Season 4 Episode 14

The Hero in the Hold

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2009 on FOX

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  • The show is still starting to lose me.

    It's always a treat to see Neil Fisher and he has an interesting role to play in this episode. This ep. is an improvement over the last few episodes that had gotten rather silly. This ep is still in the realm of the improbable, a trend which may be turning me off.
  • Terrific

    Yet again more about Booth's past and character is revealed. The last few episodes have all fleshed out the person that is Booth - he has a brother, they were physically abused as children by an alcoholic father, he is very touchy about his father,the father was a barber.Booth was the best knife thrower in the Rangers, he plays ice hockey for the Fedcases team, he carried his wounded spotter a long way and blames himself for the boy's death.
    This is a great episode. Love the idea of the 'ghost' ?hallucination helping Booth out. The race to uncover the Gravedigger as well as rescue Booth brings the team close together, working desperately against time. Even Jared comes up trumps for his brother.
    The tension was heightened by the excellent music score, which enhanced whilst hardly being noticeable. Great episode all round.
  • The team is left helpless as the grave digger captures Booth to retrieve evidence found by Brennan's team. They try to save Booth without informing the authorities and this leads to problems and desperate measures.

    I admit it still could have been better, but this episode was exactly what the show needed to go to the next level. Booth's past was presented and his heroic character was depicted quite well. It was also very nice to see the things Dr.Brennan & her squints were willing to do to save him.
    SPOILER ALERT, to find out the FBI lady was the grave digger was an unexpected turnout in the plot which in my opinion worked for the show, considering the story was introduced before in the previous seasons. I think the writers could have made the rescue even harder for those who wanted to be on the edge of their seats but on the whole, I stand on my perfect 10 score.
  • This has got to be my all time favorite Bones episode ever. it shows a very different side of Booth a side that hes been holding back on. Best episode and very touching.

    The episode starts out with Bones getting some award for her work. Booth is getting ready he hangs up with Brennan because there was a knock on the door. later we find out that Booth had been taken by the Grave Digger. The FBI think Bones and Hodgens are witholding information about the Grave Digger so they are forbiden to do anything that ivalves the criminal. we find out that Booth is actually on a ship that is about to be blown up. in my opinion this is the best episode of Bones because it shows a nice bond between Booth and his best friend Teddy, who was killed at war. Booth blames himself for Teddy's death. Teddy came back as a ghost to help Booth. the ghost tells Booth that he came back not only to help him escape the ship but also to tell him that his death was not Booth's fault. in the end they find out that one of the women working for the FBI is actually the grave digger. thanks to Teddy, Booth makes it to the deck of the ship and Bones is flying above in a hillicopter to save him. Teddy told Booth to tell his girlfriend Claire that he did love her. Booth goes back to Teddy's grave site as does his girlfriend and Booth hugs her.
  • The first Bones that made me cry!!

    This is the best Bones episode I have seen and it has a couple of big twists in it you won't believe. Assistant U.S. Attorney Heather Taffet is looking for a key piece evidence in the Gravedigger case and thinks it was stolen by Brennan or Hodgins. But neither fess up.

    Later on as Booth is getting ready for a presentation for Brennan, he is kidnapped by the gravedigger and wakes up enclosed in some kind of a box. Booth manages to get out of the box. From the shadows appears the ghost of someone he tried to save in the war named Teddy Parker. With the help of Teddy, Booth manages to determine he is on a ship and to then get to the deck of the ship. A helicopter is arriving and he looks around for Teddy, who has disappeared. Booth gets away on the helicopter just in time. While all of this is going on, Brennan and Hodgins get a phone call warning them no to get the law enforcement involved or Booth will die. The gravedigger wants the key piece of evidence that will keep them from getting caught. They go looking for Thomas Vega, who wrote a book on the Gravedigger. When then find him he is dead. The team at the Jeffersonian, get hold of the body of Vega. And after investigation they determine that Vega had injured the Gravedigger, possible in the ribs. Heather Taffet shows up to reclaim the body; she has a judges order. The team realizes the the Assistant U.S. Attorney Heather Taffet kidnapped booth, killed Vega and is in fact the Gravedigger.

