Season 3 Episode 8

The Knight on the Grid

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2007 on FOX

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  • Creepy, gruesome, action and complexity, Gormogon returns


    A lot of interlacing threads in this episode although the main theme is that of the discovery of much more about the Gormogon cannibal.

    At the same time it reveals more about the relationship of the three Brennans - Max, Russ and Bones - but also about Booth's interaction with them. Yes, Booth has to arrest Russ, but he puts it off till they visit the child in hospital. He also sets up some monitoring of Russ so that his time in jail will be short.

    Booth is the heroic action man in this episode - he rescues Bones from the taxi and also the child from the pool thus having to let the bomber escape. As to the Gormogon puzzle, it is Booth who has involved Sweets with the result that Sweets reveals a great deal about the psychology of the Gormogon set up especially the master / apprentice theme which is crucial to the on going saga.

    A couple of real horror movie moments - the old man in the nursing home suddenly hissing, and the closing scene when the knifeman springs out of the cupboard - always makes me jump that.

  • Best episode up to date!

    This was the best bones episode up to date! It is definelty my favorite episode i have ever seen! There are soooooo many scenes i love in this episode...
    Brennan "are you being sarcastic?"
    Caroline "yes!" Aw man! i just loved that scene!!
    I also loved the scene where Brennan was acreaming the infomation about the kneecaps to Booth so Gormogon could hear then!! she looked like a child in a candy storm!!!
    I also liked when zack, brennan, and booth had to take out the bar code key thingy from the drawer and at the end brennan asked if he could see and he said not for another four to five minutes :D! i thought that was hilarious part for zack!
    Overall, i truly think this was the best episode in Bones history! everything was great: the acting, the action scenes, and especially the funny scenes!
    **Hodgins and Booth looked especially hot in this episode :)**
  • Great continuation of Gormogon.

    Awesome discovery of the older complete skeleton, proof that Gormogon isn't a cult really, instead is a master/apprentice situation but one that is at least 70 years old. Love the whole secret society storyline.

    Brennan's almost-sister-in-law is a complete… I'm not allowed to use any of the words I'd like to. Selfishly wanting her daughter to see Russ, she gets him arrested?! Max is no better, sacrificing Russ to spare Tempe. How does Max think that will make his kids feel? Russ has been betrayed by Max and Tempe looks like she's the betrayer. Why on Earth did Tempe hug her father after that?! I would have beaten him senseless and never spoke to him again! Russ got off easy and Booth had a lot to do with that.

    Very smart, Gormogon pushing the child to the bottom of the pool so Booth must choose, rescue the kid or go after him. Sweets is supposedly helpful, even suggesting that Gormogon will be looking for an apprentice. I do not trust Sweets one inch, there's something creepy about him.

    Great episode, lots of info learned but also lots of new questions.
  • It just doesn't track

    Ok, I admit that I love Bones. I love it for the story, the charecters...many things. And if you take it as a drama, a soap opera of sorts, or just entertainment then it's good. But c'mon... We started by hearing that Gormogon's mission was to protect us all from secret societies like the Mason's and the Illuminati. But the Knights of Columbus? Even the Jesuits would have made more sense. Should the Elks, the Odd Fellows and Fred Flinstone's Royal Order of Water Buffalo be jealous? And tell me, just how does killing a priest, a lobbyist and a violinist, protect society or destroy the lethal grip of secret socieites? Really, a violinist?? Is music a secret tool of the ruling elite? The answer of the show when things start to get squirrely seems to be simply that "he is crazy". But the Gormogon is supposedly a genius who later seduces Zach with "irrefutable logic". Someone take a stab at explaining even a fraction of what that logic might be. And even if you can imagine a scenario where these killings might be dismantling secret societies (other than perhaps by attrition--killing of millions one person at a time) what is the logic in his eating them?

    I like this show. I like this episode. As long as I don't have to think about it.
  • A fantastic episode...

