Season 1 Episode 4

The Man in the Bear

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2005 on FOX

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  • Bones and booth go away work on a case!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. After a black bear dies, an arm is found inside of his stomach. The bear and the dismembered arm are in Washington, and so Bones and Both travel there to investigate. When they get to the small town they learn of a woman named Ann, who disappeared a few weeks before. We soon learn from the bones that the killer is also a cannibal. We also learn that the bones are that of a male, and not that of the missing woman Ann. They soon have a suspect in the form of a ranger. When they go to see him, he runs. And since they can't find him, Booth and Bones head to a bar.
    Bones is shocked when Booth tells her that 3 of the men in the bar are hitting on her. So the next morning, with the light, they head of in search of the ranger. But soon we learn that all of the meat in the ranger's freezer isn't human, but in fact bear meat. He was the poacher, and so he is arrested for this crime. Whilst in the woods, Bones discovers 2 bodies, one of which is the missing woman, who is missing her heart.
    We learn that both victims were killed by a gunshot to the head. The male victim is a young man named Adam, who wanted to become a park ranger. They soon ID who the killer is and so Bones and Booth head there, to make an arrest. We learn that the killer is in fact, the local doctor and when they find him, they see him burning bodies. Bones knocks him out with a bedpan, and he is then arrested.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep bones and the fbi agent have to travel to washington to solve a case with man that was found in the bear . it was a funny ep they start to question everyone at first they think it was a indian that they think is in to eating people and scarfices thing is involes awhole lot more that they had not looked into and it was a great ep that involes awhole lot more then just being a small town in washington. such a good ep. i really enjoyed this one it goes to show you that the stories in bones are very interesting.
  • A fun episode, despite the plot's darker underpinnings.

    Booth and Brennan are dispatched to Washington State to investigate the discovery of a man's bones inside a bear. Simultaneous investigations take place at The Jeffersonian with the full Squints team in action, including department boss Dr Goodman, whose specialist knowledge of Native American anthropology comes to the fore, and small-town USA, where Booth and Brennan in particular, cut a glamorous dash amongst the locals.

    The investigation soon leads to fresh grisly discoveries and a particularly gruesome plot involving cannibalism is uncovered. The murderer comes as something of a surprise.

    There are some pleasant moments in this episode. A scene set in a bar where Brennan is grilled by a series of men, seemingly intent on securing info about the investigation, whilst dancing, is well-executed. Booth is quick to point out that they are actually hitting on her, and it is notable too, that 'their' dance is the most naturally fluid.
  • Cannibals are so cool.

    Love cannibal stories, so fascinating. If it's for survival, it's understandable – Peruvian soccer team, Donner Party – but even more so are those who deliberately chose it.

    Brennan makes an interesting point – did the killer become crazy after eating the human flesh or was he already crazy which led to him eating it? Only the trial will tell so this unfortunately becomes a question we don't get an answer to.

    The downside to cannibalism as a career choice, you are what you eat. If your entrée has a disease, you get it too. But not in this case, just a prion disease. Being a cannibal is definitely risky, you can practice 'safe sex' but it would be difficult for a cannibal to do the same, it would probably be more opportunity, unless he/she was willing to commit murder.

    I liked the 'Bone Gatherer' comparison, I've always loved Native American beliefs. It is a great compliment.

    Very interesting case.
  • This episode is just another example of why I love this show so much. I didn't know who the killer was until the very end.

    Now granted, I didn't think it was the Park Ranger – Indian Dude, but I would never have guessed that it was the Doctor either. Shoot he never really looked crazy to me. Actually he was about the only one in the whole town that did look sane. But I guess if you are eating someone then that is a definite give away that you have lost a few marbles. Then when that Veterinarian was naming out the people who would be mad if she was having an affair with the dead guy, that was classic. Especially after while they were all at the bar and all the guys that she had named as her intimate partners – Don't you just think she is ecstatic that the Doctor wasn't one of them?
    So for cleverness and a totally unexpected murderer, I give this one a perfect score. 10
  • One of my favorite.

