Season 1 Episode 20

The Graft in the Girl

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on FOX
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The team helps Deputy Director Sam Cullen's daughter, Amy, when she contracts a rare form of lung cancer after receiving a bone graft. Booth and Brennan learn she is not the only victim with this rare form of cancer.

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  • This episode is very emotional

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with Bones, Booth and Angela going to show the deputy director of the FBI some pictures, but they have to go to the hospital to do so, as his daughter, Amy is sick. She has bone cancer. We soon learn that she had a bone transplant a year ago, and perhaps that is what caused her cancer.

    When they look deeper into the case, they learn that the bone she was donated came from a person around 60 years of age and not 25 as it is claimed. They soon learn that the donor had terminal cancer and now Amy also has cancer and it is most likely going to kill her.

    Amy's father, Sam Cullen is told about the bone and how it caused the cancer, but it doesn't help him much as he knows that his daughter is dying. We soon learn that the company, who transported the bone and sold to the hospital, went bust over 2 years ago and yet Amy got her new bone only 12 months ago. We soon learn that another person had a bone from the same donor and when Booth looks into it, she is already dead. We learn that she died of lung cancer. We also see that since Amy is an artist, a relationship of friendship develops between her and Angela, through their love of art. Soon 13, including Amy and the other victim, have been IDed as having received bones from the same donor. And since it crosses into state lines, Booth can now officially work on the case. We then see some of the victims and we see that one of them is a young little girl and a few of them are children. Amy begs Bones to get them to take the bone out of her leg, which has made her so sick and which will lead to her own death. Soon though the use of science they manage to ID the man whose bones were donated, thus makes him the donor. And when they talk to his widow, she is less then helpful. We soon learn that the treatment for Amy didn't work and that there is nothing more that they can do for her. Soon the evidence tracks back to the funeral home, who cremated the body. Soon Bones puts 2 and 2 together and realises who is cutting up the bodies, and it is in fact the transplant doctors assistant. Angela manages to make a wish for Amy come true, as she manages to use her skills to make a computer program for Amy so that it is actually like she is in a famous museum that she has always wanted to visit, but will never make it too, because she is dying.moreless
  • A very emotional episode.

    This episode really got to me. The case was very well written and also very sad to watch. Deputy Director Sam Cullen's daughter, Amy, had lung cancer, which is very rare at a girl of her age ( so young). Brennan gets curious about this, cause she finds it odd and is set on investigating this further.

    Along this episode we learn that she got this form of cancer after receiving a bone graft. Sadly this does not help Amy and in the end we know that she is going to die.

    I like the way that Angela formed a bond with Amy, and what she did at the end for Amy was just super sweet.moreless
  • A very moving episode and some terrific performances.

    A young girl, the daughter of Booth's boss at the FBI, is dying of terminal cancer. It soon becomes obvious that the result of her illness is a bone graft she received as a result of an injury - a graft that did not come from a healthy person. This is not really a spoiler as it's revealed very early on.

    The resulting storyline is interesting, sad, moving and ultimately satisfying without being a Hollywood happy ending. Once again, Emily Deschanel manages to get Brennan's 'coldness' just right, whilst revealing a depth of feeling that most people seem to miss. And Angela has a great role here as the artist who identifies with the child's own art and wish to paint. The story itself is not as thrilling as some of the others in the series, but the acting and the impact of the main storyline make up for that in spades.

    The ending is a little far-fetched, but just sets everything out wonderfully and provides a moving if still sad ending to the episode.moreless
  • Review

    I thought that the case itself was very good, but the side story of the police chiefs daughter being sick was a little too sentimental for me and that wasnt my favorite storyline. Angela made a very strong connection with the girl, which I thought was kind of cool. Also, this is now the second episode in a row that Jack has come to Angelas aide when shes needed someone to be there for her. I dont know if the writers are planning to have something happen there, but I think that it would be an interesting twist if they did opt to take that route along with Bones / Booth, leaving Zach out of the picture. I think that would led to some cimic scenes between Zach and the rest of the group. The case itself was good, with Angela being able to put a face onto the man who was hurting all these people and then Jack being able to jump in and provide a location for the man. I thought the writers did a very good job with the case stroyline, but the little girl dying in the end wasnt my favorite thing I think that they could have done with this episode.moreless
  • Sad, Interesting and Great performances.

    It´s horrible what happens to Amy Cullen in this episode. It´s sad how someone´s greed can ruin the lives of others.

    I liked the interaction of Brennan´s team. I think they worry too much to find out what happened. But the guys have great hearts and they helped without a doubt.

    Booth was passionate. His determination to help his boss was huge and he succeded.

    I loved all the scenes between Angela and Amy. It´s amazing how an activity can bring too people from different ages together. Their relationship is so real.

    The scene (with the camera spinning around the room) where all the patients are being tested again was well thought, well written. I can´t imagine how awful those relatives must´ve felt at that moment.

    I hope we can see the rest of this story. We know Amy´s fate, but they should write the end of it.

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Zack Addy

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Alexandra Krosney

Alexandra Krosney

Amy Cullen

Guest Star

Kathleen Mary Carthy

Kathleen Mary Carthy

Julia Cullen

Guest Star

Paul Keeley

Paul Keeley

Dr. Ken Ralston

Guest Star

John M. Jackson

John M. Jackson

Dep. Director Sam Cullen

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Angela and Amy are looking at Angela's portfolio, the camera does a close-up of a picture of a man with his elbows parallel to his shoulder, done in a black, white, and red streaky style. That picture is a copy of the one that Angela painted that hangs behind Bones' desk.