    I must admit, I have only been watching Bones on and off so far, being only semi-hooked, but then this episode came along. I thought it was fantastic, and I can't wait to see what happens next!! :)
    The plot with the Gormagon and the cannibalistic order is a bit Da Vinci-code, but it works, and it is really fun seeing them solve the puzzle. Dr. Sweets is great, and I love how he can just ignore Bones when she starts rambling about psykology being a pseudo-science... :) The chemistry between Booth and Brennan is fantastic, he was so sweet that he helped her out so much with her brother.
  • Only one word needed......Gormogon

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a body is discovered Booth has Cam go out to the crime scene as the body still has flesh on it. Bones has a shock when Russ's girlfriend, Ay turns up at her house. She asks where Russ is, and tells her that one of their kids is getting sicker and so Bones gives her the name and number of a specialist. As all of this is going on, Bones noticed body on her mail and sees that the blood is spreading. As she opens it she finds the human knees inside, most likely the ones that are missing from the dead body.
    Soon the team believe that the case is linked to that of the Widow's Son cases. We then see Bones going to the hospital to visit one of her step niece's who is sick, Hayley. And so, Bones does like Amy asks her too, and goes to visit her father in order to try to get a message to Russ about Hayley's condition. As they discuss the case in Booth's office, he gets told someone id there to see him. It is a shock when we see Russ walking in, knowing he is a wanted man, so that he can see Hayley. And so Booth ahs to arrest him, and while this is happening, he claims that his father told him that if he went there that Booth couldn't arrest him. Because this is what Bones apparently told him. So they take him to the hospital, and as a thank you, Bones gives him a kiss on the cheek. So Bones goes to see her father, and is angry that he lied to Russ and got Russ to believe that now he can't trust his sister. Back at the lab, we learn that the killer has been watching and listening to everything, thanks to mirrors set up in the vault all directed to one point. And so Bones and Booth decide to use this to their advantage to try and catch the killer. So when they transport the skeleton, which the killer wants/needs back, Bones and Booth follow it behind, undercover, in a cab. Soon a motorbike causes suspicion. And as they turn the corner the biker has dropped a bag on the floor. As they reverse to get away from it, the bag explodes, which causes the cab to flip. We then see that both Booth and Bones are injured, Booth manages to make it out of the cab and pulls Booth free. Soon they believe that the killer was trying to kill them. So Booth races off to protect the next potential victim, and leaves Bones at the scene as she is injured. We then se Booth getting to the house, and we see that the victim tied up. He is alive, and then we see the killer running. He then grabs a kid, and takes him into the water (pool) with him. Booth dives in to save the kids life, and the killer manages to escape. Bones goes to see Russ and tell her the truth about what she actually told their father. Soon they track down a man, who is now in a nursing home, who they believe may have been one of the serial killers. Russ has a hearing during which he is sentenced to 30 days in jail, 18 months more on his parole and has to wear a monitor. As the episode ends, we see Bones in the hospital, reading to her step niece. We then see Russ and his father reunited in jail. We see Booth at a gun range, and then we see the victim who Booth saved returning home, only to be attacked.
  • Some good Brennan development in this episode as well as a Booth/Brennan stepping stone.

    So let's jump right to the importance of this episode to the development of characters, mostly Brennan. In this episode, Brennan meets Russ's(her brother) girlfriend (Amy) at the very beginning. Amy comes to see Brennan as her daughter Hayley is very sick, Bones gives Amy the number to a friend of hers which is an excellent doctor and will no doubt help cure Hayley, she knows he will do it as a favour to her. A bit later on in this episode Russ comes home to see amy and Hayley as he knows she is sick, however he walks right into Booth's office and is arrested. Booth takes Russ to the hospital so he can see Hayley and he will report that he caught Russ at the hospital, not at his office. Brennan thanks Booth with a kiss on the cheek and in my mind a huge stepping block for the two. Gormogon revelations continue to take place in this episode...
  • Gormogon is back!!