    This episode really is one of my favorite from all the Bones episodes'. This episode really had it all. Booth and Bones have to leave DC. to solve this case, cause a human remain was found in a bear. This case was really interesting, but in my opinion not what makes this episode so great. That would have to be, that the town that Booth and Bones are in, have a lot of man in it who all flirt with Brennan. Brennan might be oblivious about this, but Booth certainly isn't and gets jealous; something that I really love. Booth and Bones also dance together and that was another fine moment.
  • Booth and Brennan encounter cannibals and crazy locals on the search for truth after a human hand is found inside a bear.

    I've just started watching this show and this episode is an early favorite for me due to a great storyline and character development. This is the first time I felt like I really got to see the different dimensions of characters like Zach and Hodgkins. The rivalry between them for the affections of the new attractive courier was entertaining and fun to watch.

    I really enjoyed watching Bones and Booth on their trip to small-town Aurora. I liked all the twists and turns of the plot trying to figure out who the culprit was that had been responsible for the human hand found inside the deceased bear. All of the characters in the town were suspect and had crazy stories. It was so funny to watch all the men in town vie for Dr. Brennan when in reality they were all sleeping with the vet. Brennan always remains true to character and analyzes Charlie's body type oblivious to his hitting on her. The dynamic between Bones and Booth reminds me very much of a Mulder/Scully relationship and I'm very quickly starting to love this show due to episodes like this. A great mix of suspense and comedy.
  • Seriously: best episode yet!

    I'm only four episodes into Bones and I'm already addicted to it! Each episode keeps getting better and better, and this one, as you may expect, is the best so far!

    The case immediately grabbed my attention: the whole "man in bear" was different to anything else on TV, and the plot was amazing! I didn't see some of the big plot twists coming!

    The main characters are growing on me and Booth & Brenman definetly come into their own this episode. Originally, I didn't like Booth, but by now I think he's sarcastic character is great! Brenamn is amazing, her ability to just to go straight into a situation is hilarious (like at the very end of this episode!).

    The supporting characters are getting loads better and the sub plot about the courier lady was hilarious, especially the conclusion at the end (watch and see!).

    As, I've said this is the best episode yet and the show has found a nice stride between drama and comedy. I can't believe I waited so long to see this show!
  • A human hand is found inside the belly of a dead bear. Dr. Brennen gets friendly with the locals.

    Bones and Booth go to a small town in Washington state to find out whose hand was in the bears belly along with locating the rest of him. The local sheriff (Chris Scutter), the fedx guy (Charlie) and the doctor (Dr. Andrew Rigby) go hog wild when they meet Brennen. Charlie, and Dr. Andrew Rigby are cute! I had my suspicions on either Charlie or the good doctor. Bones blathers on and on about dead people, and cannibalism etc at all the wrong moments. No one wants to hear about a the dead while they are eating. And she sits there wondering whats wrong with Booth?! The Man in the Bear, is another great installment of BONES, it's funny and interesting.

    Separate note: I recognized Marguerite MacIntyre who played Dr. Denise Randall from Kyle XY.
  • a man is found being eaten by a bear and brennan and booth are called to investigate..brennan gets friendly w/ the locals

    this was an amazing ep...a man is found being eaten by a bear but what was even more amazing was the case...b/c they found some evidence in the indian guy's house they thought it was him...but the plot thickens as it always does and got wasnt the indian...i loved how into her work brennan gets b/c shes sititng there looking at the bear what it ate thru poop and stuff and im like gross but she just digs in like its nothing...thats is really jealous watching all the other guys dance w/ brennan and "saves" her from them..i love how he tells her shes the prettiest thing theyve seen in town for sweet is he...
  • Bones and Booth go on a field trip and encounter a cannibal.

    The fourth episode takes the team on a field trip into the woods.
    Already the first exchange between the dynamic duo let sparks fly as Brennan is more than unwilling to leave her lab to investigate some bones that were found inside a bear.
    But Booth shows her who has the upper hand and off they are to Aurora.
    While sometimes the case is pretty confusing, it doesn't matter. Watching it for that reason takes a second seat. It is much more fun to watch the characters interact.
    Be it Bones, who has to ward of a lot of guys in Aurora ( and a jealous Booth ) or the "Fight of the horny Titans" Zack and Hodgins back in D.C.
    So in the end, the case doesn't matter that much, to me anyway. This episode is pure fun to watch. And several "I don't know what that means" later, it is still funny.
  • Nothing like knowing your partner a bit better through a field trip, jealousy and a cannibal.

