Season 7 Episode 2

The Hot Dog in the Competition

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2011 on FOX

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  • Great Episode, but what on Earth are they doing with the characters.

    Okay, so the episode deserves a 9 IMO on it's own, a great case, well worked out, great story development, great conclusion.

    But the last couple of episodes, have taken a bad, bad route, Bones appears to have lost every, and any social-skill she DID know before, now that's just killing me.

    Because it's disrespecting the character, and through that, it's handicapping the story-line.

    Someone as 'hyper-cerebral' as Brennan, doesn't forget what she has learned(I have similar people in my family, they stay odd(so you can keep her personality), but once they get it, they get it), that's kinda the whole premise of their genius.

    I'm seriously hoping the writers will go back to respecting Brennan as a whole person, and don't just start over, because that's a very cheap-trick, to try and create awkward moments, and that would seriously damage my enjoyment of the show.

    So PLEASE respect the characters a little more, it'll only make the show that much greater.