    I liked it how they brought Gormogon back. And I love how Booth pronounces Gormogon. The camera in the valt was so good and when Bones was putting the knee caps in and she was yelling insteat of just talking normally was funny.

    When Booth got Russ out of going to jail I thought was sweet because he did it for Bones. But he wont admit it. And Bones and her brother had a bit of an argument but it was funny, and she is so funny around her Dad but they did have a sweet moment. When he yelled down the phone to yell at Booth was funny because it was Zach, who totally cracks me up when he talks to Booth in long words that he doesn't understand.

    Eww some one sent that guys knee caps to Bones, how discusting! I'd throw up, but it was good she got that lady out before she saw it.

    Russ with he daughter was so cute and how Booth said he would arrest Russ ten minutes from now, what a hunny.

    As for Gormogon, well we know he/she will be coming back with or without his/her person in training. But most likely they are all guys like Sweets said. He's funny too. What a good ending...

    See you later Gormogon, catch him soon Booth and Bones!!
  • I thought that after the break the series might have improved - but alas it hasn't.

    We have the same poor formulaic script by numbers that we saw last season and the beginning of this.

    We start with a dead body (no surprise there) and with the FBI investigating. Why the FBI? Surely it should be the local police. Oh I forgot - the hero of the series is in the FBI so he has to investigate every corpse, no matter whether in reality the FBI should be involved.

    Then we have members of the Jeffersonian Institution looking the at corpse and being involved in the investigation. It would appear that despite the vast resources of the FBI they don't actually have any forensic anthropologists on their own staff. Strange that!

    Even stranger is that everyone at the Jeffersonian doesn't seem to have any real work since every episode they all spend their time solving the 'murder of the week'.

    Admittedly all the main characters are good looking and decent actors. They must all be paid quite well and account for most of the episode's 'acting budget' so they can't afford capable actors to fill the minor roles.

    This week the main thrust of the episode - Gorgomon strikes again - is so thin that they have to pad it out with a completely inconsequential sub-plot about Brennan's brother, his girl friend and her father. Ryan O'Neal again displaying his lack of acting skills.

    Don't know whether I'll get to watch the series to the end of its run. It will need to get much, much better.
  • knight on the grid is exiting nerve wracking totaly 100% exellent.

    i liked it was exellent i love every episode of bones and was really disapointed wen it went off but really exited wen i foud out it was coming back but this episode the bit at the end it made me jump out of my skin it really gave me a fright but still loved it.
    i really think the writers did a great job it was a absolutely fantastic episode and i think if the other episodes are just as exiting as this and seasons then i will love it even more i really am glad that they finaly put it back on i was geting really upset every time i loked on the internet to see if it was back on it would never tell me i think every one who loves bones would love this episode.
  • Good plots, great lines

    This is the continuation of the gormogon (hmm is this the right spelling?) files but at least i can pronounce it well unlike Booth who invents 10 other names for the killer.

    They find more horrifying discoveries. With Angela, Zack and Hodgins finding and analysis, they discover another skeleton at the cemetery. This time it's a complete work. Evidence also agreed with the master-apprentice situation proposed by Dr. Sweets. They visited an ex-master at the old folk's home and discover how he recruited 'widow's son' as apprentice. Meanwhile the current master will be recruiting a new apprentice- but the squint team has yet to find out when and where.

    Booth plays a hero in this episode, first saving Tempe from their undercover-cab which got blown up and then a kid the Gormogon tried to drown in the bid to escape after Bones& Booth discover he went back to kill the corrupter.

    There's a very cute scene at the vault when Tempe speaks very loudly and Booth shusshed her, telling her 'there's no need to scream in here' of which she replied rather comically, 'oh, right...'

    A good built up in this case with crucial findings but still one step behind the killer. We have wait for another follow-up.
  • Very Exciting!!!

