Season 7 Episode 4

The Male in the Mail

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ronald is a new employee at the Mail Recovery Center. He's learning the ropes from Tom, one of the postal clerks at the center and they begin to open packages in the dead letter office. Ronald opens a package that is full of a gelatinous mixture, a skull and packing peanuts. Both are disgusted and Tom says that he's ready to retire.

At the diner, Booth and Brennan continue their house hunt which comes to an abrupt stop when Booth's grandfather, Hank, arrives to tell him about his father's passing from liver failure. Booth is not surprised at all by the news and when the pair receives a call about a new case he's ready to go straight to work. Brennan promises Hank that she'll look after Booth. They arrive at the mail center and Brennan is able to figure out that the victim is a male in his 20s. She's also able to tell that the victim's vertebra was severed. When Booth comes over to check in with Brennan and Cam, she checks to see how he's doing and then tells Cam about Booth's father. He's not too pleased with the way she handled it.

Cam and Clark need to figure out how to get the bones out of the box without damaging the evidence and Hodgins helps them do this with a laser. Agent Shaw informs them that there was no shipping address attached to these boxes but they were all packed according to the specifications of the American Society for Testing and Materials. She offers her condolences to Booth but he only wants to focus on work. Clark tries to figure out what was used to dismember the body. He concludes that it was most likely a toothless blade. Shaw and Angela work with QR codes to figure out the point of origin of the packages – a Ship 'n' Print in Hyattsville, Maryland.

Booth and Bones drive to the Ship 'n' Print. Clark is able to figure out the identity of the victim – a former employee of Ship 'n' Print, Oliver Lawrence, who had been reported missing earlier that year. Clark and Hodgins also work to figure out what sort of weapon could have been used to dismember the victim. They figure out that the weapon most likely used was a guillotine. Booth and Bones have arrived at the Ship 'n' Print and talk to the man at the front desk, Tony Dunston. After learning about the guillotine from Hodgins, Brennan is startled when she hears a loud noise in the back room – a guillotine like paper cutter. She doesn't find any traces of blood on the machine and Booth goes to talk to the manager, Connor Trammel in the mean time. They learn that Oliver was a beloved employee by the old group of people who worked there. Several of the employees, Connor included, had won the lottery and quit but Oliver didn't believe in gambling and did not participate.

Agent Shaw tells Booth and Sweets that Oliver was indeed part of the office pool. Some of the numbers used on his ticket were his birthday and street address number. She believes that someone killed Oliver and took his share of the win. They bring in the rest of the old Ship 'n' Print employees for questioning.

Grandpa Hank stops by Booth's office to say goodbye. He also leaves Booth a note from his father. He admits to have been a terrible father and thanks Hank for raising Booth but Booth doesn't seem to care. Tony eventually confesses that he had been fighting with Oliver. Oliver had tried to stop him from selling drugs and the two began to fight and the fight ended badly.

At home, Booth and Brennan have dinner and she hands him his father's box. She tells him that quantum physicists believe that time is experienced as an illusion and based on that theory, Booth's happy memories of his father should be happening now as he cherishes the mementos his father has left behind for him.