    After all is well, Booth is at Arlington National Cemetery (tears well up in my eyes typing it) to visit the grave of Teddy Parker and tell Claire, who visits his grave every year that Teddy had loved her. While this is going on Brennan is standing there and Teddy Parker walks up to her and tells her what a nice day it is and she replies back to him. Booth turns around to look at Brennan and Parker is standing behind her. He waves and they both wave back.
  • Awesome Ep. subtle scenes really shows how much Brennan cares for Booth. Also, one of my fav end scenes.. total Awwww moment.

    Ok. i have no idea where to start. hmm. ok. The only thing i can find really wrong about this episode, is the fact that the last GraveDigger ep was half way thru season 2, and, unless ur an avid fan, or u hav a really good memory, it sorta comes outta the blue and u hav no idea wat they are on about. That is bein real picky tho. Anyways, to the things that i loved, which, incidentally, was almost EVERYTHING!!!!! twas just a few nitty bitty things that bugged me. I shall start at the beginning:

    Loved how Booth lies to make Brennan happy, it shows how close of a relationship they have. Also, the GPS convo was freakin hilarious, LOL the time machine comment from angela was funny. Didnt like brennans dress tho. didnt do anything for me, she should have worn something a bit more formal i think, especially if it was some award thingo.

    Oh, just remembered another thing that i was iffy about... i thort it was wierd how Brennan grabbed Cams phone like straight away. Ok, she is rational, but that is mega quick reaction slash connection to what is happening time, i mean who would realise who was calling, figure out that you would need to record it to discover where booth is and record it, in what, 2.35678 seconds? :-S a bit unrealistic..

    I had also been reading up on Bones because we are SOOOOOOOOOOO far behind here in OZ, so i knew the basic storyline of this ep. I hav to say, teddy parkers character was a complete shock, and nothing like id imagined him to be, but, after a few moments, suited quite well and was awesome. def one of my fav guest stars :-) loved the quips between them, and how Booth didnt hestitate in believing who he was and that he was there, even if he didnt kno why. My fav teddy/booth bits were where Teddy asked Booth wat he named his kid. im glad we got insight into that, and also reinforces booths character. My other fav bit was where teddy asked booth to tell clare he did love her, and booth got real quiet when he said "wat? you've never loved anybody and not told them?". *awwwwww*

    Another part, which someone else has already said in their review, but i totally agree, how Brennan gets real emotional when people hurt Booth. -Example Number One: Season 2 "The Killer in the Concrete" Booth is kidnapped and Brennan, without hesitation, full on smashes this chick who she thinks has Booth in the face.
    -Example Number Two: Season 4 "the Conman in the Meth Lab" Brennan pushing JarHead off the chair when she realised he had conned her into thinking Booth was loser. (which he totally is NOT)
    -Example Number Three: This episode, when Bones realised who the GraveDigger was, picking up that suitcase and smashing over the head with it. priceless. These three examples show what all of us have known all along... ;-P

    anyways, the helicopter hug could have lasted so much longer, they built you up, with him looking around for teddy, and brennan shouting, then Booth running to the helicopter, and then THAT look. OH. MY.GOD. wat i would hav given to be Emily Deschanel at that moment. anyways, the built you up and you have that swelling feeling in ur chest and then they hug and its like yess! she saved him and they're g------ and it just finishes. annoying much. grr. NOW. the big finale. my favourite part. i will not do it justice. but i shall try. :-/

    the music was absolutely perfect. i bought it straight away. AWESOME. The cocky belt buckle. i cried when he threw it and it blew up. tis booths essence, plus, its in a pretty nice spot... ;-) lol nah
    this is also an example of what she wud do for him. the whole he believes in ghosts and she doesnt, couldve been better, i mean she could have consented to his reasoning so much better. but no, it shall not ruin the moment. OMG the whole parker brennan moment. DUDE DUDE DUDE. bluddy awesome. could not have been done better. another 'swelling feeling in chest' moment. and then Booth *sigh* waves and they both wave back. LOVED IT. the smile on brennans face when she waved back was so cute. but again, with most bones episode endings, the music made that scene. one last thing, and i am the last person to be sexist, but seriously, a woman as the Grave Digger? that had to be one of the most ludicrous ideas HH has come up with yet. how on earth wud she get booth, who, incidentally, is quite muscular, *again, sigh* drugged, unconscious, stuffed in a tank and all the way out at sea? thats the only thing, they usually explain why or how the killer did it, and this ep they didnt, which was a tad annoying but who cares brother.