    One of the best. This episode exceeded my expectations, it was a lot different from the usual episodes.
    So Gorgomon attacks again. To see all the squints working hard on the evidence to lead them to more clues was great. I wish I could meet someone who is so dedicated to his work like Hodgins; someone says bugs or dirt and his eyes suddenly shine.
    We had a little bit of everything: Brennan and his familly, BB moments, the squints thinking hard and the serial killer; the explosion and the last scenes were exciting. It was nice to see that softer side of Brennan. The little girl touched her heart. She even asked her father to tell Russ. And what a beautiful moment when she´s staring at Booth, says thank you and gives him a sweet kiss on the cheek... Booth´s reaction... She really blew his mind. Definitely my favorite moment. LG
  • Gormogon strikes again!

    A bloody mail, a still "meaty" corpse, some kneecaps lost and found in the way... and a cannibalistic serial killer! Just the kind of things you like. The episode is well written, and you can't wait to watch the next step in Gormogon's capture. Even more when some details become life-threatening for our favorite couple of investigators.

    A subtle mix of secret societies, murders, killers, forensic investigations. But also a nice part of emotion and family ties. The characters become more and more touching, some things are discovered, new emotions are felt.
    "The Knight on the Grid" is one more great example of what made Bones a such appreciated show
  • Gormogon is back and his plot got better developed.

    The best so far this season.

    So many great things about it, the case, the action scenes, the dramas (Bones', Booth's), everything.
    I have to comment the kiss, I had no idea it would happen, so cute. Booth got as surprised as I did, Brennan is really opening up. At this point, I don't think there's anything that guy won't do for his 'partner'.
    Brennan nearly screaming in the vault was soo funny.
    And Brennan interacting with Caroline is always fun to watch.
    I'm happy to see that Brennan can still be really clueless and speak her mind no matter what.
    The explosion scene was great too. There were times that I felt like watching a Bones' movie not a TV show, just awesome.
    There wasn't a BB moment in the end which is fine by me, the ending they chose was very good showing everybody and the cliff was nice, Bones don't use much these cliffs.
    Definitely this ep. goes into my favorite Bones' episodes list.
  • the body of an archbishop is found and his kneecap has been removed..this ties the ep back into the whole gormogon thing from the beginning of the season..russ's stepdaughter is sick

    ok this was an awesome ep...i think this is still a part when booth has trouble saying gormogon and it makes it even more hilarious..i love it...anyways it was very interesting how they are using the gormogon thing thruout the season...i love how it ties in...the cases are always so excellent 2...i love how they find all these clues and use their even starting 2 figure things out lol...the case was amazing...russ's stepdaughter is really sick but russ is in the hospital and cant get 2 her...booth is the guy trying to try russ but b/c brennan asked him 4 the favor he did it and he looked the other way for this one time only...and she gives him a kiss on the cheek..eek..and i love the therapist..he can obviously see the way they look at each other..duh who cant anymore...and he likes messing w/ them about it and if booth brings up something about their relationship the therapist just smiles..i love sweet and i love how booth makes fun of him 2
  • Gormagon is back!!

    Such a great episode! This is one of my favorite episodes so far.
    I really missed this kind of episode. With all this action.
    That's what Bones needs. More of these episodes, in my opinion.
    I'm glad that Gormagon was back. I think that's a good season arc. The writers had a very good idea. This thing with Gormagon is pretty awesome.
    But I hope they won't forget about the Gravedigger.
    The explosion scene. You could totally see that Booth was woried with her.
    And when Brennan "dismissed" Zach and Booth's like "Don't get me wrong. I like it!" LOL
    The scene with the Bishop was pretty funny... "Somebody ate Doug?" "Just a part of him."
    Pretty awesome. I hope we'll get more of these episodes in the near future.
  • Gormogon Returns....

