Season 2 Episode 18

The Killer in the Concrete

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on FOX

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  • A cracking episode


    Once again it wasn't so much the crime which took centre stage but character development.

    Brennan and Booth are working apart on this case and Booth gets into deep trouble. The extent to which Brennan cares for him is shown in the lengths she goes to trying to find him. For a start she gets help from her father despite her ambivalent feelings about him. Towards the end her attitude is beginning to change as she becomes uncertain if she should call him in next time he appears.

    The affection that the squint team have for Booth is shown in their desire to find out where he is despite Zack pointing out that they find evidence and Booth interprets it and they are no good at interpreting.

    Booth takes a heck of a beating, and is tortured as well but won't reveal that Kennedy is still alive. Not surprising this as Gallagher would have killed him straight away. He doesn't point this out to Brennan but says that he had to give her time to find him.It is obvious that he was badly hurt as when they are in the diner talking, there are two crutches propped against the wall behind him.

    We have here an 'honourable' ex-killer in Kennedy who is now retired and doesn't kill for fun. He even makes sure that Booth keeps his gun so he won't get into trouble. We know that Booth, despite his job, prefers upright criminals to crooked cops.

    Add in a female bounty hunter, a faked death, Zack advising Booth by cellphone how to find the one legged man and you have a great episode.

  • This is probably the best episode of both season one and two. It expands character development, is humorous, and is atypical of the show.

    First, let me say that there is a quick scene in this episode that cracked me up. This means: I put the DVD on pause just so I could laugh. Its not very realistic, but the shot is really slapstick-comedy funny. (Cp. the bounty-hunter getting the carpet pulled out from under her)

    Anyway, the plot is a little different because in this episode, Bones gets to be the rescuer and Booth is the one needing to be rescued. Fine point: Bones actually reacts to the fact that Booth needs rescuing; i.e. Bones is stressed and emotive. The development with Bones' father ties this episode to many of the subplots and such of the previous episodes. There is one glaring flaw: her father keeps appearing in her apartment. Well, you'd think after he'd done it once, the FBI would be ready for his next attempt. Apparently, he is not only a criminal, but Spider-Man.

    There are some other minor unrealistic scenes in this episode, which purists will dislike. (For example, Booth is really Wolverine for the beating his head takes.) However, its TV - not string-theory physics class, so accept the improbable and enjoy the entertainment.

    Finally, there is a neat treat getting to hear Bones sing a verse.
  • Let me just start by saying that this is one of my favorite episodes, which is why I decided to write my first episode review.

    I thought the case was engaging, the B&B relationship progressed quite nicely, and Brennan's relationship with her father has taken the first tentative step in the right direction. Also, there were some great comedic scenes. This episode is an example of Bones at its best.

    *Note: My review is focused on the character development of Brennan and Booth as well as the evolution of their relationship. I will not recap the episode and have left out major plot points. I am assuming you have seen the episode, so beware that possible spoilers may follow!

    One year after burying her mother, Brennan is still unable to confront her feelings about her mother's death and her father's involvement. Like Booth (in The Titan on the Tracks), Angela takes Brennan to visit her mother's grave and tries to convince her to deal with her emotions. Angela and Booth instinctively understand that Brennan needs to explore her issues with her parents, but Brennan continues to resist. When her father, Max, makes several attempts to connect with her and resolve some of her resentment, she refuses to hear what he has to say. Even when he tries to talk to her about her mother, Brennan shuts him out. Booth's kidnapping is the only thing important enough to force Brennan to seek out her father's help. Desperate to find Booth, she reaches out to Max and accepts his assistance.

    I really feel for Max in this episode. Unlike in Judas on a Pole (when he essentially abandoned Brennan a second time), he's trying desperately to connect with his daughter. He understands that his abandonment has deeply affected her and he is trying to make up for it now. He learns quickly that Brennan is a strong, stubborn woman who blames him for her mother's death. He also learns that she doesn't trust people easily. When the one person she unconditionally trusts disappears, he uses it to get closer to her. On one hand, I think it is sneaky for him to use Brennan's weakness to his advantage. He's a con, a criminal. He helps, not to save Booth's life (Booth wants to arrest him!), but to get what he wants: a foot in the doorway. On the other hand, he does it for a noble reason. He genuinely wants to connect with his daughter. As Booth himself points out numerous times, Max is a good man who does bad things.

