Season 2 Episode 10

The Headless Witch in the Woods

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on FOX

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  • Third rip off in the second season and we're not even close to being scared. Honestly...

    First off: I do like Bones. Love it even. But after seeing this episode I have to admit my frustration. This ep is the third based soley on a rip off.
    First being the one with the two wives (as seen on CSI LV) and the second one with the immunity business (as seen on CSI Miami) and now we have the Blair Witch Project.

    Let alone the fact that the last episode ended with "He is still out there" and today nobody even mentiones that Brennan and Hodgins almost died...

    I HATED BWP because it was sooo stupid. I do not believe in Ghosts, Witches or the likes and therefor I was not scared by the screaming and the shaky footage. In fact that made me sick.
    So when they ripped off this mediocre attempt at suspense I expected Brennan to react stronger to her coworkers jumping to supernatural conclusions. Especially Zach was OC here.
    When Cam takes Booth's Hand because she is scared (To her it is real, this boy really did die, so I could accept her fear) that was a touching moment. BUT Angela later rewatching the footage with the Music (Metal btw is not the ideal choice when looking for comfort) turned on so loud, she can't here a word... Why doesn't she just turn off the sound? If she knows the sequence of events by heart, why would she need the sound? Why is she so scared she needs to sleep at Hodgins'? Hold his hand? This is just so! cliché: the poor girl needs to be comforted by the strong man... After all these eps where the writers established Camille, Brennan and Angela as strong it just feels odd. Sure it's a shock but come on, after seeing the BWP 30 times would you find it scary? (If you ever did)

    The investigation is non-sense as there practically is none. A boy disappears and all they could come up with was a legend? The Ranger walks through the woods every day but it takes Brennan to find the "Talismans" in the Trees, where they are still intact after a year? But worst of all was the Temperance / Dark Handsome Murderous Prince storyline. Seriously?! We never saw her on a date before. The last time she tried, someone tried to shoot her. Than that guy reappears in the Season 1 Finale only to disappear without being mentioned ever again. What became of him? Did she have a connection with him? Since when does she talk openly about "losing" her parents to absolute strangers in the middle of an investigation? Miss Follow the Rules, No-Nonsense is going on a date with a complete stranger because his parents died when he was young... right... Completely out of character!

    Let's hope for better news next week.
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