    I like how we have more pieces to the Gormogon puzzle. I liked they figured out important pieces of information. Like the compass and the significance of the DC area. They also figured out, at least partially, the method behind the killings. As well as the master finding a new apprentice and how that apprentice is found. Boys losing their fathers at a young age. The other aspect of the episode was getting Russ to return to see his stepdaughter. I really like how the Brennan family make up is being subtely worked into the episodes. Also the interaction between Temprence and Max is getting really interesting.
  • Wow!!!

    ***contains spoilers****

    Wow!!! This episode was just amazing. They've really taken things up a notch. Returning to the Gormogon Case was an excellent choice. I hope they manage to solve the case before the season is over. I would love to see Booth and Bones catch him (them).

    Have to say, I'm quite sure that Gormogon or his apprentice is Dr. Sweets. First of all, Dr. Sweets injected himself into the investigation, then he came up with very intelligent assumptions regarding the case, then there's the fact that the guy on the motorcycle has the same build as him, but the biggest giveaway in my opinion was the fact that the motorcyclist seemed to know Booth. When Booth chased the motorcyclist, he grabbed the kid and jumped into the pool knowing that Booth would save the kid rather than continue chasing him. It just has to be Dr. Sweets. Also, it seemed to me like Dr. Sweets (Gormogon) was trying to make a special connection with Hodgins.Maybe he's thinking of Hodgins as a future apprentice or something... Not that Hodgins would ever become the apprentice, but come to think of it, Angela did mention to Hodgins in the past that he could have been Gormogon.
  • Exciting and fun!

    This is why I watch the show because it is a mixed of everything from fun to really scary but in a good kind of way. As the team reopens a cold case that might help them have some answers with this one. Booth & Bones have come a long way. Despite having a love-hate relationship, they really seemed to be getting to know each other well. That doctor really put a scare in everybody as I think that won't be the last that we hear of him. As he plays a creepy role in a good kind of way. We love to see Booth & Bones kiss for a minute. But it was the way they showed each other that they cared. Rock on Bones & Booth!
  • The return of Gormagon.

    "The Knight on the Grid" is hands down the best episode of season 3 thus far, plotwise and characterwise.

    Once again the team is confronted with the serial killer Gormagon, who was introduced in episode 3x01 "The Widows Son in the Windshield". But this time he goes after Booth and Brennan. Dr.Sweets is now fully involved in this investigation and comes up with some theories that helps the investigation along.

    Parallel to this plot we see the return of Bones' father and her brother Russ. It is always great to see Bones get in touch with her long-lost family.

    The episode was fast-paced from the beginning to the very end, which leaves us with a cliffhanger, something that the show doesn't do usually.

    Booth and Bones are getting closer together with considerable speed lately. I suspect the next episode might even top what we've seen so far.

    Brilliant episode of a consistently great show, which is getting better with every new episode. Go Bones!
  • Just keeps getting better and better.

    When the body of an archbishop is found eaten and with his kneecaps missing the Jeffersonian team find themselves back to the Widows Son case and Gormagon plus Tempy's brother returns.

    Brilliant episode, which saw the return of Brennan's brother and a guest appearance by her incarcerated dad, loved how Booth got her brothers sentence shortened by sort of vouching for him, but the main part was how this episode got us right back into the Gormagon mystery and Hodges conspiracy theory's plus bringing Sweets into the case add's another new face to the team ( so to speak ).

    Just keeps getting better and better.
  • Amazing episode, but that sweets guy..

    Anyone else freeked out by him? He just seems soo good at what hes doing. Maybe he is the bad guy??

    Hm, just a thought.

    i love how booth and brennan have grown since meeting him, especially in this episode we see how much they care about each other. booths way of saying how brennan normally kneels down, he really missed her. the kiss on the cheek also very very cute

    the storyline great. the old man in the nursing home, insanely freeky!! the end bit where the lobbyist finally gets it, made me jump so much even though i knew it was going to happen, most people did.

    the bit with the kid, very sick he done that. cannot wait to find out who it is and i just hope we already have met him and know him. would be an amzing twist compared to some random we haven't seen before
  • Gosh, this had to be the most exciting episode EVER!