    Overall, great episode i will definitly watch over and over. :-)
  • Excellent, both Booth's story and the team's attempts to find him are well balanced.

    Brilliant, the Gravedigger won't risk coming to get the evidence so once it's there, it's destroyed. Agent Parada is as dumb as she looks – no-one bothers to question why two people who survived the Gravedigger are suddenly turning over evidence? Two seconds later they should realize someone else has been taken. Took a lot longer for them to figure it out.

    Pulling the guilt card on Jared, he comes through stealing Vega's body. For the first time, Jared is risking everything to save his brother. What bothers me is how stoic Jared is, shouldn't he be the one going postal on her?! Their way does get the job done but they couldn't have done it without Jared's access to classified file.

    Booth named his son after a kid in his unit who died. Parker is a sweet, funny kid, I like him. I liked the whole ghost story, even at the end when Brennan obliviously talks to Parker herself. Great episode, something for everyone.
  • This episode, left tears in my eyes. So brilliant, however the first gravedigger episode was better.

    I was crying throughout this episode, the thought of Booth in danger. It was sweet to see him speaking with the ghost, who he named Parker after. I thought it was a nice twist, and it ended up meaning something in the season finale. His hallucinations.

    For once after a long time, Booth was the one needing rescued. He wasn't the knight in standard-issue FBI body armor. Dr. Brennan was the knight is a lab-coat, along with the rest of the squint squad.

    Jared began to grow on me, for risking everything to save booth this episode. I still dont like him, but I didn't like cam at first. He is growing on me. He risked everything for Booth, and in the long run, it was worth it. Booth survives. Now in comparison to the first gravedigger episode, this is nothing compared to it. I was bawling, yet so intrigued by the story-line of the two in the car, but this one, booth was alone on a boat, hallucinating. Still a must see of the season. Like practically all of the episodes (:
  • AMAZING!!!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode learning that evidence from the Grave Digger's case has gone missing, and Brennan and Hodgins are suspected of taking it. We then see Booth getting ready to go to an event at which Bones is being crowned. We then see Bones, Cam, Angela and Sweets as they all met up at the lab, to leave for the event. As they do so, Bones get a phone call from the Grave Digger saying that Booth has been kidnapped.
    Bones and everyone then head to Booth's apartment and find it empty. But they can't call the authorities as if they do, then Booth will be killed. Angela then calls Hodgins, believing that maybe he has the evidence that the Grave Digger wants. We then see Booth trapped, inside of a small submarine, but manages to make his escape out of it. We then see a Corporal named Teddy Parker, in the same room as Booth. We quickly learn that he must be a hallucination, as he died in Booth's arms. Bones confronts Hodgins about the missing evidence and soon he hands it over to her. We learn that it is a small piece of the Grave Digger's car which he used to knock Hodgins down. And so Bones agrees to give him 8 hours to try and work out what car it came from, and also he mustn't be left alone, as she doesn't trust him. Soon their prime suspect, who they think maybe the Grave Digger, turns up dead. And soon Agent Payton Perotta is back and launches an investigation into the death. And so Bones decides to hand over the evidence in case, the Grave Digger thinks that they contacted the FBI. They drop off the evidence and as they go, it explodes. Bones and Hodgins only just manage to make it to safety. Just then the FBI agent turns up. And so they are all called in and told to stay away from anything and everything to do with the Grave Digger. Meanwhile on the ship, Booth sees that it is rigged to explode. We soon learn that he has just over 6 hours until it explodes. Bones and co soon realise that the Grave Digger isn't going to tell them where Booth is and so Bones has to call up an old friend. We then see that it is Jared, Booth's brother, who she was gone to meet. She tells him what has happened to Booth and asks him for his help. He says he can't help, and so Bones tells him that Booth has never turned his back on him, he is a selfish coward and that he never deserved to have Booth as a brother, and she leaves.
    But soon he changes his mind and delivers what Bones needs to the lab. When an attorney comes to the lab, and Bones sees where she is injured, we learn that she is in fact the Grave Digger. They question her as to where Booth is, but she won't speak. Hodgins actually looks as though he is going to kill her, but at that moment Jared walks back in. Soon they learn where her storage unit is and get everything taken back to the lab. They work to try and get the location of where Booth is, before it is too late for him. When then see Booth and Teddy as they try to get out and we see Booth having flashbacks to what happened when Teddy died. They soon learn where he is and get a helicopter to take Bones there. As Bones leaves to go, she hits the Grave Digger with a briefcase. We learn that they can't cancel the explosion and that in 9 minutes it will explode. So that gives her only 5 minutes to try and find Booth or else they will all die. As the helicopter gets there, Bones sees Booth and screams for him to hurry. As he gets on board, she hugs him and then the helicopter takes off, just as the ship explodes. As the episode ends we see Booth and Bones at the grave of Teddy. As Booth goes to see Teddy's girlfriend, to pass on his message, Teddy walks past Bones and she speaks to him.
  • An interesting, touching story but yet confusing story.

