Season 2 Episode 10

The Headless Witch in the Woods

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on FOX

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  • Not a bad episode!

    Bones wasn't particularly bad or particularly good!

    Some mor ework could have been done on this episode.

    However... Atleast we got to see Brennan's bad taste in men! For someone who "reads bones", she suck at reading people!
    I kinda feel sorry for her, cause her social skills are vastly lacking and when a guy finds interest in you, you should take it....too bad he turned out to be a murderer!

    Ah well!!!

    As for was funny seeing him afraid of a myth; the Headless witch!

    This episode was kinda cool...but it could have been better!

    Nevertheless, it wasn't an entirely bad episode!
  • Third rip off in the second season and we're not even close to being scared. Honestly...

    First off: I do like Bones. Love it even. But after seeing this episode I have to admit my frustration. This ep is the third based soley on a rip off.
    First being the one with the two wives (as seen on CSI LV) and the second one with the immunity business (as seen on CSI Miami) and now we have the Blair Witch Project.

    Let alone the fact that the last episode ended with "He is still out there" and today nobody even mentiones that Brennan and Hodgins almost died...

    I HATED BWP because it was sooo stupid. I do not believe in Ghosts, Witches or the likes and therefor I was not scared by the screaming and the shaky footage. In fact that made me sick.
    So when they ripped off this mediocre attempt at suspense I expected Brennan to react stronger to her coworkers jumping to supernatural conclusions. Especially Zach was OC here.
    When Cam takes Booth's Hand because she is scared (To her it is real, this boy really did die, so I could accept her fear) that was a touching moment. BUT Angela later rewatching the footage with the Music (Metal btw is not the ideal choice when looking for comfort) turned on so loud, she can't here a word... Why doesn't she just turn off the sound? If she knows the sequence of events by heart, why would she need the sound? Why is she so scared she needs to sleep at Hodgins'? Hold his hand? This is just so! cliché: the poor girl needs to be comforted by the strong man... After all these eps where the writers established Camille, Brennan and Angela as strong it just feels odd. Sure it's a shock but come on, after seeing the BWP 30 times would you find it scary? (If you ever did)

    The investigation is non-sense as there practically is none. A boy disappears and all they could come up with was a legend? The Ranger walks through the woods every day but it takes Brennan to find the "Talismans" in the Trees, where they are still intact after a year? But worst of all was the Temperance / Dark Handsome Murderous Prince storyline. Seriously?! We never saw her on a date before. The last time she tried, someone tried to shoot her. Than that guy reappears in the Season 1 Finale only to disappear without being mentioned ever again. What became of him? Did she have a connection with him? Since when does she talk openly about "losing" her parents to absolute strangers in the middle of an investigation? Miss Follow the Rules, No-Nonsense is going on a date with a complete stranger because his parents died when he was young... right... Completely out of character!

    Let's hope for better news next week.
  • Too much Blair Witch Project, which I always thought was stupid anyway.

    Clever use of an old legend to cover a murder. The witch story has been done before by many series but this was good, great way to freak people out so they don't want to go into the woods, let alone look too deeply into a murder.

    The video supposedly made by the victim is ridiculous – it's straight out of Blair Witch Project and who films *themselves* when they're being attacked? This proves that Graham himself set up the props.

    The brother being the killer makes a lot of sense – his brother's only been dead for a year and he's so calm when he talks about it, flirting with Brennan while talking about his brother's murder?!

    Interesting episode, would have liked some more detail about the 'witch' and her story.
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Bones and Booth investigate a body which is found in the woods. The body is identified as male and the ID is soon made. We soon learn that the victim was a film maker, and while watching back the footage Cam goes to gold Booth's hand, and Bones on seeing this realises that they are a couple. Even more so when he holds her hand back. The look on Bones's face is truly heartbreaking. Later that same day whilst out in the car, Bones lets Booth know that she knows about him and Cam. We also see Bones starting to date another man in this episode, perhaps because she thinks that Booth no longer wants to be with her (which is so not true). We also see Angela and Hodgins becoming closer in this episode and acting much more like a couple. Then Booth realises who the killer is, and it turns out to be the brother, we Bones is currently on a date with. He soon confesses to everything, which upsets Bones and she walks away as he is being arrested. Can't poor Bones get a break, first she is buried alive, and then Booth starts dating someone else and now this. As the episode ends, we see Bones in her office, and Booth goes to see her. They talk and end the episode with a hug.
  • it was so blair's witsh project it was really really good, scary but funny,bones finally meets some one that could understand her but of course something went wrong and booth was ther for her,u would never guees who was the murderer

