Season 6 Episode 15

The Killer in the Crosshairs

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2011 on FOX

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  • The killer in the crosshairs.

    After the last episode of Bones, I say we were all expecting something that would get our hearts racing for this week. And I say we got it!
    The sniper arc is turning to a very tense situation for everybody. This week we see him making the first real contact with Booth and really threating him, which made Booth that much more angry. And thank God, some of that beautiful relationship between Booth and Bones that we so loved is coming back, slowly but it is. This time Bones pushed Booth almost to the limit and we got to see that Booth doesn't really trust talking to Bones about somethings anymore, so he went to talk to Sweets. In the end, he got around and talked to her about it but things got a little heated before that.
    For the humorous part of the episode, we have Hodgins and Angela fighting with Angela's dad for the right to name their child, which they won but at the price of Hodgins getting a whole new tattoo. LOL
    What I didn't really like was that Mr. Nigel Murray was not himself and Tamara Taylor just showed up to show her new hair do, which was sad because she is absolutely great. Now, for the anxious part of waiting until next week, where I hope we will leave us dying for more!
  • The Killer In The Crosshairs...

    If you've ever seen Dexter then you know what it's like to question the morality of taking a life. Whether or not the writers at Bones have seen Dexter I couldn't say, but this week's "The Killer in the Crosshairs" took its own stab at good versus evil - right versus wrong.

    Coming back to ethics of being a sniper that has popped up every now and then throughout Bones' run, the Jeffersonian team is once again up against Jacob Broadsky, a former acquaintance of Booth's turned gun-for-hire. Moving away from the regular whodunnit formula of most cop shows, including Bones itself, upon discovering a murder victim at the start of the episode, the team works out who did it within five minutes. There is a little FBI work to be done throughout the episode but it centers mostly around the ethics and morality of whether Broadsky's killing of bad people only is really such a detestable thing.

    I applaud the attempt by the writers to keep a balance of character centric and murder mystery episodes, but, like mostly every episode in this current season of Bones, it lacked any real emotional punch that gave the subject the gravitas it deserved. Ultimately the episode concluded with some literally unbelievable stupidity by the protagonists as they blatantly risked the life of a man they knew with certainty to be in mortal danger, just for the opportunity to shoot at Broadsky. Of course, having called in no backup whatsoever, as is customary when hunting mass murderers, they proceeded to allow him to escape once again!

    There was a B-plot that the episode kept coming back to throughout and I shall summarize it simply as: Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top was on Bones again, and it wasn't funny this time either!