Season 1 Episode 20

The Graft in the Girl

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on FOX

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  • This episode is very emotional

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with Bones, Booth and Angela going to show the deputy director of the FBI some pictures, but they have to go to the hospital to do so, as his daughter, Amy is sick. She has bone cancer. We soon learn that she had a bone transplant a year ago, and perhaps that is what caused her cancer.
    When they look deeper into the case, they learn that the bone she was donated came from a person around 60 years of age and not 25 as it is claimed. They soon learn that the donor had terminal cancer and now Amy also has cancer and it is most likely going to kill her.
    Amy's father, Sam Cullen is told about the bone and how it caused the cancer, but it doesn't help him much as he knows that his daughter is dying. We soon learn that the company, who transported the bone and sold to the hospital, went bust over 2 years ago and yet Amy got her new bone only 12 months ago. We soon learn that another person had a bone from the same donor and when Booth looks into it, she is already dead. We learn that she died of lung cancer. We also see that since Amy is an artist, a relationship of friendship develops between her and Angela, through their love of art. Soon 13, including Amy and the other victim, have been IDed as having received bones from the same donor. And since it crosses into state lines, Booth can now officially work on the case. We then see some of the victims and we see that one of them is a young little girl and a few of them are children. Amy begs Bones to get them to take the bone out of her leg, which has made her so sick and which will lead to her own death. Soon though the use of science they manage to ID the man whose bones were donated, thus makes him the donor. And when they talk to his widow, she is less then helpful. We soon learn that the treatment for Amy didn't work and that there is nothing more that they can do for her. Soon the evidence tracks back to the funeral home, who cremated the body. Soon Bones puts 2 and 2 together and realises who is cutting up the bodies, and it is in fact the transplant doctors assistant. Angela manages to make a wish for Amy come true, as she manages to use her skills to make a computer program for Amy so that it is actually like she is in a famous museum that she has always wanted to visit, but will never make it too, because she is dying.
  • A very emotional episode.

    This episode really got to me. The case was very well written and also very sad to watch. Deputy Director Sam Cullen's daughter, Amy, had lung cancer, which is very rare at a girl of her age ( so young). Brennan gets curious about this, cause she finds it odd and is set on investigating this further.

    Along this episode we learn that she got this form of cancer after receiving a bone graft. Sadly this does not help Amy and in the end we know that she is going to die.

    I like the way that Angela formed a bond with Amy, and what she did at the end for Amy was just super sweet.
  • A very moving episode and some terrific performances.

    A young girl, the daughter of Booth's boss at the FBI, is dying of terminal cancer. It soon becomes obvious that the result of her illness is a bone graft she received as a result of an injury - a graft that did not come from a healthy person. This is not really a spoiler as it's revealed very early on.

    The resulting storyline is interesting, sad, moving and ultimately satisfying without being a Hollywood happy ending. Once again, Emily Deschanel manages to get Brennan's 'coldness' just right, whilst revealing a depth of feeling that most people seem to miss. And Angela has a great role here as the artist who identifies with the child's own art and wish to paint. The story itself is not as thrilling as some of the others in the series, but the acting and the impact of the main storyline make up for that in spades.

    The ending is a little far-fetched, but just sets everything out wonderfully and provides a moving if still sad ending to the episode.
  • Review

    I thought that the case itself was very good, but the side story of the police chiefs daughter being sick was a little too sentimental for me and that wasnt my favorite storyline. Angela made a very strong connection with the girl, which I thought was kind of cool. Also, this is now the second episode in a row that Jack has come to Angelas aide when shes needed someone to be there for her. I dont know if the writers are planning to have something happen there, but I think that it would be an interesting twist if they did opt to take that route along with Bones / Booth, leaving Zach out of the picture. I think that would led to some cimic scenes between Zach and the rest of the group. The case itself was good, with Angela being able to put a face onto the man who was hurting all these people and then Jack being able to jump in and provide a location for the man. I thought the writers did a very good job with the case stroyline, but the little girl dying in the end wasnt my favorite thing I think that they could have done with this episode.
  • Sad, Interesting and Great performances.