    Brennan is frantic when Booth is missing (reacting much like he has when she's been in danger). She reluctantly accepts Max's help out of desperation. When the two track down a bounty hunter with ties to Booth's possible kidnapper, Brennan loses control of her carefully suppressed emotions. Finding Booth's tooth at the scene, she snaps, punching the bounty hunter and screaming, "Where's Booth?!" This is a completely irrational reaction from the typically reserved scientist. Max stops her from attacking the bounty hunter and stares at her in astonishment. Despite his continued attempts to connect, nothing else has elicited such an emotional response from her.

    The intensity of Brennan's reaction to the kidnapping is not lost on the rest of the Squint Squad either. Angela, in her typical atypical **** tries to offer her help and support. Brennan refuses her help (because she doesn't want anyone to know Max is helping her) and Angela tries to push hers way in. She acknowledges that she isn't a fighter (but "can spit with deadly accuracy"), but wants to be there because she understands how upset Brennan is. Cam, on behalf of the Squints, tells Brennan that she's not alone and that they are all worried about Booth. Like Brennan, Cam is concerned about Booth, but her reaction is much more understated. The difference in their reactions speaks volumes about each woman's feelings toward Booth. Brennan is more distraught than Cam and we all know why... In the end Brennan finds Booth, with help from Max and the Squints. Instead of letting the FBI arrest her father, Brennan allows him to escape. She's grateful that he helped her rescue Booth and is finally ready to take the first tentative step toward a relationship. She's slowly beginning to trust him.

    Much like in Aliens in a Spaceship, Booth's faith in Brennan is absolute. When she asks why he allowed himself to be tortured rather than give his captors information, he tells her, "I needed to give you time to find me." He wasn't sure she would find him in time, but he knew she would never stop trying. Even though his life has never been in her hands before, he knows that she would do everything she can to save him. The partners share a bonding moment in the diner when Brennan asks Booth if he knows the song, "Keep on Tryin'" (a fond childhood memory she has of Max). He starts to sing it and she joins in, much to Booth's surprise and delight. They have a strong bond that you can practically feel in this scene. As they sing together, Booth looks at her with such affection that I'm convinced he's in love with her (and knows it).
  • Another great episode about Brennan's father.

    Brennan's father shows up again and seems determined to convince Brennan he's not a monster, as if that would be possible given the violent murders he's committed. Booth actually tells Brennan to forgive her father. It's not like these murders were years ago and he's showing genuine remorse – this was months ago and he's shameless about it. Doesn't matter that these were criminals, it's still cold-blooded premeditated murder. I'm proud of Brennan that every time he showed up, she called it in.

    I will give you this, her father is quite impressive. He's not subtle but he gets things done. There are times when having a serious criminal in your family comes in handy. I was delighted by his "She reminds me of your mother!" comment – I am really starting to get curious about Brennan's mother.

    This is a first – a considerate hitman?! Doesn't kill Booth and doesn't take his gun so Booth won't get in trouble for losing it!

    The mystery surrounding Max keeps growing, I really like this storyline. The series is at it's best when it makes things personal.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones they are called to the scene were a skelton is bured in concreat. and they must figure out what happen. and they start to do some more inveatgating and turns out that the guy that is supposivly dead is still alive. and that he is only has one leg. and booth gets the jump and goes looking for him but then the guy gets the jump on him and booth is left there but the guys show up and start to torcher him. to make him talk. and also bones is father is in this ep and they work to gether to find out where is booth. this was a good ep
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a body is found in concrete, it is all taken back to the lab, so that Bones and co can investigate. We then see Angela with Bone together at her mother's grave, as it has been one year since Bones laid her mother to rest. As Angela goes to wait in the car, we see her father approaching her. And so Bones phones the sighting through to the police. He tells her that he loves her and then he simply walks away. When she returns home that night, her father is there waiting for her, with a device that jams cell phones, so that she can't phone the police again. We soon learn that the victim was paralysed and then put into the ground and then had concrete poured over him, whilst he was still alive, thus ended up killing him. Then, yet again, Bones returns home only to have her father come visit her again.
    The next day, we learn that Booth has been missing for 18 hours and we see that Bones is worried about him. He went to see a suspect by himself, and no one has seen him since. Bones's father goes to see her again, and offers to help her find Booth. They soon track down the hotel room where the suspect was staying. There, they find the bounty hunter who was helping Booth. Bones then find Booth's tooth, and so she punches the bounty hunter in order to try and find out where he is. We then see that Booth is tied up to a chair and he is being beaten, in order to try and get information out of him. Angela wants to go with Bones in order to find Booth, but Bones tells her that she can't and soon Angela realises that she is working with her father. Soon Bones and co find out who is holding Booth. Soon they get a location, and Bones calls the FBI for back up (and lies a little by doing so). We then se Booth being burnt with a hot stick, which looks very painful, We then see Bones and her father entering the building. As Bones stays with Booth, and when her father sees the police, she tells him that the keys are in the ignition, so that he can make his escape. When then see Max in her apartment writing her a note, and leaving behind a photo of her with her mother and also a dolphin. As we end the episode, we see Bones and Booth together in the diner. We see them singing a song together.
  • Thrilled by the episode, but disappointed by its resolution.