    This is really a good example of what we can expect from Bones: bizarre cases, unexpected plot lines, a jealous Booth, dark humor, bickering and fight for dominance between Brennan and Booth, all wrapped up in a really entertaining episode.

    First, the reason of the liaison of the FBI with The Jeffersonian through Booth gets established; Booth works well with Brennan, and Brennan is the best, ergo, there is a justification for their constant partnership. This is important because in real life it would be very unusual for scientists to be allowed to mend into crime investigations beyond their role as data interpreters.

    The case was interesting and so was the investigation toward its resolution but mostly, the episode was amusing; It was funny to see Booth acting territorial toward Brennan while she was completely oblivious to the attention she was getting from other men.

    Meanwhile back at the back, Zack and Hodgins were drooling over a beautiful courier, trying to get her attention, yet at the end, the girl's interested were directed toward the resident forensic artist, who was fluttered/amused/sheepish about it. That was really hilarious.

    The last scene was very nice as well, with Brennan offering some corn flakes to Booth as he lost his appetite, imagining the overnight guy (with his well developed inferior muscles) and what great maneuvers he could realize, according to Brennan, who again, lost the sexual innuendo that herself was implying.

    As a negative point, Brennan hitting the guilty man in the head to avoid the "psycho ramble" was really unnecessary, though I'd say it would fit the same Brennan that shot a suspect in the leg with no warning, but it still felt out of place.
  • Roadtrip…Booth makes Bones go on a road trip to Aurora, Washington to determine the identity of person eaten by a bear…or is that a cannibal…

    Really good storyline. The quirkiness of the location and characters reminded me a bit of Northern Exposure. Booth is quick to pick up that the largely male population is very appreciative of Brennan as an attractive new woman in town. There is a scene in a bar where the men are lining up to dance with Bones with the excuse of wanting to talk to her about the case while they dance. Booth has to explain that the men are hitting on her and that the competition seems to bother him enough to cut-in and end any further dance partners.
    Bones continues to yearn for a gun of her own and Booth uses that to get Bones to cover his meals under her unlimited expense account. The squints support the effort back at home with Bone’s mailing everything from partially digested hands to bear scat back for analysis. This starts an amusing side story with Jack and Zach competing for the hot overnight delivery lady…who in the end prefers Angela.

    As we expect Bones and Booth get the guilty and we find that while Bones was originally the one who resenting having to go on the trip, she enjoyed it the most…enough to plan a trip back…which Boone is none to pleased about. I really did enjoy the characters in this story…and unlike most series guests whose characters you forget as soon as the show is over…these will stick with you.
  • Booth and Brennan go on a field trip to Washington State, where partially-digested human remains are found in a dead bear.

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes. There are a lot of interesting dynamics going on in this one and it's fun to see the characters interacting in a different way.

    For the first time in the series, Booth and Bones leave the DC area and have to communicate with the rest of the team back at the lab. This leads to interesting interactions between the witnesses in Aurora and the team in the lab. Normally they don't get to talk to the people involved in the case, but because Brennan is communicationg via web cam, the sherriff, the doctor, Charlie-the-overnight-guy all get to "meet" and talk with Angela, Zack and Hodgins. The scene in the bar where the sherriff, doctor and Charlie all dance with Brennan is great. Booth watches with jealousy and eventually cuts in. He continues to be jealous when the next morning he doesn't see Brennan at breakfast. Even in the last scene as she says she might go back there for skiing and how Charlie must be good at skiing because of his thighs, the look on Booth's face is priceless!

    Back at the lab, the rivalry between Zack and Hodgins over the delivery girl is hilarious. It's the first time we see Zack interested in a woman. The fact the Toni chooses Angela is a great twist.

