Season 2 Episode 10

The Headless Witch in the Woods

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

The episode opens in the woods on Booth, Brennan and an unknown cop. They talk about how thick the forest is. Brennan wanders off and finds an eye-shaped talisman hanging from a branch. Booth panics when she is lost. When talking to the cop about the eye they find out about Maggie Cinders – an accused witch who was beheaded and legend is she still haunts the woods looking for her severed head. Brennan is skeptic and Booth is a little freaked out and wants to keep moving.
When approaching the taped-off area in the clearing it's discovered that the body was in a pit covered with branches and leaves but was discovered by a group of hikers. The cop thinks that it was Maggie Cinders, as she said she would "kill anybody who dared to look for her." Bones makes a sarcastic comment saying, "It must have been difficult for her to talk considering she didn't have a head." Booth looks nervous.
We see the body in the pit and Brennan climbs in. We now learn that Maggie Cinders supposedly killed her victims by cutting off their heads. We learn that the victim is male, aged between 18-23, and has a video camera. We also find out that he is killed by decapitation and his head is now missing. Could this be the work of Maggie Cinders?
The scene cuts to Brennan, Zack, and Cam in lab. The team discusses ghosts and Brennan says she does not believe in ghosts. Cam shares that her mother appeared to her the day after she died. Zack and Brennan say nothing but look skeptical. Hodgins walks in and shares that the victim died last November. Hodgins also shares that Maggie Cinders is rumored to behead her victims with the same axe she was decapitated with. When Booth enters he reveals the victim to be Graham Hastings - a film student who was making a documentary on the Maggie Cinders legend. Angela calls everyone over as she has cleaned and repaired the remaining film in the camera – we see the woods at night and then a girl running and screaming. The screen is really blurry and the person filming is running behind the screaming girl. Cam grabs Booth's hand and Brennan who is standing behind them sees. We then switch back to the computer screen to see a guy who looks scared witlessly filming himself while running, saying to the screen that the screaming girl (Lauren) has disappeared. The guy then starts screaming that "she's here" – there is now a sound in the background. We see Angela, who looks like she is going to burst into tears. We then see the guy again and blood is all over is face. The screen fades out and goes white.
We then cut to Hodgins, Brennan, and Zack in the lab discussing the tape. Zack can't get the screams out of his head. The subject then moves onto horror films and whether an axe was used in the decapitation. Cam enters with new evidence for Hodgins and says that the tox screens came back negative, showing he was not on drugs. But they decide to re-do them once finding disturbing ramblings about Maggie Cinders in Graham's (the victim) backpack. Brennan calls the rest of the team out on being irrational and teases them as she leaves.
Brennan and Booth meet Graham's brother Will and they find out that Graham and Will's parents died in a car crash when they were younger and Graham was then raised by Will. Brennan and Will form a bond over the loss of their parents. They flirt a little. Booth is uncomfortable and changes the topic to the night when they found out that Graham was out in the forest with another guy (Brian) and a girl (Lauren). They then talk about the search for Graham and we learn that the brother blames himself.
The screen switches to Zack and Cam discussing when Cam's mother appeared to her and talking about how she felt. We learn that Zack wishes it was possible that it actually happened. Hodgins enters and Cam leaves. Hodgins and Zack practice using different weapons to find out which was used to behead Graham.
Booth and Brennan are in the car. We learn from Booth that Graham was at film school on a scholarship and once Graham went missing the scholarship was given to Brian, the other guy out in the woods with him that night. Brennan is distracted and contemplates what life would have been like if her brother had stayed and raised her. Booth and Brennan share a "moment." Brennan then says that she and Will have a connection and are going for coffee. Brennan then tells Booth that she knows about him and Cam. Booth is defensive and self-conscious.
Booth talks to Brian about Graham and the night in the woods and about the chopping sounds they heard. We find out that Lauren freaked out and went running off and they all got separated. Brian found Lauren and got her out of the forest and they left. We find out that Lauren has been institutionalized.
Booth is talking to Lauren about the night in the woods. We find out that they were dating but they kept it a secret, as other girls would get jealous. When Lauren finds out that Graham is dead she thinks Maggie Cinders murdered him and then she jumps up and starts screaming and having flashbacks and is then restrained.
The scene cuts to the lab. Booth is telling Brennan how Lauren reacted. They walk into the main lab where Zack is working and they find out Graham's shoulder was broken after he was murdered, so they might be able to find out where Graham was murdered from the particulates that collected in the neck wound while he was being dragged. Booth then advises Brennan not to go for coffee with Graham's brother as they are working a case involving him, but Brennan claims she can compartmentalize.
Brennan is out for coffee with Will. Brennan is nervous and starts blathering about the effects of coffee. They then discuss music and Brennan says she has limited social skills but Will reassures her that they are fine. They then talk about her brother leaving after her parents disappeared and him staying after his parents died. Will blames himself for Graham's big head. They talk about Graham's girlfriend Lauren and Brennan finds out that he was cheating on her with several other girls. Brennan then runs off as she thinks this may be a lead but rearranges a date for another time.
The scene cuts to Angela listening to loud music, which muffles the screams while watching the tapes. Hodgins enters and scares her and reveals that Graham was murdered near a specific type of tree. He says that they need to watch all of the footage again. Angela, upset, holds Hodgins' hand and Hodgins puts his arm around her. We see blood running down a tree in the footage.