    It´s horrible what happens to Amy Cullen in this episode. It´s sad how someone´s greed can ruin the lives of others.

    I liked the interaction of Brennan´s team. I think they worry too much to find out what happened. But the guys have great hearts and they helped without a doubt.

    Booth was passionate. His determination to help his boss was huge and he succeded.

    I loved all the scenes between Angela and Amy. It´s amazing how an activity can bring too people from different ages together. Their relationship is so real.

    The scene (with the camera spinning around the room) where all the patients are being tested again was well thought, well written. I can´t imagine how awful those relatives must´ve felt at that moment.

    I hope we can see the rest of this story. We know Amy´s fate, but they should write the end of it.

  • It was sooo sad but super super good!!!!

    Dep. Director Sam Cullen's daughter Amy is diagnosed with a form of lung cancer that is very rare for someone her age. Brennan decides to get involved despite what Booth had in mind. Soon Bines and the squnits find out the the graft Amy recieved came from a sixty year old man, not a twenty-five year old. Before long, this case turns into an FBI matter. This bone donor has infected plenty of people, but luckilly most of them can be saved. Unfortunitly, Amy, who has become great friends with Angela, is too far infected to be saved. This is a great episode. It's exactly why I watch Bones. One of my personal favorites.
  • Brought tears to my eyes...

    In this episode, Booth and Bones deal with a serial killer different from others.He kills by donating infected bone grafts. When Deputy Director Cullen's daughter Amy is diagnosed with a rare lung cancer, Bones decides to investigate. She discovers that the cancer came from a bone graft that Amy received a while back. This episode is probably one of my top 5 for this season. It was nice to see Bones dealing with living people, rather than corpses all the time. Angela seems to have created a friendship with Amy Cullen discussing art, and Amy's boy troubles. It was sad to see that all those people had been possibly infected by a sicko. At the end, Angela uses her talents to make Amy visit the Louvre museum in France,by creating it in a virtual game-like way. Love how the writers didn't go all Disney on us and make it a happily-ever after thing at the end, because nothing ever turns out like that,yet they still ended it on a positive note.
    Amazing episode once again.

    P.S. The music for this episode was absolutley Beautiful! Downloaded all of it.
  • we are nearing the end of season 1!

    haha it stars out in a hospital. they seemed so out of place to me. like they were guests on House or something lol.

    that was awkward when Booth's boss walked in. you can tell booth has respect for the guy, though. but his daughter thinks booth i cool. haha yes, honey, he is. very cool indeed.

    angela is so good with her. she really does draw well. you can tell from that moment that angela would have a connection with her.

    booth kept clearing his throat. i dont blame him. at this point brennan doesnt exactly understand the term empathy yet lol.

    hahahaha lmao hodgins speaks french. same here. fromage is cheese, if you hadnt figured it out yet lol.

    brennan really is a good person. helping out booth's boss like this. i bet he'll have more respect for squints when this is done and over with. and i bet booth never thought he would be working the case of the possible murder of his boss's daughter.

    what anegla did for amy with the painting on the wall was so nice... *sniffs* angela's painting are wicked good, too. that woman is so darn talented.

    exhumation can never be fun. especially for the parents and husband. i dont know how they can bare it.

    i love th angelator. oh yes, and of course all of the technology they have at the jeffersonian. its just so, i dont know, <i>cool.</i>

  • Just amazing, sad and full of greatness

    The Deputy Director of the FBI (Cullen) daughter is sick with a very rare lung cancer and that gives us one of the most amazing episodes of Bones.

    Once again the writers found the way to make an episode so different that others but with a lot of heart on it.

    Cullen's daughter touch us all (the actress did a great job) but Angela kind of saw herself in her because she wants to be an artist. Angela has to strugle all the way with her feeling of impotence while that little girl is dying.

    Meanwhile, Bones and Booth get on the chase of the person responsible for that girl sickness and at the end they gave a lot of other people a chance to live.

    This time they couldn't save a victim but they saved a lot others and gave closure to some ones.

  • The Graft from a 60 year old man becomes a serial killer as it carries a deadly disease threatening to kill hundreds.