    Overall, an excellent episode filled with humor, great interactions between Brennan and Booth, an interesting mystery and a new location.
  • Review

    I like how the writers are playing off of the shows strong sides by making sure that Booth and Bones have a lot of scenes together. This episode pretty much confirms the fact that Bones is emotionally withdrawn from men, as she was getting hit on for most of the episode and didnt really show it off until the end when she was talking about Charlie. The twist with the new delivery lady was pretty obvious from the get go, but it was an interesting side story that kept me entertained through the "filler" parts of the episode. The case in question was kind of gross, but once again the writers did a fantastic job to dummy down the information in a way that I was easy able to comprehend what was going on. I like that Bones and Booth were away from the Jeffersonion in this episode, sending information back and forth through the packages. Overall, I thought it was one of the stronges episodes of the season.
  • Love this episode, can't go wrong with the cannibal story.

    This episode is just fun to watch. We have the park ranger that is poaching bears, the love triangles of a small town, body parts being eaten by a bear, and Jack and Zach fighting over the delivery lady.

    It is a blast to watch as Booth is so unhappy that he has to live off $50 a day, yet Bones can spend all she wants, because she is special. This is also a topic that is covered in other episodes.

    A bear was killed in the woods and a human hand was discovered inside, but the bear ate it after the person was killed and the hand removed. So Bones is dragged to the "Great North Woods", and is not happy about it. Where they are in a small town where the men all but fist fight for Bones' attention.

    It is decovered that there was a second body in the woods, that of a missing hicker, and a mystical rock formation. From what Goodman tells them, it is a symbol used for someone to try and gain the life-force of people he kills.

    In the end it is discovered that the town doctor killed these people to eat parts of them. He was a long time cannibal who now has a fatal brain thing.

    Well everytime Bones sends things to the lab: include bear poo. Jack and Zach flurt with her and try and find ways for them to talk to her while the other is busy. But they are shot down when she gives the final package to Angela, for whom she is intrested in.
  • cannalbalism

    This was a great episode! Bones and Booth travel to Washington (State) to look at a hand found in a bear. Kind of gross, but very amusing.
    The town they filmed in was very interesting and I thought it was pretty. I've always wanted to go to Washington.
    The bear thing was kind of freaky, but I loved when they went to the club. Everybody's pumping me! All of those guys were pretty weird in my opinion, which of course doesn't matter in the real world. But Booth called Bones HOT!!
    The ending was pretty suprising, i liked it. I also love Brennan going "Want some? WAnt some corn flakes"!!
  • Bones and Booth go on the road and Brennan gets hit on a lot

    Okay I loved Brennan arguing with Booth and then Goodman about going to Washington. It was so funny when she asked Goodman if he thought she should take the opportunity to sleep with Booth it was so so funny. And Booth calling Brennan a smart ass when they were driving and then hher reply of I would say I'm very smart but I don't think it has anything to do with my ass. She is so funny.

    The Charlie guy was so hitting on Brennan and it was so cute that she didn't realize that the entire town was hitting on her. I loved how Booth got all defensive when the men were flirting with Bones. I loved Zack and Hodgins fighting over the delivery chick and then she gave the last package to Ange and Zack didn't understand why that was hot.

    A really good episode with lots of great moments but the case was kinda lame.
  • and here we are.. number four haha.

    the very beggining was disguisting. i should not have been eating during that...

    haha goodman's funny. mosquitos the size of dogs, heh heh.

    haha that whole smart a$$ shpeal. gotta love those car conversations lol.

    ooh i bet brennan wasnt expecting that remark. he went down to shoot someone through the heart from 1500 feet. poor booth. hahahaha that was hilarious. the sherif was like "suddenly i wish i was FBI" when brennan walked in. booth just laughed. i wonder what that meant?

    hodgins is so smooth. haha and zach just watched as he hit on the delivery lady with awe. but hey, it wouldnt be long until zach got his turn...

    booth called brennan an eligable, good looking!!!!! woman. cool haha.

    the killer is a canible. at least as of right now. thats just distguisting. how could someone possibly, in their sane mind, eat another human being? this is just beyond me, folks.

    i totally love what angela was saying to them on the screen. loud and proud for everyone in the room to hear haha.