    Special episode that shows the friendship & family love to the extreme but quite upset that explanation is not given about the "Grave Digger" intentions/reasons how her criminal actions started.

    However, there are a few very touching scenes where Booth shows his sentimental side again towards his dead army subordinates in this particular episode and also showing the ambiguous relationship between Booth & Bones, Love or Pure Friendship.

    But I love the parts when Bones gave the "Grave Digger" an extremely strong and hard hit with the business bag; also the part where Teddy and Booth needs to use the belt buckle to detonate to save Booth from the explosion.
  • Booth Capture, the Squints to the rescue

    The best eposdie this far. You have Booth light trying to save his older brother, it made the show so exciting and then the kid made it so much fun to watch he was great comic relife for Booth. Not to mention they finally catch the grave digger whitch Anyways to sum this all up this is why I watch this show because it was so awsome. It shows how Bones and Booth will be together or at the very least there going to get it on. Great show, best eposide I this of this season and most likely the series
  • Most passionate act of love ever shown on the small screen

    I thought the scene in which Brennan picks up the attache case and slugs the grave digger with it while letting out a guttural grunt showed an act of love second to none in the small screen. In MHO Emily Deschanel does a great job of portraying Bones. The scene was perfectly written and perfectly executed. She picks up the briefcase in one smooth motion slams the gravedigger and then tosses it back on the floor and rushes out. Tremendous. Emotional. Unexpected.

    Another great scene was the one in the graveyard. Once again we the audience and Bones the character get an insight into Sealy's character. Not afraid to tackle the tough emotional tasks.

    I was a big Smallville fan in the early days but Bones is now my favorite show by far. Thanks to the cast writer and crew for bringing this wonderful series to life.
  • Not something I'd expect from the Bones writing crew but not bad, none the less.

    There was a lot of Booth past and while it's something fans have campaigned for, I think the show as a whole suffered. The storylines may have been good if they hadn't been bogged down in Booth past. The storylines may have been good but the viewer was distracted by how obvious TPTW were making Booth/Brennan. But since the hiatus, it's actually not been that bad. Except for a few Booth/Brennan obvious moments, the rest has been that low key stuff that I actually really enjoy. The thing is - and it's really the only thing I have to say about the second half of the season so far (I know there's only been three episodes, sheesh) is this latest episode. The one with the Gravedigger? Cool, they caught the guy and I like the premise - hey, I even like the insight into Booth's past - BUT I do think that the content could easily have offended people. I, a reluctant believer in the spiritual worlds, was put off by the fact that a ghost helped Booth. There was a point where it could all have been explained as a delusion but for the most part, it was ridiculous. I do not believe that, if there was a ghost, he would have been able to pull a pipe up from the bottom of the room, or that he'd be able to help Booth open the door. The pointers thing - you know, that could have been explained away as Booth's subconscious (the SGA part of me was reminded of McKay in Grace Under Pressure arguing with Carter at this point) but... meeehhh, some of it was ridiculous. And it took away from the nice little scene at the end for me; where Brennan spoke to Corporal Parker... If the guy had just given pointers to Booth, rather than physical help, that moment would have been more poignant; it would have meant more. Buuut, that's just my insignificant thought.
  • The Grave Digger Returns.

