Season 2 Episode 12

The Man in the Cell

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

Smoke is coming out of the prison. The DCFD has responded. Inside the prison, Booth and Brennan are trying to get information from the warden. Booth asks where the fire started. The warden says he doesn't know yet, but that it spread through the ducting. As they are walking, Brennan yawns. She is closest to the cells. Booth says, "Maybe you would like something more exciting, like Attica." Brennan responds that her neighbors are renovating and one of the workmen left his radio on. She observes that hip-hop is not conducive to sleeping. As they walk by cells filled with men, Brennan asks if they are allowed to do that. Booth tells her to cut the warden some slack since there was a riot. The warden explains that the cell doors open automatically in a fire, so the guards had to subdue the inmates so that firefighters could do their jobs. An inmate reaches out and grabs Brennan. Booth pulls her away and keeps his arm around her shoulder protectively. Booth tells her to stay close, because a lot of the animals haven't seen a real woman since Reagan was president. The warden points to the cell at the end of the row and tells them that the body is in there. Brennan walks in to examine the body. Booth asks the warden if he is sure it is Howard Epps. Brennan asks why he isn't kept on death row. The warden says they don't have one and explains that Epps was transferred to Bayview so that he would be closer to the courthouse. Brennan pulls on gloves and starts to examine the remains. She says the victim was male, approximately 30 years of age, and that he matches Epps's general size and build. She also says that contortion indicates a painful death. Booth responds that after killing four teenage girls that they know about, it is just what the doctor ordered. Brennan says it seems like someone threw accelerant on him and lit him on fire. Booth asks the warden if he has any idea who would want Epps dead. The warden says all the inmates hated him and that once the fire started it was chaos. Brennan is examining the arm of the remains. The warden says it could have been anyone. Brennan interrupts while looking at the wrist she broke. She tells Booth that the break is fresh. Booth doesn't see the significance since bones break in fire. She agrees, but says there is no sign of a prior break. She says this man's wrist was slammed against a hard edge within the last few hours. Booth asks her what she is saying. She concludes that this is not Howard Epps. The warden says that is impossible. Booth asks if all of the prisoners and guards have been accounted for. The warden says they have. Brennan finds something else. On the remains, Brennan finds a tattoo of the DC Fire Department. The remains belong to a firefighter. Booth surmises that a firefighter came in to save Epps but Epps killed him, took his uniform, and set him on fire. Brennan finishes by saying that he then walked right out the front door. Booth tells the warden to lock down the prison. Booth gets on his cell phone and says to close down a 30-mile radius, because Howard Epps has escaped.
On the lab platform, Hodgins, Zack, and Angela are looking at an article and photo in the paper about the Jeffersonian. Hodgins says he looks short. Angela asks if that is important. Hodgins says she was supposed to say no. Zack comments that Hodgins is short. Hodgins replies that the article calls Zack robotic. Zack adds that it also calls him wildly intelligent. Angela asks Hodgins if he really called her the heart of the operation. Hodgins says he did, before she called him short. Angela clarifies that Zack called him short. She thinks he is just the right height. She gives Hodgins a look and says short men have better leverage. Zack says he is feeling uncomfortable. Before the conversation continues, Cam asks if they have any answers about the remains on the table. She sees them looking at the article and says she hopes they enjoyed their fifteen minutes of fame because they have a psycho on the loose. She takes the paper from Angela and comments that she photographs well. She hands the paper back and asks what they have. Hodgins says that the accelerant was distilled alcohol. Zack adds that the fractures are consistent with Brennan's theory. The victim's wrist was broken to match Epps's injury and he was rendered unconscious by a blow to the head and then he was set on fire. Angela says if there was ever anyone that should be in Gitmo ... Cam agrees but says he's not, which means more victims unless they stop him first and they will do that or there will be another article written about them that will not be so nice. Then she asks where Brennan is. Angela tells her that Brennan and Booth are talking to Epps's wife. As Cam leaves the platform, she tells them to ID the remains.
In Booth's office, Caroline Epps tells them she is no longer involved in Howard's life. Booth says that is hard to believe since she is his wife and all. She clarifies that she is his ex-wife, since the judge signed her divorce papers last month. Booth asks her, "Why didn't it work out exactly? Was it the lack of quality time or all the women he bludgeoned to death?" She maintains that she thought she could help Howard, but that he used her and she hasn't had any contact with him in over six months. Booth tells her he wants to place her in protective custody until they find Epps. Brennan tries to reason with her by telling her that the women in Howard's life don't tend to live very long. Mrs. Epps appreciates her concern, but says that she has changed jobs, apartments ... Booth interrupts saying that if they could find her, Epps can too. Mrs. Epps says she has a new life and a new boyfriend, Raymond. He is good man, but if he found out ... Brennan interrupts saying, "We all have secrets in our pasts, Mrs. Epps. Admittedly not as bizarre as yours, but you shouldn't risk your life just because you are embarrassed to tell your boyfriend the truth." Mrs. Epps says Howard is interested in young blonde girls and that she isn't even his type. Booth tells her to contact them if Epps gets in touch. She agrees and walks out of his office. Brennan tells Booth that he can't let her go because she isn't safe. Booth says he can't force her to take protection, but he will have the local police drive by every couple of hours and make sure she's safe. Booth then points at Bones and tells her she's not safe either. Brennan says she's not unhinged, she can take care of herself. Booth tells her, "You and Epps, it's personal. You're everything that he hates." Brennan asks what exactly that is. Booth responds, "Well, you know, you're a smart, strong, confident woman. And you know you, um, figured him out and made him feel powerless, so he's going to want to prove that you are weak and inferior. So, you are not to go out alone, on your own, ever." Brennan gives him a look.
