escort agency and Bones has to pull Booth away before he kills the guy. Soon a gun is rules out as a murder weapon. Soon the rest of Sachi's body is found and is taken back to the lab. Soon learn that Sachi was drowned, and then her head was cut off. Soon the room mate is found and is brought in for questioning. Sweets speaks to her, but she is so scared, she can't say anything. Soon through the evidence, they track down who the killer is and he is brought in for questioning. Only when they test is knife for blood it is clean, which shocks everyone. We learn that he put her head on a spike, and after making a deal, tells them who drowned her. We learn that a client of her roommates killed her. The escort agency owner was then hired to clean up the scene. As the episode ends, everyone is still wondering if the Japanese intern is male or female so Angela hugs him/her and we learn that the intern is in fact a guy. We end with Booth and Bones discussing the case, whilst they eat a banana split together.
  • A very moving episode.

    Occasionally, the series does an episode about different cultures and I liked this one, the brother/sister story was well written.

    Ken Nakamura is in a horrible position – having solely raised his baby sister, she goes to America where he cannot protect her. She turns up dead and not only does he have to deal with her murder, but also the things she was involved in, such as being a model. Satchi was killed because of what her roommate was involved in, she was innocent. Ken will have to live with the feeling that he failed her, however unreasonable.

    Brennan comments how alone she is, the writers seem to have utterly abandoned Max and Russ. I liked the sense of growing closeness they had been creating between Brennan and her brother. However, I am relieved they've abandoned Max, the writers had destroyed the interesting story from season 3.

    A very good episode, interesting and moving.
  • Brennan shows some sympathy

    After several weeks of not watching Bones, it was a nice surprise to watch this episode. Here's why.
    I've always disagreed with Brennan's lack of emotion in certain situations but she was completely different here and it was nice to see. She was very thoughtful with Booth's friend and she even chose the right words to gently ask him to step outside and let them do their job. If she doesn't like psychology, sorry Brennan, but she did use it there.
    Maybe she saw herself in that situation. She saw in the man what she wanted to see in Russ (by the way, where the hell is he this season?) What I thought was a little bit silly was the whole she is/he is. I think Camille was acting very immature in that scene where she kept staring at the what turned out to be a man, thanks to Angela's methods of investigation ;)
    Very good episode, I hope I can get back my passion for this show.
  • Another stella episode.

    When Booth is contacted by an old friend ( Ken ) who works for the Japanese Police force, he is asked to look for the friends sister who has gone missing in D.C. booth thinks it's just Ken being over protective however he puts out a bolo on Ken's sister which leads to her abandoned car being found, unfortunately Bones finds a decapitated head which turns out to be Kens Sister.

    Naturally Ken comes over from Tokyo and brings a doctor to help in the investigation, the doctor is a leading Japanese scientist but though the doc is a 'she' Hodgins, Cam and Angela aren't quiet sure on the good doctors sex.

    Naturally our dynamic duo track down the murderer or should say murderer's and Ken can now put to rest the soul of his dead sister.
  • A Japanese woman turns up dead.

    Well, you can't win them all. This was your regular filler episode which unfortunately halted a pretty strong run of the show had been on, but I also can't say that it was horrible, as it had some amusing moments, and some decent acting at times by David Boreanaz.

    What was with that Cold Case-esque ending with the guilty party being escorted down a hall while another was talking? That doesn't seem like something Bones should do, or does do often. I also found the "he-she" character to be particularly off-putting and disturbing. It just seemed like a poor storyline designated to get the supporting cast involved.
  • this season just keeps getting better and better

    it was so nice to have more awesome character developement between booth and brennen. I felt horrible for the girls brother. i was hoping it would turn out that it was the other girl not her body. i knew it was the fat guy cuz he was so nervous. as for the pimp i can't believe he beheaded her wtf is wrong with him? I hope the two of them will come back again cuz they were awesome. It was like having a male version of brennen but also spiritual. Too bad tanaka wasn't a girl though cuz then there could of been a relationship between them like there is with brennen and booth. So i guess were getting close to who will be chosen to be brennens new assistant soon XD. i wish she'd just take all 3 white guys and the one black guy who she almost strangled. i like all four of them blonde guy is kinda newbish random facts guy well gives random facts and gothscifi guy is pretty cool but the black guy is the smartest out of all of them i wish he'd get a permanent job with the team but he's uncomfortable around them.
  • Variety

    I liked the different culture thing, very different storyline from last time (more serious, more meaningful thoughts) and I really think it was a great episode.