    lv this episode. it was kinda scary exiting ,there was good chemistry but what disapointed me that booth kept saying to bones that she is his partner and i hated (the two guys) thing that was booth discription about his relationchip with bones while bones asked booth the reason why he didnt told her about him and kam but true friendship was shown when booth was there 4 brenen while shewas devistated when she knew that the guy she likes is the killer! ,other than that this episode was fantastic and they did a good job in making it like"blaire's witch project"
    but the best part was how they ended the case by showing that anjela and hudgens found in the tape what it could be the witsh's ghost!!!!!!!!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep they are called into the woods and they finda body in the pit. and he is gram who was going to make a movie about the story of a ghost and then they start to investgate and they learn grams friends stole his screenplay and bones finds a connection with grmas borther but thing is they later learn that maggie was drugged and that grams brother killed his own brother gram and wanted to make a good movie . this was a good ep i thought and that is why i gave the ep of bones a 8.5
  • Funny, scary, exciting, and maybe a tad implausible.

    The second season of Bones has brought with it a new character, new relationships, and some very, very old "ripped from the headlines" storylines. We've seen JonBenet, Lacie Peterson, and now The Blair Witch Project. It's as though the episodes were lost in a drawer and just rediscovered in time for the new season. Even though the topic isn't exactly "fresh", "The Headless Witch in the Woods" was extremely entertaining. I thought it was one of the best episodes yet this season. The characters' interactions were more lighthearted, playful, and friendly in this episode, making it very fun to watch. The case itself is fascinating, if not somewhat improbable. You have a ghost, an ax murder in the woods, drug-induced psychosis, greedy career ambitions, and a whole host of questionable suspects... what a great halloween episode!
  • Oooh it was just like the Blair Witch project only quite funny and very cute!!!!

    This was deadly!!!! Which means completely brilliant by the way...
    Anyway a headless corpse is discovered in the woods and everyone is saying that a witches ghost is responsible for the crime. Hmm...! So B&B get on the case as they like to do and Bones starts to gett emotionally involved with the victims older brother, whose parents also disappeared when he was a teenager ( and I would like to say that he had bloody awful hair!). But Bones, as with all things romance related, doesn't know what she's getting herself lnto...and now I am being cryptic...
    Killer episode (that's a pun right there)! The story about the witch in the woods was very creepy and when Hodgela saw that thing on the video footage I nearly fell off my chair!!!
    And how cute was the scane at he end with BB... "it's a guy hug!" Aww...
  • As a parody of "The Blair Witch Project," the episode does very well, but when considered amongst all episodes of the series then "The Headless Witch in the Woods" is definitely filler.

    Clearly the writers weren't set out to conjure a pivotal episode as much as a parody of the famous "Blair Witch." As such, the episode does very well, even bringing in one of the actors of the nightmare inducing film, but at the same time it feels like a waste of time for fans who want to see more. The episode is sort of cathartic for people who have watched the film and found themselves haunted by it (persons like myself). The reason being is because it treads familiar ground whilst presenting what if scenarios, such was: "What if the doomed threesome orchestrated their deaths to a certain degree?" Its ethereal finale is meant to not be taken seriously, so its inclusion is a decent serving of mockery.

    Though the episode is filler, best digested after getting your hands on the Season 2 box-set, it is followed by two very pivotal episodes, which allows the audience to more easily forgive the writers for this one.
  • Warning: this review contains spoilers.

    I hated "The Blair Witch Project," which was this episode's obvious main reference, but the film footage collected from the victim's camera was, fake or not, absolutely terrifying. Kudos to "Bones" for trumping its inspiration!