    I loved this episode. This kept me wide eyed the entire time. I mean, really, they almost caught Gormagon( may not be spelled right, but oh well). Bones and Booth also almost got killed by a bomb. There were teeth in that bomb, which I thought was very creative and neat and greatly thought of. This was, literally, a killer episode. I was so shocked when they found out that Gormagon was watching them the entire time was very, very thrilling. I was so, so, so happy and disappointed when he saved the child, but Gormagon got away. That is why I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this episode.
  • Action, mystery, secret societies, personal development and star Wars allusions. What else can you ask for?

    Spoiler Ahead.

    This is easily the most interesting and exciting episode in the season so far. The Gormagon arc is developing very well and we are giving many clues about what it all might be about in this episode.

    It is also incredible how much Brennan has developed, we constantly see her opening to new experiences and relationships and her character is warmer as the episodes go by. Booth and her are becoming really close and comfortable with each other in a very credible way.

    The episode was action packed as we hadn't seen in a while, persecutions, bombs, suspects and a final that surprised me. Dr. Sweets is a marvelous addition to the cast and makes the series more interesting. Also, what would a Bones episode be without its comedy moments? Comparing Gormagon to the Star Wars' Sith was very amusing and a smart way to explain the relationship of the secret society and Brennan pretending to act naturally while she knew was being spied on, was hilarious.

    And finally, Brennan kissing Booth on the cheek was great, it seemed natural, believable and well, utterly cute.
  • A season three episode at last that steers away from the relationships and focus's more on the case work that must be lurking in the Jeffersonian and FBI HQ!!!

    We are brought back to the first episode with the case in "The Knight on the Grid" as we explore the Widow's Son serial killer case more closely. And because of the introduction of Dr Sweets who wasn't there for the fist part of the case we are permitted a viable excuse for the characters to recap the case for viewers (like me) had forgotten alot of the details already.

    Back to basics here on a brilliant case file episode as Booth and Bones work to their strengths to get to the bottom supported by squints who are skillful in the lab rather than smooching! Dont get me wrong I love the character development of this show and you really do feel for each of them (even Cam) but this season has had way too much Dawson's Creek and not enough hard work! At last we see this turned around as we get, car chases, foot chases, bombs and gunfire! Not to mention good old investigative work and a great epilogue thats shows each characters position at the end of the show separately.

    Great Episode and the best so far this season (apart from the season opener.)
  • This was a real fun episode with the therapist being brought in to help on the case and finding who Gorgamon is sort of. Sweets as he's been mercilessly nicknamed by Booth did a lot to solve the case. His Star Wars reference was hilarious and as

    This was a real fun episode with the therapist being brought in to help on the case and finding who Gorgamon is sort of. Sweets as he's been mercilessly nicknamed by Booth did a lot to solve the case. His Star Wars reference was hilarious and as I mentioned before his being teased by Booth is hilarious. The identity of Gorgamon being revealed was surprising and watching him even in insanity try to bite Breenan was shocking. We also learned that Gorgamons apprentice is out there killing and eating his way through who he deems as part of an evil society. This one had a lot of action as well not that the other episodes are calm but an explosion and a lot of chase scenes separated this one from the rest. Good episode taking us closer to the confrontation with Gorgamon 2 and making Sweets more involved I see great episodes on the horizon.
  • Another Great enstallment of The Bones series

    First off I would like to say cheers to Hart Hanson for allowing some of the Sexual tension to be relieved. I know that from what I hear around the block that even more tension will be relieved in next weeks episode. As for this episode the story line was amazing. the way that the writers brought russ brennan back into the picture and how the viewers were finally introduced to Brennans extended family VIA Russ. The way that Temperance acted towards Amy was Awesome She accepted her into the family right away. I also approved of how Booth is treating Brennans Family more like his own in the way that he stood up for russ as well as got him the help that he needed when it comes to being sentenced. I'm sure that everybody else enjoyed the talk that Booth had with Russ concerning Temperance and Russ's Family saying that he better not hurt his sister or let down those little girls again. It was as always a fine fine addition to the Bones Series.
  • I like this show more each week. This one was amazing, great scenes, funny times, great script.