    One of the things that I liked about this epsiode was that they revisited something that happened awhile ago. I also appreciated, like with Hodgens, the ramifcations of being buried by the grave digger are still pretty close to the surface. With Bones given the task of saving Boothe, you saw the challenge that she faced as well as being torn being getting Boothe back and the emotional aspect of her dealing with the situation. The pulling of Boothe's brother Jared was an interesting twist as well as Boothe talking to the ghost of a dead soldier from his past. Overall I really loved the script, especially when they revealed the the gravedigger was not only a woman but an attorney working for the government. They did a great job of explaining how she came evolved into the monster that she was.
  • The gravedigger is back and this time they really picked the wrong person to kidnap!

    This was the best episodes of Bones this season and perhaps in the top five in the past 3 seasons. I liked the way the writers made the story and the approach to solving this case different than our previous 'gravedigger' episode. This was a good reflection of how Booth approaches life and situations as opposed to Brennan. The entire flashback sequencing placed amidst the episode as well as his interaction with an old army buddy who asks him 'why cant an army buddy show up to help out a friend in need?' was not just cleverly done but touching as well. They showed us how the two - Booth and his old army buddy Edward Parker - worked out their way through the ship to the top deck in a typical army/buddy style of what i imagine it to be like. On the other hand Brennan and the team try out all the 'proper' channels and follow the gravediggers wishes to the letter however, when the gravedigger backs out, Brennan brings out the science and enlists Jared's help to get a recent victim's body out for her to examine. Sure enough Bones talk to Bones and before we know it, our science geek has the gravedigger identified in an instant. One last thought, for the life of me I couldn't figure out how the gravedigger managed to get Booth out cold, transferred and stuffed in that small space at the bottom of a navy vessel under 2 hours esp. when the physical form of the grave digger was smaller than Booth's! Otherwise, the writers did a commendable job.
  • Now Brennan saves Booth

    I really enjoyed this episode. Booth is taken by the GD and this time he gets caught. I liked the ghost storyline. I believe Booth got some help from someone he tried to help and save in his past as a sniper. I guess the ghost thing was a way of him getting some closure for Teddy's death, to say the things he wanted to say.
    I wish Brennan had been a little more emotional. She made all the right choices to get Booth back, but she needed to process it. She barely talked about her own kidnapping, so at least the writers could've had her shown part of her real feelings. I totally justify Hodgins' stealing a piece of evidence since he wanted the GD existence to be over. It was nice to see Jared back and help Booth. The last scene was nice. Even when the hug scene was short, we had a B&B moment to satisfy our shippy side.
  • I laughed, I cried, I was surprised and I wondered if they had new writers.

    I love this show so much that I introduced my Dad to the Kathy Reichs books. This episode is a little out of character but it is still a really good episode. I'm wondering if they will be taking up the ghost story with Sweets. I can just imagine what he'd make of it! It was a major story resolution and had some more glimpses into the history of one of the main characters. The only thing which made me query about new writers was the end scene. I could go along with the ghost theory when it was being played through because it would make sense to have something like that happen at a time of extreme emotional and physical stress, and (as Brennan pointed out) what with the bad air and the drugging.... it's possible. After all kids aren't scorned for having imaginary friends when they need them, so who knows what kind of wierd chemistry goes on inside the brain in the kind of scenario that Booth found himself in. Then that final scene came and knocked me sideways. I could go along with Terry turning up at the cemetary as it was his anniversary, I could even go with the idea that he would acknowledge Brennan as he and Booth had been talking about her but Brennan seeing and responding to him makes no sense at all for this particular show. It was at that moment I wondered if the writers had taken a hiatus and they'd drafted in some new ones on the day they wrote that final scene. Despite that tiny hiccup the episode was really good. They found the Grave Digger and, yet again, it turned out to be someone unexpected. I suspect the people that were disappointed in this episode were expecting something along the intricate lines of the Gormogon storyline (my all time fav. storyline and unexpected resolution) to unfold around the Grave Digger. It was such a long time ago (S2 Ep9) that I'd kinda forgotten about it so I wasn't so bothered that they preferred to work on the character building elements of this case and not the catching of the killer. Sweets put it down to her pathology, and I think that resolved it enough for me.
  • What a farce!