    That said, Booth's part of the investigation was terribly boring. While we had fun with Hodgins making witch jokes and Brennan sarcastically telling Zack to perform a ritual for the release of the soul on the remains, the suspects Booth interviews all looked seedy and the investigation was completely dry compared to the horrific events captured on video. It's hard to tie Booth's line of questioning to our speculations about the true murderer in a science-heavy TV show in which we want to, but shouldn't, believe that a ghost was responsible for the murders. In the end, we're handed this conclusion when Angela and Hodgins view part of the footage showing the strange mist floating behind the victim, and it seems this was put there as though to say, "Oh, okay, we'll let you believe in ghosts now that the murderer's been identified." Problem is, the fully story still hadn't come out, since all of the suspects had hinted, and been hinted about, that they were responsible for Graham's death, but it's Will's arrest, with his exclamation that the witch made him do it, that apparently seals the case. All in all, this was a very scary episode at times, and very dry in others.
  • This episode definetly hit its target and a personal favourite. Unusual plot and great chemistry.

    An unusual episode, definetly a parody of the Blair Witch Project, especially since it featured one of the actors from it.

    The story ticked along nicely, kept me guessing. I wasn't sure who the murderer was, up until the very last moment. The major plus point for this episode is the character development.

    Brennan finds out about Booth and Cam's relationship, and it's very obvious it keeps playing on her mind, as well as his. Booth realises he didn't tell Brennan about it, for fear of ruining their relationship. But the best moment of the episode was certainly the ending.

    A tender moment between Booth and Brennan, being played off as a casual hug between friends, is shown to be something that runs much deeper between them.

    Another triumph in the series!
  • Scary Episode!

    It started off scary, creepy and exciting. The whole case was, in my opinion, a bit too much since it was more grotesque than previous episodes. But it was good.

    I was very uncomfortable with the fact that Brennan opened her heart and began telling a total stranger about her past. She doesnt do that. The whole you´re a guy too was a little weird. I think Booth admires her so much that he doesnt know how to say some things to her, like she´s unreachable or something. Or he´s too careful.

    Favorite moment: The famous guy hug. Poor Brennan. I felt sorry for her. But then when Booth is hugging her I say she´s so lucky for having such a great man beside her.

  • Very creepy

    This episode really creeped me out, especially the end. I'm not a big fan of blair witch mostly cos horror films terrify the life out of me and this episode was very reminiscent of it.

    However this had humour to go with it so i didn't get totally creeped out.

    Poor Bones, she's not a very good judge of men is she? This time it was a murderer. The sooner she and Booth get it on the better.

    Hodgins and Angela were very cute in this episode, I ,oved that she got scared and wanted to stay at his house.

    Oh, and Brennan knows about Booth and Cam.

    Not as fantastic as the last episode but still brilliant.

    9.2 out of 10
  • good history

    well, Dr. Brennan finds a guy who has the same past as her but he turned out to be the killer in a murder she's investigating.
    Booth tries to confort her in the end. Very nice scene.. "Hey, you're my partner. It's a guy hug. Take it."
    hehehe.. so cute. The episodes go by, people come into their lives but they're always there for each other. Booth found someone interesting and special and Bones, someone honest and caring.. to take her away from her loneliness.
    Can't wait to see more Bones. I think the show is progressing very well, the stories are very interesting so far..
  • Best episode

    It was a great episode.I really like it but I would have liked it even more if he had told her that he loves her, then it would have been an excelent episode. When are they finally gonna be honest with each other?. They make lovely couple.
    I want them to be together but it made so sad when she found out that her date was a killer. I\'m sure she felt terrible. But the moment Bones and Booth spent together after that was the perfect moment to be honest. I was very surprise when I found out that he was the killer, he didn\'t look like a killer. I really didn\'t see that coming.
    But, well, it was a great episode.
  • brennan and booth investigate the death of a boy in the haunted forest...meanwhile hodgins and angela get closer.

