Season 4 Episode 23

The Girl in the Mask

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on FOX

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  • A very moving episode.....

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with Booth and Bones in the diner, with Bones trying to work out what new intern to hire full time. Booth gets a phone call from a detective called Ken who is in Japan, whose sister is visiting the US and who he believes has gone missing. We learn that Booth was in Japan a couple of years ago on an exchange and when he was there Ken and Sachi took him in and looked after him. We also learn that their parents died when they were young and Ken raised his sister. Soon the sister's car is found abandoned and blood is found inside. Bones sees something and so foes off into the water, where she finds a mask with a human skull inside. Soon the skull is IDed to be that of Sachi and so Ken joins Brennan and Booth to help solve her murder. Ken also brings along his own intern to help out on the case. Soon the team try to work out if the intern if male or female. We soon learn that Sachi and her missing roommate were working for an escort agency. On hearing this Ken flips out and so is taken out of the field. Ken tells Bones that she is a lucky woman to work with Booth. Booth and Bones go to see the man who runs the escort agency and Bones has to pull Booth away before he kills the guy. Soon a gun is rules out as a murder weapon. Soon the rest of Sachi's body is found and is taken back to the lab. Soon learn that Sachi was drowned, and then her head was cut off. Soon the room mate is found and is brought in for questioning. Sweets speaks to her, but she is so scared, she can't say anything. Soon through the evidence, they track down who the killer is and he is brought in for questioning. Only when they test is knife for blood it is clean, which shocks everyone. We learn that he put her head on a spike, and after making a deal, tells them who drowned her. We learn that a client of her roommates killed her. The escort agency owner was then hired to clean up the scene. As the episode ends, everyone is still wondering if the Japanese intern is male or female so Angela hugs him/her and we learn that the intern is in fact a guy. We end with Booth and Bones discussing the case, whilst they eat a banana split together.