At the Jeffersonian, Booth runs into Cam. She asks if the wife gave them anything. He responds with chills and then tells her to double security at the lab. Cam asks if he thinks that Epps is going to come after Brennan. Booth says he can't rule it out when it comes to Epps. Cam says she'll take care of it. Booth tells Cam that he doesn't want her to be alone either. Cam asks if he is inviting her over. Booth says he just thinks that everyone should just stay at the lab. Cam responds saying leave it to a serial killer to spoil the mood. Booth takes a step closer to Cam and tells her that whatever security she thinks is enough, she needs to double. They share a smile and then Cam leans in and kisses Booth. She then tells him that she is glad he is on her side. He smiles and they share a moment. He starts to walk out of the room, while Cam gets back to work, but he pauses and looks back at Cam before leaving.
Angela identifies the burn victim as Donald Kent, a decorated firefighter. She hands Brennan a picture of him, who says that Epps would appreciate the irony. Angela says that Kent was still alive when he was set on fire and asks how many victims that makes. Brennan answers seven that they know of. Brennan sits down at her desk. Angela is seated across from her. Angela observes that they are not just young, blonde women anymore. She continues that Epps is such a monster. He's killed from behind bars and new victims keep turning up, and now he's out. Brennan reassures her that they will find him, that they are ready this time. Angela says she's not. She says she has some sick days coming and since Epps makes her sick that ... Before she can continue Brennan interrupts her and tells her that they need her, especially Hodgins. Angela tells her that was low. Brennan gives her a smile, admits that it was, and asks her if it worked. Angela asks Brennan how she deals with the fear. Brennan reaches under her desk and pulls out her bag. She says she has this as she pulls a huge handgun out of it. She checks the rounds. Angela stands up to get a closer look and comments on how huge it is, like movie-huge. Booth walks into Brennan's office and wants to know where the hell she got the gun. Brennan says the mall. Booth looks at her and repeats "the mall." Brennan continues brandishing the gun. She says it's pretty big, bigger than the one Booth has. Booth says, "Excuse me, it's not the that matters, it's how you use it." Brennan responds, "I think it's pretty important." Booth says the point is she shouldn't have a gun in the first place. Angela points out, "If you do have one, bigger is always better." Booth tells her she isn't helping. Angela agrees and says that this does seem more like a private conversation and leaves the office. Booth tells Brennan that if people see her with that thing, then everyone in the place is going to start packing. Brennan tells him that this is America and he needs to get used to it. Her office phone rings and she answers.
(Cut to Epps on a payphone. He says he has forgotten how nice it is to breathe fresh air.) Brennan motions to the phone and mouths to Booth that it is Epps on the line. He gestures for her to keep him on the line while they try and trace the number. Brennan tells him that they will find him. (Cut to Epps on the phone. He says they'll see and how nice it is to be out of that stupid orange jumpsuit. He says he has an IQ of 180 and they had him dressed like a stupid pumpkin.) Brennan tells him he burned a man alive. (Cut to Epps on the phone. He says it was a means to an end. He repeats that everything is a means to an end.) Brennan says she thought it was just women he was after. (Cut to Epps on the phone. He says he felt the need to grow as a human being.) Brennan asks him what it is he wants since he wouldn't be calling otherwise, as Booth gestures for her to keep talking. (Cut to Epps on the phone. He says, "I want you to know, that everything that happens from here on in, is your fault.") Brennan is disturbed and asks him what is going to happen. (Cut to Epps on the phone. He says he can't answer all of her questions and that she needs to use her head. He repeats that she needs to use her head. He drops the receiver and lets it dangle as he walks away from the payphone.) Brennan hangs up and Booth walks in and tells her they got it. He is on a payphone on Water Street and 23rd.
Booth's SUV with siren and lights flashing pulls up across the street from the payphone where the receiver is hanging off the hook. Other law enforcement officials arrive. As they get out of the car, he points out the bus stop and says that three different lines run through there. He tells another FBI agent to check all the stops and if there are any witnesses to bring them to him. At the payphone, Brennan tells Booth that Epps left them something. She takes out a glove and uses it to pick up the vial he left. There are some sort of pale shavings in it. Booth asks what it is. Brennan doesn't know.
