Season 5 Episode 10

The Goop on the Girl

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2009 on FOX

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  • Absolutely fantastic!

    This is the best episode of Bones which I've ever seen. I like it! Booth & Brennan and Christmas = absolutely fantastic !!! Thank you for that episode!
    I couldn't wait to see this episode. It was absolutely fantastic. I like that part when there's a xmas dinner at Brennan's house.
    The beginning of this episode is also great! I like that part when Santa come into a bank :D and after that he explodes before the bank.
    And in the lab, Brennan collects evidence :D and she says: Evidence for Hodgins and flesh for Cam. After that she takes off Booth's pants and Cam come in. :D
  • Pretty good.

    I really enjoyed this episode, mainly because we get to see Booth in his underwear. Bones undressing him was classic. Not as good as the miseltoe kiss episode but a close second.

    Bones gets to meet a relative, played by real life sister Zooey, who is just as quarky as she is. It's a little bumpy at first but at the end they reach a middle ground. I would love to see more of this character but seeing as it took 4 years to get the scheduling to work, I don't see it happening again anytime soon.
  • A man, dressed up as Santa Claus, not only robs a bank but got him self blown up in the process. Bones agrees to meet a distant relative and Camille is upset that her adoptive daughter does not want to spend Christmas with her.

    This is probably my least favorite of the Christmas themed episodes. It is still a great episode, but was not nearly as good as it could have been.

    The murder-mystery itself never really generated much interest for me because I was pretty sure how it would turn out and who was probably forcing the man to rob the bank.

    The episode wants us to view the angry-eccentric guy on the radio as being morally responsible for the death of the bank robber. Heck, Booth looks at this man as being a traitor for expressing his opinions. I am sorry, but I just could not get too angry at the guy for expressing his viewpoints on the air.

    Maybe if we had actually heard more of what the man believes, but what little we hear just does not rise to the level of being un-American. Is the man on the radio Eccentric? Yes. Angry? Yes. Paranoid? Probably, but I am not sure that means he should stop his broadcasts and I just could buy the argument that he was somehow morally responsible for killing a bank robber.
  • A Santa robs a bank and in the end seems to blow himself up. Bones, Booth, and the team need to figure this out before it happens again. Everyone is dealing with the holiday as well "even though Jesus was born in March"!

    One of the more touching and poignant episodes of Bones in a long time. The end sequences really give one a sense of good will and peace at this holiday time. I especially loved the cemetery and the dinner scene. We also get to see Zooey Deschanel make an appearence as Tempe's second cousin. It was cute the many references to "is this your sister?" A nice holiday themed episode with the case interacting very well with the personal relationships on the show. This episode really features everyone. Of course one cannot forget to mention the Bones disrobing Booth to his skives scene which was promo-ed to death. David Boreanaz luckily keeps himself in pretty good shape so this comes off without a hitch!

    I have to admit the crime scene was one of the more gruesome I think we've ever seen with pieces of Santa Claus in everyones hair, etc.. Of course knowing what we know at the end it almost seems like just deserts to those involved.

    Has anyone else noticed the references to Jesus not being born in December coming up in a number of shows this holiday season? Of course that is a historical fact, but I find it sort of odd to be a recurring theme.

    The other little relationship stories with Cam and Michelle, Hodgins and Angela, Sweets and Daisy, and then finally Zooey, Bones, and their Father were nicely done. I would also like to point out the smaller but excellent performance of Dorien Missick who played the radio operator who brought a lot to his small but significant part. Excellent job!

    In a way I think this episode could be Emmy worthy even though I think that ship has sailed for this season. A very nice, comfortable, and endearing episode of Bones that one could watch over and over. It brings you a little bit of everything. This is my 800 episode review! Thanks for reading...
  • A man in a Santa suite blows up after robbing a bank and Booth becomes part of the evidence. Brennan's cousin (Zoe Deschanel)and her dad join her for christmas and so do the rest of the gang.

    I loved it as a christmas episode and even though I love David as if he were my own brother, I got to admit, one thing better than David is a half naked David! And I have to add, he looked great and the stylists had fixed his hair do so he was his handsome self again.
    As far as the plot goes, there were some mistakes like the unnecessary virtual rebuilt of the explosion that could have been spared and added to Hodgins's experiment, the story had some things to say. It's also true that the radio host could have continued his show and made it more moderate or at least used his freedom of speech more responsibly but the idea of peace on earth made it look more appropriate for the season and frankly I think we could all use some sympathy with the oh so many problems we have these difficult days.

    Moreover, Zoe's role was too small and she should return if possible because Brennan probably changed her character's perspective and things were left unfinished. Then again, it was a 40 minute show and we always expect too much.

    Anyhow, happy holidays to every one and may this great episode be the first of many for Bones and may peace happen at least on some parts of the earth.
  • It's Christmas, and its time to met a strange cousin of Brennan's!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a Santa Claus robs and bank and is then blown up, the team are called in to investigate. And when Booth has some of "Santa" left on him, Bones has to undress him, for the case of course. Quickly the case of Santa and his death is solved, and we move onto Christmas. Yes yet again it is Christmas time in Bones world, and Bones's cousin Margaret (played by Zooey, Emily's real life sister) comes to town to celebrate. As the episode ends, we see everyone from the lab, and Margaret and Max enjoying a nice meal together in Bones's apartment.
  • Best episode of the season so far!