The scene cuts to Booth, Zack, and Brennan in the lab over bones of Graham. Brennan reveals to Booth that Graham had various girlfriends. Booth asks Brennan if she thinks that Lauren killed Graham because he was cheating on her. Brennan says that is more his area of expertise. Booth misunderstands what she says and thinks that she is implying that he is cheating or cheated on someone. Brennan points out that she means the use of psychology. She says that Booth is being very touchy. Booth glares at Zack when he asks what they are talking about and Zack withdraws his question. Booth starts hypothesizing. Booth and Brennan argue about whether it is possible for Lauren to have attacked and beheaded Graham due to her small stature. Cam enters and reveals it is possible, as she was on PCP drugs which can increase strength. She says that may also be the reason for her mental condition.
Booth confronts Brian and his and Graham's film teacher and they discuss Graham and the film Brian is working on, which is playing in the background. Booth talks to Brian alone about the PCP drugs but Brian insists that they were not doing drugs that evening. Brian also insists that Lauren did not murder Graham and he insists that there was something else out there.
The scene cuts to Hodgins and Angela watching the footage. Angela closes her eyes and puts her head on Hodgins' shoulder, scared by what she is watching as she knows what is about to happen. Angela begrudgingly opens her eyes and then spots the trees they were looking for, and they discover where Graham was murdered. Hodgins says that he loves Angela's eyes, and Angela looks pleased. They then see a watch on the screen, enabling them to use the moon to pinpoint where they were. Hodgins and Angela share a moment and stare into each other's eyes.
The scene cuts to daytime in the woods. Booth and Brennan are out after having been called in after Graham's skull and the axe were discovered. However a second skull was discovered nearby and there are no outstanding cases in the area.
The scene cuts to Angela, Zack, Hodgins, Cam, and Brennan in the lab. One skull is identified as Graham's and the axe dates back to the 18th century and is confirmed to be the murder weapon. The second skull is revealed to be female and also from the 18th century. It is discovered that Graham was hit on the head before he was beheaded. However the second skull shows evidence of brain surgery, a typical test for witchcraft in the 18th century. The team theorizes over whether the second skull could be that of Maggie Cinders.
The scene cuts to Booth and Brennan in her office talking about the ramblings found in Graham's backpack that where written on the back of a screen play – the same one which Brian is producing and claims to have written. Brian stole Graham's screen play.
The scene cuts to Brennan and Booth interrogating Brian, who confesses that he stole Graham's script after Graham was missing for a couple of months. Brian also tells them that Lauren was covered with blood when he found her and he hid the clothing in the woods.
The scene cuts to Brennan and Booth in the car. Booth teases the guy on phone, who is searching the forest for the clothing and the murder place. Brennan accuses Booth of being edgy. Booth changes topic and says he does not know why he did not tell her about Cam. He says he has never had a relationship like this where they were like two guys but she's a woman. Booth says essentially that she is a guy like him. Brennan then says that that would make him a woman, and she says she could see that, which makes Booth uncomfortable and awkward. The phone rings and they have found the clothes. Booth continues to tease the guy on the phone but then the guy hangs up on him.
The scene cuts out to Booth, Cam, and Brennan in the lab. Zack enters and reveals that the second skull has a serial number and was stolen from the medical teaching lab at the university.
The scene cuts to Booth, Brennan, and Graham's film teacher who took part in the stealing of his play along with Brian. It is revealed that his key card was used to enter the medical building at 2AM three days before Graham was murdered. He then says that his key card was stolen. Brennan and Booth accuse him of murdering Graham and setting up the skull and axe to make it look like Maggie Cinders did it so that he could steal Graham's screen play, as Graham would not include him in the film. The teacher asks for a lawyer.
The scene cuts to Booth and Brennan wandering through the Jeffersonian's hallways discussing the case and possible scenarios. Angela says she has found somebody else in the woods on the footage. Booth and Brennan follow Angela into where she and Hodgins were watching the film. Hodgins is watching the footage with his feet up and a bowl of popcorn. Booth asks him why he is there and Angela retorts because she wants him there. Using a mass recognition program Angela shows that there was a third man out in the woods that night at a height of 6'1". Booth and Brennan theorize about who it could be.
The scene cuts to Brennan out to dinner with Will. Brennan says that they think that it could be the film teacher and tells Will about it. Will and Brennan are very sweet together and flirt and then kiss.
The scene cuts to Cam, Zack, Angela, and Booth in the lab and we find out that there is some of the killer's blood on the axe handle, but the DNA is very similar. Hodgins enters and tells them that remains of flame retardant were found on the handle of the axe – and it is only used by professional fire fighters. Booth remembers that Will is a fire fighter and is about the height of the man Angela found on the tape. They are also blood relatives, which would explain why the DNA would be similar. Booth realizes Will killed his brother and remembers Brennan is out on a date with him.
The scene cuts to the restaurant where Booth interrupts Will and Brennan's date. Booth arrests Will for the murder of Graham and tells Brennan the information that supports it. He says he did it because he could not be responsible for raising a monster. He then claims that Maggie Cinders made him do it. Brennan tells Booth to take him away and she leaves the restaurant and begins to cry.
The scene cuts to Hodgins and Angela. Angela is finishing up cataloguing the film footage and Hodgins is lying on the couch. They chat. The last piece of footage has finished rendering and they watch it. They see a ghost-like figure hovering in the background in the woods, and they try to rationalize it but sound shaken. Angela asks to stay the night at Hodgins' and he agrees.
The scene cuts to Brennan talking to Booth about her bad choice in men and how she cannot read people. She says it is a good job and she likes being alone. Booth tells her she is not alone and gives her a hug.