Back at the lab, Brennan is looking at the magnified shavings on a computer screen with Zack. She says the shavings are bone. Zack adds that they were shaved using a rough sandpaper and that Hodgins found micro-grit. Hodgins walks by and says that if Epps comes near Angela, he will kill him. Zack asks what about the rest of them. Brennan tells Zack that everyone will be fine, since Cam increased security. Hodgins adds that she also has the big gun. Brennan looks questioningly at him. As he continues working, he says, "tough to keep that one a secret-beautiful woman with a weapon-very Guns and Ammo summer issue." Brennan glares at him. He says he is going to concentrate on his work. Zack says the osteo-cal places the victim's age in the mid-30s. He says he will run a test to get sex and race. Hodgins says he has the chemical breakdown. The three move to another screen. Hodgins says the stuff in the bone are organic, a mixture of cardamom, tamarind, and kokam. Zack questions spices. Hodgins says yes, but wants to know why he added spices to it, since the bone wasn't cooked. Brennan says that Epps like puzzles and that the spices are a message. They are interrupted by screaming. Hodgins says it's Angela and they take off running.
There is an open box on the desk. Angela is standing a few feet away, scared. Hodgins runs in and wants to know what happened. She points to the box. Brennan, Zack, and Cam move to look. Inside the box is a heart that has been removed from a body and a folded piece of paper. Cam says it is definitely human, an adult, and that DNA can give them sex. Zack says Epps has killed two people today. Cam responds that is only if the heart is from the same victim as the bone dust. Brennan pulls out and unfolds the piece of paper. It is the article from the paper about the Jeffersonian and the team. Every line is blacked out except for the line calling Angela the heart of the operation. Hodgins responds with profanity and tells Angela that she doesn't need to stay in the office. Angela wants to know how it got into the lab since there is security. Cam says she thought so too. Angela stalks out of the office and Hodgins follows. Brennan is looking at the article. She says that Epps is coming after her through her friends and that Epps told her that whatever happened would be her fault. Cam says they will make sure nothing else happens.
Cam is examining the heart. She says there are cut marks on both sides of the interior vena cava and connecting arteries. Cam tells Brennan that the heart was cut out using scissors or shears. Booth joins them. He says that a bike messenger delivered the package and that a man matching Epps's description approached him on L Street and paid cash. Brennan says that Epps is just playing with them. Booth says not for long. Hodgins walks in and asks how Angela is. He says she is angry, but insisted on helping him. Hodgins tells them Angela identified the present that Epps gave them as a recipe. Booth asks if he is talking about the heart. Hodgins clarifies that he is talking about the ground up bone that Epps mixed with spices. He says the spices are all used in making curries. Brennan adds Indian food. Booth realizes that the last address they have for Epps's wife is in Little India over by a curry restaurant. Brennan and Booth leave in a hurry.
They approach a door that is slightly ajar. Booth signals for Brennan to stay behind him. He slowly pushes the door open. Brennan pulls out her gun. Booth says he could have the Bureau pull her license. Brennan responds that she could assign Zack as his forensic anthropologist. She and Booth enter the apartment with guns out. Booth says that the apartment hasn't been rented since Mrs. Epps moved. Brennan says that it just isn't logical since playing games with them is just going to lead them right to Epps. They make their way through the empty apartment. There is nothing. They are standing in front of the kitchen when Brennan tries the light switch. Nothing happens. Then they hear a noise coming from the refrigerator. Brennan wants to know why it is working when there aren't any lights. Booth tells her to stand back as he checks for booby traps. He slowly opens the door. Inside on the top shelf is the head of Mrs. Epps.
Brennan is examining the head as Cam looks on. She says the neck was severed just above the shoulders and the jagged marks on the bone indicate that Epps used some kind of saw to decapitate her. Cam says there is no sign of blunt force trauma to the skull, which is Epps's usual MO, and there is no clear cause of death. Brennan says without the rest of her body they can't know for sure how she died. Booth is looking on. Cam says she sees some kind of white powder in her hair, which Hodgins can identify. Cam asks why he just left her head. Booth says to get them all involved, since the less they have to work with, the more they are all drawn in. Brennan says that Epps told her to use her head. Booth says that everything that Epps says is a clue. He asks if it could be inside the head. Cam says it is too early to tell. Booth wants to know what she means by too early. He says all they have to do is cut open the damn head and find out what's inside. Brennan tells Booth that there are protocols. Booth says that he is sure Epps is really concerned about the protocols. Cam says it is her autopsy so they are going to do it by the book, which means a surface examine, followed by x-rays, after which she will open the skull. Booth responds, "Sorry, I am just a little anxious to get the little gerbil back in his cage, that's all." As Cam looks at the head, she says, "That's terrifically disturbing." Booth asks what she meant. Cam says there is massive blood aspiration to the soft tissue of the neck. Brennan sighs in disgust. Booth asks what that means. Cam tells him it means that Caroline Epps was alive when Howard cut her head off. Brennan says now he is torturing his victims. Booth says they need to torture him. Brennan asks how. Booth says they are going to bring his mother in. Cam says she thought Epps hated his mother. Booth says that Epps's FBI profiler believes that he is emotionally attached to her and that the prison logs show that he wrote to her almost every day. Cam says that's sick. Booth says it is helpful, because if Epps feels responsible for his mother being in jail then they can knock him off his game.