    Hello, I've been logging in here for about two months but I've never posted anything. So this is my first post but, really, it's just the first time I've felt the necessity to post a commentary about a Bones episode (and I've also had some time to myself). I just want to say that Bones is my favorite show at the present, and I really enjoy watching it, and I'm really happy with the quality of the show. That said, my review:
    I adored the concept of Temperance saving Booth, and the build up to the moment of resolution was great. Lots of intense situations aided by the importance of the characters present in the episode: Brennan's father, the mention of her brother, the nature of the criminals, was a big story and very exciting. I was really enjoying the build up to the moment when Brennan would find Booth and be physically present with him again. The form the episode was taking was promising an equally, if not more, intense resolution scene specifically of Temperance and Seeley. That scene marked a sharp descent in my level of oneness with the episode. That was the moment I had been waiting for during almost the entire episode: the reunion. This reunion scene was supposed to be treated like make up sex: really...good. There's more to these character than catching the bad guys. All I got, after tuning myself in so profoundly with the story and its characters, was a Brennan leaning slightly to look at Seeley's face and speaking some completely forgettable words. I really, truthfully, expected more. I might have been spoiled by the x-files. I totally accept that as a possibility. I know this is a different show and things are different, etc. Still, by general standards, I think the Temperance and Seeley dimention was poorly developed in the resolution scene of this episode. Yes, they saved Booth and got the bad guys caught, but this was a wasted scene, because it was a perfect opportunity to play the inner; personal dimention of these two characters' relationship. Someone might have a different opinion, but I believe this dimetion is equally important to the main story line in any narrative that implies long term character development.
    So, esentially, I believe the resolution scene was not taken advantage of to it's full capacity. A very important dimention of the story was disregarded in a moment where it was supposed to shine. I wasn't satisfied because of that, and if I hadn't really felt the dissapointment, I wouldn't have written this review. I don't do pedantic nitpicking and I probably won't write another review until I really feel the impulse to do it.
    I love this show and I think it's great, but I just don't want to see it turn into a comic book action series. I worry about the inner transformations of the characters because the personal dimention is very fulfilling too, and a nice balance between the two in a tv show pulls in a wider audience because it touches more areas of the human condition.
  • Bones finally gets to save Booth.

    Booth and Bones are called in to investigate skeletal remains buried in concrete (or is it cement?) which are practically screaming mob involvement. Sure enough it will turn out this way.

    Meanwhile Brennans' father Max returns to get reaquainted with Bones who is not very receptive and calls the FBI every time he tries to talk to her.

    Booth has a tooth-ache but is afraid to see a dentist. So he rather suffers until his tooth is knocked out of him by the killer.

    Things take a serious turn as Booth is kidnapped by a mob boss and Bones has to ask for her father's help to find him in time.
    Finally Bones is the one saving Booth, after almost two seasons where it was always the other way around it was a nice change.

    The ending scene is really cute as Booth and Bones sing "Keep on Tryin'" together. Now we know why Mr.Boreanaz refuses to sing ;o). But Emily Deschanel surprises with a really nice singing voice.
  • Good Episode...

    It was good to see Max come back and interact more with his
    daughter. I liked it when Brennan was at the cemetery, for someone who doesn´t believe in talking to the dead.

    The story was good, though I think Booth was way too naive
    when facing the criminals (bounty and the other two).
    Brennan was worried when Booth was kidnapped, but I think it didn´t come down to her until she saw his tooth, I liked her reaction, I was actually expecting it. It was good to see her trust her father with Booth´s situation and somehow asked for his help. Poor guy, losing a leg to make everyone think he´s dead.

