Season 4 Episode 7

The He in the She

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on FOX

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  • Booth, Bones, and the team work to solve the mystery of a body that contains parts of both sexes.

    Usually I'm pretty critical, but this was a decent -episode. The story was well-written and original, there was plenty of Bones/Booth interaction, and there was also enough chemistry and interaction with the rest of the team to keep it light and moving. I'm almost starting to enjoy the different intern we meet each week, as they are usually the butt of a lot of humor and keep things a bit new. Overall, kudos to the writers for 1)coming up with something original, and 2) not mucking things up by introducing new characters (other than an intern) or otherwise messing with the chemistry of the group.
  • Redemption, the hard way.

    Victim with two sexes that is a pastor for a community church that is made up of some "diverse" members, this aught to be good. Discovering that the victim was a former Patrick Stevenson an evangelist that had a talent for taking money from its church members I thought that was an interesting twist. I LOVED the interview scene with Ryan Stevenson and Boothe. I found it very revealing for both of the characters. As always Boothe and Bones have some of the best conversations from religion, to whether or not they would like each other as differing sexes then people leading split lives.

    Introducing Nigel Murray. Love the accent but he was done before he got started.
  • This episode looks at an important concept epecially for Booth: redemption.

    The episode wasn't bad nor was it brilliant, it was kinda middle of the road. The case was different to the norm but not riveting. The case involved the floating of half of a body found by two stoners. We assume the body is that of a woman as breast implants are found, though we later find that she is a post op transgender woman. Religion is added into the mix as the body is that of a Pastor. We later find that the woman use to be a male television evangelist. The case is solved and we learn a moral lesson. The new grad student got annoying after awhile and Brennan's comments on the Pope sound mean, you think by now that she would stop saying stuff like that because it hurts Booth. Overall I'm hoping the episodes will improve as the season goes on.
  • A man that had a sex change is murdered.

    I wanted to enjoy this episode, I thought that the religious storyline would be entertaining, but unfortunately I just found myself incredibly bored throughout the hour. Not enough jokes from Booth, not enough field scenes with Brennan and Booth and just not a very intense plot. This was the weakest installment so far in Season 4 as everything just came off as filler. I did like the guest appearance by 7th Heaven's David Gallagher, and the final scene with him was great, but the majority of this episode was just drivel. Hopefully things will get better next week as I was interested based on the preview.
  • This was a very good episode. In fact this is the kind of episode that fans love and what made the show popular in the first place.

    This was a very good episode. In fact this is the kind of episode that fans love and what made the show popular in the first place.

    What made this a good episode was the case. It was interesting and full of twists. It was very original and it reminded me a lot of many of the first season cases. The dialogue was also very sharp, with several laugh out loud lines.

    I thought bringing in David Gallagher(7th Heaven) to guest star this week as the son of the victim was a nice touch. His scenes with Booth were very good and I found his performance at the very end to be very touching.

    T.J. Thyne(Hodgins) has been impressing me with his performances. Ever since the untimely exit of Zach, his character has become more irritable and cynical, if that's possible. Thyne has incorporated those attributes into his performance very well and I love the subtly of it.

    One thing I didn't like was Ryan Cartwright as the new intern Vincent Nigel-Murray. Out of all the new interns we've met so far this season he was the least likable and interesting, in my opinion. I'm beginning to long for Clark to come back, that is since Zach will never be able to come back to work at the lab.
  • A body is found and not everything is what it first appears.

    I found this episode to be really quite beautiful. I myself don't believe in organized religion, but found that the spiritual aspects of these guest characters helped make them as good as they are. This is a very well written episode and one can easily ignore that this was most likely an episode set to air before all the other 'one-new-intern-per-episode' they've already aired (based on Brennan's initial reaction to finding Vincent at the crime scene.) David Gallagher does a fantastic job in this episode. All of the characters feel fleshed out and though we don't see much of them, they feel real in a way a lot of the other episodes can't seem to emulate as well. Well worth a watch, even if you're not a big fan of the show itself, if only for David's scenes.
  • A gender bender that's a never ender

    The episode was good, though I waited about two months when seeing the first promos for season 4. It was one of their most bizarre cases ever because I never thought of the day they would ever deal with a transsexual. The episodes was all in all real fun to watch like all other episodes. I'm hoping this season continues to impress the way it does like all other seasons. I have to review the episode in 100 words and how do you put "this episode was good" in all that. I'm already reaching the end so yeah, the episode was good :D
  • Bones, Faith and Booth

    This week Booth and Brennan had to solve the murder of a priest that used to be male and had plastic surgery to become a female. The plot seems odd at first, but if you look deeper it really is about respecting people the way they are ("don't judge a book by it's cover) and about Faith.

    We see a character development of Booth and Brennan regarding their religoius beliefs. Booth is trying to make Brennan understand that it is important for people to believe in something, and she is, of course, only interested in science. This leads to funny moments, for example when the community was praying at the beach and Brennan said she will not participate because she is "not a member" :-)

    Well, to cut things short, I liked this episode, it had a nice case and good characters, the only thing that is bothering me for the whole season is the grad-student. I don't think they are funny and they do nothing to get the story or characters moving.
  • Do you believe in redepmtion?