    brennan and booth investigate the death of a boy found in the woods with his head cut off. they think it was the witch of the woods...everyone is scared, but of course, brennan doesn't believe in that superstition stuff. everyone else does, but they're not too scared to go into the woods. brennan and booth ask the friends and family of the dead guy and brennan becomes interested in the boy's brother. then, she finds out soemthing really bad about him that booth regretted to tell her when he found out. meanwhile, angela watches the videos of the night in the boy died in the woods and is scared when they show the actual beheading. hodgins watches the videos with her and comforts her. it brings them closer. brennan and booth don't show many brennan/booth moments
  • The episode started innocently with Booth and Bones walking through a forest to find a body. Then comes the video found on the dead body,with blood curdling screams and masses of blood spraying in all directions. The rest you can see for yourself.

    Wow, an amazing episode that totally freaked me out. I watched it alone in the dark. Not a great idea. The setting of the murder was so eerie and the whole idea of the legend was intriguing. I actually found myself starting to believe all the stories that were being told about the Maggie cinders legend. The images that were shown on the video were quite disturbing, but that is what made the episode so amazing, the amount of work that was put into the episode and the attention to detail. for example the screams on the tape were so bloodcurdling and realistic it was horrific. This is one of the best episodes so far in this second season of bones and lets hope that there are others as good as this.
  • A body is found buried in the woods with no head. Booth and Brennan try to uncover the real killer, maany people think its a ghost. Brennan goes on a date with the victims brother. Brennan also finds out about Booth and Cam.

    This was one of my favorite episodes. Emotional episode but still awesomeness. The crime was perfect, a ghost. In bones you never really see things about the "life beyond" except when booth talks about religion. It was funny how angela and hodings tried to scientifically say there was no ghost even though they had it on tape. when cam grabbed booth's hand and brennan noticed i almost died. i was viciously eating the chedder goldfish. I was flipping, almost crying for poor brennan. also i flipped out when brennan kissed the victims brother. wow, be glad you werent in the room with me. but then when booth arrested him i was happy again. then booth and brennan hugged. i was like bawling by then of happiness. it was the BEST BB moment. a hug for no reason. PERFECTION!
  • So Bones goe’s Blair Witch..... Spoilers

    Wonderful but scary episode, okay I wasn’t hiding behind the sofa or anything but I think this has been the scariest one so far. Who worked out the killer before the end? As soon as I knew the murdered lad’s brother was a fireman and an axe was involved I knew he was involved in someway, then when Temperance started getting involved with him I knew for sure. At least we had a few funny and romantic moments to break the chill factor, liked Hodgins and Angela moments viewing the video as if at the pictures, holding hands etc, but did he set up the whole spooky apparition in the video tape at the end to get Angela to stay at his for the night … Naughty boy.. LOL, also loved when Hodgins said It’s always an axe isn’t it? Remember The Shining, to which Zach replies My palms perspired profusely during that film Those two make a classic comedy act. Loved the hug at the end between B&B nice moment.
  • Pretty Good, but . . .*SPOILERS*

    This episode kind of creeped me out, but I get scared when the wind is out so. . . It started off okay, and got much better. I loved all the cute little Hodgins and Angela moments, though after last episode I just expected something . . .more, I guess. They're a really cute couple though. And I loved the end when she wants to spend the night at his house! I was laughing at their faces, but the ghost did scare me.
    First off I really HATED the guy Brennan was "dating". From the beginning it was obvious that he had killed his brother. He was SUCH a bad actor and there was NO other possible suspects except for the teacher and the other a** kid. And you knew they wanted you to think it was one of those two, but they were just gonna kid with you and it was really someone else, and come on, who else could it be??!!
    The guy was also really ugly. He looked a little old for Brennan too. Cam and Booth, now what was up with that? He really doesn't belong with her, they don't make a cute couple, or have any chemistry. Plus he totally looks like he doesn't like her. He had to wince a little when he looks at her. It looks like she likes him more than he likes her. He also gave brennan a really and i mean REALLY nice, also intimate hug at the end there. The look on his face at the end was something that said, 'I'm in a crummy relationship I want someone else' and he was TOTALLY hugging THAT SOMEONE ELSE!! he totally WAS! he loves Brennan and i hope one of them realizes it soon. Cam is starting to really bug me. All in all the case creeped me out, Cam annoyed me, and Hodgy and Ange were an adorable couple.
    Very happy Brenn got out of that relationship.
  • The body of a headless film student is found, sending the team to what seemed like a witch hunt. Bones connects with the victim's brother in a personal level, making her and Booth talk about mixing their jobs and their personal lives.