    This episode was very different from the rest. It didnt have the same Bones quality exept in little tit bits like wen bones and booth are bikering and the \"kickster\" quote.

    More character development for angela which is nice but most of her lines were pretty corny. We got to more of them out of the leb and out in the real world interacting with other people. It was a vey reaL episode and true to life as the girl is not miraculously cured but at least she gets to cross one of her life dreams off her list.

    The ending was corny but this episode was a nice try at bringing more reality and feeling to the show so i still liked it alot.

    LOVE BONES pretty good ep for those who want more development of the supporing characters. Loved the rare one liner and especially the bickering just like an old married couple. GO BONES!
  • 9.1
    I enjoyed the character depth we saw in Cullen. I have enjoyed John M. Jackson since he was on JAG and was happy to see him on Bones. Letting us see another side of the gruff Cullen was refreshing. Plus I loved the first scene with Booth and Brennan bickering outside the daughter\\\'s hospital room. I am so glad we are getting to see more of the other characters of Brennan\\\'s team (ie; Angela and Jack.) So far I fond of where they are going with that relationship, but I reserve the right to review my approval upon the future actions the writers take. (We all know how well television writers can screw everything up.) Over all it was a good episode.
  • Nice to get away from the ordinary, dealing with LIVE people, and finally bringing out some of the supporting characters. Nicely done.

    I thought this episode was great. The character development was wonderful. I loved seeing this new side of Angela. We knew she was compassionate, but we really saw it here. Not to mention the growing feelings between Angela and Hodgins, which came as a bit of a surprise to me in the last episode or so, since I kind of wondered at the beginning of the show if that was going to happen and then forgot about it, so that just brought it back to life. I think it's cute, and its definitely one of those relationships the show could live with or without and it wouldnt affect the show too much, unlike the tension between Booth and Brennan, which the show thrives on. They're likely to get together at the end of the show. If they decided to get Angela and Hodgins together next season, the show would live.

    But anyway, great episode. Interesting seeing more of Sam Cullen. Thought it was daring of the show to bring such a terminal disease to the daughter of someone who's actually part of the show, not just a one-episode guest start. Thought it was sweet how Angela and Amy bonded over art. Excellent acting from whoever played Amy, and the plotline kept me guessing. I really never thought about it being the assistant girl or whoever Alexandra was. Good ep.
  • I think this is one of the better episodes.

    It's nice to see some character development here. I loved Angela for being some sort of a pillar of strength for Cullem's daughter. Brennan was brilliant as always, and it's nice to see that she's actually working on her social skills more. I also found that "kickster" thing kinda cute because she was all smiles and was obviously excited.

    I didn't quite like Booth in this episode, especially at the beginning where he was arguing with Bones, and when he tried to drag her out of the room when she started asking about Amy's medical history. Didn't he think that maybe she could help since she is an expert on bones? And isn't it the parents' call to throw her out if they think she's over-stepping her boundaries. Okay, so maybe he was just trying to save Bones from humiliation, but unfortunately I found that kind of annoying.

    But I did like the scene where he was interrogating the mortician. So intense.

    I'm not all crazy about where Hodgins' and Angela's relationship is going, though.

    Anyway, this is one episode I'd love to watch again. ^_^
  • Definatly another great installment of my absolute favourite show!!

    In the Graft in the Girl Booth and Bones must solve who gave Cullen's 15-year old daughter, Amy Cullen a graft riddeled with cancer. The story unfolds and the criminal is the most (are the most) unlikely suspects. This plot had tons of twists and turns that made it interesting and fun to watch, but not too confusing.
    Also in this episode one can see how characters are devolping. Angela and Hodgins are definatly having more feelings towards one another while Bones and Booth hasn't really changed much from last episode.
    For the first time in a long while you really see Angela's passion for art as she interacts with Amy who was an artist on the rise, by admiring her wonderful work. Angela was played very emotionally in this episode, as she was grieving for Amy (even when she wasn't dead) throughout it.
    All in all this episode was very touching and very well done and I can't wait for next weeks new episode.
    Well until the next episode,
  • Subtle character development, Seely on a vendetta (of sorts)and truly ghoulish villains.