A very large, heavyset woman is in the interrogation room. As Brennan and Booth walk in, he asks what's that smell. Brennan tells him that it's mold, which grows in the fat creases of morbidly obese people. Howard's mother asks what this is about as Brennan sits down. Booth props one leg up on a chair and just watches. She wants to know if they brought her here to make fun of her. Brennan says that she merely stated a fact and that she needs to lose weight since obesity also causes diabetes, heart damage, liver failure, not to mention the wear it puts on her joints. Mrs. Epps says that she has a glandular condition and that what she really needs is a little compassion and understanding. She looks at Booth and asks him why she is here. Booth says that they found some drugs in her place. In the evidence bag is a weekly pill organizer. Booth pulls it out and holds it in front of her. She says that those are her pills and that her doctor gave them to her. She says she needs her medicine and reaches for them. Booth pulls them back and says that the pills are not properly labeled so it could take a few days to sort it out with her doctor. Brennan tells Mrs. Epps that they are looking for Howard. She tells them that Howard is in jail and that she hasn't seen or talked to him in years. As Booth sits down, he tells her that Howard escaped yesterday. She says, "Oh dear Lord, I tried to raise a good son. Tried to keep him pure like the Good Book says. I don't know what happened. He was such a sweet child." Booth says that Howard wrote to her all the time. Mrs. Epps says, "He wants me to understand, wants me to forgive him. He says he's still my little boy, but I don't answer." Brennan tells her that Howard murdered his wife yesterday, that he beheaded her. Mrs. Epps asks Brennan if she wants to blame her. Brennan says that she made her son bathe in ammonia. She responds that the women that he would go out with were loose; not the right kind for a God-fearing son. She wanted him to wash their scent off. Booth asks if there is anything else she can think of that might help them find her son before he kills again. She maintains that it is not her fault what he did. Booth says yeah, okay, that's all for now and an agent will escort her back to her cell. He adds that she has the right to an attorney. As Booth and Brennan get up, Mrs. Epps says she should have been harder on him, beat him more regular-that she is a nice person, too nice. Brennan and Booth look at her like she is nuts. She repeats that she was too nice.
In Booth's SUV, Brennan says that Marion Epps is clearly a bad mother. Booth says, "You think?" Brennan responds that a lot of people have bad mothers and they don't grow up to be serial killers, which is why she doesn't put much stock in psychology. Booth says he doesn't care how she explains, Epps is an animal without a conscience. Brennan says she doesn't know how to draw moral distinctions between killers. Booth says, "Listen, Bones, there are crimes of passion, crimes committed out of desperation, which are usually followed by remorse or acknowledgement of human failing. The key word here is human." Brennan responds that the reasons for killing someone are unimportant; the life that's taken is all that matters." Booth tells her that she can't blame herself. Brennan says it is her he is after, and that everyone else shouldn't be involved. Booth tells her again that it is not her fault, which is why he is going to take this little bastard down. Brennan looks out her window and in the rearview mirror sees a car. She tells Booth they are being followed. Booth says she's right. There are two agents all the time at a very discrete distance. He tells her he doesn't care how big her gun is. Booth gets a call. (Cam is calling him from the lab. She tells him that something was inserted into Caroline's ear. Epps made an incision in her left ear canal and inserted a token from a kid's ride at a place called Hillside Park. Booth's response is "Oh, God.") Booth says his son plays there every day after school. He hangs up the phone and turns on the sirens and lights as he makes a U-turn.
