Season 6 Episode 3

The Maggots in the Meathead

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2010 on FOX

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  • If this episode had been any worse, I would've thought it WAS Jersey Shore!

    Apparently I'm in the minority here, but I thought this episode was lackluster during the best parts, downright stupid for most of the rest.

    The basic plot follows formula, which is getting pretty boring: find dead guy in teaser, find unique things about the corpse after opening credits, figure out odd murder weapon, figure out who did it. Ho hum. ("Murder, She Wrote" anyone?)

    If that had been the only problem, I might've given the episode a 5 or a 6. But most of the characters were either doing nothing or were acting out of character and incredibly idiotic.

    Let's start with Bones. Even people with Asperger's (or whatever it is we're saying Bones' social deficits are) know the difference between reality TV and a documentary...and trying to make herself seem bigger/more aggressive to scare off the guy in the pub? Seriously?!? What on earth were the writers thinking?

    Then there was booth who was basically gold-bricking this episode and had no real point (well, apart from looking hot in bed). Hodgins and Angela were about the same (minus the bedroom scene).

    The maybe-suicidal assistant was good for a laugh at first, but stopped being funny after almost every character on the show had made some comment on it.

    I missed the second episode, but I didn't really find the first episode this season to be all that great. Maybe it was just luck of the draw to get two episodes I thought were bad, but if the show keeps going this way this season, I may stop watching. Did they hire a whole new writers' team fresh out of high school this year or what?
  • Is Brennan having second thoughts?

    The case and the reason for murder I have to say, was pretty stupid. Not the writers are stupid, but the reason the guy killed Richie the V. Sad but true.

    There were moments in this episode where I just wanted to stop watching because of the way Brennan was acting, at a point I thought she was ridiculous. I mean, hasn't she learned anything from her friends? From Booth? Anyway, she will probably never change. But then Hannah showed up and asked her for an advice. And the way she talked about Booth's personal like, so passionate but at the same time a little nostalgic, she won my heart all over again. I felt sorry for her. And for Hannah. Sorry for Brennan, because if she had done that for Booth, he would've been over the moon. And sorry for Hannah, because Brennan will always be in her way and she has an advantage of years when it comes to really knowing Booth. Hannah and any other woman.

    The last scene reminded me of those good old moments between Booth and Brennan. I loved Brennan's look when she turns around to leave his apartment, that look of defeat and sadness that comes when you feel that someone else is taking your place. And Brennan knows that in the bottom of her heart. I only wonder what was going on in Booth's mind at the moment.
  • The Maggots in the JUCIE-HEAD!

    First off I watch the Jersey Shore religiously, and the term is Jucie-Head, if were gonna be really technical, Gorilla Jucie-Head, but all that aside. I kind of liked this episode, but similar to liking the Jersey shore, I wouldn't really advertise it, because appaerntly none of you liked it.

    Now, this was your typical Bones episode, nothing special about it except that they were oviously making fun of the Jersey Shore. It was a tap bit hum-drum, but it was watchable. Bone's was funny and genius, Booth was charming and all his usual self. I think other people were there, but I don't remember, because it was a good episode that wasn't rememberable.
  • Good old moments are back...

    Let me tell you all that even when I Hated the season premier and I expected a lousy season, I´m joyful that it wasn´t the case.

    So, yeah, the show still is a little to much juvenile for my taste (comparing with previous seasons), but gladly is still "entertaining".

    Anyway, a loved the episode.

    Even when I expected to hate Hannah, she´s actually a great and refreshing character. So, all her scenes are enjoyable.

    But what I loved the most was how Brennan seem to be falling in the reality of having lost the opportunity to be with Booth, and she definitely is having a bad time with that.

    Don´t get me wrong, I don´t necessarily like for her character to feel like crap, but I love the way her looks and actions show how she feels.

    So, the episode was great and I was very pleased with the last scene and a bit of the good old moments at the end.

    Lets just hope the season doesn´t sink through the rest of the season.
  • So does anyone NOT know about Angela's prengancy?

    The beginning of this episode is pretty cliche. Really, the old guy with a metal detector finding the body, taking the neclace, and walking away chuckling? Please. They can, and have done so much better.

    So Hannah and Booth are gonna move into together. So sweet. And Brennan helps her pick out the best housewarming gift. Looks like the two of them are becoming friends. Even more so at the end during their little "Girls Night Out" with Angela and Cam is Booth's apartment. Yup, Booth's apartment. And there was one scene where Sweets tries to pry about Booth's love life. That was slightley pointless...

    Angela is doing a really bad job at hiding her pregnancy. Lieing down on her couch eating crackers, telling everyone she can't drink wine anymore? Just slighlty obvious, but i am super excited for them. A Bones baby finally! :)

    The case was pretty much a Jersey Shore advertisement. Apparently even Brennan watches it, citing it as a "documentary". Sure Brennan, sure. It was EXTREMELY funny to see Bones act all "hip" though. I love how wee seeing new sides of her.
  • i think im being generous..

    giving this a 4.5. i mean for starters, the motive for the killer. ICE?!! he killed him over ice? hahaha. maybe next week a guy will get killed over a teddy bear.

    the formula for bones is getting pretty old now, the start especially where an oblivious bystander stumbles across some BONES. some of the things that dr brennan has started doing are slightly odd to say the least. she was always a bit quirky, but never full on weird. for example the scene in the bar where she tries to scare the meathead by doing that monkey thing... the less said about that the better. not a great start to the season it has to be said.
  • Spoilers...Bones and Booth head down to the jersey shore..freaking hilarious!!!

    ok in this episode some guy named richie the v gets murdered and it sends booth and bones to the shore. this episode was so funny especially bones, with the jersey shore phrases. the sup sup and the yo and explaining everything to booth like he was an idiot.i also liked fisher coming back being all weird and everyone thinking he was suicidal and depressed. and of course sweets getting stuck with all the text messages. that book was big as hell. and i loved the acting by the mom. she was badass. i thought she would really kill the person who killed her son if she ever saw him. overall good episode and cant ait till next week.
  • Yo. Killer ep, yo?

    Sorry if the attempt at the vernacular is less than accurate. I don't watch the same documentary channel that Brennan does! Not ever. However, once again, a neat case of mistaken identity, a culprit I did not even once consider, and a motive that is hard to understand as ever being likely to happen. The things that make people snap, I guess.

    And, once again, a show that has the writers and the cast to make the case, and to make it completely engaging along the way. Oozing flesh is not ordinarily funny, nor are jumping maggots and the like. Just think what the people who consume that stuff must be doing internally...

    At any rate, I was glad to see Sweets back to being an intelligent and contributing member of the team. It was a riot watching Fisher try to see the glass half full. It was interesting to watch Hannah begin to understand that she may not have as much of Booth as she hoped. And its nice to know that Pottery barn sold at least one of those rotary phones! :o}
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