    My favorite moments: Brennan checking on Booth´s tooth and
    the end scene with both of them singing. *heart melts*

  • It's a very good example of how strongly Brennan trusts and needs her partner.

    Last night I watched the Killer in the Concrete and it's absolutely awesome! I love it!

    I have three favourite parts: 1st- When Max and Brennan interrogate the airplane dude and he says Max is a psycho or something and she walks away and says "You have no idea!" 2nd- The ending is awesome, with the two of them singing Keep on Tryin', I think it was a touching moment, especially when Bren joined Booth and we can see he wasn't expecting her to sing at all. It's one of my all-time favourite moments...I know it's not just me, every BB shipper out there must have drooled and squealed all over! I was in my bed watching it and I couldn't stop squirming with excitement! I know, it's sad how crazy I am!

    3rd- Last but not least, when Brennan loses it and beats up the bounty hunter. I think I like this scene more than the singing part, if that's possible. If Max wasn't holding her, I think Brennan could have killed the woman, honestly! I think this scene along with the one at the diner where she tells Max that Booth has disappeared really show the connection Brennan forged with her partner, how she truly cares about him.

    I think the writers did a very good thing in this episode, reversing the roles of the traditional episode formula: guy saves girl and plays the hero. Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for Booth playing the hero and saving Brennan, but I also think that reversing the roles was clever, because not only was innovating, it also balanced the partner's relationship and showed Brennan once again being a tough, strong woman. It was pretty good. I also liked the torture scene, how strong Booth was, even when Parker was being threatened.

  • This was an okay episode

    I was really looking forward to this episode, but nothing really happen till something happen to Booth and at the end Booth being very modest, saying this he been through worst.

    Brennan’s father is also back. Wow is he very vicious, he can really torture people can’t he. Wonder what he wanted to tell Brennan about her mom. Would Brennan ever forgive her father???

    Lol I don’t blame Booth for being afraid of the dentist, I hate dentist too. But if he has been tortured so many times, why is he still afraid of the dentist???
  • Daddy's back...

    I love when Brennan's dad comes into an episode. I love their relationship, I love finding more about her mother. I love how protective Booth gets :) I so love his alpha male tendicies (sp?)
    This episode was so much fun to watch (I saw it with some friends, so that may have been the reason). It's not my favorite episode or anything, but it was enjoyable. I love how Booth gets kidnapped, I justl ike seeing him so vulnerable. I also like how Brennan was so insanely crazy trying to save him.
    My favorite part though, were some of Angela's lines. "You just lied your ass off to the Federal bearau of Investigation" and "I can spit with dealy accuracy"
    She's great!

    Fabulous episode and no more talking about Sully!!
  • I really enjoyed watching this episode because we finally get to see an example of the faith that Booth has in Bones, but i was hoping for a more intense reunion!

    I really enjoyed watching this episode because we finally get to see an example of the faith that Booth has in Bones, but i was hoping for a more intense reunion! They could have had Booth a bit more distraught than he seemed to be, but i definately loved the singing in the diner. They should shaft the tension between Cam and Booth, and concentrate on giving us more of those classic moments between Booth and Bones, but i suppose it gives us more to look forward to in the series to come, rather than giving us the moment that we all want to see towards the beginning of the show's era. Although it would be interesting to see how their relationship pans out.
  • Bones teams up with her dad to find a kidnapped Booth.

    Writers score again with a great episode which shows Bones' feeling for Booth. Bones goes ballistic when her partner is kidnapped, and becomes a woman on a mission to find him safely. She teams up with none other than her estranged father, who introduces her to both more persuasive and less "nice" methods of interrogation. In the end, the unlikely duo saves Booth, and the two are once again happy to be together. While it wasn't the emotional reuniting that has occured when Booth has saved Bones' life, it was still good to see the two of them together. Looking forward to the next installment.
  • poor Booth - I'll nurse him back to health...

    So I liked the fact that there was the running comment about cement and concrete. Something that the squints would know and annoy other people with their knowledge. There were so many people it was hard to tell who was bad and who was good. Especially when Bones’s dad shows up. Technically a bad guy, but his record shows he only killed people who really deserved it and he went out of his way to help and find Booth. Good episode. I also liked how emotional Bones got about Booth, you can tell that she really cares. I can’t wait to see how their relationship plays out.
  • Daddy's back!