    What a wonderful episode. It really gives us something to think about.

    First, I have to say that I didn't like the new grad student. I hate people who are constantly showing off their knowledge with the typical question "did you know that...?". So I'm glad he's gone because he wouldn't have fitted in. How patient can Cam be? And I like how Hodgins is dealing and healing about the break up, he is now one step ahead.
    Second, the BB chemistry is as solid as always. The looks (especially the one in the end), the touching, the conversations makes them one of the best couples of television ever. There's no need to say more. The case is very sad. Again, jealousy took over a person and decides to end the life of her rival. Lots of suspects came up, but we never saw the murderer until the very end. The whole thing about redemption is true. How many people don't believe in it judging and condemning other people without giving them the chance to prove they've changed, to prove they can do the right thing? I bet Booth knew what the kid was talking about in the interrogation room. And the song is absolutely touching.
    Religion is very clear in this episode but you don't need to be a religious person to appreciate the message behind the story.
  • Two wrongs don't make a right.... Amen.

    When the upper part of a body in found in the bay Booth and Brennan are sent to investigate, they surmise the body is of a women who's had breast implants and some facial cosmetic surgery, they also learn the victim is a pastor, the case is unfolding nicely for our duo until the lower half of the body is found, one small problem… the lower half is male and is a match with the top half.

    Naturally Booth and Brennan investigate and interview a number of suspects until eventually the person you 'least' expect is found guilty.

    The episode was good, still loving Sweet's and his inaction with Booth and Bones, just not liking all's these new intern's that are trying to replace Zack, I've said it before and I'll say it again 'Bring Back Zack'.
  • Great thoughts...

    I think this episode had some great thoughts but somehow the story was little weird and had some slow moments.

    Ok, the case starts up very exciting way as they only have part of the body and have to work with it. I totally disliked that grad student who was around - totally annoying and the atmosphere he great in lab - I think they did not needed that kind of storyline as we all know they come and go. But I liked how Hodgins told him who the previous one whose job he has at the moment was.

    Anyway, the case - I think in the end, it was very predictable who did it but it was not bad. I loved the victim's son storyline and the way he was - specially the talk he had in the end. So, I could say it had some great thoughts but not superb storyline.
  • Interesting plot twists, but I really wish they'd get serious about the ongoing "faith debate"...

    Bones and Booth have been set up as our straight science vs straight faith conflict throughout the series, and it's been interesting seeing where they've taken that. However, each time they address it, like this episode, I find myself hoping they'll treat it properly and getting disappointed by the glibness at the end. Obviously, there won't be any conclusions drawn for the audience in any show, but I'm starting to get irritated by the superficiality that inevitably shows up. When they do show faith/religion it always seems to be super-whacked tv-vangelists or murderous priests or some other extremist group, while Bones's science-is-all philosophy is shown as the only "logical" answer (although this episode did positively view the acceptance church). Seriously, if only life was that black and white, then there wouldn't be a majority of people who believe in something/one. . . and I wonder if it's only me who thinks that the way they portray Bones' "belief" in science smacks dangerously close to making her seem as completely religiously devoted as any religous accolyte. I don't think they're treating either side of the "debate" with the depth it demands - either do so or go play with some other little bystory. Don't keep disappointing with glibness and superficiality.
  • i love this show gets better and better each week

    this is the best show on television the relationship between brennan and booth is one of the best on television. the reason i watch every week. although i would like them to bring back zack he was always the est character in the lab but i was disapointed when the british guy wanted to leave he has been the best replacement by far. i wasnt expecting the killer to be the wife of the murdered womans boyfriend that was a shock i thought for sure it was her/his son. although i did think it would be ironic if the killer turned out to be the wheelchair guy
  • Best episode of the season so far...

    The whole concept Atheist scientist - Catholic agent is genius from the beginning of the show.The questions that are raised in this episode are shocking and enough to keep you awake at night thinking and wondering. Honestly, the murder is the secondary storyline. Who are God's favorites? Does He require special appearances, special behaviors? We have "religious" leaders that appear on TV and demand money in exchange for God's love. We have tortured souls that have made some wrong decisions in life and their behavior,their looks are different from the "standards" that a hypocritical society defines and expects us to obey.I can't say I'm the most religious person in the world but this episode touched me because it's message is also in my mind.God's love is inside every person and He doesn't require impressive speeches and show-offs just a life of full of love.
  • Another great episode of Bones, not terribly exciting, but not awful either. Very funny tho, as always!! :-)

    Bones is my favourite show, and when they started playing repeats here in Aus i was very annoyed. So when i read in the tv guide this week that the He in the She was on, i was looking forward to watching a new ep. And i cant say i was disappointed!!!