    What a disappointment. After watching the promo, I thought that this episode would be suspenseful, that I would sit on the edge of my seat, biting my nails. And the result? Everybody was behaving in a really OOC way (especially Hodgins - the way he was willing to risk Booth's life was completely OOC!), Angela was once more the "Mary Sue" who can hack a computer under five minutes (I thought that she was an artist!) and Booth was seeing a ghost. What a farce. And the fact that after everything that his brother did for him, there wasn't even one scene with he and Booth, instead Booth went to deliver some "Touched by an Angel" message to a grieving wannabe widow... I felt cheated!
  • Definitely one for the ages....

    This episode was fantastic. First we have the return of "The Grave Digger" from season two. Grave Digger snags Booth and Booth, with the help of a ghost from his past, and I mean a real ghost not symbolic, escapes! WOW! We find out why Parker is named Parker, out of guilt in his mind from the young man who got killed on his watch. We always knew that Booth had deep running emotions, and in this episode we see a glimpse. And we finally see a glimpse of what is to come as both he and Brennan on their own begin to admit their feelings for each other to someone else. This epsode is exactly why I watch this show, they hit the ball out of the park with this one and I can only hope they keep this up.
  • WOW!! What a brilliant episode, just sad that the Gravedigger was caught so easy and turned out to be a women.

    Booth is kidnapped by the infamous Gravedigger and Brennan and the team need to hand over some evidence to the Gravedigger or else Booth will die is 19 hours, naturally it's a race against time to solve the case and rescue Booth before it's too late.

    The storyline for me was brilliant, at first I did think it was all a dream episode with Booth waking up in a cold sweat and realising he was late for Brennan's award ceremony but naturally it was real and was a change for Booth to be kidnapped and need rescuing rather than Brennan or one of the squints.

    Only a couple of things that nagged me and it looks as if nagged a few others also. Firstly why was Jared arrested at the end if the Gravedigger was caught and she turns out to be the Assistant US Attorney, secondly, why did the Gravedigger turn out to be a women, I'm not being sexiest but how could she have carried out those past crimes like kidnapping both Brennan and Hodgins in seasons 2 Aliens in a spaceship then buried them in a car then getting Booth who is not small through a window down a fire escape ( by the looks of it ) then into a car and to a steel sub like box at the bottom of a ships hold, and lastly after all this time ( I know the Gravedigger has not been heard of since S2 ) but she got caught so easy especially being in such a prominent position.

    All in all and except for my niggles I'm going to give this a 10/10 and mainly for David Boreanez's acting.
  • Just one question....?

    I liked the show very much but I was wondering how did the woman who turned out to be gravedigger manage to lift a 190lb man into the yellow submarine especially as she had broken ribs at the time...?
    I may have the continuity wrong about the ribs as she may of put Booth in before killing the other one but she didn't look that strong broken ribs or not..??? I neeed to have this at least a hundred words long so another question why oh why do they keep having gaps in the series especially when they showed the first two episodes 12 and 13 on the same evening?
  • I have to admit I was utterly disappointed. It had it's good moments, it veered away from the story of the series but it gave a crappy ending for the "Grave Digger" storyline.

    All Bones fans are going to hate me for saying this but, I have to express my opinion.

    Seeing the preview for this story I was thrilled to see that they were going to wrap up the grave digger story. But they didn't, at least not to my standard of expectation.

    The ghost angle worked because Booth doesn't have the technology savvy that Bones and Hodgins had, he only has the military experience.