    Where to begin? Daddy Max... what a great character, he adds so much to the show. Him and Bones working together was really great... they have some of the same chemistry she has with Booth. With Max I always get divided between the criminal and the great dad he is showing to be.
    Booth kidnapped being tortured, very sad but also very revealing. I could tell there was a lot of the military guy still there keeping a neutral expression and no shouting.
    And Bones freaking out because of Booth was nice, it was good to see some concern from her for a change.
    The squints, I LOVE the squints. Angela spiting comment and Hodgins "that's hot" were priceless. Cam, let's give her a break and say she's a part of the team and Zach's comments, just cute.
  • WOW an amazing episode!!

    In this episode Bones's dad, Max kennan, comes to town to try and talk to Bones about her mother. Soon Max kennan starts to help Bones find Booth. I really liked this episode because instead of Booth always saving Bones, it was the other way around so Bones was saving Booth. Also I felt bad when Booth was tortured and kidnapped :[ I also love these episodes when Bones's dad comes back into the episode, this helps us to learn more about her mom and dad. I also loved the ending of this episode with Bones and Booth both singing that song!!!
  • Bones saving Booth.........WOW!

    Now that’s not meant to be in a sarcastic way but in a shock horror way, you see usually the ‘saving’ is done by either both Booth & Bones or just Booth and the FBI so what a joy and an unusual twist to have Brennan ( okay with the help of her father ) save Booth from a couple of despicable characters who want to get medieval on his a***.

    I also enjoyed seeing Bones father again and it looks as if we’ll be seeing more of him in future episodes, it looks as if he’s not the bad man he’s been made out to be.
  • i was soo totally bawling my eyes out for Booth!

    such a good episode! yay! it was really good to get to know Max Keenan a little better then we did. now he does just seem like a retired old grand dad who want to disapear and have grabd kids some day. even though we know that isnt likley to happen haha. seeing booth get tortured totally just ripped me to peices inside. not cool. and when he said he was tortured worse, i wanted to go and smack whoever did it to him. and that red hot screw driver in the wrong places looked totally painful! have to say, that being the b/b shipper that i am, i LOVED that ending.

  • Brennans dad comes back into town while Booth is being held hostage by a mobster that is looking for a "dead guy"

    i loved this episode because i love brennans dad so much and that Booth got taken hostage totally brought brennan and booth together at the end, (it is totally obvious they want to jump each others bones)(pun not intended) but they just looked so good together at the end where bennan and her dad foung him beaten up , she totally loves him ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! woot woot they are totally going to get together hopefully in the near future! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot
  • Booth becomes the victim!

    Booth becomes the victim and it is up to Bones to save him before he is hurt. She is forced to lie to the FBI as the man who kidnapped him, thought that was dead, is actually is alive. In order to protect Booth. Bones then races against time to save him. Ryan O Neal is great in this as the villian of the night's episode. Very suspenseful and action-packed!
  • A bit confusing - but not bad overall. Max Keenan is back!! I love Ryan O'Neil. :D

    I loved the way Temp hit the bounty hunter when she found Booth's tooth. Temp & Booth looked so cute together at the diner. The crime boss looks a lot like Bruce Vilanch.

    Angela annoyed me in this episode - I don't why, but I felt she was a smart-a**.

    Hopefully, she should be tolerable in the next episode.
  • One of the best episodes this season. Spoilers.

    Okay, I'm usually one of those people who wish we could have more case in our character develelopment. This time though, I totally loved this episode even though the case wasn't really mysterious or central(kinda).

    "Cementhead" is found, connected to another killing of "Icepick", and this leads Brennan and Booth to a man named Gallagher. The nickname part, practically killed me. It shows though, how much Brennan is changing and trying to be more like Booth, which is kind of funny in itself. I nearly died when Brennan and Cam were on the phone with Booth and he told Bones, "it's a speakerphone," or something to that effect.

    "Stabbed, shot, lived to die another day. Rapstaarrr." Okay, I literally fell out of my chair when Hodgins said this in the perfect Hodgins fashion. That may just be me though.

    Zack...awww, I love Zack. He's so clueless, more than Brennan, in many aspects. He's also nerdy, but that's just cute because his nerdiness pays off in big ways. I loved the interaction of the team trying to Booth yet again. It was almost funnier than in the "Woman in the Garden." They all agreed they suck at jumping to conclusions, cause I mean, they've tried before and failed, but Cam insists they try. Angela, one of the most "normal" squints, as Booth calls her, figures out "Icepick" was a taxi driver, er wait, is a taxi driver.

