Season 8 Episode 3

The Gunk in the Garage

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2012 on FOX

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  • Sweets in the field

    Over all this is episode was good, but I found the whole idea of sweets in the field, heading the FBI murder investigation very unbelievable.
  • 8x03 - The Gunk

    Now this one I liked a lot better than the last two. Getting a Sweets centric episode was a nice change of pace. I even enjoyed the twisty nature of the mystery. I was especially pleased when Sweets mentioned the studies done on twins and how they could live eerily similar lives because I always found that really fascinating.

    I found the blonde agent kinda annoying, but her interactions with Sweets did work rather well. Booth getting buried under a mountain of paperwork was hilarious. And I rather liked the way which Brennan tried to be supportive if his decision. The end scene especially cracked me up. Yup, the baby totally needs a grill.
  • 803- the gunk in the garage

    Bones is back! I've been dragging my feet all summer after last season's lousy story line, deciding whether to keep on watching or to quit. And this episode was finally what I like about it: gore, interpersonal drama's, but not the over the top kind or the fighting all episode long, and the end in which everythong gets back to normal.

    Way to go, Bones cast and crew!
  • I have to write a title? Really?

    I'm not a fan of this new agent. I also wasn't feeling the chemistry between Sweets and Olivia. The episode was a little too BB light for me. I also, miss old BB. Don't get me wrong, I love that they're together. It just seems a little too...boring couple with a kid.
  • Goodbye Daisy Hello Olivia!!! YESSS!!!

    PLEASE tell me this is the beginning of the end of Dim-wit Daisy!!!

    Tell me there going to write off that annoying twit of a girl...

    and put Lance with someone on the same level as him!!!

    So as you may have gathered there's a new agent in our squint world:

    FBI Special Agent Olivia Sparling is randomly picked by Caroline and steps in on this latest case Where a bomb in a hotel garage has left one big morbid mess. And one big question, when Sweets and Sparling go to inform the wife of the deceased, only to be interrupted by the arrival of her very much alive husband. (someone's trying to kill you talk about a convenient time to have an identical twin!!!)This episode was filled with bits of fun and lovely B&B moments but let's face it... this story was all about Sweets. From Booth telling him he's trying too hard to make it work with Daisy to Angela teasing him about Sparling it was sweets all the way.

    I love this new girl she's so much a better match for SweetsShe is smart and funny and makes him smile like he did before All that stupid Daisy drama he needs to dump her already We all know it's a sinking ship him and Daisy are only dragging out the inevitable I know I 'am speaking from a biased standpoint and I don't care. I have always hated daisy, she is so insufferable always toying with Sweets... and if I go on I might say something un-kind (no I haven't even started to be un-kind yet.) I could tell from the start it was going to be Booth and Bones, and Jack and Angela No matter what they were MENT to be but these two he's too human for her. She needs to join Zack Addie in the crazy house and leave sweet Lance for a REAL woman!!! Now I see him with this new agent and its destiny, and I'm saying to myself. "This Olivia will do nicely" she shot him and kissed him all in the same day!!! I love it it's like they are meant to be...There just so SWEET together. ; )