Season 9 Episode 5

The Lady on the List

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2013 on FOX

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  • A dying man, working through his bucket list.

    The team hunt the killer of a dying man, working through his bucket list. Booth and Brennan start to plan their wedding, and Sweets is jealous of the new profiling computer, VAL.
  • tried to do too much in this episode, should have narrowed the focus

    Felt they could have done more with this episode, like exploring how the use of homeopathic treatments hastened his death (barely touched on); the idea that computers could profile or solve

    crimes better than humans was an interesting idea they could have done in its own episode.

    I did like Bones having to deal with someone at her own intellect level and lack of socialization.

    I also liked her eye-rolling Booth's interest in the trite platitudes that he somehow found 'deep' because a dying person uttered them.

    Not sure why they felt the need to throw in all the wedding planning, that was incredibly boring.
  • the road to the big wedding

    Now the show is leading up to the big wedding. Bones is clearly excited about this one and as we saw, she dreamed to have this kind of wedding and on the intern. It's nice to see another person that can go toe-to-toe to Bones but i still want bones to win. Also, it's good that the writers remembered the character of bones, which has a superior intellect and i wish they don't screw themselves again like they did with the Pelant storyline...
  • Idiot Intern

    Ok we finally got rid of the psycho that was ruining the show and now we have the annoying intern with absolutely no personality....
  • The Bucket List *Beware of Spoilers*

    I thought the case was alright this week. I could tell that the guy who helped the victim with his videos was the one who was going to be the murderer right away. But, I like the idea of a bucket list coming into the story. It made the victim take center stage for a few moments here and there, which does not happen too often on this show. I like that Chuck Liddell had a small cameo, though I stress the word small.

    VAL v. Sweets was an interesting side story to add, especially given that Sweets has had an identity crisis this season already. Of course, a computer would not be able to determine what occurred as well as a person could and I'm glad that the show acknowledged that.

    I liked the scenes between Brennan and Angela. Brennan correcting her by saying matron of honor because she's a married woman is such a Brennan thing to do. I was glad to see Brennan pull out the picture of a wedding dress that she has kept since she was a child. It goes to show how much she has changed over the course of her life and that now she is getting a chance to live out a childhood dream which is awesome.

    I'm not sure what to think of the intern for this week. I can only remember him from one other episode during the later part of last season but I always thought he was kind of a douche. This made Angela's bucket list for him that much funnier. I'm not sure if that is a character I want sticking around or not. Of course, Daisy has been around on this show for a few years now so maybe he is here to stay.

    Not many Booth and Brennan moments but there should be plenty of that in the following episode.
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