Season 7 Episode 2

The Hot Dog in the Competition

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2011 on FOX

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    I love this episode. I especially like the new intern. He's fun edition to the normal cast of interns that they have on rotation every week. But Zach is still definitely still my favourite though.

    Its nice to have someone on the crew who has a past as well. Another amazing episode!

  • another great one


    another great episode about trying to work out differences and problems in "Daily Life" challenges. people can have misunderstandings and get hurt or offended but it shows that 2 people Can come out the other side and still keep it together. I'm liking this more and more - 2 separate instances of intact what a concept ( yay)

  • Is Brennan totally thoughtless?

    Oh how she can hurt Booth! She really doesn't think sometimes. I agree with the suggestion I read somewhere that she suffers from an undiagnosed case of Asperger's syndrome.

    Telling everyone else about the sex of their baby - after all he had something to do with it's creation and is obviously more than happy to become a dad again. Well at least she came to her senses in the end! Perhaps she is learning.

    Like Finn Abernathy - definitely a welcome addition!

    Didn't like the setting much as I think these eating competitions are gross in the extreme. No wonder there are so many very, very fat people around.
  • Great Episode, but what on Earth are they doing with the characters.

    Okay, so the episode deserves a 9 IMO on it's own, a great case, well worked out, great story development, great conclusion.

    But the last couple of episodes, have taken a bad, bad route, Bones appears to have lost every, and any social-skill she DID know before, now that's just killing me.

    Because it's disrespecting the character, and through that, it's handicapping the story-line.

    Someone as 'hyper-cerebral' as Brennan, doesn't forget what she has learned(I have similar people in my family, they stay odd(so you can keep her personality), but once they get it, they get it), that's kinda the whole premise of their genius.

    I'm seriously hoping the writers will go back to respecting Brennan as a whole person, and don't just start over, because that's a very cheap-trick, to try and create awkward moments, and that would seriously damage my enjoyment of the show.

    So PLEASE respect the characters a little more, it'll only make the show that much greater.
  • Same old. Same old.


    Case: Bones explores the world of competitive eating. Interesting. However, this new idea makes for another so-so murder case, in which you can predict who the killer is (i.e. the one you least suspect). Don't killers ever resist arrest anymore?You know, like the old days? Ho-humm.

    Relationships: Brennan hurts Booth's feelings once again, this time by not tagging him along to the baby's ultrasound. However, in the end, Brennan makes up for it. I hope the writers are not panning to make Brennan act this way every single episode of this season. I know many will find it cute, but come on - for a smart person, don't she ever learn? I liked how she treated the new squintern though.

    Luckily, that squintern is likable. Although not a necessary addition, Finn hit the right notes with the rest of the characters. I enjoyed his interaction with Hodgins the most. I couldn't care less about his history, unless it leads to something big.

    Caroline appears. However, she isn't as sassy or entertaining.

    I'm still liking that there's less Hodgins-Angela drama this season. We had had enough of that.

    Side Comment/s: -Funny opening! -Did anybody think the victim looks a little like Angela?

    Bottom Line: Not as entertaining as the premiere, but still a good one. Though i have given up all hope that we would get the old Bones back, at least the show never fails to entertain week after week.