    The cynical Hodgins and the sunny Angela seem to be getting closer to being more than merely co-workers. This has been hinted at in earlier episodes. The wry dialog between them when Hodgins said that "love is overated ... sometimes" was interesting. Seely seemed if anything more determined than usual to catch the bad guys this time out and came across more grim than he usually does. Beyond it being his boss's daughter, he gave me the impression that he has a particular determination to punish people who victimize young innocents. Perhaps some as-yet-to-be-revealed back story? Overall, that is the kind of thing I love about Bones (beyond the snappy dialog): I always get the sense that these are fully-realized characters whose histories we are slowly discovering.
  • Good, but just good.

    It was ok, just not my fave.
    There were a few really good parts, like Angela and Amy together was cool. I loved that Angela can make an entire museam practically.
    The part with Angela and Hoogins was cute, you never really see them as being together because they're so different, but that scene seemed to work out for them.
    One other funny part was with Booth and Bones when they were in the car and he was trying to read the list of ppl with bones from the same person. When she said she would rather not be a downer (sp) herself I laughed.
    So overall it was good, but just good. This series has shown itself that it can be a lot better than this.
  • Starting with Brennan's fashion emergency and her and Booth bickering to the not so happy ending where they catch the duo behind the cancer ridden grafts.

    At first I was thinking it isn't gonna be a good one, but the episode was so amazing. From Brennan's fashion emergency (Seriously she was dressed like my Spanish teacher) to the very well done ending, the episode was perfection.

    I especially loved this because they didn't make it a trashy happy ending like almost everything else is now days. They got the closure that they needed and not it's all going to end happy and you aren't going to die.

    Another reason to love this espisode is because of Angela. When Angela was talking with Amy about life and love it was apparent that Kirk's death from "The Skull in the Desert" had affected her deeply. Angela and Hodgins discussing how love is overrated was also brilliantly done.

    "Graft in the Girl" was so much better than I originally thought and I can't wait to see what the writer's come up with next.
  • Very Strong episode!

    one of the many better episodes it brought tears to my eyes, i felt that this was very strong and you had to be in the right frame of mind to watch it, it was certainly diffrent due to the fact that they were after someone who hadnt physical killed anyone but throughout the years of harvesting the bones there own selfishness caused loads of death\'s, a very intresteing aproach to this episode and i was happy to see one done like this. I was worried they were going to end it badly with people dieing, but luckily they chose to end it on a postitive note
  • one of the better episodes and great plot development

    i though thtis was a very good episode. i always love to watch bones inher element. and this episode definately showed that her nosy-ness can be helpful at times. it also showed that even though we are faced with adversity we can get through it. i really enjoyed watching this one. it was one of the better episodes. the use of the technology still blows me away. i like to think that even though it\'s a tv show there\'s still the posibility that that awesome technology is at the hands of our CSI\'s out there. imagine using only x-rays from different parts of the body used to make a whole body and what he possibly looked like appear on a screen.
  • Definitely one of the better episodes so far.

    I thought this was a very well written story. It offered a change of pace from what you are used to. I enjoyed seeing some of the other character's reactions and feelings in this episode. Michaela Conlin did an excellent job and really stood out. You could really see how she felt about the girl. It was heartbreaking that in the end they couldn't save her, but I'm sure I wasn't the only one tearing up when Angela enabled her to experience the Louvre. This episode is definitely a must see for this series or any series this season.
  • Good story, heart-wrenching ... just getting a bit tired of the musical montages!

    I\'m all for not having to verbally tell us what\'s going on but sometimes the music montages are a bit overused. This isn\'t the only show I like that employs this technique but it\'s used a lot! But, like I said ... I thought the story was great and always love watching Brennan and Booth exchanging words. That is why I keep watching the show!
  • Very good, but sad show.