    The case was interesting. I've always been intrigued with the mystery of ghosts ans spirits, so I guess watching the team debate whether or not there are ghosts was quite entertaining.

    Another thing I liked about this episode was how the relationships between the characters were laid out in the open for the other characters to see, like when Cam held Booth's hand because she felt scared while they were watching the video, completely ignoring the fact that Bones was behind them. Jack and Angela "cuddling" was kinda cute too.

    Cam wasn't as irritating as she's been lately. Her opening up about her mother visiting her after she died was a good moment for her.

    Booth and Brennan's assesment of their partnership was a bit confusing at first. Maybe it's how Booth said it. ^^; But it is apparent how deep a bond those two have formed with each other; something like more than friends, less than lovers, although I'm more inclined to think they'll be going down the romantic path sooner or later. ^_^

    Lastly, that spectral image Jack and Angela saw at the end of the video was creepy. I'd probably crash at a friend's place too.

    Great, laid back episode. It's nice to slow things down especially after the intensity of last week's episode. ^_^
  • poor Bones...

    Ahhh…poor Bones. She tries so hard…and she knows that she is lacking in the social skills…but she finds a guy, one that kinda get what she went through in her childhood…and then it turns out that he is the killer that she and Booth are looking for. And then the is poor Bones for what Booth did to her…she found out about he and Cam and not from him…she seemed to feel a bit betrayed that he would confide in her as they are partners…I liked the hug at the end though…they are developing something deeper than just a sexual relationship like Cam and Booth have…
  • this was a really exiting episode!

    i love how right when booth told brenanns to saty close, she wanders off haha. he was so worried for a second there he was like ''AAHH WHERE MY BONES!?" okay maybe not <i>quite</i> like that lol.

    cam saw her mothers ghost? hard for me to believ that cam is the type of person who would believe in ghosts. did that make sense?

    hahaha did oyu see the look on cams face when brennan said "ill call booth?" haha yeah thats it, take it B*tch.

    dude. was that a cam/zach moment? he found her imagery both colorful <i>and</i> accurate. hmmm curious. lol im just teasin'. heh heh heh right after that it was so funny hoe zach and hodgins were hitting that whatever it was with axes. hodgins wanted a turn lol. hey, i would too!

    and brennan knows about booth anc thet monster now! grrrrrr that little hand grabbing thing on cams part got me so pissed. im not gonna start because then that will make up basically this whole review. GRR.

    oh my god that laurie girl was freaking insane. like whoa. those guys had to restrain her and stuff. hahaha booth couldt done it with one hand tied behind his back. :P the look on his face was kinda like "ummm, what do i do now?" haha

    im not even gonna comment on brennan and that will dude. it just makes me mad.

    it was so funny how angela screamed like hard core when hodgins put his hand on her shoulder. then he stayed to watch the rest of the video with her. aww how cute. ;)

    that whole car conversation between brennan and booth was classic. the one from the preiview. gotta love those famous car convos. heh heh heh.

    poor brennan. the guy she picks is the killer. you could tell that booth felt soo bad for doing what he had to do. and that hug? SO <i>not</i> a guy hug. yeah right. WATCH BONEs!
  • Come on, how can you NOT love this episode??

    That was such an awsome ep, I'm so glad I taped it! The parts with Hodgins and Angela watching the video were hilarious, and when they founnd the bit with the ghost at the end, that at was great! When they said the killer was 6'1'', I immediately knew it was the decapitated guy's brother. Tempe makes some pretty bad choices when it comes to boyfriends.
    And Zack is still oblivious to the whole Booth/Cam relationship! At least Brennen knows.
    My face is twitching and I have no idea why!(sorry, momentary lapse of focus)
    Anyway, I've been thinking(and it hasn't killed me, yet)! If Angela was staying at Hodgins' house for the night and he has a two-seater car and drives Zack to the Jeffersonian, how do they get to Hodgins's? Does Angela just follow them in her car? Oh, well, I guess it doesn't really matter.

