Season 6 Episode 22

The Hole in the Heart

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 12, 2011 on FOX

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  • damn.

    This was such a good episode it had just about everything. I am behind in this show and so I saw the actor for Vincent in another tv show, Alphas. He played an intelligent FBI agent with autism, he was absolutely fantastic in that show and in this episode his acting skills were again on point. I absolutely cried, his devotion and love for his work was so touching. I also am glad that FINALLY something has moved forward in the relationship between Brennan and Booth my only slight disappointment was that we didn't at least get to see this kiss >.
  • Wow. Tears and heroics.

    The more often I watch this episode the more I really like it on all levels.

    We had the delightful nutty antics of Vincent and Hodgins with their arm-wrestling - two big kids together- and then we turn to tragedy with the shooting and death of the young English squintern. The team were all obviously devastated and reacted in just the way you would expect given their characters - hats off to the writers and production team.

    Brennan getting into bed with Booth was handled with real delicacy - he was so protective and comforting, it obviously led to much more. Hats off again to Boreanaz and Dechanel, two fine actors. Then we had Booth heroic, armed and dangerous but still refusing to kill.

    The sequence to the song 'Keep the streets empty for me' was loaded with atmosphere. Just another example of why this series is so good.
  • Ok, let's take a deep breath here. Are you kiddin' me?!?


    First of all, let me say, the Nigel-Murray sequence was totally shocking. I may be slow, but I really didn't see it coming, and when I realized what was happening I started complaining like "oh, oh no, oh don't, oh you gotta be kiddin me!!!". Sadly enough, it was all true. Vincent will be missed, and from my nothing-ness I dare to say IMPRESSIVE WORK to Mr. Cartwright, I was so broken hearted I actually cried and sobbed.

    On the other hand... Yeah, the other hand! I HATED there was a "other hand"! I wasn't even finished grieving and... what? Did they...? They did? You gotta be kiddin me #2! I'm NOT happy with this, I somehow saw it coming, but heck, not NOW! Almost feels like Booth took advantage of Bones' sadness, in a way. Don't you think? C'mon, they danced around the bed so many times that making out NOW really feels just like a pain reliever.

    I'm actually curious to see where all this will head, but c'mon... aw.

  • meh

    I really wish the writer's hadn't gone done the road of the will they/won't they dynamic. Why can't there just be a platonic partnership between a man and woman? I feel like the push and pull undermines everything. I really don't care about Booth and Brennan being together. In fact, I could do without all that angst. The worst part about this episode was Vincent. I loved him the most - he was the most entertaining intern. I could take or leave the others. The writers really missed the mark on this one. I have to give this episode a "meh."
  • Angela's smile said it all......

    Well, this was a cleverly crafted episode that was very enjoyable and emotional on many levels. It lured us into the light-hearted antics of the lab staff who were playing with dinosaurs and then they dropped the shocking murder on us in an unsuspecting way. From then on the mood changed rapidly and everyone was on high alert- a convenient device to get Booth and Bones together perhaps.... At the end Booth was able to be heroic by capturing but not killing the sniper and the squintern was given an emotional farewell. So now to the main event! Many people are asking, "Did they, Didn't they?"....referring to whether or not they had sex. I think this is the wrong question. It should be, "Is this the start of a real romantic relationship that will be maintained for the next season?" and I think the answer is definitely yes! It was a smart move to not show everything that happened. This keeps people guessing which creates tension and it also shows a contrast between Booth and Hannah- a lot of bedroom antics I seem to remember there! This is a much more serious relationship and it doesn't have to be just based on sex... However, I think enough subtle clues were given to let us know that it probably did in fact happen; Bones's coy smile while talking to Angela, Angela's ear to ear grin when she hears the news and Booth's little smile right at the end....

    I just hope they don't mess it all up next week with something really horrible happening to Bones. This relationship can be successful and I think they can have a lot of fun exploring this angle. It will start to seem unbelievable if they don't allow the characters to go down this road.
  • 622

    I had some serious conflicting feelings about this episode. On one hand, I loved this episode for the B&B things, Booth protecting Brennan first while HE's in grave danger and the two of them finally ending up in one bed together, it proved once again how good a job the cast and writers do. On the other hand, I hated the part in which Vincent Nigel-Murray was shot. I will really miss him...

    To me, this episode was like a very good movie, with a great storyline in which Booth proved that to him, it wasn't only about revenge but mostly about justice, shooting Broadsky in the leg instead of in the hart, and with the best crew ever, starring one of the few actresses in the world who can act crying, both homor and drama equally there in this episode.

    In my opinion, this is the best episode form this season, while the quality of the storylines on most shows is declining, this storyline is getting better each episode.
  • OMG... Best ep ever !!!!

