Season 7 Episode 2

The Hot Dog in the Competition

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2011 on FOX

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  • Same old. Same old.


    Case: Bones explores the world of competitive eating. Interesting. However, this new idea makes for another so-so murder case, in which you can predict who the killer is (i.e. the one you least suspect). Don't killers ever resist arrest anymore?You know, like the old days? Ho-humm.

    Relationships: Brennan hurts Booth's feelings once again, this time by not tagging him along to the baby's ultrasound. However, in the end, Brennan makes up for it. I hope the writers are not panning to make Brennan act this way every single episode of this season. I know many will find it cute, but come on - for a smart person, don't she ever learn? I liked how she treated the new squintern though.

    Luckily, that squintern is likable. Although not a necessary addition, Finn hit the right notes with the rest of the characters. I enjoyed his interaction with Hodgins the most. I couldn't care less about his history, unless it leads to something big.

    Caroline appears. However, she isn't as sassy or entertaining.

    I'm still liking that there's less Hodgins-Angela drama this season. We had had enough of that.

    Side Comment/s: -Funny opening! -Did anybody think the victim looks a little like Angela?

    Bottom Line: Not as entertaining as the premiere, but still a good one. Though i have given up all hope that we would get the old Bones back, at least the show never fails to entertain week after week.