    Until next week!
  • Some great lines in this one!!

    This episode is wrapped around a murder which takes place in some scary woods. Although I was not so crazy about the whole ghost storyline, there were some great conversations that took place – one between Cam and Zach, all warm and fuzzy about the dead coming back to comfort them (weird) – kind of made me wonder about the future of those two! Another one between Jack and Angela (farther along in the story) when Angela asks him if she can spend the night at his house since she is so freaked out about the murder video she’s processing. Jack’s facial expression is priceless! Loved it!

    Booth and Brennan have some interesting conversations about the revelation of the Booth/Cam relationship (due to some rather indiscrete hand holding). And of course, there was the “we’re both just pals, buddies, MEN” comment – oh please – Brennan is way too cute to be a guy!

    Brennan gets emotionally involved with the victim’s brother – he’s so much like the brother she wishes she had. She even kisses the guy. YUCK! As it ends, her brother is the better one after all - he hasn’t killed her!!!

    So after Booth has to crush her by arresting the guy while she is having dinner with him, Booth makes it all better by giving her a big ole “Man hug” – yeah! Right! There was more to that than just two pals patting each other on the back!!
  • Loved this episode, Hodgins and Angela watching the footage like it was a horror movie, Angela looking away and holding Jack's cute *slightly spoil-y

    Okay, I liked this episode. It had its funny moments, like Zack being completely clueless to Brennan's joke, and the last five minutes with Jack and Angela. "Its a reflection; it's the moonlight; it's a shadow.....priceless. Cam backing out of the room when Jack and Zack started to get too wack happy with the axes..I felt bad for Brennan because she seemed to really connect with the older brother, he made her daydream for God's sake! I felt so bad for her, sitting there listening to him try to explain himself. And the "guy hug" between Bones and Booth. I really hope they get together, they are so cute and they seem to understand each other on a deeper level.
  • Just get them together already

    Not a bad episode but not up to the usual standard for this season. Booth- hot as always. Bones- funny telling Zach to do the Hmong ritual. Zach- clueless as always. Loved the look on Jack's face when Angela asked him if she could stay at his place for the night.
  • Blair Witch Project spoof!

    Again this show rocks as it takes off on the Blair Witch Project and that the team tries to see if witches are real or are they just an urban legend. When a film teacher is killed in front of her students as Brennan bonds with her younger brother as she and Booth talk about their personal as well as professional lives.
  • Brennan was on a date with a killer...

    Brennan and the team find a young man in the woods with no head in sight. The woods just happen to be haunted by a witch who cuts off peoples heads. Brennan is the only one who doesn't think the witch did it. When Cam helsd Booth's hand I was so mad!!Anyway, they go through thinking it was his girlfriend,his friend , then his teacher. When Brennan and his brother are on a date Booth comes to arrest him. Brennan starts crying and I feel so bad. Then when they are back at her office they hug "as friends". You can tell they both enjoyed it. Very good episode overall.
  • The witch in the woods is she real or is Dr.Brennan right and there are no witches okay had to say something stupid

    I really thought this was too mushy. When Booth and Cam were holding hands in the beginning I wanted to vomit. Hodgins and Ange were cute and Bren obviously picked a bad one but fortunately her little kissing scene didn't make me wanna vomit.

    Anyway Brennan was very humerous which I really loved. When she told Zach something weird to do with a retitual or something and then he was like really and she started mumbling under her breath as she walked away gave me a real laugh.

    Zach and Hodgins looking for the murder weapon was another treat I actually loved how Cam was like okay I'm gonna leave now. I really did like Zach and how he was kinda breaking away from being Brennan. I liked Cam in this one too when she was talking about her mother. Her and Booth holding hands was sick though.

    All in all just a bit too mushy for my tastes but still a really good episode of Bones.