    I loved the beginning with the exploding Santa Claus. I thought it was neat how it turned out in the end that the bomber was innocent. It was great to see Max again too. The ending with the cast gathered for dinner was wonderful.

    The only problem with the episode in my opinion was that Zooey's character was somewhat underused and spent most of her scenes annoying Brennan with Ben Franklin quotes. I did like it the end however when Brennan told her she wanted to hear what she had to say personally.

    Btw, to the reviewer who posted before me: I think you're taking the radio subplot a little too seriously.
  • Good Christmas episode

    First of all, I have to say that I liked that Brennan was willing to celebrate Christmas without any weird excuse.
    I love Zooey Deschanel. Both sisters are fantastic, a great combination of beauty and talent. However, I just wished Margaret had been the opposite of Brennan, since having two related women having almost the same personality is a little too much. But I loved the addition of the character and I hope she comes back.
    Gosh, I wanted to slap Michelle in the face for being that ungrateful. I really thought she was leaving, but when Cam opened up to her and she changed her mind it was really nice.
    It's amazing how much chemistry the whole cast have and how all the grad students fit it so well. The scene in the graveyard brought tears to my eyes. I wish we had had a sweet Christmas-y moment between Booth and Brennan, maybe a touch from Booth to comfort Brennan in the car, but well, after the super sexy scene we had in the beginning, I can forgive the writers! :P
  • This one is a keeper. Got it all. It shows the misery and love of Chrismas in a quite intresting manner, good case, guest stars and all.

    I even cry in this one, it's really tender and smoth. Zoey is really good, definely bones cousin. We have the chance to see Bones father again, i thought he wasn`t comming back after all the personal problems of the actor, but he did and i`m really happy for it.
    Good case, i didnt have a clue... and there is been a long time since i didnt.
    Very humane episode. We got a little insight of every character lives. Unforgivable Bones undressing Booth.
    And we definely got a hint for Angela and Hodgins at the end.

    And the message, stop with anger, peace on earth, brilliant
  • Santa claus in a whole different perspective.

    When Booth is involved in a bombing by a bank robber dressed as Santa, the team has to deal with breathing evidence. Meanwhile, Max is trying to get Brennan into a christmas dinner with her cousin (zooey). Michelle wants to go to Hawaii and Parker is in Quebec with Rebecca. Brennan is -of course- planning on going to El Salvador, so everyone will be alone with Christmas, except from Sweets, since Daisy also returns. Max however is very persuasive and at the end of the ep: take a guess... I really loooove this ep coz it really shows the real xmas thought: be together with friends and family and make it lovely. Stop fighting. And, one more reason to like this ep: Bones finally gets to undress Booth!
  • Great christmas episode with everyone at the end spending time together as a family. Pretty enjoyable but not apparently for some scrooges (like the 2nd post below).

    Like to say didnt see the 2 at the scene being the culprits that rigged the poor guy to explode. It was sad the poor guy was just an everyday person and gets killed for others misfortune. The episode had alot of great moments between all the characters and their conterparts. Cam and michelle, bones and booth, hodgens and angela, and sweets and daisy. I like in the begining with max that he tells bones nobody wants to spend christmas alone because it makes them feel unloved. I think she was thinking about booth that point in time since he was going to be alone. Bones getting emotional in the car with booth really shows how far she has come to understanding people and how the feel. It was nice to see booth use her logic in turn to show how he understands her. Very nice episode with the hint of everyone have a great time together and there are more the one type of family.
  • Beautiful Christmas episode

    So.. That was great episode. I mean, "Bones" usually comes up with very sweet and beautiful storyline and they did the same thing for Christmas episode: they had all the great thoughts like spending Christmas together and the decision the radio man did. They had some great thoughts from Angela too. I mean, the whole thing that there are people behind bones and that maybe they forget it sometimes.

    And the case.. I mean, it was very good way to start the episode and with the first some minures, I was wondering.. where the bones come.. and there came the explosion. Get to the action start, really.

    And it was nice to have some more family for Bones and how she got along. Lovely episode.
  • Have yourself a merry little christmas...

    It's yet too soon but Bones is already broadcasting its Christmas episode.

    Good episode and interesting case. The focus was mainly on the people rather than the case. A normal guy picks up a call and end up getting blown up near a bank.
    He wasn't a criminal. He was a good guy.

    It was so dense and touching that we didn't even need to see the arrest.. Booth only talk about it with Bones in the car but the depth of the scene was enough. The guy who was broadcast some amateur radio show knows it was his fault.. he feels guilty and his speech in the end was simple and clear: Peace on Earth..

    When I read that Zoey Deschanel was gonna be on this episode, I was hoping they wouldn't go for the cliché of making the girl go crazy about Booth and Bones going all jealous and hurt about it. It's fun but too predictable to be really enjoyable. Just a few moments of jealousy is enough (I remember that episode with the car salesman, when Booth and Bones go to workplace of the vic to ask the owner some questions and some blonde goes all feline meowing to Booth and Bones gets all jealous "Hey, she meowed at me first!" "But you didn't need to say it back!!".. haha.. priceless).