    It was a perfect episode to get us back in the groove, nothing major happened, but it was an interesting case, that showed off what 'BONES' is capable of... mixing crime, science, drama, and humour. the only thing missing was the romance, but theres time for that later (i hear the season finale will be interesting.. ;-P )

    Booth and Brennan are called to investigate when the top half a woman is found washed up on the beach bof a small island community. The woman is a pastor called Patricia, who went missing during her morning swim. Not long after, a bottom half is found, and this is when complications start to arise. It is discovered that the victim was once a man, who had a sex change, causing some humourous moments between Cam and Brennans new intern, an englishman called Mr. Nigel-Murray (loved the accent). Using Angelas marvelous artistic talent, the, er, 'person' is found to be the long since presumed dead pastor, Patrick, who was stealing money from the congregation on the pretense it was for God. Once he had had the sex change, funded by the unknowing church members, Patrick, now Patricia, moved to an island where she became pastor of their small church. Hodgins is the one who discovers particles on the victims head that lead to them to the conclusion that Patricia was purposely run down by a boat. She was hit on the head from behind, then grabbed for the boat, but her fingers were smashed so she'd let go. Patricia then floated down to the bottom where a fishing wire cut her body in half. After this discovey, Booth and Brennan find a message left on Patricias answering machine, implying that she was having an affair with a man, later found out to be married. Also, Booth and Brennan track down Patricks wife and husband, who are also very religious. The wife reveals that her son, after taking over his fathers preaching position, had an crisis of faith, and left. After tracking him down, Booth discovers that Ryan is still a preacher, however his work takes him to community centres, and prisons, etc. Meanwhile, a search of the boats at the marina tells Hodgins that it was the boat who is owned by the man Patricia was having an affair with (lets call him affair man). After some 'on the spot questioning', in which affair man is almost certainly the murderer, Booths gut, commonly known as intuition, tells him he that they are overlooking the one person who has the most motive: affair mans wife. and sure enough, he is right. the episode finishes on a great note, with booth and brennan going to Patricias church, where his/her son, Ryan, has taken over as pastor, and listening to a beautiful speech.

    I personally thought it was good, although they maybe could have ended it with a better booth and bones 'moment', if only to satisfy those die hard romantics in the audience (i.e. me) like they have been.. you kno, so its just the two of them in the coffe shop, leaning over the table, staring into each others eyes.. but oh wells, cant win everytime. :-) My favourite parts were the one- or two-liners. the bit where cam and nigel-murray were trying to figure out the sex of the victim was absolutley hilarious! also where n.m asked wat happened to the guy before him and hodgins gave him the whole cannabilistic serial killer thing,god that made me chuckle. but my fav bits by far was when Booth and Bones was at the beach.. the whole 'its not a gym, bones' LOL also the end where Booth asked her what she believed in and she said always swimming with a buddy.. i was on the floor. :-)

    But congrats to BONES writers they really got it write with the whole Booth believes in god and Brennan doesnt aspect, it never fails to amuse! anyways cant wait till next week, im so excited we're finally back to season 4! yee!
  • An extremely moving episode.

    I usually don't like episodes about religion but this one is the exception, it's extremely touching and a beautifully written story.

    Patty was extremely impressive. Facing a sexual identity crisis was possibly the best thing that could have happened to Patrick spiritually, it forced him to confront his rigid beliefs and led him to the more open, accepting religion which is evidenced in Patty's church. The tragedy is that this meant leaving his family, including Ryan who a year later had the same epiphany that his father had.

    I really liked Booth interrogating Ryan. The moment Ryan looked at the photo of Patty, you literally saw him melt, saw the love and how proud he was of what his father had become. Right then you know Ryan didn't kill Patty. It's tragic that Patty never knew that Ryan had also come to the same realization because then they could have been reunited. I'm usually not one for religious stories but this one is very touching, Ryan's 'dustcover' comparison was excellent. He is the perfect person to continue Patty's work.

    This therapy thing with Sweets is getting old. Everyone was functioning just fine before they had Sweets interfering into their relationships every five minutes. He's making them emotionally dependent on them, every time they have a problem, they go running to him.

    Vincent is charming but unfortunately another poor match. He explains himself well to Cam though instead of just running off with his tail between his legs like the others.

    Surprisingly I loved this episode, very well done.
  • A very interesting episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When the remains of a body are found at the beach, Bones and Booth are called in. But only half of the body has been found so far. Soon the victim is IDed and Bones and Booth head to her home. Then, Booth gets a phone call to say that, the 2nd half of the body has been found and is taken back to the lab.
    Soon when they look closer at the body, we learn that the victim was transgender, born a male and then changed via surgery into a female. We soon learn that the victim was a pastor. Son they learn that the victim used to be a pastor (a male one) who disappeared about 6 years ago. We soon learn that before his sex change, he had a wife and a son. They call the wife in and she refuses to believe at first, what they are saying about her husband. But soon she comes round to the idea, and we learn of someone who may have wanted the pastor dead. But when they look further into it, we learn that he died 3 years ago from cancer. They soon track down the victim's son, who is no longer the same person he was when he left his church. He has gone from being a white collar loving God guy to a Goth looking young man, who still teaches people about the word of God. And so with this episode, we lose yet another intern. Seems that Zach's boots are too big to fill. Soon the boat that killed the victim is located and so is the person who committed the crime. They believe it to be the husband, but it turns out to be his wife, because she believed that her husband was having an affair with the victim. We end the episode seeing that the victim's son has taken over the church where she was a pastor.