    This was just a taste of this epppie. i dont wanna spoil it, ya know?
  • Bear scat, bear scat, where art thou bear scat

    The \"squints\" on this show are extremely attentive to detail. They are way beyond average intelligence if socially inept. However, the scene where the Doctor is washing the bear scat, and then grabs a lamp with bear scat coated hands.............. i do not buy it ( I had this in all caps but was not allowed to post it as such.\"
    I work in the medical profession and one makes it a point not to touch anything while gloved except for your immediate area of work.
    Not only can I not believe the Doctor grabbed the lamp with scat coated hands, but I am amazed that it didn\'t seem odd to any of the C O N S L U T A N T S.

    If this was posted prior to my message, forgive me. I am new to this board/site and it is awkward for me at the moment.
  • Cannibalism

    Yet another decent Bones episode. The case wasn’t overly exciting and to tell you the truth, I don’t think it made that much sense either.

    A guy’s hand is found in a bear’s mouth. Turns out that it was the hand of a man which has also human teeth on it. That means that it was cannibalized.

    The most uninteresting thing about the episode were those men in town, all flirting with Brennan but none really delivering anything to the show. There was some blond guy flirting with Brennan who looked wicked suspicious but he didn’t know anything. The bad guy was the doctor but there wasn’t any reason for him to do that, to become stronger? Oh please. That entire storyline didn’t make much sense and really brought down this episode.

    The good thing was the great comedy, I really enjoy Brennan and her line ‘I don’t know what that means’, she’s hilarious everytime she says it.
    My other good part was Zack and his friend fighting over a girl who turned out to be a lesbian and choosing Angela over them.

    The episode was a bit chaotich and hardly focused on the murder making it uninteresting, this show is definitely fun because of the great characters and hilarious moments but the investigation storylines really need to improve.
  • A fun episode.

    "The Man in the Bear" is an entertaining episode. Gross, very gross, but also funny with some nice Booth/Brennan moments, and some great scenes at the lab.

    Temperance and Booth go to Washington state after a human arm is found in a bear, and they soon discover that they're looking for a cannibal.

    The episode does a pretty good job with not revealing who exactly the killer is too early. There are several people who seem like likely candidates. The first time I saw the episode I couldn't decide if it was Charlie, the overnight guy, or the doctor, or the park ranger. It turns out that the cannibal was performing a ritual. He ate the arm of a guy for strength, and the heart of a female hiker for spirit. He would have killed two more people had Brennan and Booth not figured it out.

    This was the grossest episode I think I've seen so far. The very idea of cannibalism is gross enough, but the woman performing the autopsy on the bear, and Hodge digging through bear scat, and Brennan sticking her hand in the woman's chest...I was trying to eat while watching this episode and didn't do a very good episode.

    But despite the grossness, it was very entertaining. The cast has developed a nice chemistry and work great together, and the humor/mystery/drama blended nicely.
  • Great episode!

    a very well acted and written episodes that really marked the beginning of Bones. Had us both in stitches with its witty dialogue. A very clever storyline and very interesting look at the devloping relationship between Booth and Brennan. Full of great quotes that are memorable!

    \"Are you suggesting that I take this opportunity to have sex with Booth on a field trip\"

    \"Objectively I\'d say I\'m very smart although it has nothing to do with my ass\"

    \"Nobody wants to hear that crazy pyscho speech\"

    \"Are you extremely good looking, charlie?\"
    \"Yes Iam Zach\"
    \"Zach, are you extremely smart\"
    \"Yes Iam Charlie\"

    must see tv!
  • The episode which brought me officially on-board! Very exciting episode, and the best one yet!

    This episode of Bones was definitely the best one yet, with a well written plot, which flowed at a good pace, not to hard to follow, but not so slow that you lose interest. It worked very well, with all the different plot threads getting the deserved screen time.
    The main plot of the ritualistic murder, and the arm in the bear, was very intriguing and excellently carried out. The more remote setting of this episode, was a welcome change from the usual busy city and added a different element to the show never seen before.
    The sub-plot of Hodgins and Zac, fighting over the delivery girl, was perhaps the most amusing part of this episode, and their jibes at each other were top notch. Also watching Angela's delight at watching them squabble was very funny. The conclusion to this thread was also really amusing, with the girl picking Angela over the two guys but to no avail.
    The characters are definitely coming together and there are signs of a real strong group forming. The different rappors between the different characters are very humourous and interesting, and they are all very likeable. Perhaps the most intriguing relationship, is that of Boothe and Brennan, with which the attraction is frustratingly obvious, yet subtley unclear. The chemistry between them is just perfect, and it will be interesting to see where it goes. Maybe if they do get together it may ruin what is going on at the moment, but still it would be nice to see.
    It was warming to see Temperance enjoying herself and letting go a little, this episode, as we have never really seen her like this before. This is another reason why Booth and Brennan work, is that they both teach each other things, and they learn from one another. He teaches her how to be better with people and to enjoy herself, whereas she teaches him to be more blunt and the straight-to-the-point at getting what he wants.
    With great performances from all the actors, a perfectly paced plot, and some hilarious one-liners, 'The Boy in the Bear' is, in my eyes, a perfect example of what Bones can do. A great episode, if a little predictable, which is definitely something to build on, showing that Bones has the potential to be a fantastic series.
  • loved it . best ep. yet