    When we finally found out who the grave digger was, I was a little surprised to find out it was a woman. But what made me really mad was not going into more detail as to why she did this. What her motives were for Booth, the twins, Bones and Hodgins. I just wanted to know WHY?

    As some have said, bringing Jared back and finally having him once come through for his brother putting his career on the line was something good to have happen. Finding out that Hodgins was the one who stole the evidence in some ways was unexpected and other expected. At the end of the first grave digger episode he was dead set on finding the grave digger, but the episode following that, it was as if nothing had happened. But because Hodgins is paranoid it made me think that he is the one who would take the evidence.

    I feel that this could have been a better story if they made it a two-part episode and came up with a better character do be the grave digger and/or explain in more detail why she did it.

    I hope you don't all hate me after this, but I have to express my feelings. For those of you who don't know, if you want to rant, rave or yell at me, you can find me in the "Bones 20Q Games" forum, I run the game, so I check the forum multiple times a day.

    Please don't hate me,
  • Incredible, incredible episode.

    I have been known from time to time to speak negatively about the programming of FOX. It's getting beaten in the drama department by just about every cable station and it's comedies are lackluster for the most part. This episode gave me a little bit of faith in the network, and more importantly a reason to keep watching Bones.

    I was contemplating giving up on Bones to make room on my schedule for some new midseason shows, but now I am glad I did not, to say the very least.

    While being a believer of ghosts, I tend to not like television shows that utilize the concept, but that could not further from the truth here. This was a great, epic story and was unique compared to previous installments of the series. Bones at times can be slow-moving, but here ae saw all the characters get a shot of adrenaline and go at double the usual pace. You know you have a great drama when you nearly get a tear in your eye at the end (I admit to nothing!) But an outstanding episode of Bones, one of the best hours of television this week.
  • great episode....

    Well, I stopped watching Bones after the first season and I almost regret it now! I saw the commercial and was bored so I decided to watch it and I was pleasantly surprised. However, the first 5-10 minutes I almost stopped watching it because it was a lot like the grave episode when Nick Stokes got buried alive in CSI, but they quickly set themselves apart and made an interesting story. I liked seeing Booth's past and the ghost was an awesome character. I also liked seeing Booth's brother (first time I saw him because I haven't seen many episodes) and I really liked his character as well. The only thing I didn't really like was that I thought it was predictable. I figured who it was quickly, but oh well. Overall, solid episode and might bring me back to Bones... we'll see...
  • It was heartbreaking... For me, mostly because of the Parker soldier story. Especially the end.

    It didn't really bother me Brennan seeing the ghost, cause it was amusing...:)

    Some parts were also amusing, like, Sweets coming in with a high heal shoe!:D

    And Jared, 'Got you bi_ch!' and Brennan 'Got a message from a ghost' but then she sees the ghost...

    Was not believable, that Hodgins stole the evidence...didn't see it coming.

    And, felt sorry for Jared, again getting in trouble but still proud for doing something for his big brother.

    The whole case actually didn't make sense, Gravedigger being a woman and all...And ghost, helping Booth just a little bit too much. Wouldn't mind ghost keeping Booth sane, but this was a bit...too much.

    And actually, thought that they'll do 2 episodes about Gravedigger, felt like all was revealing too fast...
  • Return of the Grave Digger

    I most say the original Graver Digger episode was stunning so I had my hopes high for this and for sure, it did not failed - we did get whole episode of excitement, high stakes and those people putting everything to play to get Booth back.

    I also liked that Booth and his ghost storyline even thought I think we had got that part of him already.. So, the most of the stunning action went on in the land.. and the way Hodgins took the evidence.. I never thought that of him but there was some good developments too.

    So, if you expect action - you got it. If you wish some emotional bound - that is too. So sounds like brilliant but in the end - it just don't feel like it. I am not sure what but there could have been something else.. But the way it was, I still enjoyed it.. a lot.