He and Brennan are running towards the Park. Booth tells her that Parker comes there every day with his nanny. Booth sees the nanny Rose and asks where Parker is. She answers that he is on the merry-go-round. Booth and Brennan call for Parker as they split up to look for him. Booth makes his way around the merry-go-round as Brennan and the nanny keep calling for Parker. Brennan looks around and sees Parker holding an ice cream cone. She calls to Booth and points him towards Parker. Booth takes off running, calling Parker's name. Parker hears him and runs towards him calling Daddy. Booth pulls him into his arms. The agents that were trailing them are on the scene as well. Parker shows him the ice cream a man bought him. Booth rips the cone from his hand and throws it on the ground. Parker says it was his favorite. Booth tells Parker he will buy him another one. He asks what the man looked like. Parker says he looked like a man and that he said he was Booth's friend. Booth asks if he said anything else to him. He is very intense in his questioning. Parker says that he used his napkin. Brennan picks it up, looks at it, and hands it to Booth. On the napkin is written: My name is Parker. Ask me how I can solve this case. Booth asks what else the man told Parker. Parker says nothing and that he was just nice. Gripping Parker's arms, Booth tells him that the man is trying to hurt Daddy's friends, so he needs him to think what else the man said. He asks him to think. Parker says he didn't do anything wrong. The man said he was Booth's friend. Booth, still gripping Parker's arms, tells Parker he should never talk to strangers. He shakes him as he tells Parker again that he never should talk to strangers. Brennan puts her hand on Booth's shoulder. Booth pulls Parker into his arms and tells him he's sorry. The nanny asks what's going on. Booth says there is just an investigation going on. He gestures to some agents who will take them home and keep them safe. He gives Parker another hug and apologizes again, as Brennan and the agents look on.
Cam has the head propped up in a jar and is examining it. She says no to Zack as he walks in. Zack says he didn't say anything. Cam says he has been in there every ten minutes since they left and she will let him know when she is finished. Zack says that he could take the head and x-ray and it and then she could finish. Cam says no, they have these protocols for a reason. Cam gets a call. (Booth is on his cell asking her if she has opened the head yet.) Cam starts to say she just finished telling Zack, when Booth interrupts her. (On his cell, he says, "Epps went after my kid, Cam. You know there's something there. Something we need. He wants us to find it.") Cam tells him he is upset. (Booth on his cell says of course, he is upset. He knows there are protocols, but Epps could have killed his son. Then he hangs up on her as Brennan looks on.) Cam hangs up the phone and tells Zack to get her the number two saw. Cam, wearing safety goggles, starts the saw. She tells Zack that she found some bruising to the back of the head, so she is going to cut below it so she doesn't disturb the area. Zack says that he hates this part. Cam agrees. She starts in the middle of the forehead and something explodes, causing white powder to spray up. As soon as Cam inhales the subsistence, she starts to have a reaction. Zack moves to help her, when she waves him off and says protocol to him. She hits a button sealing the room as Zack puts on a mask. The alarm sounds in the building and Angela and Hodgins put on masks. Zack is on the phone explaining that there is an unknown hazardous material. Cam collapses onto the ground and is writhing as white foam pours from her mouth. Zack says they need an emergency vehicle at the autopsy lab ASAP. Hodgins and Angela are at the door. Angela asks what happened, but Hodgins doesn't know.
Outside of Cam's hospital room where a nurse is tending to her, the doctor is explaining her condition to Booth and Brennan. Cam's heart rate is erratic and there is clotting in the kidneys. Booth asks how bad that is. The doctor says bad enough. She continues saying that what worries them more is the lung damage. The toxin has caused edema. Booth asks Brennan what that means. Brennan tells him that it means fluid build-up, that essentially Cam is drowning. The doctor tells Booth that if Cam has family nearby, he needs to send for them. Booth walks away saying that Cam has a lot of family. Brennan asks the doctor how much time Cam has. The doctor just responds to send for her family. Brennan walks over to Booth as Hodgins walks in carrying a red plastic bundle. He says that Zack saw everything. Brennan asks how close he was. A few feet says Hodgins. Brennan says that since Zack is fine it's probably not a toxic gas. Hodgins says Zack said it was some sort of powder, which means that there could be trace left on Cam's clothing. Booth tells Hodgins to just work fast. Hodgins walks away leaving Booth and Brennan looking through the window at Cam. Brennan says, "Considering the relationship between you and Cam, I'd like to say the right thing, Booth. I don't know what it is. Usually, I would ask you or Angela." He tells her that she just said it and thanks her.
At the lab, Hodgins tells Zack that he can't find any traces of powder on Cam's clothing. Zack asks if he checked electrostatically. He asks Zack if he is sure it was a powder. Zack says yes. Hodgins says it had to be a gas. Zack says if it were a gas, he would be in the hospital with Cam. Hodgins keeps looking at the clothing and says that there are no particles on her clothing, so it had to be a gas. Zack says again it wasn't. He then asks Hodgins if they are having an argument. Hodgins says of course. Zack wants to know why. Hodgins says because Cam is dying and he should be with Angela and because there are no particles. Zack finishes for him, saying, "on the clothing." Then he asks Hodgins what about on the glass parts still left in the head. Hodgins looks up at Zack and says he's not angry at Zack anymore and then he and Zack go to check.
By Cam's bedside, Booth is sitting and holding her hand. She wakes up and he says hey. She says hey back. Booth tells her welcome back. Cam asks him why she can't breathe. Booth tells her that her saw hit some kind of poison, but she is going to be alright. Then Cam asks about Zack. Booth tells her he is fine and that everyone is fine. She nods. He tells her he is sorry for putting so much pressure on her to hurry. He didn't mean for this to happen. Cam tells him it is not his fault and that Epps did this to her. Booth tells her that her family is coming. She says, "Oh god, and I thought poison was my biggest problem." They both smile.