    i loved it ,best esp. yet. totally interesting. but i didn't like how every one was on bones. that kind freaked me out . and why are booth and bones not getting togeter? i ccan't wait till the next esp. im so bored with out it . and why is bones sostuck up?
  • One Of The Best Eppies In The Series So Far!!

    When I heard about this eppie I was excited. At first I was mad that I had to wait about a month for any new eppies of Bones, but I WASNT disappointed AT ALL! This episode was one of the best! Funny and exciting, I was NEVER bored while watching this eppie, maybe at little grossed out at parts, (Come on the dude EATS PEOPLE!!), but otherwise this eppie was BRILLANT! The doctor also was kinda a shock, but not too much. It really was just a really good episode of this show. I also hope that they dont cancel this show. Its just TOO good!
  • Insane ... I loved it.

    I have not seen this show in a while, but this episode was great. Bones and Booth go into the woods because they found bones inside a bear. That would have been an average episode, but this is Bones and ther was a Cannibal. Thats right Cannibal, a person who eats people. They track down the clues and ultimately discover who is the killer. Back at the lab, there is a little competition going on. The two guys are fighting over who should go out with the hot delivery girl. In the end she turns out to be a lesbian (sorry guys). After watching this episode I was a little mad that I missed some of the previous episode. Great show.
  • Adventure in the woods.

    Bones and Booth hightail it to Washington State. Apparently, a bear has eaten somebody. Maybe I missed something, but I am not sure why that brought in the FBI and a Forensic Anthropologist. This is supposed to be Bones coming out of her shell episode. However, it turns out to be the coming out of her element episode. The male suitors here were a little over the top. The small town was a total cliche. It was almost like a crossover episode with a hick sitcom.
    The whole "Hannibal" thing played out a little too quickly for my taste. If you are going to bring someone on the show who eats people, you should at least make them interesting crazy instead of just functional crazy.
  • typical show.. good cast, great potential.. disapointing and typical hollywood writting.. oh... and the blood in the dead girls chest was still wet?

    The anticoagulant was used in the blood to keep the girls chest wet because the TV show needed bones’s hand to come out shiny wet for a more dramatic ‘gross’ effect for our gullible audience. OH, and we can’t forget how bones stopped the annoying speech from the guy with a bed pan to gives a more painful one of her own… yeah.. its not her, it’s the typical Hollywood agenda driven storytellers.
  • The growing pains of Bones.

    Bones return after a baseball-induced hiatus. Let me take a moment and congratulate my White Sox on a job well-done. On the other hand, this episode shows the growing pains of Bones.

    The mystery, centered arounf cannibalism, isn't that compelling at all, but the character interactions are what make this episode.

    Temperance's character is given the opportunity to exhibit her utter lack of social grace with people OTHER than Agent Angel, which comes off . Case in point: Temperance is completely oblivious to the delivery boy's innuendo. She also can't dance very well, but she's handed around to every guy in the town and Booth because the town is so starved of females that it might've been a ghost town in the span of 20 years.

    The male "Ribs" back home have their own courtship dilemma, also with a delivery agent, and it's not quite as effective.

    I must admit that the ending is very well-done, both on the crime and home front. A common, and yawn-inducing, ending device is cut short, much to my great relief.

    Luckily, a squad of well-developed characters can carry a show for many, many episodes. It's a good thing they're drinking enough milk.