    Yes, "Icepick" was alive. He'd staged his own death and Booth happens to get dropped by him. Yesh, our Booth, the fortress that is Booth, got knocked out by an old, retired, one-legged, man. This tells you how dangerous "Icepick" really is. Anyways, anyone else love when Booth, even through all seriousness of being wrapped in a carpet rug and tied up, asked him what he hit him with because it made his tooth stop hurting? I nearly died. It was such a Booth reaction. Oh yeah, Booth had an infected molar which was killing him throughout the episode, maybe I should add that at the beginning...nah.

    Anyways, guess what? Booth gets kidnapped...again! What the mess? Remember Gallagher, yep, he and his buddy kidnap Booth and torture him. Torture...well their version. All the while they had Booth I kept thinking, 'you expect him to tell you? He was a frickin sniper! He's been captured by guerrilas and enemy forces. Do you really an average joe like going to make him talk?' I thought, puhlease.

    Brennan to the rescue! With the help of her father they save Booth just in time(duh). But, here it comes. She lets her father go when the FBI rush in. Well, she tells him the keys are in the ignition of her vehicle. Same difference. The only reason she let him is because he helped her save Booth. I really believe if it had been any other way, she would have personally dragged his ass to the FBI. However, now that she knows more about her father, I don't think she'll be in that much of a hurry as she was in this episode, to call the FBI. At least, I hope not.

    Great episode. I loved it. It was funny, serious, comical, and gave me enough to want Max Keenan come back with full force for another episode.
  • Great episode, wonderful scenes of Brennan and Booth. Max Keenan comes for a visit and helps save Booth's life. *SPOILERS*

    I thought this was a great episode! The main story of the body and who killed him and why wasn't very hard to figure out. But the science they used to get the evidence so they could prove it was interesting. How they were able to help Brennan out was vital too, more on that later. Of course, it was the character development that made the ep so great. I liked that Brennan was able to see her dad for something other than a cold-blooded killer, and it was ironic that it was Booth that said some people would call him a hero, considering how serious Booth is about the law. I don't think she could have even begun to think of him in a positive way unless Booth had said those things.

    The scene where he reminds her of things she liked as a child (snickerdoodles) and the song they used to sing was really sweet. Brennan seems so much more human when she admits she can have emotions and good memories of childhoot.

    I just loved the fact that Brennan was forced to rely on her dad to help her find and save the most important person in her life. I know her dad will be back later in the season and I hope he continues to show up now and then.

    Overall I found it hard to believe Booth would get himself caught like that, but since he did, seeing him get beat up and tortured was really rough. I had to scream out loud at the hot poker in his leg. I know he's been tortured before, but seeing a hot poker going into his leg as his pants burn was so hard to watch. It looked quite realistic. Having to watch Booth get tortured is why this is not a perfect "10."

    Booth and Brennan singing at the end was a great scene that just shows how deep their relationship is. It was kind of fun to see she actually knows the words to a song The way they act with each other shows how much they care, even if they don't act on it.
  • Bones and her father are reunited and for once make a team to find Booth when he has been taken by the enemy.

    Honestly, this was the first time I have ever watched the show. I thought that this was an amazing episode, and this will keep me watching! However, I do have one question. I am extremely interested in what the song was called that Bones and her father continued to sing, and the episode ended with Bones and Booth singing it in the diner. I really want to get ahold of that song, but I am not coming up with any results that are satisfying on the net. If someone could help me, that would be amazing and greatly appreciated!
  • Booth and Bones investigate a body found in concrete (not cement)and try to identify the bad guy(s)...Booth is kidnapped and Bones gets a surprise visit from her dear, demented father. Now, only she and her dad can get to Booth in time.

    Truly one of the best examples in how much this show has grown since first season. The characters are solid and have really established themselves with the audience. It's always fun when the Squints get together to solve crimes and this time was no Zach and Jack and their reactions to having to deduce from evidence: very true.

    The plot just seemed to stream along beautifully and I hardly felt as if an hour had really passed because I was so engrossed within the show. I love the interaction between Booth and Bones every week, but this week certainly (and after the last two weeks!!!!) showed us a new aspect to the dynamic duo. There's definitely much more in store for these two, and I for one hope it keeps evolving at this same pace. The song played was an ingenious choice--it once meant so much to Tempe as it was her father's favorite...and now, she identifies with it in a whole new way: maybe as she was searching for Booth she was thinking of this song (???) I certainly enjoyed the closing scene--it was so full of genuine affection and comfort between any excuse to have David and Emily sing together is enough for me.
  • A little bit all over the place.