Brennan is sitting in her office when Angela appears in the doorway and tells her that she looks exhausted. Brennan asks her what she has. Angela walks over to Brennan's computer and pulls up an x-ray of Caroline's head. She zooms in on the shards of glass in the forehead and morphs them together to make a glass ball. Brennan asks what it was. Angela says she thinks it was a glass capsule filled with a poisonous powder. Epps inserted it after she was dead, probably up the nose. Brennan continues, "When the saw blade hit it, it exploded." Angela tells her that Hodgins has some of the shards now and he will figure out what it is. Brennan says that if she were Epps she would have made it something that changed composition after long exposure to air. Angela says, "Let's hope he's not as smart as you." Then she leaves to go sit with Cam. After she leaves, Brennan stares at the board with all of Epps's victims pinned on it. While she is looking at the board, her phone rings. It's Epps and he is asking her who he got. She signals to an agent that it is Epps. Brennan says that if he is talking about the bulb in Caroline's head they removed it. Then she asks how he got it in without breaking it. Epps says that he saw the emergency vehicles, so he knows he got someone. He says they may not be dead yet, but they will be soon. Brennan tells him sorry, he missed this time. Epps tells her that if she can't tell him who it was, then he can't give her the hint to save their life. Brennan doesn't answer. Epps starts to say good-bye and hang up when Brennan tells him to wait and then tells him he got Dr. Saroyan. Epps then guesses that Cam tried to remove the ball with forceps, but that it was too fragile and snapped. Brennan agrees with him, telling him that is exactly what happened. She asks if he will tell her the poison now. Epps responds, "The body knows what the head can't say." Brennan asks if he means Caroline's body or his mother's body. Epps starts to get agitated at the mention of his mother. Brennan asks if he knew they had her in custody. Epps asks on what charges. Brennan wants to know what poison. He paces, clearly bothered, and takes a moment before he answers. He tells Brennan that she had no right and that his mother is not part of this. Brennan says to tell her about the poison and she will tell him about his mother. Epps tells Brennan that she doesn't run the game, he runs the game, and that she will be sorry. He hangs up on her. The FBI agent enters her office and tells her they traced the call to a cell phone downtown and that a team is on the way. Brennan says he is already gone.
Cam is on a respirator. Booth is at her bedside holding his St. Christopher medal. Brennan waits just inside the room for him to notice her. He finally does and asks if Hodgins has found the poison. She answers not yet and asks how Cam is. He says worse, she can't breathe on her own. He tells Bones that he really needs her to find out what she inhaled. Brennan nods before telling Booth that Epps called and left her a clue. He asks what it is. Brennan tells him: The body knows what the head can't say. Caroline's body, Booth posits. Brennan agrees. She also tells him that Epps was pretty upset when he found out that they had his mother. Booth says it is good that she told him and to let the bastard sweat. Brennan tells him that Epps said they would be sorry. As they both look down at Cam, Brennan says she will call him when they have something to go on. She turns to leave. Booth tells her he is coming with her because this is going to take all of them. She watches as Booth kisses Cam on the forehead and brushes her bangs off her face. Then he walks out telling Brennan that he will drive.
Hodgins is trying to get a sample from the head. Zack is watching. He is concerned that they don't have enough to test and if they test it without enough samples, they won't have anymore to work with. Zack estimates that there is about 1/10,000 of a gram on the shard. Hodgins says they aren't getting enough and the particles themselves are extremely small. Booth walks into the lab and asks what the poison is. Hodgins tells him that he doesn't know yet. Booth asks what he does know. Hodgins says it is none of the common poisons-arsenic, cyanide, mercuric chloride. Booth says let's start by telling the hospital what it isn't. Then he asks what was in Caroline Epps's hair. Hodgins tells him that it's common plaster dust. Zack adds that there was also a very small amount of sodium hydrosulfide in her ear. Booth asks what happens when you put those two things together. Hodgins says drywalling. Zack adds and leather goods. Booth says great he will look through the evidence and see if he can find those two things. He starts to walk out when Hodgins stops him and apologizes and says that without more material ... Booth waves him off saying they are doing a great job and now it is up to him to find Caroline Epps's body. As he walks out, Zack calls out to him. He walks back into the lab. He tells Booth, "We have endowed Epps with intelligence he does not have. His clues are unsophisticated word games." Booth doesn't see the point. Zack repeats the clue from Parker's napkin: My name is Parker ask me how I can solve this case. Booth says he already asked Parker and he doesn't know anything. Zack says it doesn't have to be his son, it can be something else named Parker or something to do with leather goods or drywall. Zack tells him to do a bullion search. Booth doesn't know what that is. Zack realizes Booth doesn't know what that is and starts to explain when Booth gets into his face forcing, him to sit down in front of the computer. Zack says he won't explain, he will just do it. Booth says, "I am walking out of here. If you try and stop me, I will shoot both of you." Zack pulls something up on the computer and makes a sound that draws Hodgins's attention. He asks what. Zack says he really needs Booth to come back. Hodgins calls for Booth and tells Zack, "Whatever you got, better be worth dying for." Booth walks back into the office and deliberately places his hand on his gun. Hodgins points to Zack. He tells Booth that there is Parker and Parker Leather Goods on Parker Street in the town of Parker just outside of Arlington. Zack says it is a lot of Parkers. Booth agrees and grabs Zack's tie, pulling him out of the office. He tells Zack to grab his boss and get going.