    I most say the story was not as thrilling as I would expected and it somehow was, in some places, little lame and the case development not too good, but the best part of the episode was char interaction. First that detective whose sister was murdered - the way he took it, the way Bones acted with him (she was sensitive).. the cultural difference thing.. and ofcourse the conversation Bones had about him about brother-sister relationship. So, some really great dialoge but maybe little more dynamic needed for case part.
  • As a favor to a Japanese Investigator Nakamura, Booth and Brennan look into the disappearance of his sister. They find her decapitated skull and the investigation leads to a Japanese Anime Tea Bar, a photo studio, and finally an escort service.

    Ken Nakamura is a friend of Booths from a FBI trip to Japan to understand and trade investigation methods. They bonded thru their work together. When Nakamura's sister disappears he asks Booth for help in finding her. Unfortunately they find her head and eventually her body as she was killed and decapitated.

    Nakamura brings an interesting character with him in Dr. Haru Tanaka who is sort of a colleague of Dr, Brennan's in similar fields. The rest of the Jeffersonian crew can not figure out whether Tanaka is male or female and it is an intriguing issue throughout the episode. This person works with Cam, Bones, Hodgins, and Angela in solving the murder.

    The investigation leads Booth and Brennan to an Escort Service and the murdered girls roommate. in the end they solve the murder and capture the perpetrator.

    Now as for Tanaka, Angela walks up and hugs the Doctor and when she comes back to the team she says that he's a he. For obvious reasons(what she could feel in a reaction from him). Only Angela would solve the problem that way. Because the Presidents speeches we've caught up fast the last two weeks. Now there are only three episodes left to the season. I'm looking forward to them all!

    Thanks for reading...
  • A favor for a friend leads Booth and Brennan to a decapitated head wearing a mask and a prostitution ring.

    Awesome episode! There were plenty of laughs, but what was most notable about this episode for me was the continuing emotional evolution of Brennan. Let's start with the laughs first; it was hilarious to watch the squint squad try to figure out which pronoun Dr. Tananka used, the scene at the massage parlor with Booth and Brennan, and of course the way that Angela managed to figure it all out. What stood out about this episode for me was Brennan's emotional progression. She was understanding, and even sensitive to the religious beliefs of another person. She showed a lot of sensitivity and vulnerability, asking aloud whether or not it was worth it to risk so much pain investing your happiness in another person. The answer that both Ken and Booth gave her was undoubtedly yes. When I first heard the direction that the writers intended to take Booth and Brennan, I was a little worried, especially when I recall last season's ender. Now I'm getting increasingly curious and somewhat excited to see how - and if - they'll be able to pull it off. Can't wait 'til next week.
  • It's worth it Dr. Brennan.

    Within the past few episodes I've observed that Bones has been subtly getting an education in human nature. But one that's on the more personal and interaction levels. Within tonight's episode we see her actually showing some compassion towards Nakamura as he deals with the murder of his sister. But you also see her learning from Dr. Tanaka as they learn the cause of death. The case itself was interesting but not as intriguing as watching Brennan learning to deal with human emotions. We of course have the joke of the week and this week it was the team trying to determine Dr. Tanaka's sex, not that it mattered. I do however wish they would stop the episode "half-time reports", they're not needed, especially if you are already watching the episode.
  • Booth's detective friend Nakamura flies in from Japan to help in an investigation involving his sister's murder.

    Not one of my favourites, but the mix of different cultures in Bones always piques my interest. The anime masks were somewhat creepy, but for me the most disturbing part of the episode were the actual remains. Some of the most gruesome I have seen throughout the series. Of course that's part of why I love the show! Since Ken Nakamura and Dr. Tanaka were the guests of the episode, there wasn't a "replacement Zack" but at the beginning Bones is making an effort to decide who it should be. The squints were quite hilarious in trying to decide if Dr. Tanaka was a man or woman. I wasn't sure Angela's way of figuring it out would work, but they finally did crack the case! The conversation between Bones and Ken about the close relationship he had with his sister was very sweet. Bones is still struggling with "soft science" and her emotions, but you can see she is trying. If anything will get her to open up about her true feelings, we all know it will be Booth, who never stops teaching her about what's really important in life.
  • The sister of Booth's japanese detective friend goes missing and Booth tries to find her. On the way he discovers a prostitution net.

    This episode was not very interesting in terms of plot. The japanese masks were very creepy and apreciated that Det. Nakamura and Dr. Tanaka had a very B&B relationship. I loved how the squints were tryng to find out if Dr Tanaka was a man or a woman the whole time. But the real amazing think about this episode is how Bones seemed ready to grow warmer to the idea of being in love and to let her own happiness be dependent on another person's. There are two scenes that stand out. Her conversation with Det. Nakamura and her last scene with Booth, both of which i'm not going to spoil here. But,I think this episode has made her a different person. Or this is the first time we get a glimpse into a Bones that can really be human and relate to others in a deeper way. You really can see her struggle here where she says "I have no people with whom i talk to so much. Outside of work of course"