    The reason I like this show is the constant evolution, the characters keep growing and getting better, more real.
    I wasn't expecting Zack to say "King of the Lab", then his discovery of the hidden camera in the vault. I missed some update on Angela's divorce but that's OK.

    As for Booth and Brennan, they are better.
    Booth missed Brennan at the scene, he told Cam what Brenna usually does lol.
    That kiss she gave him was sweet, really sweet. She was really thankful and she showed it. When he protects her before the bomb explode.
    All the things he does show how much he cares about her and I can't wait for their relationship to go to the next step.

    Russ loves Hayley like his own, it really shows. That is amazing and a good thing.

    The end was really something, they all forgot that Gormagon was still at large and he had a next victim...
    Can't wait to next week
  • A really powerfully build story what had everything - Gormagon case, action, emotional, moments and character development. A perfect episode...

    I had my hopes on for this episode but the episode was much much better than I hoped. The case - it was so exciting and also some mysterious did get answered - all the thing about the mirrors and the second skeleton and all the new fact they learned - I just do not have emotions. They really had the excitement up, building a puzzle, giving hints. But there was also the emotional side - the substory of Brennan's brother and the way the family treated her wish that Russ would go and see his stepdaughter. I am quite sure Brennan's dad gave the wrong information intentionally. He wanted to have family around but Brennan defenetly has not been there for him too much. And the way Booth did arrest Russ but let him go to hospital and then helped him to get away easier.. the way he was so concerned about the explosion. And with interesting case and emotional moments, do you think they manage to add there even some funny moments and scary events? Yes.. the trap they set for the Gormagon... and the old man in the care house.. not mentioning the ending.. it scared me even if I knew there was something coming...

    Super episode.
  • I would have to say this episode goes all the way to an 11. And the twist at the end, great...

    First we get one of the few times it is only Cam and Booth at a scene and you could really tell he missed his Bones. They find a nice, and still yet juicy, body in a trash heap. Zach finally gets to be the "King of the lab" when he discovers the mans knee-caps were removed, surgically, not by beating, good for Zach.

    Throughout the episode there is a second story, that has Russ' stepdaughter being in the hospital and wanting to see him again. Bones goes to Max to get a message to Russ, but he lies to Russ to get him back, and he is arrested by Booth. But in the end Booth is able to work out a plan to help him. And heck he even gets a kiss in the cheek from Bones. The team is finally back on the Gormogon case. When they discover that the body is of a priest, who besides loosing his knees, also had his face eaten. Angela is able to find a mathematical key in some of the vault artifacts that give them a map to where key points are for Gormogon. Including the location of the fist Gormogon and the mausoleum where his statue of bones is. She also is able to find a tapestry that shows the kind of people that the killer will be going after, and Booth finds the next man on the list to warn him, he of course isn't going to listen to Booth. Zach uses his inelegance and overly tuned special relations to find mirrors that the killer had been using to spy on the lab. Well they try and use this against him, but the plan backfires in a big way, with Booth and Bones getting blown up in a cab. Booth has to race from the scene to try and save the "Corruptor" before he is killed. He gets there just in time to save the man's life, but he breaks off the chase to save a boy. They find the original killer in a rest home, and he almost gums Bones' arm as she attempts to get a cast of his teeth. In the end all looks well, Bones is reading a story to the little girl, Booth is back on the shooting range, the rest of the team work new evidence in the case. And oh yeah, Gormogon goes back to the man's house and gets him. Great twist ending!!!!
    Really looking forward to seeing how this Gormogon story is going to work out, and how the Max and Russ story will play out.
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