Season 7 Episode 4

The Male in the Mail

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2011 on FOX

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  • A Box-ful Of Tears


    Case: I liked how the body is discovered. This is what i like about Bones - that even though the cases are not always excellent each week, you know the opening scenes will always deliver and the grossness level will be always up! But that doesn't mean this week's case is a letdown. The case is pretty interesting and twisty. It's the first time this season that i was wrong about who the killer is. I actually suspected that it was the manager. I should've known that Brennan's observation of the killer's necklace would come into play. Well, maybe that's just me.

    Relationships: The episode primarily centers around Booth, and him dealing (or not dealing) with the death of his father. It's great to see grandpa Booth again to deliver the news. Ralph Waite is great in this episode. He had me tearing up. But what really moved me was the last scene where Booth opens his father's box and remembers only the good things about his father - with a little help from Brennan. I mean, how often do the writers give David scenes like this? It was like David's answer to Emily's "The Doctor In The Photo" breakdown scene.

    At the beginning of the episode where Brennan says "his father died" to Cam, i thought "okay, here we go again with the Brennan mistakes." I felt relieved that Booth (or the writers) didn't dwell on it.

    Agent Shaw is back. Nothing much, but i like her character. I hope we see her again on the upcoming "big bad" episodes. There's also little to say about Hodgins, Angela, Cam, Sweets and Clark. That's just saying this is a main-character episode. I'm okay with it though.

    Side Comment/s: I suddenly realized the gang needs a new hangout place, just to keep it fresh! Don't you?

    Bottom Line: Best of the season so far without a doubt.