    This was one of the better episodes. I really like how they showed a lot of Angala at the hospital with Amy. I thought i was going to cry at the end when angala made that digital version if the luve for amy. But there were also some very funny parts. It might not have been the best episode of the season, but ut was still a very good one. I am so glad that FOX is making a season 2 of this show, it is defenitly my favorite show. I can not wait untill next week to see the next episode!!!
  • very good episode with slight change of topics and subjects i.e. deals with living people rather than dead ones

    I am not sure why the writing staff though that viewers needed a change of scenery and topic but it's a nice transition. This is a very good episode and the change really does not affect the overall feel of the show. The other thing is that some of the 2ndary characters are given more exposure and their stories develop too. Now there are clearly 2 romance chains in the show and you get to discover more about Angela's personality. Oh and those virtual reality glasses are simply awsome. I wish there was something like that that really gives you the quality presented in the show.

    Overall the show keeps getting better and the story flows very smoothly.
  • This is the perfect example of why I watch this series.

    I thought this was one of the best-written episodes of the series so far. It had just the right touch of being emotional, without overdoing it, and without losing sight of what the show is about.

    I also liked how, for many of their theories, Booth and the team are shown to be simply wrong. Too often in shows, there's the tendency to have the main characters make these gigantic leaps of logic, and have their theories always be correct; that didn't happen here. In addition, I was impressed that they didn't go for the "sudden remission" ending that they could have. This wasn't an episode about "happy happy, joy joy", nor should it have been.

    My one, very minor complaint about this episode was Angela's reproduction of the Louvre. A similar project in real-life with the Sistine Chapel took a whole team of people and I believe they took several years to do it, if I'm not mistaken. Even as talented as she is, to think that Angela could do that with the Louvre within the days or weeks that are implied by the story is ludicrous. Still, that was an exceptionally minor point to an otherwise perfect story, so I only took off 0.1 points.
  • Booth & Brennan investigate how Cullen's daughter contracted an age-inappropriate cancer.

    This show gets me every week. It's a little CSI with a lot of heart. I loved that this episode was not a Booth-Brennan centric one. We had an excellent dose of their relationship in last week's New Orleans episode, so it was refreshing to concentrate on some other characters. Hodgins developing crush on Angela is intriguing. I can't say I really see them as a couple, but this new interplay between them is a lot of fun. I think Angela saw a bit of herself in Amy Cullen. It was only a few months ago that Angela felt she failed to fulfill her dreams of becoming a successful artist, and seeing that Amy never would touched home for her. Angela is often the character who holds all the fun cards, and it's wonderful to see her love of life extend beyond fun and into heartwarming heartbreak. One of my favorite parts of this episode was the development of Deputy Director Cullen. So far, he's only had a small role as Booth's hard-nosed boss who doesn't really like our Dr. Brennan. In this episode, his love for his daughter made him immediately receptive to Brennan's involvement, and I my heart wrenched when he realized that catching the bad guy couldn't save his Amy.
  • Excellent episode with a great story. Not only was it well-written but even with strong secondary supporting characters, our primary characters stayed true to form.

    This episode told many stories besides the murder that was to be solved. It was about a parent's unfailing love for his daughter but having enough integrity to resist 'using the FBI as his own personal police force'. Another story told us of a young girl who although horribly violated with a killing dose of untested and disease-ridden bone marrow that would eventually kill her still held on to her dreams and her spirit remained unblemished. Hodgkins continues to moon over Angela who in true character wept and bled for the young girl and supported/even fulfilled some of them. Angela also got a chance to show her devotion to her real love which is art even though she uses it in a way that doesn't feel like art to her. Bones of course solved the murder and provided her usual stoic background for the other characters to bounce off of.

    I thought this was a really good episode.
  • A heartwrencher for Angela. Spoiler alert.

    This was a tough episode for Angela. All she came to do was show one of her computer simulations to an FBI higher-up and ended camped out at the bedside of a teenage girl with terminal cancer. As for the bad guys in this episode even compared to the guy who gouged out people’s eyes with keys I would have to say they were the two of the most depraved characters ever on this show. The mortician didn’t even see a problem with selling infected bone to be used for grafts and that woman worked in the hospital where that girl was dieing and didn’t give a damn. All in all this was a very well done episode. As always my favorite parts were watching Booth correct Bone’s pathetic knowledge of the simplest of idioms. I mean who doesn’t know the phrase “that’s the kicker”.