    I loved this episode, it is well made and at the end of it the only thing you want to do is to watch the next one. This penultimate episode was better than the last one (The change in the game) and for me it's even the best ever. I really loved Angela's reaction when Bones tell her that she " crawled in bed with Booth " and I also loved when Hodgins come in and that Angela tells him to go away. This was really a very very good episode ! ♥
  • Something for all of us.


    Well what can i say, after all the hype, it actually turned out to be one of Bones' most memorable hours.

    It has all the elements that every type of Bones fans would want. Suspense, action, drama (a LOT), and a little comedy to lighten the mood. I am the Bones fan who likes the action the most. And i was very satisfied (well actually a little disappointed, because i wanted Broadsky to end up dead big time, but then again in Brennan's words, "Booth is good").

    Talk about showcase, the actors are at their best all season, or all 6 seasons for that matter. I really think that Caroline should've been there though. She is in the previous sniper episodes anyway, so why no show? Could've been a great addition. We want more of her emotional breakdowns. Kudos to Ryan Cartwright for making us tear up at his last minutes on earth. Vincent will never be forgotten.

    And of course, i know the shippers are high on the B&B stuff. You know what i mean. Something for all of us indeed.

    See, when Bones is great, it really is great. I just wish the writers could just push (i cant find the right word)and dig deeper with each episode. I can honestly say that if the finale turns out great, my anticipation for Season 7 could not be any higher.

    Did you know that we have seen two great episodes in a row? (that's me paying tribute to Vincent). When was the last time we're able to say that?? Now, let's make it three!
  • The Hole in the Heart...

    So this week's Bones was kind of awesome. Instead of relying on ridiculous amounts of technobabble the story and its execution was just about as simple as could be: Jacob Broadsky has returned and declared his intention to kill Booth, the team must work to stop him. As the investigation is carried out, Mr Nigel Murray and Dr. Brennan are also preparing for a presentation about a Tyrannosaurus Rex theoretically engaging a human being in an arm wrestle. As if that didn't already sounds both cool and hilarious, Vincent has constructed a to scale T-Rex costume for himself to wear during the presentation. When Jack hears that their plan is to simply talk about a theoretical bout he takes it upon himself to modify the costume to exert the actual force a T-Rex would possess and the two proceed to engage in the first human vs dinosaur arm wrestle.

    After the strong dose of humor the episode takes on a much more sombre tone as we see the first death of a somewhat major character in the show - really the biggest emotional moment for the characters since Zack was revealed as Gormogon's sidekick in season three. When Jacob calls Booth in the lab in an effort to work out which person he is via thermal imaging, Booth hands the phone off to Vincent as he calls the FBI to put a trace on the call. Thinking that he has got his man in the cross-hairs, Jacob then shoots Vincent through the chest and he slowly dies in Booth and Brennan's arms. As the team mourns the loss of their colleague, Booth insists that Brennan spend the night at his house for protection. Then possibly the most frustrating scene that the show has ever produced occurs in which the end up in bed together but we have absolutely no idea what happened. The next day Angela and Brennan begin to talk about it but the bulk of the conversation occurs off camera, with only glances informing us that certain things may have occurred. After the personal drama is over with, Jack breaks the case and figures out where Broadsky is likely to be, sending Booth off after him for revenge. There is then a five minute long scene of Booth and Broadsky hunting each other, with Booth ultimately prevailing with a little help from the squints. The episode then ends in a scene that is both touching and cheesy at the same time. As Vincent's body is being sent back home to his mother, the team gathers to share fond memories of the various things that he had told them throughout their friendships. When Dr. Brennan mentions that his favorite song was Harry Nilsson's Coconut - also Sweet's favorite song - the team then sings the tune as they lift his coffin into the hearse. "The Hole in the Heart" was exactly the kind of episode that Bones has been dying to put on screen throughout its sixth season. Its problem thus far is that individual episodes have been funny, clever or engaging, but never all at the same time. Although it took the death of a very likable character to bring it to the screen, it was probably worth the sacrifice to renew my faith in the show. With the season finale coming up next week being touted as a game changer, the sixth season looks set up to end far better than it started.
  • Did it seriously just happen? *SPOILERS*

    The Hole in the Heart, so appropriate.... Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the season, or of the show in general. And there are some pretty sad scenes.

    I cried. I cried when Brennan told him he was her favorite, it was the sweetest thing.

    Broadsky come back in this episode with a new target: Booth. His goal is to kill him and the episode turns into a twisted cat and mouse game with different vantage points on different people. The scene at the end was nerve-racking. It was one huge snipe hunt between Broadsky in Booth in a port.

    Of course a ife is taken, but it is not Booth's.

    Ok, so did six years of anticipation really finally come? Brennan wasn't too clear, but I think it happened, I really do. I'm still kind of in shock. I cannot BELIEVE that just happened. Angela's reaction was the best, and I agree with every word. The scene where he is comforting her was beautiful. I loved how he didn't fight her like he usually does about the existance of God, instead he just holds her. It was so sweet.

    But it did just happen. Wow.