    • This episode marks the first time that we see an attraction forming between Hodgins and Angela.

    • Although Amy is a cancer patient undergoing aggressive chemotherapy she somehow still has a full head of hair.

    • Goof: Although the show is set in D.C. area, it is filmed in L.A. There's a scene where the camera shows a mortuary and you can read a street sign on the left that says "Cahuenga," a large road in Los Angeles/Hollywood.

    • Goof: When Amy hands over her painting of the landscape to Angela, we first see that it covers most of the page. In the next cut, we see her handing over the pad of paper with a smaller painting in the center, and the larger one on the page just flipped back, but when Angela is holding it, in the third cut, the painting is back to its full size.

    • Goof: Back in the lab, after exhuming Kelly DeMarco's body, Zack says that she died two months ago. Not even a minute later, in the same scene, Booth says that Kelly died 8 months ago.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • (Angela, Booth and Brennan in front of Amy's hospital room)
      Booth: Is it ok if we come in, sir?
      Cullen: (to Amy) What do you think, sweetheart?
      Amy: Booth's cool, most of the time.
      Cullen: You heard the lady, you're cool.
      Booth: (smiles) Mm-hm.
      Brennan: (under her breath audible only to Booth) Yeah, right.

    • (Booth and Brennan in a hospital. They are having one of their arguments)
      Cullen: Booth. Dr. Brennan. (they stop and turn to him) How appropriate, you two bickering in an adolescent wing.

    • Angela: Just have fun. You know, every once in a while you might meet somebody who's worth it.
      Amy: What if he's not?
      Angela: Then you've got something else to paint about.

    • Amy: It´s hard you know... One second I´m at school and I´m gonna be an artist and the next... My friends don´t know what to say. My parents are scared. Things change I guess.
      Angela: Yeah. Yes, sometimes they do.

    • Angela: What about love? What have you got to say about love?
      Hodgins: It's overrated...(smiles) most of the time.

    • Cullen: I should kick your ass.
      Booth: Yeah.
      Cullen: What did you do? Take sick time to work on this?
      Booth: Yeah, migraine.
      Cullen: Thanks, Booth. Catch this son of a bitch who did this to my daughter.
      Booth: That's absolutely my intention, sir.

    • Booth: How can one dead guy do so much damage?

    • Angela: I wanted to show her that computers don't have to be the enemy.
      Hodgins: Not bad for a bona fide member of the squint squad.
      Angela: I'll take that as a compliment.
      Hodgins: You should.

    • Booth: So, is it him?
      Brennan: It's him, but here's the kickster.
      Booth: Kicker, Bones, here's the kicker.
      Brennan: Oh.

    • Brennan: I know what you've been doing with Martin, with Hastings and the others. If you had finished medical school, you'd know bone dust is very dangerous if inhaled. You're sick Mrs. Combs, and I don't just mean in a mentally disturbed way.

    • Booth: Today Zack. I need something today.
      Brennan: Hey, don't harass my assistant.
      Hodgins: That's right, that's our job.

    • Brennan: Doctor, you performed Amy Cullen's graft, correct?
      Doctor: Yes, but I just do the procedure, Ms. Brennan.
      Booth: Doctor Brennan.
      Doctor: M.D.?
      Brennan: Ph.D.
      Doctor: Well, those who can't do, do research.
      (Brennan is really offended)

    • Brennan: So that's it. Whoever did this to Amy Cullen just, gets away?
      Booth: No, no what we do now is we find out a way to make a legitimate FBI case.
      Brennan: If one graft is infected, there's no telling how many others are out there.
      Booth: Jeez. You know I feel like I'm on a serial killer case, just waiting for the next victim to surface.
      Brennan: You're not far off. What if BioTech makes a habit of selling diseased parts?
      Booth: Well, then it becomes FBI business if one of those tainted grafts is sold across state line.
      Brennan: Well you can spit into four states from where we are right now.
      Booth: What?
      Brennan: Not literally.

    • Brennan: Whoever this is had terminal cancer and now so does Amy.
      Zack: She went in for a broken leg and was poisoned.
      Angela: She never even had a chance.
      Brennan: Someone knew that bone was infected, and they gave it to her anyway.
      Zack: This will kill Amy Cullen.
      Booth: Well, in that case, it's murder.

    • Brennan: I find intelligence soothing.

    • Booth: Bones, I know that you find dead people intriguing, but just...try to put on your sad face.

    • Hodgins: (looking at 15-year-old Amy's x-ray) Pardon the fromage reference, but what's with the moldy gruyere in that leg?

  • NOTES (3)


    • Brennan: Unusual since most tap water is fluoridated except for parts of the Appalachian Mountains.
      Hodgins: A few of the Hatfields and McCoys still have no teeth.

      This is an allusion to the famous Hatfield-McCoy feud where two families living in the Appalachian Mountains region in the late 19th century were fighting with each other. They fought for over ten years, and the feud supposedly began with a disagreement about a Hatfield marrying a McCoy.

    • Hodgins: (at the cryogenic center) And I think he's wedged between Walt Disney and Ted Williams.

      Urban legend states that Walter Disney, the creator of Disney World and its characters, requested before his death that he be put in a cryogenic center, a place where they freeze people, so that he may wake up in the future. However, this in not true as Walt Disney was cremated two days after his death.

      Ted Williams was a baseball player who died in 2002. His body for a fact was placed into cryogenic suspension in the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Arizona.