At Parker and Parker Leather Goods, the response team breaks down the door. They clear the room. On a table is Caroline Epps's body with something on her stomach. Brennan goes to take a closer look when Booth stops her, asking how they know it is Caroline's body. Brennan says even if it isn't, it will still be a clue. He walks around the body and gives a command into his walkie-talkie to jam all of the frequencies, so that if Epps has a remote detonator it won't work. He says there are no signs of tripwires. Brennan points at the bag on Caroline's stomach and says it is the poison just like Epps said. Before Booth can do anything, Zack grabs the bag and an audible click is heard as something engages. Booth tells him not to hesitate and to put his palm on the stomach and press down. Brennan asks what's wrong. Booth tells her that was a pressure trigger. They pull the poison off the stomach, while Zack keeps his hand pressed firmly on the stomach. They clear the room. Zack asks what he is supposed to do. Booth tells him not to be scared and pushes Brennan out of the room with the poison. She says she wants to help, but Booth just kicks her out. He flips a table onto its side behind Zack. He places one hand on top of Zack's and grabs his shoulder with the other. He tells Zack that this is going to hurt. Zack asks if it is going to hurt Booth or him. Booth says mostly Zack. He tells Zack that on three he wants him to jump back as high as he can. Zack says he is not a good jumper. Booth tells him to be a good counter. Zack says he is a good counter. They count to three together and then jump back. The store explodes.
The news is reporting that the explosion occurred as the FBI searched for escaped serial killer Howard Epps. The reporter says that Dr. Zack Addy, a forensic anthropologist working with the FBI, died at the scene. As the reporter says that Special Agent Seeley Booth remains in critical condition, the camera turn to show Booth sitting on the arm of Brennan's couch. He says that is creepy hearing Zack dead and himself in critical condition. Zack asks why since it isn't true. He is sitting on the couch next to Brennan holding his arm. Brennan has her hand on Zack's shoulder. She turns off the TV with a remote and says she hopes that Epps buys it. Brennan asks Zack if he's going to be alright. Zack's doctor told him that most of his injuries didn't come from the explosion, but from being slammed to the floor. He looks at Booth and says, "Apparently, you are extremely strong." Brennan asks Booth if he had to be so rough on him. Booth says, "It was a bomb. I was being, you know, heroic." Zack adds that he was heroic too. Brennan quickly agrees with him. Booth mumbles, "Somebody saved somebody that's all I'm saying." Zack says he saved the poison. Brennan says that's good since Caroline's body was blown to pieces. Booth tells Zack, "That was a good thing. You keeping your wits. Maybe what I did was ah ..." Brennan and Zack look at him, waiting for him to continue. Booth finishes, "I guess if you have to explain to yourself why you are a hero, you're not really a hero."
Hodgins is analyzing the poison. He asks what the hell it is. He runs through a list of things it is not out loud. Angela walks in and asks him if he is talking to the evidence. Hodgins says he is just working through it as systematically as possible. Angela tells Hodgins that when this whole thing is over she is moving to a doorman building, getting an unlisted number, and hiring a full-time bodyguard named knuckles. Hodgins tells her not to get paranoid. Angela tells him that is funny coming from a conspiracy theorist. Then the computer starts beeping. Hodgins looks down. It is methyl bromide. He goes to call the hospital. He walks into Brennan's office and tells them it was methyl bromide mixed with plaster dust, which made it so hard to isolate. He assures Booth that he called the hospital with the treatment. Brennan asks Booth if he should be there. Hodgins answers, "Priorities in life, man. One: be there when somebody you love comes back from the brink of death. Two: catch the serial killer. Everything after that is basically unimportant." Booth says he is going to go see Cam at the hospital and tells Brennan that she is going to go home and get some sleep. Zack asks why he can't go home. Booth asks him if he didn't just hear what they said on the news-he's dead. Brennan asks what about Epps. Booth asks why everyone questions him as he starts to walk out of Brennan's office.