    As much as I enjoyed tonight's episode, I thought the script was a little bit too busy and all over the place. I like the re-enterance of Brennan's dad and his link to the case, Concrete/Cement man, more mobsters, Booth's tooth, the team rescuing Booth, Bennan recognizing her mom's anniversary, Angela & Brennan's trying to get her to deal her mom and her feelings, the bounty hunter, Brennan showing STRONG feelings about Booth's kidnapping, Booth's kidnapping and torture, the FBI, Brennan and Brennan's dad coming to the rescue. Just like this run-on sentence it seemed all over the place. But I did catch one thing - Brennan's STRONG reaction to Booth being missing and in danger. That need exploration - yet think?
  • Brennan saves Booth

    I loved this one it was so amazing. I loved Brennan with Angela at the cemetery at the beginning. I loved how her dad showed up.

    The dynamic between Brennan and her father was incredible. Booth was right in saying that she should pretty much give him a chance. He was trying really hard to make amends with her for most of the episode. I loved that she accepted his help so quickly when Booth was in trouble. Bones working with her dad was amazing. I loved how she hated watching him do things his way, but then she was ready to kick some serious a$$ when she wasn't getting anywhere and Booth was in trouble.

    I loved Booth and his tooth pain. That scene where Brennan was trying to get a good look at his tooth was so cute. Booth being a baby like that was adorable.

    I loved that in the end Brennan and her father saved Booth because usually Booth is saving Brennan. I also loved Brennan giving her dad her car so he could take off. It showed that in the end she understood him on some level even though she still believed he had handled things the wrong way.

    This was an incredible episode and I loved seeing Brennan with her father and Booth being in trouble and in need of rescue.
  • Booth is kidnapped & Bones enlists the help of her father.

    I loved this episode. It may have not been the best episode, but I loved that the writers brought Ryan O'Neal back for another episode! He once again did a wonderful job playing Brennan's father. This was an episode in which one of the main characters, Booth, was kidnapped. Sadly, I happen to love episodes where a character's kidnapped because it gives the viewers a chance to see how the other characters react to the situation. Brennan in particular. Emily Deschanel played a distressed Brennan perfectly. I loved how anxious she was to find Booth. My favorite scene? Easy. The last scene, hands down. Booth and Brennan singing together may seem cheesy (I did laugh a little), but the look Booth gave Brennan was priceless. It showed how much he cared for her and definitely moved their story along for the show. Nicely done David!
  • Is it twisted that I love seeing the main characters in danger and/or pain? It makes the show less cookie-cutter and more exciting.

    When I read the summary op this episode, I thought, aw man... a filler. But then I saw the trailer on TV and I got a little more excited by the thought of Booth in trouble, :P. It's actually only by chance I got to see it on TV today, as I usually download the episodes next day. But fortunately (or unfortunately, really) I was sick today so i stayed home and actually WATCHED TV! First time in months...

    Okay... may I repeat the question running through everyone's minds: WHEN will Booth and Brennan get together, like WHEN!?!?!? Such a corny question I know, and WAY overused for EVERY show EVER made, but hey! that's what writters do to keep us watching: prolong the agony. Cause really, I can name some shows that would have blowed without the tension running around between the main characters.

    Which brings me once again to the main reasonI ever started watching this show: David 'sexy' Boreanaz. :P Who among you only started watching other shows because Buffy ended and Angel was cancelled? Cause I gotta say... my show list has since gone from 2 or three to about 20.

    But anyways... back to the episode. I don't know if it's because I watch so many shows, but I feel as if I'm missing something in the plot. Maybe it's because we never really got to see Brennan and her family hanging out after the finale of S1, or maybe it's just that I can't find a downloadable version of S2 episodes 1, 4, 5 and 6 (in which the Cam/Booth realationship is developped) but I'm kinda getting a sense of something missing since this season began, and this episode made me think of all that... It's like, at the beggining of the season Booth and Brennan were getting cutesy (when Zack was hired) but now (since Sully, damn him) they're back to just partners. Oh well... I guess it'll happen sooner or later.

    Oh and I really want to see more of booth's therapist! Great actor, and he made my laugh SOOOO much.

    T'ill next week, talk to you guys all later!