    Greatest episode..I waited so long so long and now next episode arrives in 2 weeks damn what the hell is going on...about this episode it was great...there were many great episodes..I liked that in this episode was something mystical..damn he was only 20 when he died..but he helped booth to get out of that old Navy Ship....there wasn't any that kind of moments when he's fighting or shooting at this was just a good episode..with Drama...I think we have to think sometime about soldiers who died because they were protecting or weren't protecting country.....they just died because they belived in something I think this was that kind of episode
  • Great writing, brilliant acting turn what shold have been a bad episode into something sublime!

    The gravedigger has taken Booth hostage, and is ransoming him to get some stolen evidence back, and therefore out of the hands of the FBI. While the squints work to try and solve the identity of the gravedigger and rescue Booth, he is helped by a ghost. Sounds a bit far-fetched. But thanks to great writing and acting, this turned out to be one of the strongest episodes of the season! OK, so Bones delivers a good show every week, but this one raised the bar. To my mind, one of the main reasons it worked so well was the way the writers had the courage to use a ghost as a plot device, call him a ghost, and stick to it, so there was no amiguous 'are we just seeing Booth's halucination' question hanging over the viewer at the end of the episode. There was a ghost, and the ghost was real. That is just so refreshing. The audience were treated like adults, whereas most shows would have thrown in a silly ending to make us wonder if we had been taken in but writers playing with us. Pure genius!
  • I had extremely high hopes and expectations going into this one, and my exact expectations weren't exactly met, this episode exceeded in ways that I didn't see coming.

    First of all, "Aliens in a Spaceship" has to be one of the best Bones episodes of all time. The story of the Gravedigger can be seen as cliche in many many ways. But there is also a ingenious aspect to the entire storyline.

    In "Aliens" I had to admit, that the ending had left me disappointed the first time I saw it. I saw the opportunity for so much more between Booth and Brennan at the end, but now looking back on it, I am glad that they ended it the way they did. In "Hero", Booth and Brennan spend very little time physically with one another, but their connection emotionally and psychologically takes major steps in this episode. The show thrives on gradual character development, and this is a perfect example of what this show does well.

    David Boreanaz simply shines in this episode, similar to the way he did in "The Con Man in the Meth Lab". His scenes with Teddy, took me a little while to get used to, but I came to appreciate them for what they were. The look on David's face, when Teddy mentioned about loving someone but never telling them, was a prime example of his talent. I don't want to take anything away from Emily Deschanel though. The look on her face when she was calling Booth from the helicopter, had to be the most emotional look I had ever seen from her character. And I loved it.

    That's not to say this episode was absolutely perfect, though. Their hug in the helicopter could have lasted SO MUCH longer. When I first saw it, I had thought that the hug would have been the perfect way to end the episode. As I learned that, that wasn't the case, I found myself somewhat disappointed. Many may not agree with me, but I actually liked the scene at the graveyard in the end. I don't know how to explain it, but it just felt right, and really demonstrated how much Booth's friendship has changed Brennan-- in a good way.
  • Booth is kidnapped by the gravedigger, a mysterious serial killer from season 2. Brennan and the "squints" race the clock in order to save him. Booth attempts to free himself with the help of an old army buddy, who may have been a ghost.

    Wow! This episode was everything and more than I original expected. The story-line was believable and dramatic, and the actors were incredible. I enjoyed getting to know more about Booth's past, as well as experiencing a new side to Booth and Brennan's relationship. I loved that none of the emotions were underplayed or overplayed. I felt that each scene was extremely true to the characters. (c'mon did you see the hug in the end). Although I am not a big fan of Jarrod, I do think that this episode showcased the characters love in his brother.
    Ok, let's get real. Brennan was amazing in the episode. I loved the briefcase scene. Also, I loved the scene when she was trying to get more time to save Booth. She sounded so concerned. Kudos to Emily Deschanel. Booth was another amazing asset to this episode, of course. Such great dialouge and "hot" scenes! I loved the discussion about where Parker's name came from. It was very touching. The rest of the squints were also amazing. Angela being all technological...Sweets being all psychological...Hodgins being all paranoid...Cam keeping everyone in live and sane....each of them were essential. All in all, I was immensely pleased by this episode! Keep up the good work BONES!
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