Booth is standing at the foot of Cam's bed. He asks the doctor why it is taking so long. The doctor says it isn't. She is responding. Cam looks up and smiles at Booth. He walks to the side of her bed and leans down looking at her. He calls her Camille. She says Seeley. With a smile, he tells her not to call him Seeley. She tells him not to call her Camille. He asks her how she is feeling. She says like she got poisoned by a disembodied head full of plaster dust. Booth repeats the words plaster dust. He looks like he is making some kind of connection.
An FBI agent walks Brennan into her apartment and tells her that everything is secure. He tells her that Agent Holtz will stay in the hallway and that there will be another agent in the lobby. Brennan thanks the agent, takes her keys, and says goodnight.
The scene cuts to a steam-filled bathroom with music playing. The camera pans around the bedroom until it stops on a hole in the closet, which a man crawls through. He slowly opens the door and it is revealed that it is Epps, with blonde hair. He has a crowbar in his hand as he starts to make his way towards the open bathroom door. (Cut to Booth with weapon drawn, slowly opening the door to Brennan's apartment and instructing the agents to check the apartment next door.) Epps is still creeping towards Brennan's bathroom when she comes out of the bathroom fully dressed and with her gun pointed at Epps. He looks surprised. Booth comes into the bedroom and points his weapon at Epps as well, telling him that it is a dead-end. Brennan says to Booth, "You won't let me shoot him, will you?" Booth says that she knew he was going to be there. Brennan said it was the only scenario that made any sense. Epps is looking for some way to escape. The door to the balcony is open. Booth tells Epps he hopes he can fly since it is about a fifty-foot drop. Epps asks Brennan how she knew. She says the plaster dust in the poison. Booth adds the renovations in the apartment next door. Brennan tells Epps that it turns out he isn't all that smart. Epps tells Brennan that he wants one minute alone with her. Brennan says it is fine with her. Booth tells her not provoke the lunatic. Booth tells Epps he has nowhere to go. Epps says he is not going back to jail. Booth tells him it is really not his decision and to put his hands up. Epps starts to put them up. Booth tells him to drop the crowbar. Instead Epps throws it at Booth and Brennan. It hits and breaks a lamp. Epps runs out onto the balcony. As they chase him, Booth reminds Bones that he is in the line of fire. Epps hops over the balcony, but Booth grabs his hand and tells him that he is not getting away. Brennan watches. Booth is holding onto Epps. Epps says, "Look who's the killer now, Agent Booth." Booth asks Bones for a little help since he has nothing but dead weight. Brennan leans over the railing, but can't reach Epps. Booth tells Epps to grab the railing, but Epps tells Booth he is going to drop him anyway and to just get it over with. Booth is still holding on. Epps asks if Booth doesn't want him dead. Booth tells Epps that he is not him. Epps taunts Booth saying, "You aren't thinking of a world with me still in it, going after Dr. Brennan, your son ..." Booth repeats that he is not Epps. Brennan keeps trying to reach Epps's hand. Booth's and Epps's grips start slip. Epps falls to the ground as Brennan pulls Booth up to keep him from going over as well. Epps is lying dead on the ground.
Booth is sitting at Brennan's table, while Brennan is seated across from him. Another agent says that the unit on the ground and the sniper across the street saw what happened-that Booth tried to save Epps. Booth says yep. Brennan tells Booth that no one could have helped him. Booth says yep. The agent tells Booth that he can go, but that the department might want to assign him a shrink, because of the on-the-job death. Brennan tells Booth that he didn't have his full strength and that his wrist was hurt from pulling Zack away from the explosion. Booth tells Bones that his wrist wasn't hurt. Brennan scoffs and says she wishes Booth had let her shoot him. Booth says no you don't and then gets up and walks out of her apartment. Brennan watches him leave.
Parker is holding on to Booth's leg at the merry-go-round. Booth tells Parker he will put him on it. Parker says he doesn't want to. Booth puts Parker on a horse and straps him in. Brennan walks up and sees them. Booth kisses Parker on the head and then they bump fists. The ride starts. Booth sees Brennan and says hello and asks how she knew he would be here. Brennan says it is Saturday morning. She asks how Parker is. Booth says he freaked him out and made him really scared of this place. Booth says he has to put that right. Brennan says it is Booth all over, putting things right, as they sit down on a bench. Brennan asks Booth if Cam gets released from the hospital today. Booth says yes as he bounces his feet and holds his hands in his lap. Brennan asks what. Booth says, "You know what happened to Cam, happened to Cam because we had a personal relationship." Brennan asks about the "had." Booth replies, "Yeah, people who work in high risk situations, they can't be involved romantically, because it leads to things like what happened." "High risk situations," Brennan repeats. Booth replies, "Every single day it's with us. There's this line and we can't cross it, you know what I am saying?" He looks at Brennan. Brennan says yes, she understands. Parker waves at them from the merry-go-round. She bumps Booth and says he seems okay now. Booth leans onto his knees and says, "Yeah, it is important to make things right. I just don't know how. I don't know how." Booth and Brennan watch from the bench as the merry-go-round continues to turn.